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Jealous Texas Twat Murders Boyfriend’s Baby

***Special thanks to Rochell for the tip and write-up***

Laura Lea Kolb

Laura Lea Kolb

Santa Fe PD: Woman kills boyfriend’s 4-year-old daughter in fit of anger after argument:

Girlfriend ‘kills partner’s four-year-old daughter in a fit of rage following late-night argument at their apartment’:

Texas woman Laura Kolb ‘kills boyfriend’s daughter, 4, following argument’:

Usually we hear of an abusive step-dick that robs a sweet child out of their life, but there are some seriously self-centered tw*t waffles out there that do this too. In this horrid tale we have step-monster of the year 36-year-old Laura Lea Kolb.

See, step-bitch was angry with 4-year-old Taylor Gene Moore’s daddy Kevin Moore and instead of acting like a normal person and going and walking it off she took out her anger on little Taylor, robbing her of her life. Apparently Laura Lea Kolb and Kevin Moore began arguing around 3 am; Kevin went downstairs and tried cooling off a bit before going back up and dealing with the slag. According to reports step-bitch came out, presumably to continue the argument, and was foiled by those deviant bastard stairs. In a huff over her inability to complete such a simple task, such as walking, this dumb whore went back upstairs and allegedly threw the baby girl against a bed then began yelling Kevin’s name. Kevin yelled back to her to wait, however this proved to be a fatal mistake, seeing as by the time he got up there Taylor had went to fly with the angels.

Neighbors said that all of this took course over the span of an hour, between hearing the couple argue to the time that they heard sirens and saw Kevin running outside with the baby girl lifeless in his arms. The police attempted to resuscitate baby Taylor then transferred her to Mainland Center Hospital however she was pronounced deceased at 5 am. The police took step-bitch into custody where she admitted to shoving the girl to the floor and then throwing her on a bed, killing her…fucking stupid c***.

Step-bitch has been charged with first degree felony injury to a child, with a bond of $250,000. I hope to God she rots in hell and gets shanked for robbing such an innocent sweet child of her life.

R.I.P Taylor, you were taken way too soon.

7 children, 1 trailer, no heat, little food and no moms


Karina and Maria Medina

7 children found in alone in freezing home 

Eight hours… eight freakin hours that’s how long seven children ranging in age from 18-months to 13-years-old were left alone in trailer with no heat and little food, by their mothers, sisters Maria (37) and Karina (27) Medina.

Wanna know what they were doing… go ahead take a guess… at a party drinking.  Betcha didn’t see that comin’ did ya?  Oh, come on you know you did, we all did!

Anyhow, the Santa Fe Sherriff’s deputies got a call from a neighbor of the drunken dimwits at about 2am Saturday, November 5th.  She was worried, pretty sad when the neighbor cares more about the children than the women who gave birth to them.  When police arrived they found all the children alone, wrapped in blankets to keep warm, the thermostat in the trailer read 32 degrees.  Even more alarming was the fact that there was little to no food for the children.  WTF!

Now for the icing on the cake… it’s not like the furnace broke after the assholes left and the kids gobbled up all the food in the house in their absence.  They left them there alone knowing the furnace was broke and there was no food.  I guess when the urge to party hits you, fuck the kids there’s drinking to be done!

No worries though they came right home when called by the deputies… that’s all good except that the freakin idiots topped off their already stupid bullshit behavior by driving drunk.  Classy ladies, really classy!

The Medina sisters were charged with seven counts of abandoning and abusing a child.  Karina was also charged with drunk driving.  Their bonds were set at $25,000.

 P.S.  Am I the only one with the urge to smack that stupid grin off Karina’s ugly mug?



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