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Ice Cream: Something Worth Killing Over? NO

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, but I’m going to keep this nice and short.

A mom killed her son over ICE CREAM.


She (Robin Erwin) called 911 claiming that her son had “walked into the knife” she’d been holding. He was stabbed once, yes, but it was no accident. He was stabbed in the chest.

You don’t just walk into someone “HEY, how are you doin–oh my GOD I just walked into your knife and it’s in my heart!” No. You walk in like “HEY. How you doin-ow! That knife poked me!”

She is being charged with murder and thankfully, countless people are upset that the mother murdered her son over ice cream. It was an argument that neighbors heard.

Three words: What. The. Fuck.

Robin Erwin, the lady who stabs people over ice cream.




Syracuse Breeder stabs 2-year-old son in the groin

Krystal Thomas

Woman arrested after stabbing her 2-year-old son, Syracuse police say:

Syracuse mother faces felony charges for allegedly stabbing 2-year-old in the groin:

If 23-year-old Krystal Thomas of Syracuse, New York looks like she’s about ready to cut a bitch that’s because she probably is.

Sometime last week she got into an argument with her baby daddy. (Is baby daddy suppose to be hyphenated or not?) The man in question left the home to let Thomas cool down, you know the sensible thing. When he returned police say that Thomas was brandishing a knife and acting strangely. She then allegedly got into a 1998 Buick Century (not a small car) and tried to run the man down. Luckily she missed but after hitting the porch and a parked car she took off.

The man ran into the home to find that Thomas allegedly stabbed her two-year-old son in the groin. No word if she hit organs or muscle, not like a groin stabbing isn’t traumatic either way especially for a two-year-old boy.

Thomas is currently in jail on $200K bond.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I was this boy’s age I was a mama’s boy. My dad was a loud and obnoxious drunk so it was an easy choice for me to make. Over the years I witnessed the total love and devotion my mother gave my brother and I when it came to protecting us. A mother is supposed to lover her children above all. My parents used to fight a lot and yes sometimes it even got violent but never once did my mother think to get at my dad by harming one of us.

Krystal Thomas is an ant-mother. She has none of the qualifications or characteristics that any rational person would consider to be a mother.

Thanks to Rose for the tip.

Sperm donor kills wife and son because of “AIDS”

AIDS man Eugene Maraventano

AIDS man Eugene Maraventano

Wife killed over HIV fear along with adult son, police say

Sometimes at BB, we forget that adult children can be the victims of piss-poor parenting. We tend to get caught up with the little cuties that can’t defend themselves, sometimes forgetting that adult children usually don’t expect their parents to go apeshit and attack them.

Police say that Eugene Maraventano (64), of Goodyear AZ, killed his wife Janet (63) because he thought she might have caught HIV/AIDS from him. He then went on to kill his adult son Bryan (27) because he was concerned about what would become of him because he had no job and no girlfriend. He then tried to kill himself, but failed miserably.

Investigators in court said that the slimeball thought his wife had caught cancer or AIDS off of him. He thought he had AIDS because he frequented prostitutes when he worked on the railway. So instead of going to the doctor’s for a confidential HIV/AIDS test and STI test, his solution was to stab his wife to death. After he disposed of his wife, the slimeball wondered what would become of his son, who was 27, had no job and no girlfriend, and spent all day playing video games. What was he to do? Did he say, “Son, it’s time you got up off your bum and get a job?” Did he sell the gaming console and all the games? Did he kick him out? NO!! He stabbed him to death too!

According to the police record, the slimeball got a 14 inch knife from the kitchen, went upstairs and stabbed his sleeping wife to death. Then he knocked on his son’s door and when he answered, he stabbed him too. The knife ended up on the master bedroom bedside table after he unsuccessfully tried to kill himself. The slimeball was taken to hospital and treated for his injuries (why bother?) and is now being held in jail on a $2 million bond. It’s not known whether he has an attorney or whether his wife did indeed have HIV/AIDS or cancer. The slimeball told police that he and his wife weren’t fighting the night of the killing.

Rest in Peace, Janet and Bryan. There was no excuse to kill you, none at all. Bryan needed some serious discipline to get a job and stop playing video games. The slime ball was too cowardly to fess up to his wife about his concerns and too lazy to help his son. Once a bad breeder, always a bad breeder.

Thanks to Shellee for the tip. This story was so “WTF” that it couldn’t not go on BB.

Putaine Francaise cuts and runs

Hunt for mum after French children slain

Three Siblings With Throats Slit: Mother Held


Bonjour from gay Paris! Well not so gay from the sounds of this story 🙁

Three children aged 9, 11 and 17, were found with their throats slit in their home near Paris, France. Police suspected the mother who had fled the scene. The children’s Papa, a doctor, came home from work one morning to find that his children had been murdered and his femme nowhere to be found. The bodies of the 9 year old and the 11 year old had multiple stab wounds. The eldest was still alive when emergency services arrived, but succumbed to his injuries in hospital. Tres triste!

The police have since arrested the murderous putaine and are now holding her in Paris. Poor Papa was understandably in shock. The family lived in Dampmart, a small town 30km (60 miles) from Paris, in the Seine-et-Marne region. Investigators reported that the couple were having marital problems. Absolutely no excuse for murder whatsoever! In the comment section, people are asking for the public not to jump to conclusions about the mother. Well she ran away as soon as her babies were killed, and now she’s been arrested! What conclusions make you there?

Rest in Peace, mes enfants. Un souffle du ciel.

Judge Drops the Ball, 8 year Old Dies as a Result



DHS wanted 8-year-old removed from mother’s care before death

Records show court refused to remove Tameria Greene from home

This is one rare story where DHS actually attempted to do their job and attempted to keep a murderous bitch of a mother away from her sweet child, but failed because some dickwad judge and court referee over-rode their recommendation.  DHS had been involved with 8 year old Tameria Greene since she was 6 years old and had recommended in November 2012 that the child and her four brothers be removed from an allegedly abusive environment. Unfortunately, because these asshats failed to oblige to DHS’s request, Tameria died on December 30th… less than two months after DHS made the request.


Tameria’s mother, 26 year old Semeria Greene, was charged with felony murder and child abuse last week as a result of the events on December 30th. On that fateful day, police were called to the residence only to find Tameria’s monster performing CPR on the little girl, who was unresponsive lying on the living room floor.  She was then rushed to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The doctors told police that, aside from the stab wound, she also had bruises, possible bite marks, and deep scratches to her face. The monster stated that the little girl was making sandwiches and had an “accident” which caused her to get stabbed in the chest. However, upon further investigation, police found no evidence of the phantom sandwiches.  That, paired with the other injuries that the girl sustained, they called bullshit and hauled the monster off to jail. Sources have stated that the monster took a knife to her daughter after a fight with her boyfriend.


This case is even more depressing ,and I know that DHS, CPS, etc gets ragged on for dropping the ball a lot of the time (mainly because they do, A LOT) but this is one case that the courts screwed this child because the idiot court ref stated that DHS had not proven that Tameria was in danger, even though they had doctor’s notes to corroborate the story in the November 23rd hearing. In 2010, the children were removed from the home because they had been left alone with no food in a house that was in total disarray, while the children sat in soiled nasty diapers. Tameria’s brothers are currently in DHS’s custody, but the paternal grandmother says she is trying to gain custody of the other children. Prayers go out to the family, as it appears they truly tried to stop this monster with no avail.


R.I.P Tameria, your smile is that of an angel. It is sad that you earned your angel wings too early.

Thanks go to all who sent this one in.

****Special thanks to Rochell for the write up!

Another Selfish Breeder Blames the Devil

Mom Stabs Son 100 Times

Kids Told to Get on Their Knees and Pray

Babysittter Charged in “Demonic” Slaying of 2 Kids

Justin Plackowska

40 year old Elzbieta Plackowska was upset with her lot in life.  It seems her husband, a truck driver, was away from home more than she would like and she felt working as a maid to help make ends meet was beneath her.  Angry with her husband because she wanted to go back to Poland and he wanted to stay in the States she decided the best way to punish him would be to kill their son…

Apparently, after arguing with her husband by telephone, she found their 7 year old son, Justin and 5 year old Olivia Dworakowski, whom she was babysitting at the time, playing and jumping on a bed.  She made them kneel, pray, and told her son he was going to heaven tonight.  As Justin begged, pleaded for his life and told this emotionless tw*t he loved her, she stabbed him 100 times.    Then as Olivia begged her not to hurt her, she stabbed her 50 times because she had witnessed Justin’s murder.  She then went to church and finally to her older son’s home where he called 911.

Returning home from work, Olivia’s mother couldn’t get into the house or locate her daughter so she called the police who broke in and found Justin on the floor and Olivia on the bed.  They also found 2 dog’s bodies near the children’s.

Of course she had a few different versions of what happened when taken into custody covered in blood.  The first was an intruder killed them.  When that didn’t work she tried the bat shit crazy defense, claiming voices were telling her to do it, the kids “had evil in them” and she had to “drive the devil out of them”.  Finally, she told detectives she thought by killing Justin she would make her husband hurt the way she hurt in their relationship…  She’s been charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder.

My heart breaks for Olivia’s mother and Justin’s father.   Be at peace Angels knowing no one can ever hurt you again.


My husband works away from home for 30 days at a time.  At least 6 months out of a year I am alone, usually more.  Do I resent having to do and deal with everything by myself?  At times yes, and then I remember he’s gone to take care of our family!!  He doesn’t want to be away from home anymore than we want him to be gone!

This selfish, egomaniacal hag viciously murdered two beautiful children because she was unhappy with her life…  She has no conscience!  She has no heart!  She has no soul!

Normally, I’d say she deserves to die, but in her case I think life in prison would be much more fitting!!  I think the inmates would teach her a very valuable lesson in humility!  If she thinks being a maid is beneath her, let’s see how she likes being Bertha’s bitch!!



Thanks for the tip goes to Jennifer

GA breeder stabs her newborn to death

Athens woman charged with murder for fatally stabbing her newborn son

Police: Georgia mom stabs newborn baby to death, possibly just hours after birth

21-year-old Cassandra Elyse Norwood from  Athens Georgia has been charged with the murder of her newborn son.  According to the police, mommy dearest lived with her parents and other family members (who were all clueless that she was expecting).  How did they not know she was pregnant and about to blow??  Apparently when labor struck, she went to a different part of the house where no one could hear her give birth.  I’m sorry but if there are no pain meds involved i cant believe no one could hear her!  Anyway, Shortly after his birth, within minutes or hours (tbd by autopsy) she decided to stab and cut the little man to death.  Someone in the home found the body around 1pm Thursday and called 911.

Mommy dearest was arrested Friday but was placed in the hospital to be treated for blood loss from the labor.  She has been charged with murder and will be placed in jail as soon as she is released from the hospital.  I say let her bleed….to death!  Stupid ass does not deserve to live. 

There was no apparent motive and no apparent mental condition to cause this poor baby’s death.  The police are looking for the father.

Maybe the inmates will take turns slicing and dicing her ass and leave her to bleed to death!!

***Thanks for the tips and the write up go to Leslie.

Grandmother kills her granddaughter in a murder/suicide.

Deaths of Janice Robbins, Abby Robbins ruled murder suicide
Janice Robbins Stabbed Granddaughter, Killed Self

64-year-old Janice Robbins of Conway, Arkansas did the unthinkable. Not only did she commit suicide by burning herself to death, but she took  her 7-year old granddaughter Abby with her. Janice had stabbed Abby in the chest before setting fire to the house, which resulted in them both losing their lives. The county coroner has reported that both Abby and Janice were alive when the fire was started and both died of smoke inhalation.  I’ll give you a second to process all that.  Yes, Abby had a stab wound to the chest and was likely in a world of pain, and then it was the smoke inhalation that eventually killed her.

Janice had adopted Abby after her son, Army Staff Sgt. William T. “Terry” Robbins, died in Iraq because he was shot by another solider in an argument over alcohol in 2005. Janice had also lost a younger son, years prior. He was a teenager and from what I’ve found, he committed suicide.  Sources have also said that Janice had a 3rd son that she had no contact with because his wife didn’t allow it. So I’m sure that after losing Abby’s dad in Iraq, Janice felt all alone and extremely depressed.

I won’t pretend for a second that I know what it feels like to lose a child, never mind 2 children. I won’t pretend that I understand PTSD or feeling so helpless and depressed that taking your own life seems like the only viable option.  Regardless of ALL of that, it is not okay in any shape, form, or fashion to murder your granddaughter and take her with you because you think that is what is best for her. The suicide note that was found included this; ‘Can’t stand to see Abby left behind’ and ‘pray for my soul’.

Authorities are reported saying that this was no spur of the moment decision on Janice’s part. In her truck, the discovered the suicide note, Abby’s birth certificate, Janice’s will, and other important documentation. This was pre-convinced, and well thought out.  So, in my humble opinion, Janice had the time to seek help if she needed it. Why not turn to a professional? Why not surround yourself with people that love you and could help bring you back up? Why not drop Abby off with another family member and then just kill yourself? So many “what if’s” and not enough answers.  Abby paid the ultimate price for Janice’s selfish decision with her life. A life that had not even begun to begin.

Neighbors, friends, and family members have said that Janice was a doting grandmother, completely wonderful and amazing in every way. That when Abby ‘s adoption finally came through that she was over the moon. That little Abby switched to calling her momma after that. Abby was described as a “smart, happy, articulate” little girl.

Only thing I can find about her bio-mother is that she lives out of state and they can’t find her yet.  That gets a big fat WTF from me… but hoping to find more on  her the more I read up or when more reports come out.

RIP sweet Abby. Your life ended far too soon sweet girl. I hope that you’re dancing in heaven with your daddy.


RIP Abby

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.

Missing Lima beans leads to stabbing!

St Petersburg father stabs son multiple times over lima beans

Florida man stabs son over stolen can of lima bean

You see that smiling piece of shit up there? The one who looks proud to be getting his mug shot taken? That is 54-year-old Donald Wynn, and he is one sorry assed piece of shit that can’t live without his lima beans. Yeah, you heard that right. He apparently loves his lima beans so much that he is willing to kill for them; even if that means killing, or nearly killing, his own flesh and blood.

Let’s start from the beginning. You see, Donald Wynn and his son Donald Gilley have not always been in each other’s lives. Wynn was not a part of Gilley’s life until recently. After springing up the father-son relationship they began to live in an apartment together as early as a month ago. Fast forward a little bit to the morning of October 14, 2011 at 10:00 – 10:08 AM (two different times were listed) police responded to a report of a stabbing at the two’s apartment.

That morning I’m sure Mr. Gilley didn’t expect the good morning greeting he got from his father. He probably expected to awake to brew some coffee and make himself some breakfast and possibly his dad also. Instead, according to statements made by Wynn to the police, Gilley awoke and his father accused Gilley of stealing several items from him, including a missing can of Lima Beans. The two then got into an argument, and Wynn grew so angry that he attacked his son with a folding pocket knife stabbing him with it several times. When officers and Fire Rescue arrived at the apartment they found 26-year-old Donald Gilley suffering from stab wounds in his abdomen, upper chest, and lower abdomen from the folding-blade pocket knife. No word on what else was stolen other than the lima beans. Their landlord, Ramses Khan, said Wynn was “on medication and was a little off.” Mr. Khan I think you’re half-right. Yes, Wynn is off, but it’s more than a little. Seeing this makes me think he is going to try and pull off an insanity plea once things get going.

Gilley was then rushed to Bayfront Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery that saved his life. He is now in critical but stable condition. May he make a full recovery and go back to being estranged from his father again.

Donald Wynn was taken to Pinellas County Jail and charged with Attempted Murder in the 1st Degree. Maybe we’ll get lucky while he’s in jail, and he will pick a bone with the wrong person about them stealing his lima beans.

 **Thanks to Suzee for the tip and write-up.**



Molestation, Murder and Arson; a duo of demons trifecta

Graphic allegations made against brothers

Slain girl’s grandma wins round in court 

SAPD: Woman Found Dead in Fire Had Filed Protective Order

Conrad Ochoa

Samvastion “Sammy” Ochoa was told by her uncle, Baron Ochoa, that she would die if she ever told anyone that he had been molesting her.  He wasn’t bluffing.  Sammy was stabbed to death on September 14.  She was 10 years old.  Her mother, Rebecca “Veggie” Gonzales, and Gonzales’ roommate, Pamela Susan Wenske, were also murdered before their home was set on fire.

Let me back it up just a smidge.

In August, during a custody battle, Rebecca Gonzales reported to police and CPS  that Sammy claimed to have been sexually abused by her uncle and father from November of 2010 to July 2011.  A protective order was requested.  Sex crimes detectives requested a forensic

Baron Ochoa

interview of Sammy.  She gave graphic details of the abuse she had been subjected to.  She claimed that he uncle made her watch pornography and recorded himself assaulting her.  She also told how he threatened to kill her and her mother if she ever told anyone.  Well, he “allegedly” made good on his promise.  Baron Ochoa wasn’t the only relative Sammy claimed was sexually abusing her.  According to the little girl, her father inflicted the same type of sexual abuse on her.  Sounds like damaged DNA to me.  The kind that should be removed before it spreads like cancer.

That interview was August 11th.  Sadly, warrants to investigate the sex abuse were not issued until after the murders.  FAIL!  It wasn’t until September 21st,, 7 days after the murders, that police reviewed the recording of the forensic interview.

Baron Ochoa and his brother, Conrad Ochoa (Sammy’s father) were questioned after the killings.  Conrad was arrested on the day of the murders for an outstanding traffic warrant, but was released.  Police state that, during his interview that day, they “immediately smelled the same strong odor” that was noted in a fire earlier that morning.  As if that wasn’t a tell-tale sign, he made comments about websites and what-not instructing how to combine materials to start fires, yet he denied any involvement in the crime.  WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!  (That’s not a fire alarm.  That’s a “he’s the fuck head responsible for murder” alarm).

When police interviewed Baron, it was noted that he had fresh scratches on his neck, head and shoulder.  WOOP WOOP WOOOOPPPPP!!!

Two days later, armed with a search warrant, police found a black vibrator in Conrad’s SUV.  Also seized was Conrad’s computer and digital storage.  He had over 7,000 images of suggestively posed, scantily clad little girls and some images of young boy.  There a video of Baron having sex with and girl whose age and identity were unknown.  If that wasn’t stomach turning enough, there were another 21,900 images from a single encounter that show Sammy engaging in sexual activity with another young girl.  Documented in those images was the use of a black vibrator.
(I think I just threw up in my mouth).  The second little girl was interviewed September 27th.  She identified Baron as having repeatedly sexually
abusing her, beginning when she was in the fourth grade.  Conrad was not starring in any of this putrid pornography; not that it makes him any less guilty or any less vile.

Neither of these sorry bastards has been arrested for the murders.  The murder investigation is ongoing.  Baron Ochoa has been charged with two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Conrad Ochoa was charged with possession and promotion of child pornography. Both have posted $1 million dollar bails, but remain in jail. Thank God.

Conrad’s crimes weren’t limited to those of his equally as fucked in the head brother.  To add insult to injury, he had asked for Sammy’s remains to be sent to a funeral home and that there not be a service for her.  As next of kin, he was the one to make that decision.  Sammy’s grandmother, Suzy Bianchi-Peters, is fighting to remove his right to make that decision.  She has received a restraining order preventing Conrad from claiming Sammy’s remains, but has not been able to lay her to rest.  She should have been buried with her mother, but Conrad’s final act of assholery prevented that.

It’s evil mother fuckers like Conrad and Baron that make me happy that Texas has the Death Penalty.  I hope the crimes committed against Sammy, her mother and Pamela earn the Ochoa brothers a fast pass to death.  I’m hoping for a slow, painful death, but I will settle for them being put down humanely; as long as they aren’t able to hurt any more children.

Rest in peace Sammy, Rebecca and Pamela.

Thanks go to Deena for this tip.

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