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Monumental c*ck-up made by Social Services

NSPCC slam social workers who let four-year-old girl live with child porn pervert despite being warned he was a suspected paedophile Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Bristol foster girl, 4, “sent to live with ‘pervert'”


When a kid is sent into foster care, it’s usually because their DNA donors have abused or neglected them. The breeders are unfit to care for the child, so they’re moved to a new home for a while. On the whole, foster carers dedicate their resources and time into rehabilitating these abused kids so that they have a shot at living a full and happy life. They are an invaluable part of any community.

However, here at BB we often see foster “carers” who are in it for the wrong reasons. Money, having slaves or punching bags around, or they just like to hoard children. This foster freak liked children. A bit too much. Social Services in Bristol, UK, placed a 4 year old girl with the freak for two weeks even though they KNEW he was downloading child porn! This just makes my skin crawl…

The girl was originally taken away from her bio-family because of a violent situation and placed with the unnamed freak. Meanwhile, there were suspicions about the freak downloading and viewing child porn, as well as the other children in his care being violent and acting out sexually. Despite these concerns, the 4 year old girl remained in the freak’s “care” for 3 fucking months! The girl told her bio-dad and her social worker that she’d been strangled by one of the other foster children. Bio-dad called the police, who then called Social Services who didn’t do anything about it until a day later, didn’t get the girl to a doctor, and then sent her BACK to the place where she got the injury in the first place!! That’s bureaucracy at work for you!

It took Social Services another six days to decide what to do with the girl and then another seven to get her out of the foster freak’s home! The foster freak killed himself a day later, just like the coward that all pedophiles are. It was found that the freak had been downloading child porn since 2010, but hadn’t been arrested and charged until 2012. The girl’s social worker, Sherilyn Pritchard, knew that the foster freak had been downloading child porn but didn’t do a damn thing about it. She even had the nerve to say to the magistrate that her actions were justified because it wasn’t enough to warrant immediate removal. She even admitted that she knew the girl would be at risk of sexual, physical and mental harm. He was a fucking SEX OFFENDER you dumb cow! You know, keep away from children, don’t live near schools, register with police every time you move house kind of sex offender. I think this silly bitch should lose her job and be chucked in the slammer for allowing such a dangerous decision to be made. Incompetent tw*t.

The girl and the other children have been removed from the foster freak’s house and are now in new foster homes. I’m wondering who was causing the violence in the little girl’s real home, because her real dad is very concerned for her and is campaigning for her to return to him. If it was indeed the egg-donor causing the violence, it’s not likely he’ll get her back since courts are heavily weighted against the dads. And if Social Services made this major fuck-up, they might not believe a woman could be capable of violence. I hope the girl does well and has the chance to come back to her dad.


Baby P

50 injuries, 60 visits:

I first saw this story when Eliza posted it at BabyLune and then again when reader Rosa sent me an e-mail.

Baby P is the name of toddler from England who died from abuse at the hands of his FBO, her boyfriend, and just some guy who hung around with them. Baby P, the 27-year-old ‘mother’ and her 32-year-old boyfriend can not be named for legal reasons. However there is no such protection for ‘the guy’ so he’s 36-year-old Jason Owen.

baby P was abused at the hands of the three for a period of at least 8-months before he died. In that time he was visited 60 times by social services. The doctor who examined Baby P post-mortem stated the child had at least 50 injuries.

No one from social services has been fired over the incident but they’ve been given written warnings? That’ll teach ’em.

It seems that social services in the UK are just as corrupt and inept as they are here in The States.

Donald Mauldin Kills Three-Year-Old Alyssa Carver by Throwing Her Against Wall

carver-mauldin.jpgDonald Mauldin, 25, of Summerville, SC threw Brandy Carver’s three-year old daughter Alyssa against a wall, causing a skull fracture and severe brain damage. (Brandy, 22, is Donald’s fiance.) The child died after nearly a month on life support. Donald was charged with homicide by child abuse.

Mauldin told officers he heard a loud thump and found the girl lying motionless on the floor. An emergency room nurse told police that the brain injury wouldn’t have happened from a fall. Also, Alyssa was bruised and had a fresh break to a bone. Finally, she recently had a cast removed for a broken thigh bone. Police are investigating that injury as well.

Just when you couldn’t think this story could get any worse – seven hours after Alyssa died, Brandy gave birth Donald’s baby girl, Lucy. The baby is in custody of social services because Brandy admitted that she smoked marijuana every day to relieve morning sickness. They also have custody of Alyssa’s 17-month-old sister. Police have charged Brandy with unlawful conduct toward a child. And they’ve charged her and Donald with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Let’s count how many risk factors are present, shall we? Pot smoking pregnant mom with a pot smoking boyfriend. Mom knocked up by new boyfriend, but had two kids with another guy(s). Mom leaves kids alone with boyfriend while she’s at work. Previous injuries to kid, like bruises and broken bones. It all adds up to one dead kid and two others in protective custody – tragic.

Kimberley Harte and Samuel Duncan Abuse Daughter After Social Services Returns Girl to Them

british-flag.jpgKimberley Harte, 23 and Samuel Duncan, 26, of London, England, were found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and could face life sentences. Just seven weeks after their daughter was returned to them by social services, they tortured her by making her eat feces, giving her cold baths, pouring boiling water over her hands, ripping out her hair, kicking her, and locking her in the bathroom. The child was originally removed from her home because of domestic violence between the parents.

The girl – whose name cannot be released for legal reasons – was examined under general anaesthetic because she was in too much pain and near death. The child has cerebral palsy, and the abuse has caused her to regress.

It appears that the decision to let her go back home highlighted failures in the British social services system. Social workers gave her back to her parents despite strong objections from the girl’s foster parents. Once she was home, staff readily accepted injuries as accidents, and made minimal contact with her dad. They also believed the mother’s excuse five times in two months that the girl couldn’t be seen by social workers because she was out with her father. Since abusers hide their victims, this should have been a huge red flag.

The case has horrified the British public who worked hard to change the system after eight-year-old Victoria Climbie was tortured to death in 2000.

Not to give any excuses, but it looks like underfunded and understaffed British social services is overwhelmed these days. Not only with run-of-the-mill child abuse matters, but with cases of ritual abuse inflicted when families believe a child is possessed by evil spirits. The vast majority of ritual abuse happen in first or second generation migrants from African countries, south Asia, and the Caribbean. 

Maybe folks have been watching the Omen and the Exorcist a little too much. Damn.

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