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Your Own Abuse Demons Are No Excuse to Hurt Your Daughter

Father suspected of major crimes against his 8-year-old daughter

Family reels as sheriff suggests father may have tried to kill daughter

Sheriff: Injuries indicate father tried to kill his daughter

Man accused of crimes against daughter claims he’s been abused

Fair warning friends – Mama is super pissed about this one and my opinions are running rampant. If you’re feeling sensitive today, you may want to move on until your big people panties are out of the dryer.

What should be one of every parent’s worst nightmares?  Waking up in the middle of the night to find your child missing?  Well, that’s exactly what happened around 3:45 a.m. Wednesday, July 27th when Ray Salvador Coriell’s wife called police to report her 8-year-old step-daughter missing from their Bakersfield, CA home.  Panic quickly engulfed the neighborhood as the family frantically knocked on doors asking if anyone had seen her.  Everyone assumed a stranger had broken into the home and kidnapped the girl.  Unfortunately, we know that not to be the case since we all know the special breed of evil we feature here on our pages.  She turned up roughly 6 hours later nine miles away, badly battered and completely unaware of where she was or how she got there.  Thankfully, she was found by an upstanding citizen who gave her water and immediately contacted police.

The little girl was taken to Kern Medical Center where she is recovering from her physical injuries and being guarded for her safety.  Her injuries included a black eye nearly swollen shut, multiple bruises and abrasions, some of which required surgery, as well as evidence of sexual assault.  So, you ask, which breeder was it?  The step-mother?  The bio-mom’s fiancé?  Nope, the responsible party is none other than the piece of pig shit father.

Thursday, the day following his little girl’s disappearance and on her actual 8th birthday, Coriell sent a text to his wife stating something to the effect of “I love you, goodbye.”  Concerned about her husband’s state of mind and still unaware that he was the only suspect in his daughter’s attack, she called the police and they surrounded the home with crisis negotiators and such trying to diffuse the situation.  Normally I would say that suicide is an extremely selfish act and you should consider the impact on others before taking your own life but in this case, I think I’ll make an exception.  Next time, don’t bother pussy footing around with telling someone about it just do the world a favor and rid us of your worthless self.  Anyhoo, after a 7 hour stand off, Coriell was arrested on a warrant for kidnapping with the intent to rape; intercourse with a child under 10-years-old; kidnapping a child under 14-years-old to commit lewd or lascivious acts and attempted murder.  The attempted murder charge stems from the severity of her injuries.  Police believe he intended to kill her and very well may have thought she was already dead when he dumped her off in a dirt field under a full sized sofa.  He’s being held on $1 million bail.

He’s now claiming that he was sexually abused in the past and he wanted to die.  Fuck that, asswipe.  How do you think your daughter feels right about now?  How could you put that same feeling on your own flesh and blood?  I have a huge and I mean gargantuan chip on my shoulder regarding people who use their past experiences as excuses for their anti-social behavior as adults.  Get the fuck over it.  Everyone has shit in their past, some more stinky and abundant than others, but that in no way gives you an excuse or even an “explanation” (as some bleeding hearts are fond of using as a synonym for excuse which it absolutely is not) to treat anyone much less a child in the same shit-tacular manner in which you were treated.  It wasn’t right when it happened to you and it still sure as shit isn’t right for anyone else.

I digress….

The bio-mom’s not sure what to believe; she wants to wait to see what the sheriff’s department says.  Seriously?!  This fucker is the only suspect in your daughter’s vicious, nearly fatal attack and you want someone else to form your opinion for you?!  What the hell is wrong with you!?  You’re her mother for crying out loud, act like it!  Get pissed!  It’s your right and responsibility to hate this fucker for all you’re worth unless, of course, you truly don’t give a shit then well, you’re about as worthless as he is.

Here’s to this little girl getting as far away as humanly possible from her genetic contributors and getting the help and counseling she’s surely going to need to help her through this and on to the bright future on the other side of this abyss.  Also, a little shout out to the step-mother who seems to be one of the only adults who really care about this little girl along with her maternal grandparents who have already petitioned for custody of the children.

Thanks go to Monique for the tip.

Sexual assault alleged in Addison Lanham's death

Addison Lanham

911 call spurs sex-assault investigation:

Addison, ‘the prettiest angel,’ laid to rest in Gaston County:

When I originally posted about the death of Addison Lanham I said I won’t post her ‘mother’s’ name until she is charged with something. Well, since my last post she has been charged.

To recap Shanna Lanham is accused of leaving her 2-year-old daughter with her registered sex offender boyfriend, Jason Michael Wells. While Wells was sitting Addison she died. Some witnesses say that Addison was covered with bruises and her eyes were swollen shut when paramedics arrived. Now, even more disturbing details have emerged.

Police in Gaston County, North Carolina are now investigating if Addison had been sexually assaulted. According to the Charlotte Observer Shanna Lanham made the 911 call when Addison was unresponsive and she told the 911 operator that Addison had cut her vagina while ‘playing in the tub’. How coincidental considering that Shanna Lanham’s vag filler was a registered kiddy toucher.

The coroner’s office has said that Addison died from a blood infection and had a broken leg that had not been treated. So she didn’t die from a beating which to me sounds like she was abused long before she died.

Police say that Lanham didn’t seek treatment for the broken leg because she was afraid she may lose her daughter. I guess she had no problem with losing her daughter to death instead.

Family members are said to have called DSS several times trying to get Addison removed from the home because of drugs and the sex offender.

Both the birth organism and the pedophile have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, felony child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor and both are being held on $1M bail each.

Just a thought here, if you don’t want to have your child taken away how about not shacking up with a pedophile, not doing drugs and above all do not fucking beat your kids so bad that they die of sepsis because of their injuries. It’s not that fucking hard.

Christina Meeks Didn’t Stand a Chance

Hall and Meeks II






Muskogee police arrest two in connection with 4-year-old’s death

Affidavit details abuse allegations in Muskogee girl’s death

Family: Wrong person arrested in death of Muskogee girl

Family of deceased 4-year-old confused by charges

Hearing in child’s death delayed until August 23

All children deserve to be protected and loved by all those who encounter them.  Those babies with special needs deserve that love and protection a thousand times over.  Unfortunately those who need the most love are often times the easiest to neglect and abuse.  Such is the case of little Christina Meeks of Muskogee, OK.  Christina was a beautiful little 4-year-old girl who was born with a rare form of diabetes which affected her kidneys.  She also had a tracheotomy, feeding tube, heart monitor and was unable to speak.  All of that should have made her a perfect candidate to be one of the most beloved little babies on the face of the planet right?  Of course not.  All of that made her a perfect target for abuse – she couldn’t defend herself and she couldn’t tell anyone what happened to her.

Christina’s paternal grandparents were given custody of her after DHS determined her very young parents – I have seen 14 as the mother’s age in some of the comments but nothing official (14-year-old mothers seem to run in the family, the maternal grandmother got pregnant with Christina’s mother when she was 14, also) – were not equipped to care for her with all of her medical needs.  Now, having a child taken away by DHS certainly doesn’t automatically qualify you for a spot here on our pages so, what does?  Christina’s uncle, Robert Meeks II (22) is accused of raping little Christina and her grand-breeder Betty Hall (42) is accused of having full knowledge of the assault and failing to report it.

According to police, a little after midnight on June 18th Hall woke up because Christina’s heart monitor alarm sounded.  She came out of her room and saw her son, Meeks II, come out of the bathroom, “look around suspiciously” and go quickly into his bedroom.  Apparently that wasn’t enough to trigger any sort of concern so she went back to sleep.  Five and a half hours later she woke up and went to change Christina’s diaper and that’s when she noticed something was wrong.  The diaper wasn’t as she had put it on earlier and was only partially on.  When she went to wipe Christina she noticed blood and only then realized Meeks II had “done something bad” to Christina.  This is the part where she freaked out, called 9-1-1 and beat her son senseless to pass the time while the police arrived, right?  Yeah, not so much.  She finished changing Christina’s diaper and crossed her little piggy’s hoping the injuries would just heal on their own.  Seems she was scared of her son and her husband so she didn’t want to say anything.  Yet another worthless POS who was “scared” and so chose to save her own ass rather than protect the most helpless of innocents.  Well guess what, the injuries didn’t go away.  Christina was finally taken to the hospital on Sunday suffering from a heart attack and high fever – nothing to do with seeking treatment for injuries from the assault.  Police were notified after examination revealed signs of a “violent” sexual assault.  Christina died at the hospital early Monday morning.

Hall is being charged with one count of neglect stemming from her failure to seek medical attention for Christina and failing to report the assault.  Meeks II is being charged with one count of child sexual abuse.  No charges have been filed in connection with her death because the ME’s preliminary report states she died as a result of her pre-existing medical conditions.  The DA’s office is hoping to determine whether the abuse exacerbated the medical conditions or in any way contributed to her death – I’m going to go out on a limb here and say duh, of course it did!

Warning: Opinions follow; quit reading now if you feel you may get your panties in a twist.

As you all may be able to guess, this super classy family doesn’t seem too concerned with Christina’s actual death just in trying to get their 15 minutes by lobbing claims left and right about who did what and not a single damn one of them seems to take any responsibility in this whatsoever.  Of course only one person (probably) actually sexually assaulted this little girl but where the hell was everyone else?  Her 14-year-old “mother” (who is now 18, I assume) was no where to be found, her bio-dad was no where to be found, the “mother’s” family only seems to be concerned with getting their scary mugs on TV claiming Meeks II didn’t know enough about Christina’s equipment to disable it long enough to assault her but yet they have not named anyone that they believe is actually responsible.  The paternal grandfather just outright denies anything happened.  All of you seriously need to spend a little more time teaching your barely pubescent children not to have sex and a little less time blaming everyone else for your epic fail.

RIP baby girl.  Everyone who knew you failed you.  You deserved so much better.

All charges against Meeks II have been dropped without prejudice but he remains a person of interest.  Hall is still in jail without bond facing a felony child neglect charge.

Thanks Yes_ive_dreamt_of_you_2 for the update.

Thanks go to Ruth and our very own CynicalMe for the tips.


Little Christina Meeks


Toddler needs reconstructive surgery after rape…

Toddler needs surgery after rape

Let me start this one off by saying that if this story does not enrage you, then you have no heart.  I expect you readers (April and Steve W.) to come up with the newest and most creative forms of torture one could inflict upon the barbarian above.  I am thinking after reading this that will NOT be a problem, so don’t let me down. 

Over Memorial Weekend, Oak Harbor, WA Police arrested the piece of filth up there, Ryan Stephenson (26) for the brutal rape of the 20-month-old daughter of his ex-girlfriend.  The rape was so brutal the poor baby had to undergo reconstructive surgery.  Pissed yet? 

The investigation began after personnel at Whidbey General Hospital reported a little girl was in the hospital with large vaginal tears and severe bleeding.  OMG… I am FUCKING enraged!  I have a daughter and if anyone EVER looked cross-eyed at her I put them to death in a flat second and not feel one bit of remorse about it.  This poor baby, I can’t even imagine!  I know you are pissed now! 

The girl’s mother told detectives that her ex-boyfriend; Stephenson was babysitting her daughter and 5-year-old son. Ummm, why in fucksake was her EX-boyfriend watching her children, isn’t he an EX for a reason?  But wait it gets better.  The reason this has landed here on BB is… not only was the scumbag dickless pimple on the ass of society her EX-boyfriend but she had a restraining order against him.  Yeah you read that right, mom had a restraining order against him and he was STILL babysitting her children.  In fact he had previous convictions for violations of that very restraining order, by contacting the mother.  So I guess… he is a danger to mom but not the kids WTF! He was also convicted of harassing and sending threatening messages to baby girl’s dad.  Still wondering what the fuck he was doing “caring” for her children; clearly he has some fucking issues.  I mean if he harasses dad and mom to point of needing a restraining order, what in the fucking shit made this “mother” thank he was an acceptable babysitter and didn’t SHE need to be near him in order to leave her babies with him.  I hate to place blame on mom… but well I am, she is just as responsible for allowing this barbarian anywhere near her babies.  She may not have known he’d be capable of such an atrocity but she obviously knew he was capable of some whacked out shit, or there would be no need for a restraining order.  I have a sneaking suspicion there is more to this than he was the only available babysitter. 

Anyhow… ass pimple up there admitted to police that he probably did cause the injuries, but denied the rape suggesting the injuries came from him beating her.  Oh Ok… that makes it all better fuckstick you’re free to go.  Gawd! He said he lost his temper with the baby and beat her with a closed fist on the bottom and between the legs.  Uh what?  He didn’t rape her but he did beat her between the legs.  Do you all feel better about that excuse?  No!  Well ok then he had another let’s see if this one works better for you, the injuries came from him bouncing her on his knee and stretching her legs apart.  Is that one better?  No!  Yeah, didn’t think so!  I am going to assume at this point that you are all pissed the fuck off and you should be!

The sexual assault doctor described the baby’s injuries as severe trauma caused by penetration not being hit.  Well there you go… pindick’s excuses can not be plausible.  BTW, what made this ignoranimous think he could out smart the doctors and police. 

The no-ball barbarian has been charged first-degree rape of a child, that includes six aggravating circumstance, which would allow the judge to sentence him beyond the standard range.  If convicted no-balls could face an indeterminate sentence up to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 8 ½ to 11 years and 3 months in prison.  An indeterminate sentence means he would serve at least the minimum sentence, and then a special review board would decide whether to release him after that. 

As far as I can see mom has not been charged with anything and there is no mention of pending charges.  Honestly she probably won’t face charges but she should, who in their right mind leaves their baby with a man they feel the need to get a restraining order against. 

As far as this guy goes, I hope with all the hope a girl can have that he spends everyday of his pathetic life being used as the inmates in his local prisons, sex toy!  Here’s hoping for some tearing and severe bleeding on his end, so he may feel one ounce of what that baby did.  Ok our creative readers, don’t let me down come up with some creative ways to torture this guy, after writing this I need the laughs!

WV Breeder sentenced for incest, perpetuating stereotype

Grandpaw Daddy

They say that in every stereotype lies a little bit of truth. 41-year-old Larry William Darby is West Virginia’s little bit of truth as he has been sentenced to 15 to 35 years for committing incest with his then 19-year-old daughter. Not only did Darby have sex with his own daughter but he also got her pregnant and the baby is now 18-months-old, but it doesn’t end there.

Back in November when Darby of Rand, WV pleaded guilty to incest with his daughter he also pleaded guilty to fondling the breasts of his then 14-year-old stepdaughter. And we’re not done yet folks. Or as they say on TV “Wait, there’s more!”

To be fair to West Virginia Darby may not actually be from there as he was already a convicted sex offender in Indiana or Ohio depending on what article you’re reading.

So since he has his own children and stepchildren this assclown has been married at least twice and poisoned two different families. Not only should this deviant have never been allowed to leave Indiana, or Ohio, being a sex offender he shouldn’t even be allowed to procreate ever again.

I do have to say that I admire his daughter for being in such a situation that she not only kept the child but by accounts loves him unconditionally. She is the antithesis of what her son of a bitch of a father is.

Thanks to Renee for the tip.

Birth organism and bad boyfriend charged with death of 4-year-old TX girl

Spring girl’s death ruled a homicide:

Officials arrest mother, boyfriend in 4-year-old’s death:

Spring woman, boyfriend charged in death of child:

4-year-old Emma Thompson of Spring, Texas died back in late June. According to the autopsy she died from blunt abdominal trauma. Charged with her death are her mother, 33-year-old Abigail Elizabeth Young, and Young’s boyfriend, 27-year-old Lucas Ruric Coe. The autopsy also revealed that Emma had a fractured skull and vaginal tearing consistent of that with a sexual assault. Not only that but before Emma died she had tested positive for genital herpes in a Texas CPS investigation and was not removed from the home.

It’s alleged that Young lied to CPS about her penis being at the residence. And speaking of said penis he has a history of being investigated by CPS himself for complaints from a 0previous girlfriens about her child. Coe also has a criminal record which should come as no surprise. As a matter of fact in a case of sick irony when Coe was arrested he was wearing a t-shirt that said “It’s all fun and games until the cops show up”. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the receiving end of some ‘fun’ in his new digs.

Normally I don’t let the pictures of the victims affect me but I couldn’t help but notice how full of life Emma seemed to be.

Speaking of life that’s what Young and Coe are both facing.

Thanks to Laura for the tip.

Bad Illinois Boyfriend accused of sexually assaulting infant

Man charged with molesting ex-girlfriend’s infant:

Clint Howard’s lookalike over there is one 27-year-old Joe Harvey Jr. of unincorporated Montgomery, Illinois. He stands accused of sexually assaulting the infant of his 20-year-old former girlfriend.

Details are scarce but Harvey is being held on $250K bond.

Thanks to Ridgely for the tip.

Ashley Andrews was beaten to death by her family

Christina Dillard enters guilty plea:

In the tiny town of Poplarville, Mississippi on October 10, 2005 12-year-old Ashley Andrews missed the bus to school. What real parents would do at that point would be to drive their kids to school. Even if they didn’t have a car they could arrange for someone to take the kids to school.

Not Ashley’s family. Ashley lived in Poplarville with her mom Christina Dillard, her stepfather Shaun Dillard and half brother Kyle Dillard. Rather than try to get Ashley to school they beat her with tree limbs, a belt and a fishing rod. Rather than letting her go to school the next day they kept her home in fear of the abuse being reported. That didn’t stop the beatings though. The next day she had hair pulled out during the beating and the autopsy showed that she was killed that day due to manual strangulation. The autopsy also revealed that she had been sexually assaulted.

Shaun Dillard was sentenced to life without parole. Christina Dillard recently pleaded guilty to negligent manslaughter and she’s facing 20 years.

Thanks to Megan for the tip.

Dad Infects Daughter with Gonorrhea, Ignores Her Screams

Neisseria gonorrhoeaeThis next foul story comes to me from hot tipper Molly, who remarked, “If this is not bad behavior, I don’t know what is.” An unnamed 47-year-old dad in Toronto, Ontario was convicted of sexually assaulting his 5-year-old daughter. The assault came to light only after the girl was taken to the hospital screaming in agony from gonorrhea. Even though he knew that he had the STD, her father said nothing to the doctors, because he was – get this – “embarrassed”.

No shit, Sherlock. If I were a sexual predator who raped my own kids, I imagine I’d be embarrassed too.

The wheelchair-bound, HIV-positive father still swears he never raped his daughter, though he has copped to having extra-marital affairs. (Kinda hard to explain that away.) He also admits to unprotected fucking with his HIV-positive wife prior to going out and dipping his wick in other wax-pots. Goddess only knows how many other women he’s infected. But child rape? Even this dude’s not stupid enough to cop to that. So he attempted to duck the charge by maintaining that his child got his gonorrhea “from the sheets”.

No dice. The judge convicted him of sexual assault causing bodily harm. He did, however, duck a charge that he willingly endangered the child’s life due to his AIDS infection. How he managed that, I can’t tell. Apparently, since he didn’t know he was HIV-positive at the time, he can’t be found guilty…even though he knew it was highly probable that he had picked up the disease. Argh. Justice, you fickle bitch. I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and pray that whatever sentence he receives keeps him in jail until he’s dead.

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