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9 month Old Babies Are Not Supposed To Be Sexually Active

(Thanks to Broken Tiara for the write up)

Court docs: 9-month-old found dead had severe sexual trauma:

If you are anything like me, child abuse really burns my ass and hurts my soul. The ass fucks that commit these crimes should rot and burn in hell as far as I am concerned. Big Bubba is ready for this guy!

Heaven received another angel by the name of Serenity Reedy…. she was only 9 months old. She lost her life allegedly due to her egg donor’s c*** plug Jose Aguilar. He had moved in with Serenity’s mother Jennifer Reedy (said egg donor) to a trailer park….SURPRISE!!! Why do these fucktards always live in trailer parks?

Serenity’s “mother” left her with Dirty Jose while she went to Walmart and did laundry. When she came home, Serenity seemed fine. However she wasn’t. The hell that little angel went through is disgusting.

When Jennifer and Jose went to bed that night, Jose wanted sex but Jennifer didn’t want anything to do with that so he said he was going to take care of himself….EWWWW! A 1/2 hour later he was back to bed but when Jennifer woke up the next morning, Assbag was gone. Why you may ask? Because he took care of himself by raping Serenity. She was found dead in her crib with multiple skull fractures and blood in her diaper. At least Jennifer was smart enough to call 911.

When police finally caught up with baby rapist he claimed the skull fractures were from falling from the couch. REALLY? Why do these criminals always think they are smarter than doctors, medical examiners and police? He was arrested and charged with manslaughter. MANSLAUGHTER!!!! Let that sink in for a minute….he killed a baby!

Here is the best part….ready for it? On Mother of the Years Facebook page on the day after crying over her daughter’s death she posts that her man left her. Yeah….now there is a guy that you cry about since HE KILLED YOUR BABY!!!! What an asshole!
Here is the next best part. If you go on the America’s Most Wanted website, you will see that Jose is wanted for raping an 8-year-old girl.

When will you single women learn to research your dick before bringing them around your child? This is something that definitely could have been prevented!

Brandy wanted to cause her babydaddy some Payne

Father talks after mom charged with homicide in week-old baby’s death

Milwaukee mom charged with killing her week-old baby

Murderous twunt Brandy Payne

Thanks to crys for the tip on this one. This is just an awful story.

Brandy Payne (22) of Milwaukee, WI has been charged with first degree reckless homicide after she allegedly killed her week-old son Michael A. Johnson III. Fancy that. A week old baby – 7 days old. Fresh out of hospital, with new baby smell. The vernix barely cleaned off his brand new baby skin. Her c*** still stretched out from giving birth to him. And she killed him.

What could a week-old baby boy do to anger someone so much, that they would kill him?

It wasn’t baby Mike who angered the wrathful wench. It was his dad, Michael Johnson, who had had an argument with Brandy on the phone. The topic of the heated discussion was whether baby Mike was Michael’s son or not. Michael had his doubts and did not want to help out with a child that maybe wasn’t his. So what did Brandy do? Did she offer to pay for a DNA test to put Michael’s mind at ease? No. When she hung up the phone, she picked baby Mike up and threw him to the floor, according to police reports. This childish outburst resulted in Mike having a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. When she saw her son bleeding from the head, Brandy panicked and put a cap on his head. Then she delivered him to Michael, who also lived in Milwaukee. When Michael and his parents realised that Mike was severely injured, they rushed him to hospital. Unfortunately, doctors could not save him and baby Mike gained his angel wings.

According to the Milwaukee ME, Brandy is considered to be significantly cognitively/intellectually disabled. Pssht, don’t bring a disability into this. Most people with a disability know the difference between right and wrong, and they know that a baby is small and fragile and must be treated with care. What’s worse, is that the babydaddy is sticking up for the selfish twuntwaffle! He wants to keep his Fleshlight, even if it means his son’s killer goes free. They’re just as bad as one another.

If she is convicted, the twunt will face up to 60 years prison. Plenty of time for Big Bertha to deal with her.

Rest in Peace baby Mike.

Thanks again to crys for the tip.

Mum’s “friend” accused of killing baby Silas

Man charged with Melbourne baby’s murder

Thanks to Lizzie for the tip on this one, and for Malevolent April for passing it on to me. I must admit I have been a bit behind on the tips, but I’m catching up.

Paul Ta Vuong (30) has appeared in an out of court session, accused of killing a one year old boy named Silas in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. The news reports claim that he is a “friend” of Silas’ mum. A “friend” indeed…more like a “more than friend”! Ambos were called to the Richmond flat on May 15 but they couldn’t revive poor little Silas. He had extensive bruising to his head, fractures to his skull, ribs and arm, and a lacerated liver. When the cops interrogated Ta Vuong, he first claimed he tripped over and dropped Silas while his mum was out. Bzzzt! Then he said that he was playing too roughly with Silas. Bzzzt! The pathologist (medical examiner) said rough play did not explain the severity of Silas’ injuries. Unless Ta Vuong was “playing” with Silas by throwing him at a wall or dropping an anvil on him, that is.

Ta Vuong has been remanded in custody and faced court a few days ago. There hasn’t been any news on him yet, but I’ll keep my ear to the ground.

Rest in Peace little Silas.

“I lost my temper…”


Stepmother accused killing 2-year-old-boy 

Meet, Autumn Dunn (29) stepmother and murdered, according to Indianapolis P.D. Autumn’s 2-year-old stepson Skyler Dunn, died a week after being taken to Riley Hospital for Children suffering from head trauma.  An autopsy revealed the cause of death to be B.F.T.

Let’s rewind back to the day Skyler was injured and the events that lead up to his death.  It appears Skyler was having a rough day, in a bad mood, tired, cranky…whatever he was crying and wouldn’t stop.  His stepmom was carrying him and was wiggling and she dropped him, on the concrete floor.  After picking him up, he continued to cry.  Autumn didn’t cuddle her stepson and make sure he wasn’t hurt, oh no that would have been too easy.  Instead, when he didn’t stop crying and wiggling she “lost her temper” opened her arms and dropped him purposely to the floor again, causing him to hit his head.

Autumn’s 5-year-old daughter told a CPS worker that her mommy would hit Skyler in the face when she got mad.  Autumn admitted she did hit the toddler in the face because he wouldn’t hold food in his mouth.  WTH!

Skyler’s injuries included to two skull fractures, hemorrhaging and edema (swelling of the brain.) He also had marks on his necks and bruises on several parts of his body, including his lower back and forehead.  When he was found by police at his father and stepmother’s house he was unconscious and cold to the touch.

Autumn Dunn has been charged with murder, two battery and four neglect charges.  She is being held without bond.

Thanks to A.J. for the tip.

R.I.P. Skyler

Brian Bouchard was having a bad and Isaiah Mitchell paid for it

Man charged in child’s beating offered deputies varied stories

Deputies search for man accused of severe child abuse 

On March 24th rescue workers showed up at the Edgewater, FL home Brian Bouchard (21), his girlfriend Brittany Dishong (20) and her son Isaiah Mitchell (14-months).  Isaiah, in case you weren’t sure, is the cute little blonde, blue-eyed angel above.  Could his little face be any sweeter?

Well, as you know if we are reading Isaiah’s story here, it can’t be a good one.  Isaiah’s story goes much like many we read here, mom goes to work and leaves him with the live-in.  The live-in, having a bad day, abuses the baby leaving him fighting for his life.

The day Isaiah was injured Bouchard, afraid of his probation being revoked, didn’t call 911, he called Isaiah’s mother 10 times in more than 2 ½ hours. Brittany made the call to 911.  When rescue workers arrived they would find an unresponsive Isaiah, with severe bruising and swelling of the face.  Awww, that sweet face all swollen crushes me, he looks so much like my own dynamic duo.

Bouchard, who consumed two beers that night and was having a BAD day, offered several explanations for Isaiah’s injuries and well… they all amount to a bunch of bull shit.  Excuse #1, Isaiah fell from an 18-inch-high step, hit his head on a bassinet, the baby then asked for juice, ran toward the driveway, tripped again, fell forward on the concrete, struck his forehead and flipped over landing on his back.  He quickly picked up the baby, who puked on his shirt and then his eyes rolled back in his head.  Isaiah continued to vomit in the bathtub while Bouchard splashed water on him.  Keep in mind…he never called 911, it took 2 ½ hours for that call to be made.  Excuse #2, Bouchard pushed open a bedroom door not knowing Isaiah was behind it, the door slammed into the baby’s back, making him fall face down on the floor.  This time Isaiah had a large area of bruising on his back and golf ball sized lump on the back of his head…wait though he fell forward.  Excuse #3, he scooped up Isaiah by one arm and as he tried to close the bathroom door the baby fell head first on to the uncarpeted hallway floor.  After he dropped Isaiah on the floor, the baby lost coordination and was running sideways and missing things he was trying to reach for.  Just to remind you, there was no call made to 911 for 2 ½ hours.  Excuse #4, this is his last ditch effort I think, Bouchard was running through the house and knocked down Isaiah when he struck him in the back of the head with his knee.  “I hit him hard, he tumbled,” Bouchard told investigators.  How did the baby react when he fell, police ask, “He was just like shocked, astounded.  He had a blank look, but his eyes were wide.  He looked terrified, like he was just scared.”  I’m astounded too Bouchard and shocked that you think anyone would believe these lame excuses, terrified of what I could do to you if this were my son and scared of the enjoyment I would get dishing up your punishment for harming my baby.  But I’m not Brittany and that makes you a lucky dog.

Anyhow, Isaiah was at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando, yes it’s Flori-duh again.  He underwent emergency surgery to drain the fluids from his brain.  Isaiah has been on life support since being hospitalized.

Now for the shocker…doctors said…wait for it…Isaiah’s injuries are not the result of falling from Bouchard’s arms or being hit by a boor.  Isaiah had several skull fractures, leading them to believe the baby was battered with a tremendous amount of force to cause so much bleeding on the brain.

Brian Bouchard was arrested on Thursday, March 29th after deputies began searching for him earlier in the day.  He was charged on Friday, March 30th with aggravated child abuse and ordered held without bond.  He showed no signs of emotion or concern for Isaiah’s condition.  In court he acknowledged the charges against him, but said nothing.  You coward!

Thanks to Tammy G. for the tip.

That’ll Teach Her

Holy Sharpie Brows, Batman!










Middlesbrough man denies causing tot harm

Middlesbrough man blames mother and gran for child’s injuries

Grangetown child attacker facing indefinite prison term

Dean Cochrane bit toddler and fractured her skull ‘to teach her right from wrong’

Grangetown man jailed for shocking attack on tot

Not long ago, I mentioned that I am rarely, if ever, satisfied with the sentences handed down to the abusers featured here on  I’m all too happy to share this as a possible example of one of those relatively gratifying rarities.

Dean Cochrane (24) of Middlesbrough in England stood trial facing two charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, one count of causing actual bodily harm and one count of child cruelty.  I can’t find this “man’s” relationship to the unnamed toddler but I feel confident in my assumption that he was the mother’s boy toy of some nature.  The little girl was admitted to James Cook University hospital where staff discovered 68 separate bruises, a human bite mark on her shoulder and multiple skull fractures.  The left skull fracture was caused by an impact seven to ten days before she was taken to the hospital.  The two right side fractures were caused by a “high force impact” hours before she was admitted to the hospital.  Doctors found mascara and talcum powder on the girl presumably to disguise the injuries.

Shockingly, Cochrane was left alone with the girl the day before she “was taken ill” (those Brits, always so damn polite) and dental experts were able to confirm the bite mark was left by Cochrane so, it pretty much stands to reason that he was responsible for at least some of these injuries.  He did finally admit that the bite mark was his (it’s pretty clear even from his closed mouth smirk that he’s got a shall we say, distinctive bite pattern) but that he’d been told to “nip” her if she bit other children so, he was just trying to teach her a lesson.  Maybe my dictionary is out of date but I don’t believe the agreed upon definition of “nipping” involves leaving a mark so deep it can be clearly matched to a dental impression.  Here’s a tip there, chief, if you’re too damn stupid to know that biting a child to teach them not to bite is about as asinine as beating them to teach them not to hit then perhaps you are not the best child care option.  Toddlers are not empathetic little creatures; they have no concept that what they do has any impact on others, moron.  Of course, Cochrane has placed the blame on everyone except himself.  He claims the mother and grandmother are responsible for all of the abuse except the bite mark.  I tend to think he may be at least partially correct.  Injuries to that extent don’t often just show up over night and the grandmother has admitted to “nipping” her to teach her not to bite – WTF is wrong with these people!?  She’s not a friggin puppy!!

Now, on to the good news….  The child’s mother has been convicted of child cruelty by neglect because she failed to take the child to the hospital when she was told to by NHS Direct (a medical advice hotline in the UK) she was taken by ambulance the following day which is when the extent of the child’s injuries was discovered.  She was sentenced to four months in prison.  The jury found Captain Creepy guilty, in just three hours, of all charges.  He has been given an indefinite sentence which means, there is a minimum time he must serve but that he will not be released until a parole board deems him no longer a threat to society.  He must serve at least 6 years and 82 days before being allowed to apply for parole.  Given his long history of violent behavior it will hopefully be a long, long time before he sees the light of day.  He still maintains his innocence and shouted “nice one” to the judge when he was given his sentence.  Cocky asshole.  The best news of all, the little girl recovered quickly and is doing well.

Thanks go to Connor for the tip!

Jose does what we’ve come to expect – He killed his fiancé’s daughter

Child Killing Shit Bag

Fiancé arrested in 4-year-old girl’s death

Mesa police arrest man accused in deadly child beating

So… I took a week off, and it seems that shit around here is business as usual.  We still have methtards, parents starving and abusing kids and boyfriends killing toddlers.  I won’t even bother getting into the fact that this mother fucker, Jose Luis Gonzalez-Dominguez, is in this country illegally.  Having legal status in this country wouldn’t have changed the fact that he’s still a baby murdering prick – no more than it would have made the murder less tragic if he had committed it in his own country.  So before the debate begins over him committing crimes in a country that isn’t his, let’s not negate from the fact that there is still a dead child regardless of where this sack of shit is from.

Okay.  Now that I got that out of the way, on to the baby murdering assclown.

Friday the 13th… I’m not sure how many of you are superstitious, but my father in law died on Friday the 13th, so the day tends to set off my hink-o-meter.  There is no doubt that weird shit happens that day.  That’s why I’m a little shocked at the excuses 21-year-old Jose Luis Gonzalez-Dominguez was giving for the injuries to his fiancé’s 4-year-old daughter.  I suppose he just wasn’t clever enough to muster up anything more creative than the “she fell down and hurt herself” bullshit that all of these losers use.  Man… That fucking excuse is as played out as “the stairs did it” and “the evil baby killing bathtub is responsible”.

Gonzalez-Dominguez was responsible for his fiancé, Crystal Carimbocas’, children on Friday, May 13th, while she was at work. The troop of siblings consisted of 4-year-old Anays Chenal Carimbocas, a 6 and an 8-year-old and a 4-month-old baby.   Between 8 and 9 p.m., Gonzalez-Dominguez contacted   Carimbocas at work to tell her that little Anays had (earlier) complained of back pain and had vomited and that she was barely breathing.  While this would have prompted a mad fucking dash home from any of us reasonable parents, Carimbocas waited until 11:30 p.m. (when she got home) to check on her baby girl.  Despite the fact that her daughter’s breathing was very shallow and she appeared weak and pale, the obviously cerebrally deficient c*** waited another half hour (or longer) before picking up the phone to call for help.  My guess is she wanted to protect her tw*t filling shit bag, but that’s just my opinion.  Anays was transported to the hospital early Saturday morning where she was dead upon arrival. 

Of course we all know how the rest of the story goes.  The ER doc took one look at Anays’ battered little body and knew that something just wasn’t adding up.  She had visible head injuries and bruising, fresh and in various stages of healing, all over her little body.  He contacted authorities and that’s when the shit really hit the fan.  

According to Gonzalez-Dominguez, he had taken the four children to the community pool at their apartment complex.  As his story goes, he spent the entire day at the pool and that’s where Anays fell and hurt herself.  He claimed that Anays was complaining of back pain, so he called his mother (who lives in the same complex) and she gave Gonzalez-Dominguez some pain medication for the child.  About an hour later, he realized she was struggling to breathe, yet he didn’t call for help.  He offered Anays some mouth to mouth from his putrid facial orifice instead.  *puke*  A while later, he contacted his slag, who took her sweet ass time coming home to tend to her dying baby.

As if the condition of Anays’ body wasn’t enough to set off the investigator’s bullshit detectors, the apartment manager confirmed that the swimming pool was closed on May 13th.  Then there was the fact that a surveillance camera at the pool didn’t show the family coming or going from the pool area that day.  OH, SNAP!!!

As I mentioned before, Gonzalez-Dominguez is a Mexican national and has been living in this country, illegally, for the past 6 years.  I’m not sure what bearing that has on this case, but he was arrested on a charge of failing to render aid resulting in death.  It’s expected that a homicide charge will be added.  Neither he nor his tw*t has been cooperative with authorities.  I know, shocker, right?  I’m not sure why Carimbocas hasn’t been charged, but hopefully that will come with his homicide charge. 

Anays’ siblings are all in the custody of CPS. 

Anays’ autopsy showed that she died from blunt-force trauma.  She was found to have skull fractures, a lacerated liver, contusion to the pancreas, torn blood vessels and numerous bruises.  If the surveillance camera didn’t prove that mother fucker was lying, the autopsy certainly would have.   I hope that shit stain suffers a little “fall” in the prison shower.  He deserves nothing less than what he gave to that little angel. 

Thanks go to Tina for the tip.

Not the Wright way to raise a baby Y'all

Bedford baby’s ribs broken

I just want to point out that Texas is no joke. Thank god.

 3-month-old Romeo Wright of Bedford was brought to the hospital with nearly all of his little ribs broken, a fractured skull, bruises to his face, arms and a severe brain injury. He would struggle for four days before succumbing to his gruesome injuries on Jan 18Th. Before he passed CPS questioned his parents.

His parents gave no explanation as to what happened to the little boy only that his one-year-old brother once hit him in the head with a bottle causing a bruise to his eye. It was determined that one of his ribs had been broken with in days of his death.

Jan 14 his mother and brother were out when his father called 911 stating that Romeo was limp and not breathing. CPS noted that they have not had any reports regarding the family BUT they chose to remove the one-year-old baby brother anyways. They did this because there the family would not explain the cause of Romeos injuries so the one-year-old baby is now in foster care where he will remain. Go Texas!

On a side note the one year old is in good condition however he is scared very easily. Gee I wonder why.

The case has been ruled a homicide however no one has been charged YET. Texas is no joke like I said and a person charged with murder of a child under the age of 6 is eligible for free dirt-bag vaccine (Lethal injection). If a person commits murder and another person does not but is aware of the murder then they can also be charged with capital murder and get a free vaccine. I think I love Texas. Texas is also known for speeding up trials for heinous crimes, repeat offenders and child abusers just so that are not rotting in a cell when they should be rotting in the ground.

I think I am ready to get a big hat, poof up my hair and move to Texas.

Thanks to Dawn for the tip.

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up**

SC Breeder arrested for 17-day-old baby's skull fractures

I'm strong to the finish 'cus I eats me spinach...

Police: Mom Fractures Skull of 17-day-old Infant:

Woman arrested after 17-day-old baby suffers skull fractures:

There’s not a lot of detail on this story but I couldn’t pass up that mugshot.

Anyway, one eyed James Brown over there is 27-year-old Niosha Latricia Kelly, or Niosha Latrice Kelly depending on the article, of Darlington, South Carolina. She was arrested after EMS was called to her house and it was determined that her 17-day-old daughter had two skull fractures.

It’s unknown at this time how the baby’s skull was fractured but police say when they questioned Kelly she gave multiple stories on how the baby was injured so badly but police say that the injuries did allegedly occur while the girl was in Kelly’s care.

Oh, and did I mention that she was caring for two other children and police say that she was noticeably intoxicated when they arrived at her house.

Let’s hope she wasn’t breastfeeding or we may have the youngest person ever placed into rehab.

The baby is in stable condition at last report.

Thanks to DD for the tip.

She’s as Stupid as He is Nasty


I would like to thank Bridget for the tip and the title to this story. The title idea was all hers, and I hope she doesn’t mind me using it in my article…it was just too good to pass up.

We have a couple of real winners here folks – an abusive sperm donor, and an idiot for an incubator. Thomas Campo, 43, has been accused of abusing his triplets – 2 boys and a girl. They were only 5 months old when Campo was arrested, and he had allegedly been abusing them since they were born. One of the boys had at least five fractured ribs on the right side, and three on the left. Medical experts have said that the injuries are more consistent with shaking than with squeezing. Another of the babies, also a boy, had bilateral skull fractures and also some rib fractures. The baby girl had injuries to an ear, and a bite mark on her abdomen. So I guess the guy thought biting the baby was a good parenting technique. I would be willing to bet that he abused the kids because they would not stop crying – like most other idiots claim. Well….how’d that work out for you Campo? Oh, right, you’re in jail. So now you don’t have to listen to your babies cry anymore. I guess that worked out all right for you then….not so much for the babies, though.

Now for the gestation device, Zoya Campo. This quote is directly from the article folks: ” “Zoya Campo told me that her husband has a history of anger and acts out towards the babies,” Caggiano wrote.” OK. So the woman knew her bedmate had anger issues, and that he took out these issues on the babies, and yet, she did…….nothing?!? WHAT!?! Now you know where the stupid comes into the title, folks. I think she should be charged with abuse as well, since she knowingly permitted it. She’s as bad as he is. The bite mark on the little girls abdomen occurred in April, right after the babies had come home from the hospital. She was three weeks old. This tells me a couple of things folks. The babies, being triplets, were probably born early, and SMALL. That would be my guess as to why they were three weeks old before being allowed to go home. So in addition to being defenseless, and fragile, these babies ALREADY had another reason to be treated with special care – they were preemies. Instead they were abused by Thomas, and betrayed by Zoya. She said that she had confronted him several times about his abuse of the babies, and he had apologized to her each time. Oh. OK. That makes everything alright, then. Maybe in her world, but certainly not in mine.

Another thing – and this is purely speculation on my part, based on the age of the sperm donor. If he is 43, then I would imagine that she is probably in her late 30’s to early 40’s. She had triplets. This suggests to me that there might have been some sort of medical help to conceive, such as fertility drugs, or in-vitro. Now….if she wanted a child so badly that she was willing to undergo medical treatment in order to conceive, and then willing to go through the entire pregnancy (which I would think was probably difficult, and even dangerous, with triplets), you would think that this idiot would have taken better care of her babies – protected them more.

A final note, then I’ll go away and leave you all to discuss this: Zoya also said that her husband would take the babies (one at a time) into another room and shut the door, not allowing her in. The reason he gave her was that he needed to learn how to comfort them himself, without her help. But she could hear the babies in distress while he was alone with them. I’m sorry folks – but that freakin’ door would have come off the hinges, if it had been my child in there. You don’t take one of my babies ANYWHERE, and then deny me access to them. Not without killing me first.

Oh, and Thomas has been indicted on 37 counts stemming from the abuse of his babies. The mother, as far as I can tell, has not been charged with anything. They should charge her with gross stupidity, for starters, and work their way up.

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