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Pedophiles on Parade

Ohio adoptive father accused of raping 3 children
Ohio Dad Charged With Raping 3 Adopted Kids, Selling Them For Sex
Ohio man accused of prostituting adopted son
Ohio man accused of raping adopted kids in alleged sex ring

Although the adoptive father’s name was mentioned in one of the articles I have linked, I have opted not to include it in the story, in the interests of protecting the children who were abused.

It seems that in Troy, Ohio, there is a man who has discovered a way to meet his sick pedophilic needs without having to look for random children to abuse. He simply adopts them. This animal has three adopted children, and was in the process of adopting a fourth when he popped up on law enforcement radar. He was arrested after he arranged to meet an undercover cop with the intent of selling one of his adopted sons for sex. Of the four children subjected to this depraved bastard, three were boys, aged 9, 10 and 12. The fourth was a 9-year old girl. From what I understand, the girl was not sexually abused, but all three of the boys were raped repeatedly by the adoptive abomination – and at least one of them was prostituted out to other men. This story affected me for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is the fact that I have a son of my own, and may God have mercy on the person who ever tries to hurt him – because I sure as HELL wouldn’t show him any. I couldn’t eat dinner last night, because I was so nauseated after reading about this. I haven’t had breakfast either, because I knew I would not be able to keep it down if I ate before writing it up.

Apparently the children were all adopted from Texas and moved to Ohio with this beast. He recently withdrew them from school and said he was going to home school them. Uh…I don’t think prostitution or rape are classes offered in any school system. Maybe there is a different curriculum for pond scum, though…..

Stories like this absolutely disgust me! Any person who violates a child in this manner should be given the death penalty, IMHO – and when it’s a parent or other relative (who is supposed to PROTECT them) that makes it even worse. These children were already adrift in the foster care system, and then they were adopted by a creature who treated them as sub-human possessions. This guy needs to be made a public example of – no needle or chair – place him on the courthouse lawn and let the honest citizens of Ohio have a crack at him. Have a crack at HIS crack.

There are several other facts in this case that need closer scrutiny, so here we go. The adoptive animal was once the president of the Foster Parent Association of Miami County. I don’t even want to think of what atrocities he may have committed while he held that position, but I suspect that had a lot to do with his being approved to adopt these children. He was also involved with a youth basketball program in the area, but no other abuses have yet come to light involving other children. Well, why would they? He didn’t need to risk exposure by assaulting other kids – he had four of his own to rape at home!

One of the boys was initially reluctant to discuss the abuse with investigators, because he was afraid of being separated from his new siblings. That poor child! He was so desperate for ANY kind of stability that he was willing to accept the abuse to keep them all together. When investigators phrased the request to indicate that he might be helping protect his siblings, he broke down and told them that the adoptive freak had not only raped him, but had also sold him to other men for sex. Those two men are also in jail.

Fortunately, the abusive waste of DNA has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of rape, and federal investigators are pursuing child exploitation charges as well. Bail for this monster has been set at $800,000.00. Personally, I think it should be at least triple that. And I hope he gets a heaping helping of the kind of ‘care’ he showed those boys while he is awaiting trial. And for many years afterward. Pedophiles are absolutely the lowest form of life on earth. It’s really too bad that most states don’t allow the death penalty for crimes like this. They wouldn’t even have to pay an executioner – I’d be happy to pull the trigger for free. Starting at the crotch, and working my way down and then back up before delivering the kill shot. I like to be thorough that way…..

Thanks for the tip go to Your_Pal_Nancy.

Report: Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Brags about Fucking His Daughter’s Stunt Double

Michael Lohan Okay, official announcement: I hereby forgive Lindsay Lohan for anything she’s ever done or may ever do. (Unoless she does something unforgivable, like go on a psychopathic killing spree, or make a sequel to Herbie: Fully Loaded.) I mean, I knew Michael Lohan was a fucked-up hunk o’ beetle-turds, but if this report is true, it takes "fucked-up" to new and astonishing levels. According to an anonymous inmate at the prison where Senor Lohan is being detained, the father figure does nothing but brag about himself, his fortune, and his sexual exploits. Among those exploits: banging his own daughter’s stunt double.

Eeeeeeewwwww. I mean, okay, it’s not like this woman was Lindsay’s body double, but…EEEEEWWWWWWW. "Close" doesn’t just count in horseshoes and hand grenades – it counts toward fucking anyone who even has a vague resemblance to one of your offspring.

The New Kerala of India sources the report back to the New York Daily News. The NYDN’s report is here (scroll down for La Vida Lohan); it’s freely available now, but will likely become gated, pay-per-view content shortly. The letter was reportedly "kited" out of the facility on foot in order to avoid scrutiny by prison officials, who are apparently rabid Michael Lohan fans hellbent on preserving the man’s dignity. (*snort*) The anonymous writer delivered a final knee to dad’s balls by claiming that Mr. Lohan never even chats about his sons – it’s all Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. (Again, say it with me….EEEEEWWWW.) In light of this, Lindsay’s recent public behavior seems downright trite and…well, expected. What kind of child grows up with that as an influence, and turns out normal?

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