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Methtards and Pitbulls and a 4-year old – oh my!

Cops: Girl, 4, bitten by 2 pit bulls at meth lab
Animal Control Call Leads to Meth Lab on Kaiser Avenue
Inside a Sad Florida Meth Lab

Methtard Mother

Out of morbid curiosity, I tried to google map the address of where this all went down. And while I couldn’t pinpoint the exact house,  I do know that the house 3 doors down is a trailer – so I’m just going to assume that this was a trailer too. That would then make this a true Flori-duh trifecta.  Meth, pit bulls, and a trailer. Recipe for disaster.

A 7am, Sunday morning  9-1-1 call lead cops to Kaiser Ave in St. Cloud, Florida to find a 4-year old girl that had suffered injuries after an attack by 2 pit bulls.  However, it wasn’t the toddler’s mom, Desiree Schultz, that called 911 to seek help for her little girl. It was a friend that had stopped by and noticed the girl had injuries to her face, head and back.  A witness told the cops that the girl was scared of the pit bulls and tried to run from them, then they attacked her.

Well her mom didn’t call for help for the girl, which is what landed her here on Once the cops got there to respond to the call, they found that the home was doubling as a meth lab. No wonder she didn’t make the call, she didn’t want to get busted!  Deputies found materials consistent with manufacturing meth in the house and also in the car of the homeowner, Larry McCormack.

The little girl was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, thank God. Mom and Larry the Loser were arrested. Larry was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, trafficking in methamphetamine, manufacturing of methamphetamine and possession of listed chemicals.  DAYUM! Desiree was charged with  child neglect that caused great harm, possession of a controlled substance with no prescription, and possession of concealed weapons.  They’ve both been booked in the Osceola County jail.

No word on bond and no word on where the little girl is, just that DCF is “investigating”. Let’s hope they get it right this time and place this girl with someone who gives an actual fuck about her.

No dead babies, so its a good day. And hat’s off to the person that anonymously called in the dog attack!

Thanks to my BFF Becky for the tip.

Pics of the meth lab inside the home:


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