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Baby machine accused of starving 4 year old daughter

Mother of nine accused of starving 4-year-old daughter who weighted just 18 pounds

Held: Mother-of-nine Antonia Benitez has been accused of starving her 4-Year-old daughter

Antonia Benitez


Antonia Benitez (35) of Santa Ana, CA, allegedly starved her 4 year old daughter so badly that she only weighed 18 pounds (8.16 kg). Then she dumped her at a hospital and drove off. Doctors reported the girl’s malnourishment to Social Services and the baby machine was picked up by the 5.0. The little girl also had an infected wound on her leg that was going untreated.

Baby machine? What does that refer to? You see, Ms. Benitez has 9 children and is raising them all by herself. Perhaps she had that many children, she forgot to feed the 4 year old. This probably seems likely, since baby machine took the little girl to hospital before, in 2007, for being underweight. But somehow, this managed to escape the attention of the police.

Baby factory has had three felony child abuse charges filed against her. If she is convicted, she could face a maximum term of 14 years in prison. Her children are now in the care of Social Services and family members.

Here’s a pro-tip: Shut your fucking legs. You don’t have to have a baby every time you have sex. You also don’t have to have a baby with every man that you sleep with. Contraception is widely available and cheap. Don’t have more children than what you can look after. If you don’t want a tribe of children, wrap it up or pop The Pill.

Here’s an amusing little rhyme: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe; She had so many children, her c*** fell off.

Thanks to Benighted for the tip.

Parents Make 10-Year-Old Egyptian Girl Their Houseslave

Shyima with adoptive father Chuck HallIt’s very generous for a mother and father who already have five children to take in a 9-year-old girl from their homeland, and treat her as if she were her own daughter. But when the parents choose instead to treat her worse than they would the family cat, it’s criminal. Abdel-Nasser Youssef Ibrahim and his ex-wife Amal Ahmed Ewis Abdel-Motelib were both sentenced to prison this week for keeping young Shyima captive in their home for two years as the family’s unpaid servant. In a delicious twist, District Judge James V. Selna decided to augment the jail time by demanding the couple pay Shyima $152,000 in back wages.

The bad news: Shyima’s time in her home prison was torture. The parents apparently worked the girl to the bone, verbally abusing her along the way. Mom, dad, and the five kids called her “the stupid girl” – a prophecy they fulfilled by allowing her no schooling, no playmates, no downtime. She was threatened with arrest if she dared step foot outside the home. Her best friend was a spider. When police found her, her skin was dead and hard. She was only rescued after a curious neighbor wondered why she wasn’t in school.

The disgusting news: Ibrahim and Abdel-Motelib, who are facing deportation following their jail sentences, tried to maintain that they were helping the girl and being charitable toward her. Hmmm…how do you say “pigfuckers” in Arabic?

The good news: Shyima, now 17, is being adopted by a California couple, Jenny and Chuck Hall, who apparently treat her the way a child deserves to be treated – as a daughter, not as a slave. Shyima, as a parent, let me say that my heart breaks that you had to endure this bullshit. May you continue to heal, and end up healthier and happier than you could ever imagine.

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