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Toddler Found in Filthy Room

Parents Arrested for Neglect

Parents Denied Custody

Pics:  Filthy Motel Room

Lazy Ass Bitches

Savanah Sholter frantically called 911 about her 2 ½ year old son who was non-responsive.  “My son’s not breathing.  He’s a special needs baby.”  “He’s on a feeding machine.  He’s been having problems with the machine.”

2 ½ year old Elijah Collins was unconscious and not breathing.  The boy only weighed 13 pounds!!  (Now just to put that into perspective, my 3 month old nephew weighs 12 pounds.  Yeah, that’s right, 3 months not almost 3 years!!) He was dehydrated, emaciated, had fecal matter embedded in his skin and lesions or bed sores  on his body, a severe rash covering his body and his toenails were so long they looked like they had never been cut!  He was found lying on a mattress covered in urine and feces!!  WTF is wrong with these people?!?  This is a child that has to have a feeding tube and infections can run rampant if the living conditions aren’t clean!!  13 pounds!!!  Both DNA donors are Lazy Ass Bitches!!

“He looked like a concentration camp victim from the WWII documentaries that we see.  He was emaciated,” said Carl Zogby, of the Hialeah Police Department.  “Not only was he not fed, he was not hydrated properly.  He wasn’t even groomed.  He was probably not bathed in his lifetime, perhaps.”

According to police, Elijah and a dead cat (seriously, a dead fucking cat!?) were found in a motel room full of garbage, living animals (I’m assuming more cats), both animal and human feces, dirty diapers, rotten formula and spoiled food.  The place reeked of cat urine.

“Diapers that were 3 feet high – stacked up soiled diapers, urine, dead animals and live animals in the room,” Zogby said.

The sperm donor, a fireman machinery technician in the USCG, could see more charges filed against him under the military code of justice.  (One can only hope!!) 25 year old Vincent Collins and 21 year old Savanah Sholter have both been charged with neglect.  Their bonds are set for $7500 each.  Sounds more like attempted murder to me!!  How about adding abandonment, child-endangerment, torture?  Hell, cruelty to animals!!  Something more than neglect!!  This is so much more than neglect!!

It seems the DNA donors and 1 year old Jeremiah were staying in a separate room while little 2 ½ year old Elijah stayed alone in the filthy room “a few doors down”.  According to the motel manager the bio-parents rented two rooms and always refused maid service in that room saying “We do it ourselves.”  All they had to do was let the maid service in once a day!!  Lazy Ass Bitches didn’t even have to clean!  The only reason not to let them clean would be they were trying to hide something!  Was it the cats or the fact that they were starving their child to death??  My guess is the latter!

At a hearing to decide the custody of the two babies, Irma Martinez was the only family acquaintance who appeared at the court and she was not on the “parents” side.  “My reason for being here is so that Elijah and Jeremiah do not go back to them – ever!”  According to Martinez, she called the child abuse hotline in September, after Elijah was rushed to the hospital with a serious bacterial infection.  “I explained to them the conditions they were living in.  What you saw over the weekend, that’s basically how they live.”  Wait!! She reported this in September and the kids remained in that nasty shit til now?!?  Way to drop the ball once again Florida DCF!!

The judge at that hearing said, “At this time I’m going to find probable cause and reasonable efforts to shelter these children, and I’m going to order no contact whatsoever with the parents.”  Thank You Judge Sampedro-Iglesia!!  At least someone is looking out for those babies!  Now sever the parental rights and you’ll be my hero!!

Elijah is expected to spend at least a month in the hospital.  Jeremiah has been placed in a foster home.

Hopefully, they’ll never have to live in the filth their so called “parents” think is suitable to raise children in again! Unfortunately, they’re in Florida so most likely these disgusting, lazy, uncaring pricks will get another chance to finish the job they started.  I don’t want to hear any bullshit about parenting classes or therapy!!  Screw that!  In this case once a lazy-ass, neglectful slob always a lazy-ass, neglectful slob.

They would have been taught when Elijah was born how he had to be cared for.  It would have been stressed that the tube hanging out of his little body and the area around it be kept clean!!  They also would have been instructed on the feeding machine and how to trouble shoot it or who to call to get another one if that one stopped working!!  I don’t believe for one damn minute that machine was the cause of him weighing 15 pounds!  A real parent would have noticed it when he lost a few ounces and immediately would have notified the doctor!

IMO putting that baby in that room and leaving him alone was tantamount to torture!!  He may have special needs but he also needs what every baby needs; love, attention, caring and interaction!!  I guess that’s what the fucking cats were for!!  A baby needs to know if something isn’t right and he cries out there will be someone there to take care of him!!

If they were incapable of doing any of these things then they should have put him up for adoption!!  These two have absolutely no excuse!!  If they were overwhelmed there was help out there.  Hell, he was a Coastie, they had access to military programs.

Personally, I think this is a case of pure fucking laziness!!  Well, that and I think they played favorites with the kids.  Elijah’s care required more attention so he got shoved aside and forgotten!!  It breaks my heart to think about it…

They should both be forcibly sterilized, their parental rights severed, and placed in an 8×8 room with nothing but a dirty mattress, a bucket for a toilet, and a cat (take the cat out once a day to feed/water it)!  Fucking low-life, nasty, lazy, worthless maggots!!

I didn’t mean for this whole post to turn into one giant rant.  It is what it is I guess!

Rant Over


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