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Three for one…it’s a Monday…

3 indicted on child-abuse charges in Wood County

It’s Monday, I’m still tired from the weekend, and I wake up to this…

Three different cases, two dead children, and one six-month old with a fractured skull, but, thankfully still alive.

Nathan J. Brenner, 35, of Liberty Center, Ohio, has been charged with murder and three other charges in the death of his girlfriend’s 2-year old daughter, Emma Zehnpfennig. Emma died of severe head trauma, after spending a week on life support in Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. The boyfriend was ‘caring for’ the child when the injuries occurred. Apparently, the phrase ‘caring for’ is the new euphemism for ‘beating to death’, although the details of the abuse were not listed in this article – other than ‘head trauma’, of course. No word on the mother, Tabitha Zehnpfennig, or whether she has anything to say about the death of her baby. She has not been charged. Please, people, listen to me – no penis is worth the death of your child. Buy a dildo if you can’t live without sex, but don’t HIRE one to watch your kid for you! Geez….

Erin N. Taylor, 19, of Bowling Green, has been indicted on endangerment charges for the injuries to her 6-month old son, whose name was not listed in the article. The infant was taken to the hospital with a fractured skull and ‘other bleeding injuries’. WTF?!? How many injuries can a 6-month old have? Don’t answer that, it was a rhetorical question.

Rebecca Steinmiller, 25, also of Bowling Green, has also been charged with endangerment and is currently still a guest at the Gray Bar Motel (a.k.a. Wood County Jail), where her sorry arse has been sitting since May 11. I’m not sure why she has only been charged with endangerment, since the baby is DEAD, but there it is. 3-month old Carter Steinmiller died on May 5. The endangerment charges stemmed from a broken arm sustained several DAYS before the child was taken to the hospital. Steinmonster…oops…Steinmiller… called 911 on the evening of May 5 to tell them she had just awakened from a nap and found her baby not breathing. Good grief, people, I know babies are allergic to parents getting a reasonable amount of sleep (mine never wanted me to sleep for more than a couple hours at a time when they were that small), but the last time I checked, taking a nap was not enough to induce anaphylaxis in an infant. The cause of death has not yet been determined, but I would be greatly surprised if it was anything less than parent-induced. After all, this stellar parent DID withhold treatment of the broken arm for more than 4 days. The husband’s name was not mentioned, and I am wondering why, since he was present at the time,and should have been held equally responsible for the medical neglect, if nothing else…

That’s going to be it for me today – three strikes, and I’m out. I need to go hug my own babies for a while now, and remind them how much I love them.

May Karma join forces with Lady Justice to make this one b*tch of a day for the abusers.

I received no tips on this one – I actually stumbled across this one on my own.

Mom goes to work, Dad’s a jerk….

baby beater
Dad Accused of Beating Baby in Dearborn County
Eagle Country
Destiny age 7 weeks abused/Dad gets 15 years

There are times when I could gleefully smack the ever-loving snot out of someone I don’t even know. This is one of those times. Smiley Joe up there (aka Joshua Schulkers, 22) apparently thought he was being photographed for the cover of GQ rather than getting a mugshot done for almost killing his 7-week-old daughter. I doubt GQ would take him anyway, since last time I checked they weren’t going for the “grunge in a dirty orange jumpsuit” look. That smirk he’s wearing just makes me want to chew up a hubcap and spit nails at his face. He looks like he’s thinking, “Look, Ma! I’m a big man – I beat up babies!”

The details are as follows: Last October, Joshua was arrested when his daughter, Destiny, was taken to the hospital with six broken ribs, another in early stages of healing, a fractured skull, and a lacerated liver. She was only seven weeks old, and it was her mother’s first day back at work after the birth. What a great dad! He won’t work to support his family, but he is at least trying to save money by getting rid of that extra mouth to feed. Since I’m sure he eats more than the infant, though, I think the better idea would have been for him to go jump in front of a bus or something. That would have been a lot more cost effective, AND the mother wouldn’t have had all those medical bills for the baby’s injuries.

Like all thoughtful child abusers, this one gave authorities several different options to choose from concerning the cause of Destiny’s injuries. I think he got them from pages 6, 42, and 63 of the “Baby Beater’s Handbook”. He alternately blamed a couch, a baby changing table, and …..wait for it….the baby herself. Yup, he said she fractured her own skull because she was wiggling around while he was trying to change her, or some such garbage. Oh, another explanation was that he ‘squeezed her’ until she ‘made a sound’. I bet he liked playing with those little packing bubbles when he was a child too. I think his cell mate should be allowed to squeeze his head until it makes a sound. Preferably a “POP”.

Destiny’s family went to the court proceedings, and both the grandmother and an aunt spoke out against this monster and wished him the best in prison. By the best, I mean a lengthy stay and punishment equal to (or greater than) what he dished out to their precious angel. I agree whole-heartedly.

Although this waste of genetic matter initially denied any wrongdoing (because, as you know, Destiny caused her own injuries), he eventually pleaded guilty to the charges and was rewarded with 15 years in prison. The good news is that his child will be substantially bigger when he gets out and can avoid all the ‘squeezing’ activities – the bad news is that old Josh will still be young enough to create a few more babies that he can squeeze to death or seriously injure. Let’s hope he loses his attraction for women while he is in the grey bar hotel being Bubba’s babe.

I haven’t received any tips on this one from BB, but if April has any, and sends them to me, I will include my thanks to our fine supporters. For now I’ll take all the credit for the research, since I’m greedy that way.

Christopher Scott Ryon…wanted to take a nap and Riley wouldn’t stop crying, well she has now permanently.

Father who punched infant charged in her death 

Father hits and kills infant 

Christopher Scott Ryon accused of punching daughter, Riley in the head 

See that face above, the one devoid of emotion that is Christopher Scott Ryon (27) of Winter Haven, FL.He is the epitome of selfishness, what he has done to his 3-month-old daughter, Riley, and why is pretty cut and dry, but nothing short of evil.

On March 27th, Kristine Bardell (27) arrived home on her lunch break to see her unemployed boyfriend and their baby girl, Riley. While Kristine set about making lunch, she woke up her boyfriend and asked him to check on their daughter. He returned claiming the baby was fine. Well, Riley wasn’t fine and Kristine, bless her broken heart, was the one who discovered that fact a short time later. Kristine went into the bedroom to check her “sleeping” baby girl and to her horror, found Riley face down on the bed. When she turned her over, her face was blue and she wasn’t breathing. She immediately grabbed her baby girl, ran her to her father, handed her off to him and frantically called 911 as he began administering CPR. Rescue workers arrived, took over CPR and transported Riley to Winter Haven Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

On March 28th, the medical examiner conducted an autopsy and concluded the baby had a skull fracture 6.5 centimeters long, indicative of blunt force trauma. OMG…poor baby.

When Ryon was informed of his daughter’s horrific injuries and cause of death, he immediately said he may have dropped her from a height of three inches on to the bed. Liar! Interestingly enough, throughout his entire police interview, Ryon would refer to Riley as “it”. “It”? That’s your baby girl; your flesh and blood, you fucking asshole. Gawd, I hate you!

He would eventually admit to punching the baby in the head because…wait for it… she would not stop crying and her pesky crying kept his unemployed, lazy ass from NAPPING! Riley’s screams, he said, “go through me like bullets.” Of course he said he didn’t believe he struck Riley very hard, but described it as a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. After he PUNCHED Riley she cried for another five minutes the fell silent. He checked on her and believed her to be fine. Ummm…what? Her mother found her fucking face down on the bed. I am no expert, but I do believe a non-moving, 3-month-old, face down in a bed is pretty fucking indicative of something definitely NOT being fine!

Ryon has been charged Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child.

Thanks to Christina, Dee and Mrs. Kelley for the tips.

R.I.P. Riley, fly with the angels sweet baby.


Daniel Hamberg, War Hero? Or Murderous Summer’s Eve Impressionist?

Man, now accused in death of Colerain Township baby 

Man accused of murder in Colerain child’s death

Here’s one of those stories that make me angry…Well, all these child abuse stories make me pissed to the core, but here we have Daniel Hamberg (28) former U.S.M.C., of Fuckberg, Ohio.  He placed a 911 call about a month ago saying that Cohen Barber, the 13-month-old son of Heather Noonan, who he lived with, was having seizures and stopped breathing. Hamberg’s story goes something like, “Cohen was playing at the top of about five stairs and jumped down them, it was a game he habitually played”…and then “his arms went straight out and he was biting down”.  The mother of the boy, who wasn’t there when he ultimately died, totally agrees with Hamburgand says that he would never hurt her son. *eyerollanother oh so loving mother* Cohen didn’t die right away, he died shortly after arriving at the hospital from a fracture at the base of his skull and a brain hemorrhage.

This is thing, there are loads of ignorant supporters for this guy over at the link, and they swear just because the guy served in the Marines and got hurt in the war that he could never hurt a kid. I say this fucking case was investigated for a month; Doctors said the injuries were suspicious, and if the cops are going to give special “thoroughly” investigative privileges…it’s going to be to a man who fought for his country. So guess what Hamberg supporters?  You lose dipshits.  Million Dollars bail, and a murder charge, fuckos. He also was has a few traffic violations and an assault charge that didn’t stick back when he was 19.  My father was a Marine, and a Purple Heart war hero, he would be the first to tell you that there are fucking douche bags in the Corps, just like there is everywhere. I’m interested to find out how this case plays out, I have a feeling he will be taking a plea…like the sucka he is.

Thanks to Erin for the tip.

**Thanks to Shannie for the write-up.**


Playing Airplane With Your Kids – Terrorist Style!


Link 1 Link 2

OK, I know that looks aren’t everything, and some people get all pissy when we comment on their looks. But I just couldn’t pass this one up….

Lurch up there should have stayed with the Addams Family, instead of attempting to get his pilots license. Because he apparently sucks at navigation. It seems that the 21-year old Addams family butler (aka Thomas J. Abitz Jr.) thought it would be a hoot to play airplane with his girlfriend’s 2-year old daughter. Only he didn’t have the appropriate clearance and ended up doing a terrorist aerial display by ‘flying’ the child into a wall. Woo-hoo! I wonder what he’s gonna do for an encore…park a Tonka truck full of fireworks by the child’s bed and then light them? What an idiot. Lurch has been charged with child abuse and bail-jumping, and stands accused of causing ‘significant injuries’ to the child, whose name was not mentioned in either article that I found. The injuries to the baby included bilateral retinal hemorrhages, skull fractures (plural), blood on the brain, a bruised hip, and a handprint-shaped bruise on the baby’s back. All this from accidentally flying the baby into the wall? How many times did he have this accident? 10? 20? He should have had his plane grounded after the first pilot error, I think.

The good news is that the mother, Kayla Schonscheck, is not defending this creep, and says she will be satisfied with nothing less than hard prison time for Abitz. That goes double for me. Since this abuse occurred in March of 2010, this blip appeared on my screen in relation to the trial – in which Lurch is currently a participant. He’s the co-pilot this time, though since he has a lawyer to do all of the heavy flying. I sincerely hope his lawyer got his pilot’s license from the same cracker-jack box as Abitz did – maybe then he’ll get the sentence he so richly deserves.

Parenting tip: animal killers do not make good babysitters!

Donald Bayne - hairy bastard

Link 1 Link 2

The lovely photo above is the result of death by electrocution…oh, wait I’m getting ahead of myself again. That’s what I hope this walking wank gets for what he has done. The mother is just as responsible, IMHO, but we’ll get to that later. Donald Bayne, of the porcupine hair fiasco, has been charged with torturing a baby and first-degree child abuse. Yes, folks, at the ripe old age of 23, this guy already knew what he wanted to do with his life – torture defenseless babies. He appears to be pretty good at it, too, if the extent of sustained injuries can be used as an indicator of natural, raw talent. The injuries to the 9-month old baby girl include multiple skull fractures and internal injuries. Although both articles mention that this waste of DNA punched the baby in the head (yes, PUNCHED) multiple times, nothing is mentioned about his hitting her anywhere else. But since ‘internal injuries’ is a term usually used to describe soft tissue injuries to the torso, I wonder what else this scum-licking scavenger did to cause such injuries. At least he’s saving the taxpayers a little bit of money, since he already confessed to punching the child repeatedly in the back of the head because she was crying in her playpen and wouldn’t stop. We all know how well that technique works at silencing a screaming, crying child…almost never, unless the child is killed – then it’s pretty much guaranteed to work in his/her favor. Dead babies rarely cry, after all….

Did I mention that this fine specimen of a man neanderthal had been previously convicted of beating a dog to death? Yup, he was. Which leads me to the egg donor’s role in all of this. I refuse to believe that this girl did not know that the author of her uterine utopia had previously been convicted of such a heinous crime. After all, it was public record. And since she knew what he was capable of, she should have, at the very least, had sense enough to keep the doggie death-dealer away from her offspring. Instead, she has him babysit for her. Good call, mom! Now your child is irreparably damaged – but, hey, at least you got some good sex out of the deal, right? The baby, on the other hand, suffered damage that is “severe, and likely long-lasting,” according to County Prosecutor, Tony Tague. Here’s hoping Donald suffers some of the same while incarcerated – perhaps he can be made to walk like a duck, so he can be called Donald Duck by cellmates who like Disney cartoons.

I don’t know if any readers have sent in tips about this or not, since I ran across the article this morning on my own, and wrote it up before checking with Malevolent April. Anyone who has sent a tip, or has additional info they want to add, will be added (and duly thanked) as soon as I find out.

Thanks are due Melissa, who sent in a tip, and April who posted an additional link in comments.

Seven fractured ribs, a skull fracture, a fractured arm, a collapsed lung and she's only 5-months-old.

Cops-Norwalk mother brutally abused 5-month-old

That face you see above, smiling like she’s posing for her school picture, is Jamie Lane(22) and she’s been charged with first-degree assault and risk of injury to a child. Charges came after her 5-month-old daughter was brought into Norwalk Hospital, suffering from seven rib fractures, a fractured skull, a fractured arm and a collapsed lung.  Gawd Damn Woman! Fuck!

According to the police affidavit, Lane admitted to abusing her baby, but only after she told police she had seen her mother punch the baby in the chest four days earlier.  Real fucking nice blaming mom, of course the police knew she was a lying, child abusing idiot.  She would go on to tell police that fights with her parents and giving birth caused her to react physically against her daughter.

She told the investigators that she was overwhelmed.  Awww… poor baby join the fucking club. Claiming that about a week after her daughter was born caring for the baby and her constant crying got to her and she squeezed her to get to stop crying.  No worries though, she wasn’t trying to hurt her. I’m not sure what she thought squeezing a one week old baby would do, but ok!  A couple of days later she noticed bruising on the baby and, when questioned by her mother regarding the bruises she told her mother what happened.  Mom’s response, “you need help.”  Ya think mom?  Here’s an idea: take the baby from the clearly unstable mother, remember this happened when the baby was one week old; she was not taken to the hospital until she was 5-months.  Four days before the baby was taken to the hospital and after a fight with her mother Lane admitted to squeezing the baby two times and she began to cry louder.  Well, yeah fuckstick you were hurting her!  I am no doctor but I call bullfuckingshit on the two squeeze excuses, I seriously doubt seven rib fractures, a fractured skull, fractured arm and a collapsed lung all occurred from two fucking squeezes.

Anyhow the sweet angel has been released from the hospital and into state custody.  Probably a good thing since the baby abusing idiot resides with her boyfriend at her parents’ home.  I am thinking there is a whole lot more these other “adults” knew/know and about and they did nothing.  According to police there is a possibility of another arrest.

Matthew Hice broke the baby while Jessica Taylor watched

Not Matthew Hice and Jessica Taylor, but close


Parents arrested after brutal abuse of their infant son    

Logan County Teens Arrested for Allegedly Beating Baby    

I’m feeling a little feisty tonight, so I think I’ll keep this one short and sweet.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of these horses’ asses – so the one I posted will have to do.    

17-year-old Matthew Hice is a baby abusing piece of shit.  Hice’s 18-year-old baby mamma, Jessica Taylor, is a fucking moron.  Period.    

Health officials were called to the home of Hice and Taylor when they received notification that their 5-month-old son wasn’t gaining weight.  Thank God for whoever made that call.  The baby not gaining weight was the least of his worries.  The child was taken to the hospital with a broken shoulder blade, several broken ribs, and a skull that was fractured in three places.  Wow – this is a second story that I have written in two days that involves an infant with broken bones that isn’t eating.  Hmmmmmm.    

The source article states that Hice (allegedly, blah blah blah) broke the baby while his sperm receptacle (allegedly, blah blah blah) did nothing.  I wouldn’t say she did NOTHING.  She watched the mother fucker break her baby.    

The child was taken to Children’s hospital.  I can’t find an update.  I hope the little angel is recovering and will be sent to a loving home far away from these to assholes.  Hice is being charged as an adult for first degree battery.  Taylor is being charged with permitting the abuse of a minor and hindering apprehension.    

 Thanks go to me for this one. 


The REAL horses' asses

There's this thing called an ambulance

Parents accused of injury to child:

18-year-old Dominique Lawrence and 25-year-old Daylan Johnson, both of Houston, Texas, were arrested last week for allegedly abusing their 7-month-old daughter.

They took the girl to the hospital after they say she was being lethargic and had a loss of appetite. The hospital said different claiming they found fractures on both sides of the girl’s skull, a fractured femur and evidence of attempted suffocation.

But the real kicker on this story is the fact that the Breeders did not call 911 to get their own flesh and blood to the hospital as soon as possible. They took the freakin’ bus to the hospital. It took them THREE HOURS to get to the hospital. Police say they were worried about tipping off CPS by calling 911. Again more scum that is more concerned about being arrested than the health and welfare of their own child. I guess they thought that CPS is all knowing but they could fool people who have medical degrees.

Thanks to Jen for the tip.

Ear infection leads to fractured skull

Gustine woman arrested for allegedly abusing her 11-month-old daughter:

Merced Mother Arrested for Child Abuse:

26-year-old Maria Galicia of Gustine, California took her 11-month-old daughter to the hospital because the girl was pulling in her ear and Galicia thought the girl may have an ear infection. Try and take a guess what they found out at the hospital. C’mon guess. I’ll wait.

They found that the girl had fractures on the arms and legs that were in various stages of healing, bruises, a burn from a hair iron and a skull fracture that went from the top of her head to the back of her head.

So let me get this straight. You’ll take the girl to the hospital for an ear infection but not for a fractured skull. Oh, that’s right. You don’t get arrested for an ear infection.

Thanks to Pamela for the tip.

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