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Bad dad shakes baby daughter to death over football match

Mark Lackenby

Mark Lackenby

Father, 32, shook his newborn baby to death after losing £2.50 bet on Arsenal in Champions League match:

The scumbag you see above is 32-year-old Mark Lackenby. Now, this guy likes his football (or soccer as those across the pond may call it). In fact, he likes his footie so much that when his favourite team wasn’t playing as well as he’d of liked, he took his rage out on his five-week old daughter, Ruby.

Sometime last year, Lackenby was watching football at his home in Sheffield, England while Ruby’s mother Gemma was upstairs in the bath. When the opposing team scored a goal, Lackenby wasn’t impressed. It was at this moment that Ruby (who was next to Lackenby on the couch) began to cry. Instead of tending to her like any decent sort of father (or human being) should, he yanked the tiny baby up and ‘violently’ shook her, causing ‘catastrophic’ brain and nerve injuries. She was taken to hospital, but unfortunately she died the next day. Of course, there were people queuing up to defend this ‘loving and caring’ father (who has three other children from previous relationships). What a load of bull. Firstly, no ‘loving and caring’ father violently attacks their child like Lackenby did. No ‘loving and caring’ father would put a damn football game before his child.

What’s worse, evidence showed this wasn’t the first time Lackenby had attacked Ruby. An autopsy showed Ruby had suffered BROKEN RIBS a week before she died. So daddy was breaking baby’s ribs when she was just a month old. Sick piece of shit! Today, Lackenby was found guilty of manslaughter, but was cleared of murder. He received a measly 10 years in prison. Just 10 years for killing an innocent baby. Ruby’s egg donor was originally facing charges of perverting the course of justice after allegedly lying to hospital staff about how Ruby got injured, but she was acquitted by the jury. What I wanna know is, where the hell was mum when baby’s ribs were getting broken?! She obviously knew her bed buddy was a violent thug but put her own desires before the needs of her daughter, and Ruby lost her life due to her incubators selfishness. Both breeders should rot behind bars, but such is our justice system, that’ll never happen.


R.I.P Ruby x

***Special thanks to Cobalt Rose for the write up***

Parents Warned Over Bad Behavior At Soccer Game

vinnie_jones.jpgThere are a lot of differences between American and English football (the English version: much more “foot”, much less steroids), but there’s one sad similarity – the behavior of a few bad fans/parents. The British news site Biggleswade Today (no, I did not pull that name from a Monty Python skit) reports that some locals are incensed over the boorish behavior exhibited by some parents at a youth football/soccer match/game.

Yeah, we in the States have our share of loser dads taking out their feelings of inadequacy on fellow spectators, players, and refs. But the British can put a classy spin on anything. Here’s how the site puts it: “Coupled with the sight of one of the fathers relieving himself publicly in the dividing hedge, this does little to encourage support of more pitches on the new field – particularly when the pavilion was open and available for such calls of nature and is a public order offence…With such examples is there any wonder some youths are behaving anti-socially.”

Or, in American English: “Dude. Don’t piss on the field. Use the shitter. There’s kids watching, jackass.”

Bad Soccer Moms and Dads Fenced In At Games

Hooligans.jpgThe weekend is upon us, and for many parents out there, it’s time to be athletic supporters. Some parents in Raleigh, North Carolina do merit comparison to smelly jock straps, thanks to their behavior at local youth football games. Unsportsmanlike behavior by rabid Raleigh football moms and dads reached English Soccer Match levels last year. So to keep these morons at bay, city officials decided to surround the playing fields with 6 foot fences. Just what Pop Warner had in mind, I’m sure.

It wasn’t enough that the city had to employ off-duty cops to maintain order during games, even go so far as to escort refs to their cars to avoid being beaten up by roving gangs of minivan-driving hooligans. How sad for these kids, not to mention the refs and coaches that volunteer their time to work with them, that a nice day at the football field turns into a WWF Cagematch. The article goes on to highlight the disturbing trend of unhinged parents, embittered by the knowledge that their glory days of playing third-string defensive lineman on the JV squad those many years ago are long behind them, taking out their warped frustrations on others. It’s a sad day when Barry Bonds and Terrell Owens really ARE better role models than some parents.

Soccer Parents Storm Field, Beat Ref

soccer.jpgThanks to PBB’s new partner in blog crime, News of Doom, for this disturbing yet darkly humorous story about Canadian soccer parents gone wild. I needed to venture away today from the stories about death and abuse, and crazed Montreal suburbanites are just what the doctor ordered. The story concerns poor referee Alexi Tsasack, who drew parental ire when he gave a penalty card that benched the best player for Rosemont-Petite Patrie during an under-11 soccer match. Three Rosemont parents decided to show their displeasure by attacking the ref from behind. When a parent for a kid on the opposing Notre Dame de Grace team tried to call the police, a fourth Rosemont parent punched his lights out. When that team’s coach tried to rush to the dad’s defense, three other Rosemont parents jumped him.

The Rosemont coached denied this version of events, insisting that only one Rosemont parent attacked while the others rushed to Tsasack defense. Tsasack says the coach is full of shit. Fortunately, a Notre Dame de Grace mother caught the whole thing on a videotape which was seized by police, so the truth will out.

Officials for the Association Regionale de Soccer Concordia, the league in which the teams play, insisted they would mete out swift and severe punishments to anyone involved. Rest assured that PBB will publish the list of the culprits once it is made public. If there’s anything that demands induction into the Parenting Hall of Shame, it’s beating the shit out of a man over a pre-adolescent soccer match.

And a special place in hell goes to the parents of the player who thought that blatantly tripping an opposing player was an exercise in sportsmanship – which is what set this whole mess into motion. Great work, mom and dad. I’m sure your son has a bright future ahead of him…until the grand jury hands down his indictments on extortion and securities fraud.

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