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Sitting on a baby’s head will NOT make them go to sleep!

Police: DeLand man sits on baby’s head because child would not fall asleep

Jonathan Savas, Fla. man, charged with child abuse, allegedly sat on his baby’s head to stop him from crying

They took away my toy and my drugs. Sad now.

This is yet another one of those cases where you take one look at the mugshot and think “This person is bad news”. Then you see that the case happened in a trailer park in Flori-DUH and you’re not surprised.

Jonathon Savas (24) has an unusual way of making his baby go to sleep. According to witnesses, he sat on the head of his 10-month-old son in a strange and potentially dangerous attempt to make him go to sleep. Mr. Savas and his baby were staying at the trailer of Irene Hossain, at the Sha-De-Land trailer park in DeLand, FL, after showing up with the baby, who wasn’t wearing any clothes. Savas is currently homeless.  According to Ms. Hossain, the baby would not go to sleep (probably because the heat and humidity) so our scribbled-on scumbag Savas put the baby on the lounge face-down and sat on his head as some sort of bizarre punishment or soothing motion. Obviously, the baby didn’t like that and screamed his head off. Irene told him to knock it off, and Savas turned around and said “It’s my baby and I can do what I want”. Eventually he got it through his batshit brain that sitting on the baby wouldn’t work, so he stopped.

Irene didn’t call the cops straightaway, because she was afraid that Savas might sit on her too. Police later found Savas and the baby down the road, and Savas told he’d “disciplined” the baby but wouldn’t go into further detail. He was arrested and charged with child abuse, and drug possession after police found a pill container, baggies and needles in his backpack. He currently resides at Volusia County Jail and his bail has been set at $50,000.

Okay. Okay. Okay. How the hell has this drug-addicted bum managed to keep a baby alive for 10 months?! The poor baby had no clothes on, and his dopey daddy has been spending all his money on drugs. Some people have presumed that Irene Hossain is the mother of the unfortunate mite, but no news source actually says this. So where the hell is the incubator of this poor babe and why did she let a drug addict take her baby? Someone had better get that baby away from him before he kills him or sells him for more drugs.

Thanks to WarriorArtemis for the tip!

Slampig kills daughter because of a “curse”

Mother smothers & kills 2-yr-old daughter, who she believed was possessed by an evil spirit

Chelsea Michelle Booth is a crazy murderous slampig

How many times have we heard of parents killing their child because they thought they were “possessed by a devil” or “cursed”? I don’t understand how someone can become so detached from reality that they think there’s demons or devils floating around waiting to possess an innocent child. Even if they had schizophrenia or were taking a bad batch of LSD, I still cannot understand it. I’m simply not that backward or brain-damaged.

The penis ogre up there however, still believes in curses and devils. She smothered her 2 year old daughter Kassidey Capri Booth to death because the little girl was “suffering from a Muslim curse” that her father Antwon Nelson had put on her. I know after the events of 9/11, that Islam has copped a bad rap. Yes, there are extremists out there (like in any other religion). But Muslims can’t cast spells on people, just like Christians can’t turn water into wine. What bullshit! The ogress also said that the girl was “possessed by a devil”. There’s no such thing as devils, but there is a thing called “devil dust”. Maybe Ma Ogress got possessed by that…

The penis ogre, from Annapolis, MD, said she killed her Kassidey by “laying on top of her and smothering her until Kassidey stopped breathing and showed no signs of life. She then wrapped Kassidey’s body in a blanket and placed her body into a trash dumpster…” Crazy nasty foul hog-bitch! To kill your own child and then dump her body in the trash like the weekly garbage…what a fucked up slampig!

Little Kassidey’s body was found in the waste transfer site at Jessup. Her father hadn’t seen her in months.

The monstrous penis ogre has been charged with child abuse, leading to first degree death, and 1st and 2nd degree murder. Does anyone know if Maryland have the death penalty? It would be fitting. Alternatively, some bull dykes can lie on top of her until she stops breathing. Then throw her body into the desert, to be eaten by vultures. They’ll eat any nasty old shit like this bitch.



Shantaniqua Scott Didn’t Want to Be a Mommy Anymore

Evil Incarnate







Mother of smothered baby sentenced

Teen mother repeatedly tried to smother her baby

Teen mom in Texas gets 25 years for trying to smother her baby

Hospital surveillance video shows Shantaniqua Scott trying to suffocate baby

Teen mom in Texas caught on tape smothering baby with hand and blanket

Parenting is a stressful job – arguably the most stressful job on the planet and yet hopefully the most rewarding.  We get seriously overwhelmed especially in the beginning when we’re all trying to get used to each other but eventually we figure it out and start to enjoy parenting and being a family.  Well, someone forgot to mention that to Shantaniqua Nykole Scott (18) of Waco, TX.  She was tired of dealing with the stress of being an unemployed, under-educated, single teenage mother so, she decided the best course of action to improve her current situation would be to smother her baby to death.  Only one teeny tiny little problem – she chose a hospital room equipped with video surveillance as her crime scene where she tried not once but twice to smother her newborn son.  Criminals really are their own worst enemy sometimes.

In 2010, Scott’s 4-month-old infant was flown from Waco to Ft. Worth for recurring gastro-esophageal reflux that caused him to stop breathing.  He underwent surgery to correct the condition but ended up back in the ER only two days later.  After being examined again by doctors at the Ft. Worth hospital, they became suspicious that he was the victim of child abuse.  They moved him to a video-monitored room where their suspicions were confirmed on July 16th.  Alarms sounded indicating the baby’s vital signs were dropping and he was in distress.  Medical personnel rushed into the room and saved him.

The surveillance footage was examined and showed Scott twice trying to smother her baby boy – once with a blanket, the second with her bare hand.  The video shows her holding a blanket over his face for more than 20 seconds but a nurse briefly walked into the room and Scott pretended to check her cell phone.  After the nurse left she returned to the infant’s crib and placed her bare hand over her baby’s nose and mouth.  He struggled at first but over one minute and 14 seconds later, he went limp and she removed her hand.  This wasn’t her first time at the rodeo either.  She confessed to investigators that she had already tried three times to smother him at home because “If I could get him to die, I could get him out of my life.”  She is a cold calculating incarnation of evil.  She waited hoping to no longer feel that precious little baby’s breath on her hand.  I’ll wait while you get over your chills and wipe your tears….

I’m also willing to argue her defense attorney is near even with her in her lack of soul and morals.  He argued that Scott didn’t cause any serious injury to her child: “She had no business having a baby at her age,” he told the courtroom. “But what were the injuries? You didn’t hear of any injuries.”  Holy crap you worthless, spineless waste of oxygen.  What the fuck do you consider injury?!  Did she have to beat him to a bloody pulp?  Is the only prosecutable “injury” one that leaves behind a visible mark?  Did she have to succeed in her attempts to murder him?  I think fucking not!  That evil slag deprived her child of oxygen for over a minute and a half and wished him dead – tell me what kind of injury that didn’t cause.  The only saving grace is that he was young enough that he should never have any memory of her and her hatred towards him.

The baby is now 14-months-old and is in foster care doing well.  A jury took approximately 28 minutes to convict her of injury to a child (why not attempted murder??) and three hours and 15 minutes to sentence her to 25 years in prison for her crime.  While there are no dead babies in this story, I am still sick at the thought that there is such evil walking among us.

Thanks go to Beanmagnet, Jennifer G. and Emilie B. for the tips!

Vicodin, Heroin and the death of Brooklyn

It’s January 26th 2011 and in Goshen, Oh Erin Pappas (30) and her boyfriend Samuel Johnson (32) are having a party, complete with Heroin, Vicodin and 3-year-old Brooklyn Upton.  The next day little Brooklyn would be found face down in her crib deceased.
How little Brooklyn smothered has not been released, all the authorities will say is, Johnson killed her during an act of violence while punishing her.  You mean to tell me the drug addicted boyfriend hurt her?? Shocking, no not really!  Same story different losers.
Anyhow this case has taken  sometime to move through the courts.  Pappas was first to be arrested immediately after Brooklyn’s death.  She was charged with child endangerment and held on a $500,000 bond.  Johnson would not be arrested until February 17th the charges then were manslaughter.  On March 3rd a jury indicted Pappas on one count of child endangerment and Johnson with one count of murder, one count of involuntary manslaughter, on count of child endangerment, four counts of trafficking heroin, and one count of heroin possession.  Yeah this guy is definitely “father”  material.
In every article I read, there was nothing, I mean nothing said about what actually caused her death.  I would love to know what this piece of shit did to her, so I can fantasize about him and her mother suffering the same fate.
These assholes, thought it appropriate to have her in attendance while they threw a drug fueled party ending with them passing out and Brooklyn dying.

R.I.P. Brooklyn, fly with the angels!

Why you shouldn’t smoke weed, play Xbox and try to parent

Father Allegedly Suffocated Baby While He Slept:

30-year-old Emanuel Lawrence of Sunrise, Florida was arrested after he was found to have allegedly accidentally smothered his 7-month-old daughter to death.

It seems that Lawrence stayed up late smoking weed and playing a lot of Xbox. After he went to bed the baby mama woke him up and told him to feed the babies. He fed the 7-month-old and their 3-year-old, brought them back to bed with him.

Seven and a half hours later Lawrence woke up to discover he had rolled over on the 7-month-old in his sleep and suffocated her.

As my friend Rob Taylor says drug use is not a victimless crime. By the time you’re 30 with two kids you have no business still getting so high that you don’t know when you’ve rolled over on your own kid.

Thanks to Jake’s Daddy for the tip.

Woman gets life sentence for smothering 4-year-old

Mother sentenced to life for daughter’s slaying:

Tomika Cantu of Bexar County, Texas was sentenced recently to life without parole in the smothering death of her 4-year-old daughter. She had just recently given birth to another child and claims she was suffering from post partum deprerssion among other sob story defenses. The 4-year-old threw a tantrum because she couldn’t open her Christmas presents early so Cantu put a pillow over her head until she stopped moving.

Merry freakin’ Christmas.

Thanks to Stephanie for the tip.

Phoenix woman smothered her baby

Mom Smothered Baby, Police Say:

30-year-old Elizabeth Ortiz of Phoenix, Arizona was arrested in the smothering death of her 7-month-old son. She allegedly fell asleep on the couch and smothered her baby. She called 911 and as rescue workers tried to revive the baby she fled the scene.

She did return however and told investigators that she was a drug user. Police say that the drug use may have contributed to the baby’s death.

Just like I think there should be a written test to be able to become a parent there should also be a drug test as well.

If you have kids STOP DOING DRUGS. If you can’t stop doing drugs give your kids up for adoption so they can at least have half a chance.

16-year-old accused of killing toddler

No bail for teen charged with killing son, 1:

Police in Worcester, Mass. arrested 16-year-old Nga Thi Truong girl in the murder of her toddler son Khyle Truong. It’s alleged that she used the boy’s teddy bear to smother him.

Police say she confessed to killing him because allegedly she was frustrated at the boy because he was sick.

Truong’s boyfriend, 17-year-old Edwin Vasquez who is not the baby daddy, disputes the confession and says police pressured her into confessing.

“I didn’t hear anything, and I was sleeping right next to him,” Vasquez said.

Vasquez said the baby had a fever and woke up a few times Saturday night, before Truong changed his diaper and fed him about 8 a.m.

“I heard Khyle drinking the bottle, and he was fine,” Vasquez said. “About 11 (a.m.) I woke up … she was screaming — she was screaming Khyle’s name. Khyle was not moving at all.”

Vasquez is not Khyle’s baby daddy but he is a baby daddy as Truong is currently pregnant with his child.

Truong has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and has been ordered held without bail.

How sad is it that she used what I’m sure the boy saw as an object of security to allegedly murder him?

In a perfect world teens would be sterile until they could prove that they’re responsible.

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