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Duct tape is not a toy

Tiffany Ennis charged with covering two kids’ heads with duct-tape

What to do on a rainy afternoon? Craft projects, bake some cupcakes, duct tape the children…

Tiffany Ennis

Tiffany Ennis. I can practically hear the banjo music…

Tiffany Ennis, duct tape

Ennis’ son

Tiffany Ennis and her friend, of Sandusky OH were having a nice Kaffeeklatsch when they decided it would be funny to put duct tape over Ennis’ 8 year old son’s eyes and mouth. Tiffany then took a photo and sent it to her son’s father Rudy Yado, who then called the police. Tiff also put duct tape on her friend’s 11 year old daughter.

When the po-po arrived, Tiff told them that the kids weren’t hurt and that they were joking around. Uh huh, sure. The duct tape wasn’t meant to hurt when it was removed from the kids’ eyelids or lips or hair! If one of the kids vomited randomly, as kids are prone to do, they didn’t mean for the child to choke on their own vomit!

Of course, our sticky simpleton still doesn’t believe she’s done anything wrong! She pleaded not guilty to two charges of child abuse. She will reappear in court on May 30. The police don’t know whether the boy will remain with the taping tw*t.


Michelle my bell


Mother runs over daughter in Walmart parking lot

May 18th, Michelle Touma of Sandusky Ohio, was having fit in the middle of a Walmart Parking lot which began an altercation with her 19 year old daughter. Classy right?


The two verbally fought in view of bystanders and of course the Walmart security cameras. Slightly trashy but nothing unusual as far as Walmart standards are concerned.  Michelle gets into her SUV and her daughter Emily, smacks the SUV to make her final point. Big mistake Emily.


I guess that’s what caused Michelle to loose her shit since she then drives forward, swerves at her daughter in an attempt to complete a ‘drive by swatting’ of Emily. Instead Michelle accidentally hits her daughter with the mirror of the SUV and ran over what looks like Emily’s foot. Emily is dropped like a bag of potatoes as a result and begins holding her foot. I say accidentally since Michelle appears to have been only interested in hurting her daughters face as well as her emotional health. Running her down was just an added bonus.


Michelle doesn’t jump from the SUV in shock of what she just did. No, she walks over to Emily in order to make sure Emily understood that she is the baddest bitch in town. The fight ends when the police arrive.


Michelle has been charged with aggravated vehicular assault and domestic violence. Damn right.


Personally I would love to know what Michelle was wearing. Her seductive hair only suggests that she was wearing some sort of lounge wear complete with random food stains. I could be wrong, I am pretty sure I’m not


**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**


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