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Newcastle woman pleads not guilty to poisoning her daughter

Mother pleads not guilty of poisoning daughter

Another local one. Short but sweet.

A Newcastle woman was granted strict supervised access to her children after pleading not guilty to poisoning her 7 year old daughter and slapping her on two separate occasions.

Mother Dearest who, like all criminals, is protected by Australian law and cannot be named, was being investigated by the NSW Child Abuse Squad after a doctor became suspicious about a number of health conditions that the girl was suffering from. They discovered that she had been dosing her daughter with chloral hydrate, a sedative, while she was already receiving doses from the hospital. When police interviewed her, she denied doing this and slapping her daughter.

The scum sucking solicitor (what a soul destroying job that must be) tried to paint a picture of her children missing their mother, saying that the son asks for mummy to come home. He further mentioned that the son was in no danger of being poisoned, while the daughter was being injected with 15 milligrams of chloral hydrate, on top of the 25mg that she was getting from nursing staff. On an unrelated note, hyenas often attack their own daughters but leave the sons alone, in order to reduce competition for potential mates.

The children are in the care of their grandparents, who, along with DCF, must supervise when Mother Dearest comes to visit. The poor girl is still receiving treatment and Mother Dearest’s case has been adjourned.

Slap Crappy Alaskan Pappy


This tip comes to us from Lori. Clayton Phillip Allison, 26, has finally been arrested and charged in the death of his 15-month old daughter, Jocelynn Renee Allison, which occurred in September of 2008 at an Alaskan hospital. She died from a traumatic brain injury.

As an infant, Jocelynn had been considered a ‘failure to thrive” baby. She had a lower than normal weight for her age, and her muscle development was poor, causing her to have trouble standing on her own. Clayton had trouble getting the baby to eat, so he began smacking her around some. He would slap her forehand and backhand, first causing her head to bounce off of the plastic tray, and then causing it to hit the side of the high chair. He said these slapping sessions got more forceful over time. Yeah….because we all know that the best way to encourage your child to eat is to slap them. I’ve never really thought about it, but I kind of doubt that slapping a child would help the child to eat. I imagine it would make the child’s face and head hurt and make it less likely to want to eat. That’s just my opinion, though.

The day the baby died, the sperm donor said he had been doing physical therapy with Jocelynn in the living room, while the mother was at work. Is that what they’re calling it now?!? Slapping = physical therapy. So, I guess punching your kid would be considered athletic training then, right? Clayton tried to convince authorities that the baby had fallen down a carpeted flight of stairs, but the doctors called him on his lies. She had blood around her brain, two dislocated vertebrae, and a bruised lung. How freakin’ hard do you have to hit a child in order to dislocate their vertebrae? The force of the blows must have been astounding in order to cause such damage.

The excuse the father is trotting out now is that the baby would refuse to eat, and would throw the food on the floor, making him feel like a failure as a father. So he did what all concerned and conscientious fathers do – he slapped her to make her stop throwing the food. No, wait….my mistake….good fathers love their kids, they don’t beat them to death. FYI – it wasn’t the refusal of food that made him a failure….it was the abuse and murder.

And why is it that the most vulnerable of the children are so often beaten to death because of their disabilities? She was killed because she wouldn’t eat….and now she will never get to eat again. This guy should be slapped every single time he is given anything to eat in prison. The entire time he’s trying to eat it. I bet he’ll lose some weight too.

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