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“Here’s a lock of his hair.”

Chekayla Ariel Dampier – arrest report 

Port Richey woman accused of scalding infant until his skin began bubbling 

Infant severely burned in 142 degree water 

Deputies-Woman runs scalding water over crying infant 

Baby dies after mom allegedly held it under scalding water for 3 minutes  

***Warning – get Kleenex ready, you will need them.***

“Here’s a lock of his hair,” said Elthea Dampier, the grandmother of 7-week-old Emilio Jesus Bautista.  Emilio died Saturday, April 28th after fighting for his life for 12 long days.  He had suffered severe burns at the hands of his mother Chekayla Ariel Dampier (18), on April 16th.  Apparently unable to handle Emilio’s cries, Chekayla decided to punish him by placing the Emilio’s head under hot running water, the temperature of the water 142 degrees.  I’ll let that sink in for a second… 7-weeks-old and 142 degree water.

Ok so let’s go back to April 16th for a minute and have a looksy at how things went down. Apparently Emilio wasn’t a happy guy and had been crying, according to his mother, for several hours straight.  She finally lost it and decided the appropriate course of action to teach Emilio about his incessant crying, was some water boarding in scalding water.  She would tell the police that he cried the entire time and that she held him under the water until his skin started “coming off and other parts of his skin were ‘bubbling.” Holy Shit!  Poor Emilio, my heart breaks for him, so little, so innocent and being tortured for being a baby.  I can only think she has to be heartless; there is no other explanation for her being able to hold her screaming baby under scalding water.

The reports state that the abuse happened at 1 pm but Emilio was not taken to the hospital until 10 pm and only after the baby’s godmother urged her to seek medical attention and took her and Emilio to Morton Plant North BayHospital, where he was airlifted to the burn center at Tampa General Hospital.  The doctors said Emilio suffered severe burns to his head, chest and arms, second-degree burns to his eyes and ears.  The burns to his chest were so severe that while trying to remove his little t-shirt his left nipple came off.  WTF! WTF! WTF! Ok, I need a minute….

His nipple came off…how cruel and evil does one have to be to do something so heinous to any baby but especially your own.  Gawd… I am sick.  Emilio’s grandmother and a former roommate say this is not the first time there was suspected abuse.  In fact Emilio’s grandmother claim to have notified authorities of possible child abuse, CPS says they have no record of complaints against Chekayla.

Chekayla was arrested on April 17th and charged with aggravated child abuse resulting in great bodily harm, her bond $150,000.  Since Emilio has passed, there is a possibility of charges being upgraded.

Think her mother said it best… “They need to give her the stiffest penalty they can give her for doing what she did, because she knew better,” and “Right now, I am mostly sad and heartbroken.  I feel anger inside me the just wants to explode.”  We are right there with you Elethea.

Thanks to all who sent in the tip.

In Memory of… Emilio Jesus Bautista

February 20, 2012 – April 28, 2012.

An angel taken too soon, R.I.P.

Sophia Gonzalez is a compassionless tw*t


Parents of burned child plead not guilty

Ellensburg Couple Arrested For Scalding Son

While most of us were ringing in the New Year with some libations and enjoying the company of our loved ones, Sophia Gonzalez (28) was busy abusing her 3year-old stepson.

While we all know potty training can be a mother fucker, we also know that traumatizing a potty training toddler will not make the task at hand any easier.  Someone should have told Cuntzilla.  As punishment for failing to use the toilet, the toddler was submerged in scalding hot bathwater.  While that’s bad enough, it gets worse, she told officers that the injuries were a result of an accident a few days prior and that she researched his burns on her smartphone and determined them to be second-degree.  The brainiac thought she could treat them herself instead of making a trip to the hospital and having to deal with those nosy people who would have turned her sorry ass in – because she wasn’t guilty and all.  An investigation proved that the child’s injuries were not consistent with the story that was cooked up by Gonzalez and her man (Roberto Sanchez) and that’s when the shit hit the fan.  When will these morons realize that cops and medical professionals are not totally daft?

The couple is being charged with second-degree child assault and criminal mistreatment.  Both have pleaded not guilty.  The baby underwent surgery for his burns and has been discharged.  He and his 3 siblings are in protective custody.

Thanks go to Liz for the tip.

Dirty diaper leads to scalding.

Chicago man accused of scalding son because of dirty diaper 

Man charged with scalding son over dirty diaper 

See pretty boy up there, that’s Marco Santos (39) and he has been charged with aggravated battery of a child (class X felony) after he scaled his 3-year-old son with a hot frying pan, on November 7th.

Pretty Boy apparently doesn’t like it when his lil’ man goes #2 in his pampers.  We can assume this since when the lil’ guy walked into the kitchen and told good ole’ Dada he needed a change and then the diaper fell apart he got so enraged he put a hot pan on his legs and genitals, causing first and second-degree burns.  Gawd damn dude… can we say anger fucking management.

No worries though, he treated the lil’ guy’s burns….with toothpaste!  WTF!

Three days later and after the baby showed signs of having difficulty walking he was taken to the hospital.  Three days…he suffered for three LONG days, at 3-years-old that probably felt like eternity.

The lil’ guy’s mother Joanna Pawlina has been charged with endangering the life of a child, for her failure to seek immediate medical treatment for her son.  Well duh… the bitch deserves at least that.

Seriously… when the fuck are the “parents” going to learn that children not potty trained and even some who are, will go to the bathroom in their fucking diapers and/or pants.  Fuck!

Thanks to Haydee and Erin for the tip.


3-year-old scalded in bathtub, mom charged.


Gabrielle Shantel Collins

Scalded girl, mother charged 

Meet Gabrielle Shantel Collins, a 22-year-old pregnant mother of four.  She has been charged with injury to child, after admitting she placed her 3-year-old daughter in a tub of scalding water.

On October 21st, Collins’ daughter was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital –Texas Medical Center with severe scald burns to both legs, the left thigh and both buttocks.  According to the doctors the girl’s burns could result in permanent scarring or impairment and may require her to undergo physical therapy.  Holy Shit!

Police say  Collins says she did not mean to burn the girl that she was only trying to bathe her after the children made a mess of themselves with cake, but admitted to holding the girl in the water despite her screaming and crying that the water was to hot.  She also told police she was overwhelmed with her four children and the one on the way, and that she needed help caring for them.

Her bond was set at $30,000.

Thanks to Lori A. for the tip.

The Family That Abuses Together…


Scalding Bath Ends w/Child Abuse Charges













25 year old Wynita Evette Dale and 44 year old Joanne Evette Gale are charged with child abuse, assault, reckless endangerment, and several conspiracy charges in a case that involves the abuse and torture of 3 year old twin boys and a 2 year old baby boy.

All 3 toddlers were beaten and had U shaped scars and bruises from arms, legs, chest, face and back.  One of the twins had 2nd and 3rd degree burns from being scalded.  Guess what the reason for placing that baby in 115 degree water was?? Yeah, he had a potty training accident!!

Not only did the bio-c*** run the tub full of scalding water and place him in it and made him stay but she then let the water out and repeated the process this time she made him stay in it for an hour!!  The poor baby had 3rd degree burns on his feet and legs, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his fingers and genitals, and severe blisters on his skin were the worst of the injuries.  That is on top of all the bruises on his little body from being beaten with plastic clothes hangers and a piece of television cable!!

Now, being the scum that this c*** is you don’t think she took that baby to a doctor do you?!?  5 days after the baby agonized with these burns a friend of the Cunt took him to the hospital and he was then transported to a burn unit at Johns Hopkins.  I’m glad someone cared enough about him to get him help!!

According to bio-c***, grand-bitch started it all.  She admits to running the baths and scalding the baby but says it was because grand-bitch told her to.  She also says she beat the boys with a piece of a TV cable but only after grand-bitch told her she needed to start beating the children.  It’s a damn shame she didn’t tell you to go have an antifreeze c*cktail!!  Stupid twit!!! She said grand-bitch left the U shaped scars beating the boys with the hangers.

At her hearing she said, “I just want to be able to get some type of help because I have bad judgment”.  Bad judgment?!?  Since when is burning and beating a baby/babies bad fucking judgment?!?  Abusive piece of shit!!!

Of course grand-bitch denies everything!!  According to her she’s never hit the boys.  “I was not there when (the victim) got like that,” she said.  She told the judge she has reported her daughter to CPS in the past and has been the one person protecting them from abuse.  If those injuries were made while she was “protecting” them I say let her protect her daughter in gen pop!! She also said her daughter has “a medical condition.”  “If you check Wynita’s medical history, you will see she is capable of placing her kids in hot water.”

Fortunately, all 3 toddlers survived these 2!!  They’ve been placed with family…  Whoever that family member is I just hope they don’t allow any contact with these 2 whatsoever!!


If not for the friend I would probably be writing a very different ending.  Thank you!




Thanks for the tip goes to Derek




Burns, belts and potty training

Mother and boyfriend charged with scalding daughter


Child Endangerment charges for scalding of toddler

On June 10th a grand jury in Dayton, OH handed down indictments against Christina Allen (26) and her boyfriend Jeremy Ely (27) in the scalding of her 3-year-old daughter.

Acting on a tip one week earlier, from the little girl’s grandmother the Dayton Police paid Ely and Allen a visit.  There they would find Allen’s daughter suffering from severe burns to her hands and marks to her body that appear to be left from a belt, on of them measured 11 inches.  The burns were so severe that the baby’s skin was peeling off her fingers… did I mention that the burns had been there two freaking weeks! Yep, she let her baby suffer in pain for two LONG weeks, probably felt like eternity to a 3-year-old, no worries though mom was treating them with over the counter medications.

Why would some one let their baby suffer for two long weeks with burns, well if you ask Allen she’ll said she was scared to seek treatment for her baby because she was scared her “man” would hurt her and if you ask Ely he’ll tell the truth (shocking I know) and that is that they didn’t take the baby to the hospital because, he’s a RSO on parole and didn’t want CPS notified or his ass to be sent back to jail.

Ely told police that the little girl had burned herself while washing up after a potty training accident, ok that’s possible, but what about the 11 inch belt mark.  Explain that, did she hit herself with the belt too?  With severely burned hands? Jeez, she’s one tough 3-year-old.  I think I figured it out… she was trying to frame him… yep that’s it those crafty 3-year-olds, always trying to manipulate the law to their benefit.

Ely has been charged with four counts of child endangerment and Allen has been charged with two counts of complicity to commit child endangerment and one count of child endangerment.

Kudos to grandma for standing up for granddaughter and calling the police.  We love her bunches!




NOW…Saamiya Thomas is in hot water…

Saamiya Thomas scalded son

What Saamiya Thomas of Rochester Ny did was unthinkable. First of all she had a son by the time she was 13-14 years old. For whatever reason the boys father gained custody of the baby and they lived in georgia with his family. Thankfully.

Almost a year ago Saamiya gained custody of her son and even her own family does not know how she was capible of doing that.” She was not a good parent” according to them. She proved how bad of a breeder she was. By the way if someone had spoke up against her she may not have been able to get custody of her son, just a thought.

Saamiya brought her 4 year old son into the ER with second and third degree burns over his entire body. It was determined that she held him in scalding water for an extended period of time. He survived but has second and third degree burns over 40 percent of his body.

I must put this in perspective. Some of you may want to skip the gory details.

A third degree can happen at different tempatures depending on how long the contact with heat. For example:

110 degree is generally what you can set a hot tub temp to. ( high temp )

at 113 degrees you get a 3rd degree burn after 5 hours
at 116.6 degrees, 3rd degree burn after 45 minutes
at 118.4 degrees, 3rd degree burn after 20 minutes ( this is about the tempature of fresh coffee from starbucks, try stirring your coffee with your finger just once…..)
at 120, 3rd degree burn after 10 minutes
at 124, 3rd degree burn after 4.2 minutes
at 131, 3rd degree burn after 30 seconds
and at 140, 3rd degree burn after 5 seconds. By the way, an oven can be set at 140 degrees to cook something. I can not imagine struggling to immerse a child in hot water for any period of time let alone enough time to cause such damage.

By definition a first degree burn takes a week to heal and can happen from a really bad sun burn. Second degree burns are when the skin blisters, boils and peels off. This can happen from hot irons or stoves ect. But a third degree burn ( fourth being the worste ) means that this boy will suffer for his entire life. His burns would be so severe he will need graphing and more then likely would suffer loss of feeling the the areas burned.

To a child a burn extending over 10% of thier body can cause shock and death quickly. This little man survived second and third degree burns over 40% of his body. God damn!! The boy is now back with his father and has been tranferred to Shiners hospital burn unit in Boston.

 He should have never left his father to begin with. The little boy is recovering and has been able to breath on his own ( my heart is breaking ). It’s also being said that he has begun to walk alittle as well.

I can not help but to be alittle tickled about Saamiya’s charges though. She recieved 2 counts of assualt in the first degree which is the same offense as attempted murder. The second charge was promoting contraband in prison for smuggling in a folding knife. This tells me that she is in prison, (rightfully) scared of being in prison and she is about as dumb as they get. Dumb bitches who torture little kids do not go very far in prison and me thinks she knows that.

A few things about Rochester Newyork, it’s a horrible city. The unemployment/crime rate is incredibly high, the schools are not the best either however Rochester can boast to have one of the best children’s hospitals, Strong Hospital. I can personally say that I have been treated there as a child and my children have been treated at that Hospital for any specialized care they needed. The staff members go completely out of thier way for children. It’s a great comfort to think that the little boy was first treated at Strong then at Shiners in Boston. Atleast I can say he got the best care.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write up**


The one and only Mz. T


Police: Baby drowned while mother out buying cigarettes, wings

23 year old Estella Toleafoa is one cold as ice looking bitch. Lets hope she keeps that smug attitude so her cell mate can knock it out of her. Sadly ‘Mz T’ is not one of a kind, just a run of the mill evil bitch.

March 8Th Estella filled a bath tub with scalding hot water and placed her 9 month old and 2 year old sons in it. She left the two boys while she went to the store to get cigarettes, then to a restaurant to order some wings. By the time she made her way back home her 9 month old would be dead. Personally I think she took her time in order to ensure both her sons would be dead by the time she got back.

The medical examiner determined the little 9 month old baby named Erich, died from scalding and drowned. It was filed under accidental, however the bitch was charged with child abuse recklessly causing death to a child.

The 2 year old brother should be alright since I did not see any reports about him being treated at the hospital. I imagine he was not only old enough to escape the hot water but was also aware of what was happening to his little brother.

Estellas husband who is shockingly also both of the boys father was out of state at the time but has been notified. It must have broke his heart to hear what this heartless bitch did.

I have to applaud first responders, police officers and paramedics. They had direct access to creatures like her and are still able to treat them like human beings. That is a skill that I could never master. That bitch would be nothing more then a bloody smear on a rug by the time I got through with her.

She can not possibly have any excuse, the moment those babies touched the water they would have let her know it was too hot. Heartless c***.

Estella also has an open profile on which reads : ” I love my husband and son very much! “

Tag line

The one and only MZ.T

Me, Myself, and I

Hello, my name is Estella Toleafoa Tyler also known as Mz. T. The only Mz. T in town.. lol.. I am a proud mother of soon to be two kids, my oldest Jamari Rashaan Konelio Toleafoa, and one more on the way… hopefully a GIRL.. a proud wifey to the love of mah life ERICH SANTINE TYLER… he and my son are the two main important people in my life right now and our other addition in our family.. Enjoy my space and hope to get some feedback on my page. Thank you for stoppn by and May the good Lord bless each and everyone of you….much alofas


any rappers

drama and action

all of em

Scared Of


Happiest When

sleepn and talkn wit my hubby and thinkn of my son a LOT

This bitch wants feedback? She has it. I am almost tempted to set up an account just to give her the feedback she deserves. I doubt she is scared of God but I hope that she is.

There is a special place in hell for people like her.

Thanks to eeveryone that sent this tip in.

******* Speical thanks to itsmesg2003 for writing this one.

Aunt finds 3-year-old nephew in linen closet, beaten and scalded


3-year-old found locked in linen closet 

See that face up there staring back at you, looking like she is mad at the world, that is woman who locked her 3-year-old son in a closed 24 inches wide and 12 inches high, hit him on nearly every part of his body and burned him.  Isn’t that pissed off look something to look at, aren’t you tempted to smack it off her face.  Well get in line behind me, I get first shot at her. 

Ladies and Gentlemen today we have for your reading disgust Fairrin Moss (23), she has been charged one count of felonious assault and two counts of endangering a child.  Back on December 9th she was arrested after a woman described by investigators found her son locked in a second floor linen closet, in Moss’ apartment.  When the aunt removed his clothing to give him a bath, she noticed bruising to his body and took him to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, who them notified police.  Good for the aunt, at least she cared enough about the little guy to seek treatment for him. 

According to police he was kept in a linen closet, no lights, he couldn’t sit or stand up, he had to lie down. Sometimes he’d be left in there for hours at a time while she left the home.  He had been beaten over the head, in the head, in the stomach, on the side, the legs, grabbed around the neck and a severely burned right foot.  The burns were apparently the result of contact with scalding water.  Gawd damn! 

scalded right foot

According to police in an odd way the little guy is “very lucky, had the aunt not intervened…. she probably saved his life.”  The little guy has been placed in foster care, where he is recovering from his injuries. 

Moss pleaded not guilty and is free on bond.  Travesty, she should be locked up, this beast of a woman has forever changed this little boy’s life.  Why should she be free to roam the streets and live her life while he recovers?

DeShawn Newton is a two time loser

Boyfriend Charged with Scalding Child 
I am an internet bargain shopper.  I live on Amazon and Ebay.  Fuck!  I even have an Amazon credit card from Chase bank that gives me points to use on Amazon…  I LOVE it!  As much as I’m an internet shopping junkie, there is one internet bargain I am NOT hot to get my hands on – a man.  You will NEVER catch me trolling dating websites.  Not now, not ever.   You hear stories of how women get taken for a ride (and not always a good one) by men they meet on dating sites and chat rooms.  Women are getting robbed, raped and even murdered by men they meet online.  Hell, I recently wrote about one woman that met a man online who imposed his sexual deviance on her two young sons.  It seems that there is a dick shortage and women are risking anything to get it.

26-year-old Deshawn Newton is another prime example of the dick shortage.  Newton met a woman online 6 months ago; a woman young children.  He moved from New Orleans to Houston to live with his new lady and her kids, then, moved them to Sardis, MS to live with one of his relatives.  He already seems like a winner, right?  Just wait…. It gets better.

Sometime, in the beginning of December, Newton took it upon himself to discipline his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter for soiling her pants.  He did so while the mother was sleeping (COWARD!).  He beat the toddler with a belt and then submerged her in hot water, causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her legs, feet and bottom.  Police were alerted when this child was taken to the hospital days later.  DAYS??  It took DAYS for the dick deprived mother to take her baby to the hospital?!?!

The toddler was treated and released to the custody of her father.  Hopefully he will do a better job of protecting her since her mother is OBVIOUSLY a failure when it comes to putting her children ahead of her own needs.  It’s true – She had a broken collar bone, courtesy of Newton.  Newton was also facing charges for throwing her 7-year-old son across the hood of a car 6 months ago.  But she stayed with him.  Even worse, she’s not facing charges for the attack on her daughter.  She KNEW that Newton was a worthless, child abusing sack of dog shit and she did nothing to get him out of their lives.

Newton allegedly told police he was a drug dealer and gang member.  I guess some more accomplishments (in addition to child abuser, woman beater, and all around douchebag) to add to his resume when he’s trolling for his next online hunny. 

Thanks go to Megan for this tip.  Now if someone can find a pic of this fucker, I’ll be golden.  There is a video in the source link, if you feel like you need to see he smug face.  I imagine it’s only a matter of time before his girlfriend shows up to defend him.  Maybe she can email me a picture.

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