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Peter Truong sentenced to 40 years’ jail for child trafficking and child porn

History ‘justifies’ jail term cut for Australian pedophile Peter Truong

Named: the Australian paedophile jailed for 40 years

Peter Truong with his partner Mark Newton outside their Cairns home

Thanks to Brad for the tip on this one. This case has been described as one of the most horrific cases of child trafficking and sexual abuse in Australian and US history.

Australian couple Peter Truong (36) and Mark J. Newton (40) allegedly bought a baby boy from a Russian woman for $8000, for the sole purpose of sexually abusing him and passing him around a paedophile ring which spanned Australia and the US. Newton has been sentenced to 40 years’ jail, with Truong following him with the same sentence.

The baby boy’s sexual abuse started merely days after he was brought back to Australia. Over the first six years of his life, the couple travelled the world with the boy, offering him up to other paedophiles and recording the abuse for posting to an international syndicate known as the Boy Lovers Network (*gags*). The couple were to settle down in Australia with the boy, but could not get a Visa for him. There, Customs started asking questions about the boy, where did he come from etc. Police were also sent to the couple’s home in Cairns to look at things. Evidence pointed to the fact that the abuse had started before the couple came back to Australia, with the earliest video of the abuse showing Newton performing a sex act on the boy when he was all of TWO WEEKS OLD!

The couple were busted by the police after they were connected to 3 men who were arrested for child porn possession. When the cops came and searched the couple’s home, sure enough, they found more child porn. At that stage, the couple had visited the 3 men in Germany, New Zealand and the US with the boy.

Truong is trying the old sob story of how he was abused as a child and didn’t know any better, to trick the judge into feeling sorry for him. Psssshaw, bullshit.  He knew how much abuse hurt and how it would be wrong to make another human being feel that way. Yet he chose to do that to another child. According to court documents, the pair brainwashed the boy into thinking that sexual abuse was normal and to deny any maltreatment when asked by authorities. He also denies paying $8000 for the boy, but rather $5000. Like that makes it any better. He pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to sexually exploit a child and possession of child porn.

The boy has remained in the US and is being cared for by Newton’s relatives (Newton was originally from the US).

A child stayed quiet about his abuse because he didn’t want to leave his siblings

Boy, 10, kept quiet after being ‘raped and pimped out by his adoptive father because he didn’t want to be separated from his new siblings’


How heroic is a child that is tortured by his father and yet, instead of telling someone or asking for help, he keeps quiet so he can stay with his siblings!  Was he protecting them or were they his only hope?? This story makes me want to cry!

This boy is only 10 years old…he was raped and pimped out by his adopted father.  This child was so scared he would be separated from his siblings that he refused to talk to police until police told him that talking would help protect his siblings. At that moment, shaking, the boy broke down and told police he had S..E..X..(spelled it out) with Zwick and Rieder.  The boy told police that his father had sex with him 2 to 3 times a week since he had been adopted.  OMFG!!! The 2 other boys in the home also told police that their father had been raping them.
The father worked from his home as an insurance adjuster.  He had adopted 3 children and was in the process of adopting a fourth (who was already living with him).  In his care were a 9 year old girl, and three boys ages 9, 10, & 12.  The kids were pulled from school to be home schooled and the neighbors were clueless to what was happening.
You know how this shit was caught….an undercover officer with a sex task force was talking with the dad via Internet when the dad said he would arrange sex with a 10 year old boy!!  They arranged to meet at a nearby city McDonald’s but police met this ass hole 2 days earlier than scheduled.  I am so thankful it was police the ass wipe was talking to!!
The adoptions were handled through a private agency in Texas.
His father, who’s name has not been released for protection of the children, is 39 years old a youth basketball coach and a long time resident of Troy Ohio.  He raped 3 of his adopted children and prostituted one of them to two men, Jason Zwick, 29, and Patrick Rieder, 31. Sick, sick, sick! Police stated that they have found no evidence…yet…of inappropriate behavior with the kids he coached.  The FBI is pursuing federal sexual exploitation charges.  Adopted pop is being held on a $800,000 bond and charged with one count child rape, 4 counts of complicity to commit child rape based on allegations of sexual assault in Rieders home.  Zwick is charged with rape and a $500,000 bond and Rieder is charged with 4 counts of child rape and being held with out bond!
The father and both men are in jail and charged with raping the 10 year old boy, his truck was impounded, 4 lap tops seized, video camera seized, and 2 wooden paddles from the master bed room…seized!  All the children have been placed with a relative of the adopted father.
These poor children…i don’t know why they were adopted.  They probably thought they were going to a loving home but, instead, they were pimped out by someone that was suppose to love them. My heart goes out to them and their heroics!!  I hope they will never be hurt again but I hope the 3 men responsible are tortured for the rest of their prison lives!!
Thanks go to Nadia for the tip.
***Special thanks to Leslie for the write up!

PIMPING 101 – Keeping it in the family

Woman accused of trying to sell girl’s virginity

Mom charged with trying to sell daughter’s virginity

Salt Lake City woman busted trying to sell 13-year-old daughter’s virginity to man for $10,000

Mother ‘tried to sell 13-year-old daughter’s virginity for $10,000’

Bad news in Utah. Felicia Rae McClure is going to have to withdraw her “mother of the year” application.  Yeah, the 32-year-old Utah “mother” has been caught reinventing herself at the expense of her 13 -year-old daughter.  Desperate times create desperate people, but some actions really push the envelope. In this case, however, I’m sure that the bad economy would just be a bad excuse. 

Whatever. It turns out that Felicia has a boyfriend. Readers of this blog know that this usually means a mother’s penis-lust causes her to trade in her maternal instincts for the satisfaction of her more “basic” instincts. Thankfully Felicia didn’t have any maternal instincts to trade in, but I digress. Typically the boyfriend then proceeds to abuse her children in whatever fashion he chooses while ‘mom’ looks the other way.  Not so in this case. In fact, this time the boyfriend is actually the HERO and not the villain.

 Richard Glazer, Felicia’s boyfriend, came across some rather interesting photographs of Felicia’s 13-year-old daughter on Felicia’s cell phone. Puzzled, he checked out the text messages “mom” had stored there. What he found probably scarred him for life. We know it disgusted him enough that he made a call to the local police with said evidence from the phone.   There, in all its literary glory, was a raft of text messages between Felicia and a man referred to in the arrest affidavit as “Don.”  Subject? The sale of Felicia’s 13-year-old daughter’s virginity.  Winning bid? $10,000.  Don asked Felicia if her 13-year-old daughter would perform oral sex on him. Felicia told Don that the girl would not only provide oral sex, but any other sexual act, but since the girl was a virgin, Don would have to pay $10,000. You have to ask yourself how this man thought it was okay to even broach this subject with a mother of any child. 

But wait – it gets worse.

Don and Felicia took the girl to the local Victoria’s Secret store. Since they never bought the girl anything, the purpose of the trip was for a little peep show, just to warm the girl up to Don and to whet Don’s appetite.  At first the mother tried to make it sound like they both modeled for “Don” but when Felicia confessed to the police, she admitted that she opened the door for Don to watch her child dress and undress.  There, with her mother holding the door open, Don watched as the 13-year-old tried on various bras and thong underwear combinations for his viewing pleasure.

Doesn’t that sweet image of mommie dearest showing off her little girl to a pedophile just tug at your heart strings?  Not Felicia Rae McClure. This was the direction she had been heading for some time in regards to her little girl.  It has been one thing sliding into another and pimping her daughter has been a natural progression for Felicia. This latest episode with Don is just a logical extension of Felicia pushing the envelope and seeing what the market will offer for her pimping endeavors.

Felicia claimed she asked her daughter if she would mind losing her virginity to Don and Felicia swears her daughter agreed to it and was good with the whole deal. Actually, the girl told police she originally agreed to her mother’s request (doesn’t sound like it was posed as a question she could refuse), but that she had since told her mother that she didn’t want to go through with it. The 13-year-old said she was uncomfortable with having sex with Don and had changed her mind.  We don’t really know what would have happened if the boyfriend hadn’t told the cops. The girl wanted to back out, but does anyone honestly believe that Felicia would have let that $10,000 slip away?

This business transaction is not the first time Felicia has used her little girl to make money.  Turns out that Felicia took a bunch of semi-nude shots of her girl and sold them to another man (referred to as “Will” in the court documents) for cash. Apparently he requested them and she’s been providing the pervert with the photographs.  It doesn’t mention if the girl knew about the photos being sold, but the child posed for photos with her mother at the camera – just a mom and daughter having a good time taking cheesecake shots right? Wrong! These sexually explicit shots (several with the girl’s entire buttocks exposed) were with mother-provided lingerie: push-up bras and anal-floss thongs.

Felicia is transforming herself from parent to pimp and it’s a sure bet that, little by little, she has been working on her daughter to accept the transition from expensive dependent to profitable prostitute.  Like pedophiles the world over, grooming the victim takes time and small steps lead to big sacrifices on the part of the child.  Talk about an unfair position of power. A girl’s mother is without doubt the most important person in her life. And a mother knows which buttons to push to get what they want from her child. 

Most mothers are trying to protect their children from predators that would use and abuse them; Felicia McClure doesn’t see a daughter – she sees a money-making opportunity. Fresh flesh that is hers to peddle and eager men with money – KA-CHING!!  Furthermore, who’s to say what disease the girl could get from Don? There was no “safe sex” clause mentioned in the pussy-for-pay deal.

Felicia’s daughter isn’t a legally consenting adult. At 13-years-old, she can’t drive, can’t vote, can’t consume alcohol, but hey, in Felicia McClure’s warped sense of reality, she can decide whether or not to engage in sexual activity with an adult?  Get this:  if the girl had been 14-years-old, then the prosecutor could not have charged Felicia with these serious felony counts and Felicia would not be facing life in prison as a result of her actions.  That’s right. If the greedy c*** had waited a year, then she would have likely walked away with probation and the proverbial slap on the wrist.  Let’s hear it for the stupidity of greed, shall we?

The prosecutor’s office is investigating Don and Will to see if there are charges that can be laid against them. True, I don’t know about Utah’s laws, but wouldn’t requesting, receiving and paying for sexually explicit photographs of a 13-year-old child constitute some type of child pornography violations? 

Thanks to her boyfriend, Felicia Rae McClure has been arrested and has been charged with two first-degree felony counts of aggravated sex abuse of a child, which carry life in prison as a maximum sentence, and two second-degree felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, which can carry a penalty of zero to fifteen years.  As of May 24, 2011, Felicia Rae McClure was still in jail on a $250,000 bond. She didn’t have a lawyer yet, but I’m sure some weasel will come crawling out of the woodwork to take on her case and try to make a name for him/herself. 

Felicia McClure has a criminal record (I know, shocking) for forgery and other business related felonies. She had serious charges dropped in 2007 when she completed a court-mandated drug program. Obviously the whole “lesson learned” thing hasn’t taken.

There was no mention as to who is currently in charge of the girl’s care at this time, but I sincerely hope that Felicia, regardless of the outcome of her charges, no longer has custody of the child.  No child should be made to sell their flesh and peddle their souls for the greed of their parents. Life sucks enough as it is without having “mom” as your pimp.

Thanks to JJ, Steve, Erlinda, Amber, Mercy & Emilie, and all the rest for the tips. 

**Special thanks to TielGurl for the most excellent write up **

Duke University employee charged with offering son for sex

Duke employee arrested on child sex charge:

42-year-old Frank Lombard of Durham, North Carolina has been arrested for allegedly offering his adopted 5-year-old son up for sex over the internet. Lombard is also associate director of the Center for Health Policy at Duke University and has been placed on unpaid leave.

An FBI informant allegedly saw Lombard online performing sex acts on an African-American child believed to be one of his adopted sons.

As an adoptee myself this next part really disgusts me to no end. The following is from a chat between Lombard and an undercover agent.

In the chat transcript, “F.L.” is asked how he got access to a child so young. “Adopted,” he replied, and said that the process was “not so hard … esp (sic) for a black boy.”

In the chat, “F.L.” told Palchak that abusing the child was “easier when he was too young to know what was happening and when he couldn’t talk …He had a little too much Benadryl. Was knocked out.”

So not only did Lombard adopt his kids for his own sick sexual fetishes but he also took advantage of the fact that there are an inordinate amount of black children waiting to be adopted into loving homes.

It’s a shame that this isn’t an executable offense because I would volunteer to throw the switch.

Rot in hell scumbag

Nevada Breeders convicted for sex abuse

Mother pleads guilty in Douglas County to helping then-husband exploit their daughters:

Rocky Raccoon over there is 32-year-old Stacy Thoman. She recently pleaded guilty to charges of assisting her then husband sexually abuse and exploit their children. Said husband, 35-year-old Kevan Thoman, was recently sentenced to life plus 20.

The abuse began in 2000 when their daughters were 6 and 3. They are now 12 and 15. I couldn’t find an article that detailed the kind of abuse they had to endure but it must have been really bad because the oldest girl has obviously been indoctrinated to whatever depraved lifestyle they were teaching their kids.

Washoe County Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ann Partin read a letter the older daughter wrote last fall asking to be reunited with her father.

“Did I say I was in danger?” the girl wrote. “I had many chances to leave. In four years, when I am 18, what will you do to stop me from seeing my father?

“I do see the error of my father’s ways, but this is no business of the government. I grew up way too fast, but it was good for me. My father is a proud Libertarian. I will follow his example,” she wrote. “I am adult enough to know what I want. I could have worked things out for myself.”

I don’t mean to get political here but the last time I did any research on the Libertarian party I don’t think sexually abusing your children was anywhere in their platform.

Hopefully this girl can get some help.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

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