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Won’t discipline your kid? Get a criminal to beat him instead.

Kenneth J Collins - moves on from beating puppies to abusing children.

Kenneth J Collins – moves on from beating puppies to abusing children.

Man charged in puppy’s death now accused of battering 4-year-old boy

This story just goes to prove that if someone is willing to abuse an animal, that they will go on to abuse children. Animals and children are both smaller and weaker than adults and cannot tell someone if something bad is happening to them. The link is very clear.

The sub-human slime with the defiant look on his face is Kenneth J Collins, of Greencastle, Indiana. He is not a breeder. He, however, beat a 4 year old boy because the boy’s egg donor told him to! Colonic Collins was at the egg donor’s house, along with his girlfriend and some other children, when the 4 year old boy refused to pick up his toys. According to the police report, the boy’s egg donor said to Colonic Collins “Will somebody please deal with him and if you need to, whip his ***”. Um, how about you discipline your own kid, you lazy bitch?! She’s probably the type who would let her child run around a restaurant or shops and turn a blind eye to her kid’s misbehaviour. All the while giggling and gossiping with her girlfriends. You know the type.

So back to the police report. After the egg donor told Collins to smack the boy, he allegedly did so. This caused the boy to scream and kick (probably because he’d never been disciplined before in all his life). So Collins then yanked the boy up by his ankle and continued to smack him, and then took him into the bedroom, pulled down his pants and smacked him a bit more. According to the egg donor, she told Collins to stop smacking him after she followed them to the bedroom, but Collins says that the egg donor just stood at the doorway and watched him smack the boy. The egg donor then told police that she told Collins that smacking the boy was one thing, but that he shouldn’t have pulled his pants down. Or better yet, she should have smacked him if she didn’t like the way he was being smacked. He is her kid after all!

The egg donor rang the boy’s dad Chris Scott to come and get him, and told him that he was being naughty and a man called Kenny smacked him. Mr Scott came and collected his son, and they went to the police station and filed a report against Colonic Collins. The little boy still had marks on his bottom, nearly two hours after the incident. If it leaves marks, it’s not punishment – that’s abuse! Dad said that the area was black and blue, all blood-blistered. How hard did this crapwad smack him?!

Crapwad Collins is now being charged with child abuse and is back behind bars. At the time of this attack on a little boy, he was out on bond for animal cruelty charges, dating back to last August. He beat his girlfriend’s puppy to death because…it was chewing on his shoes! According to court documents, neighbours called the police after they heard the puppy yelp, and police found the dead pup wrapped in a blanket. The colonic crapwad bragged told police that he punched the puppy once in the stomach and that afterwards it had trouble breathing and was bleeding from the mouth. I really hope that the current girlfriend is not the same girlfriend who owned the puppy (although I have a strange feeling she might be). Only a desperate skank would stay with a known criminal who killed an innocent puppy and then went on to beat a 4 year old boy. These things have a way of progressing. The shit head has a short temper and likes to hurt things smaller than himself. The message is clear: KEEP AWAY!!! Now Colonic Collins will get a taste of his own medicine. The big boys are going to smack him around, punch him in the stomach and do all sorts of nasty things to him because he’s smaller than them. His bottom will be bruised black and blue, but not from spankings. Then he’ll be beaten to death, left to bleed to death internally. It’s a slow and nasty way to go.

Deputy Spanky and Her Movie Making Debut


Police ReportWarning–Graphic Details

Florida Deputy Busted for Making Child Porn

Children Tied to Desk-Beaten with Paddle




Spanky the Skank


It took some searching to find out that this woman is at least a breeder.  No proof that she is the breeder of the 2 girls but she is a breeder!

Meet 45 year old Robin Leigh Pagoria a “mother” of 6, divorcee, retired Marine and a detention deputy at the Polk County Jail.  Well, I guess I should say a resigned detention deputy…  She resigned to keep from being fired but I’m getting ahead of myself!

It seems Pagoria has a fetish and likes to be spanked.  That wouldn’t get her a spot on BB alone though…  She’s been arrested and charged with 3 counts each of Aggravated Child Abuse, Production of Child Pornography, Promotion of Child Pornography-Enhanced, and Possession of Child Pornography.

I’m not sure how Florida DCF was tipped off, but they were investigating a tip that 2 girls, aging between 10 and 18, were restrained and beaten.  After talking to both girls they took the kids for interviews and medical examinations then called in the police.

Deputies came to the house and interviewed Spanky who readily admitted to “spanking” the girls because they disrespected her.  She took them to a room in her home to show them the spanking bench, cane, tawse (a leather paddle that isn’t supposed to leave bruises), and paddle she used.  The spanking bench was an old desk that she cut the legs off of one end so it would incline.  She would make the girls strip and lay across it then she hand-cuffed their arms to one end and tied their legs with nylons at the other.  She also used a karate belt to tie them down at the waist.  Once the girl was secure she placed her phone on a dresser with the video camera running and then proceeded to beat (I won’t refer to what this Cunt did to them as a spanking again!!) them with the paddle and tawse.  She hit one of the girls 50 times and the other got 61!!

After the beatings the girls were made to stand, with their hands on their head, in the corner for 30 minutes naked.  15 minutes was with their back to the camera and 15 facing the camera.  She said this was “to humiliate them so they would remember what they did wrong and not repeat the same behavior.”  Bullshit!!  I don’t know about anyone else but I can remember every time I got my butt whipped/spanked growing up and it was never naked and it wasn’t humiliation that causes me to remember!!

She said she had used the cane but she didn’t like it because it left bruising so she bought the tawse.  When asked if she had the videos she said no.  She used them to “fine-tune” her technique and then deleted them.  She also said she realized that if she paused between hits it would cause “maximum burn”.

It doesn’t end there…  According to Spanky she and her online boyfriend, who she met on a spanking fetish social site, would determine how many times the girls got hit!  He’s also the one that instructed her on how to make the spanking bench!  This twisted ass bitch has never met this man.  He was planning a trip to visit this month!  She was sharing the videos with him on vimeo…

Once arrested she gave her phone to the officers to examine.  A detective recovered 2 of the 3 deleted videos; they were in the process of recovering the last one at the time of the report.

After reviewing the videos, in which you can hear the girls screaming and begging her to stop, Sheriff Grady Judd, who is known for his hatred of sexual predators, said, “It’s sickening!  It is my sincere hope that she never breathes another breath of air outside a county jail or prison system!”

The unnamed boyfriend is under investigation…


Rant On:

“I have 6 beautiful children, 5 girls and 1 boy, 2 young teens of which are still at home with me.  I try to be a good Mom, sometimes I wonder if I am.”  That is a statement on one of her many profiles on various fetish sites!!  If you have to ask that question on a sexually oriented site then the answer to that question would be NO you fucking moron!!!

This wasn’t for discipline!!  This was for her and her pedophilic, freak-ass boyfriend’s sexual pleasure!!  To strike a child 50 and 61 times with a cross between a paddle and a cat of nine tails is fucktardary at its best!!!  What the fuck is wrong with these idiots!!  I’m not even going to get started on the standing in the corner so the sick bastards could get a good look at the marks!!  Disgusting Freaks!

After the prison moms get through with her I wonder if she’ll still have her fetish tendencies!!!

Thankfully, the c*** was caught before the perv came to visit and those girls were never made to be anywhere near him!!  It scares me to think what would have happened next…

Rant Over


Thanks to Emily for the tip.

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