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Dalyrie McFadden’s daddy wished him an (un) Happy Birthday


Police: Father stabbed 1-year-old, hid body in basement

Man charged with stabbing 1-year-old son to death

25-year-old Hari Close celebrated his son’s first Birthday (which they had in common) by making sure he didn’t see his second.

The day of Dalyrie McFadden’s first birthday, Close was contacted by his on again / off again girlfriend (also the baby’s mother), Jessica McFadden,  to see if he would see his son on the special occasion.  Close didn’t show up until after McFadden had gone to bed.  She woke to the sounds of Dalyrie crying and found Close carrying him out of her room.  The three of them then went to bed… together.  The following morning, Close and McFadden left the home, walking in opposite directions, but leaving the sleeping baby home alone.  When McFadden returned from taking her older child to school only 10 minutes later, Close and Dalyrie were both MIA.

Officers were called to the home, where they found a trail of blood from the mother’s bedroom to the basement.  It was there that they found little Dalyrie.  Stabbed multiple times in the neck, his tiny body was lying in a pool of blood and wrapped in a deflated air mattress.  He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Mcfadden was contacted on his cell phone and asked to come in for question about his son’s death.  Of course, the monster claimed he found Dalyrie bleeding from his neck and put him in the basement.  He was only guilty of not calling 911. He told officers that he gathered a bloody sheet and clothing and placed it in a plastic bag inside a box and left it inside a vacant house.  Well, he must have forgotten about the bloody knife that was inside the box.  I think prosecutors like to call that “evidence” or “exhibit A”.

McFadden told police that this was not the first time the evil fucker tried to hurt Dalyrie.  He once tried to choke the baby and police were called once because he had bitten Dalyrie’s ear. Police found no evidence during that call and the baby seemed not to be in distress, no charges were filed. Court records also showed that McFadden sued Close for paternity earlier this year.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you ask me.

Hari Close is being charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond.

Hari Close’s father (Also named Hari Close) is a funeral director in Baltimore and is the president of MD mortician board.  He claims his son was raised in a Christian church, a 2 parent home and was given great opportunities for education.  Sadly, none of that stopped him from being an evil bastard.

Thanks go to Amanda for the tip

Jesus Christ made me kill….

The Monster

Suspect in death of girl (6-) Jesus made me kill

Man accused of murdering 6-year-old

Sherrill residents mourn 6-year-old girl

On Monday July 18th, Lauren Belius was your average 6-year-old girl; Enjoying her summer vacation and counting the days until she went with her family on a Disney Vacation and having breakfast with the princesses.  That Monday night would end like many other all over the country; with their mother, Alison, tucking her twin daughters and their brother tightly into their beds to have sweet dreams.  Sounds like a fairly tale, right?  Well we all know that, if it’s here on BB, there is no storybook ending.

Early Tuesday morning, Alison Belius woke up to the screams of her daughter. She immediately ran to the room that her twin daughters shared and found it barricaded with a dresser.  She would bust into the room and find what must have been the most horrific thing a mother can see; Her boyfriend of two years, David Trebilock (30), stabbing her precious daughter.  Alison, not being like most of the mothers featured here, went after her daughter’s attacker, fighting the knife out of his hands, and sent her other two children to a neighbor for help.

Lauren would be pronounced dead at Oneida Hospital.  Just awful. My heart breaks for her mother.  Not only did she witness this happening to her daughter, but to fight to protect her and still lose her – she has to be inconsolable.  Hugs to you Alison!

Trebilock was also transported to the hospital to be treated for stab wounds as well.  Originally it was unknown if they were self inflicted or Alison got some in while fighting him off her daughter.  It has since been established that they were self-inflicted.  That’s too bad. I would rather have read it was Alison who had the pleasure of inflicting the injuries.  Anyhow, this poor excuse of a human being survived… I know… damn!

Trebilock, who has no criminal history, has been dating Alison for two years and moved in with the family six months ago.  Alison and John Belius (Lauren’s father) say there were never any indications of violence or that anything of this nature would ever happen.  Both parents say the all the children loved him.

Trebilock has been charged with second-degree murder and faces 25 years to life in prison.  No worries though; his lawyers are already starting the “he’s mentally ill” argument, stating that Trebilock said “Jesus Christ made him kill.”  Good one! We’ve never heard that lame excuse before.

A little information about Lauren, so you can understand what this monster has deprived this world of.  According to everyone who knew her, she was smart, kind, funny and thoughtful; she even donated the beautiful long blonde hair in the picture below to locks of love, so that a child with cancer could have beautiful hair too.  This act of kindness earned her a special spot in her school yearbook, where they talked of how proud they were of her for such a wonderful act at such a young age.  Could she be anymore adorable on every level?

The Angel

R.I.P Lauren, you were as beautiful on the inside as you were on the outside, heaven is even more beautiful with you in it.

16-year-old NC girl accused of stabbing newborn to death

Rebecca Blackmore

Girl, 16, stabs newborn daughter and stuffs body in closet just HOURS after giving birth:

Over a week ago police in North Carolina arrested 16-year-old Rebecca Blackmore for allegedly killing her newborn baby.

Police say that Blackmore gave birth to the baby at a relative’s home in Knotts Island, North Carolina. After she was taken to the hospital she allegedly claimed that the baby was born stillborn and that the body was in her closet. When police investigated the house it was obvious to them that the baby was stabbed multiple times and a coroner has confirmed that.

The point that most of the articles about this make is that there was a firehouse not too far from the house where the baby could have been dropped off under North Carolina’s safe haven law.

Now I am far from defending her. Whatever so-called reason she had for brutally murdering her newborn I’m sure was a selfish one and she deserves everything she has coming to her. However, once again this makes me wonder how well known are the safe haven laws?

Now we know about the safe haven laws. We who read and write this site on a daily basis are well-informed about the safe haven laws but how well known is it among those who it is aimed at?

Let’s be honest. The safe haven law is aimed at teens and low-income families to prevent infanticides and baby dumpings from happening. So my question is how well do states promote the law to these groups if at all? Not to mention that ever state’s safe haven law is different. How well are the drop off points made clear in each state? Do we need a federal safe haven law in the US?

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.

Girlfriend Allowed Convict to Torture 5 Year Old

Iacullo Accused of Torture

Couple Charged

Couple Charged with Torture of 5 Yr Old


The Convict and his Desperate Twit!!

Once a convict always a convict!!  Now before anyone gets all irate and offended I’ll explain what I mean.

The word convict, in my mind, doesn’t refer to someone that has made a mistake and served their time in prison and straightened their life up.  To me convict is a state of mind, some prisoners serve their time just to get out and re-offend.  They never stay out of trouble for long because they can’t function in society!  These same worthless fucks look for someone weaker than themselves to prey upon!!  In this case that someone was a helpless 5 year old little boy!!

Authorities, trying to protect this little boy, will only identify him as a male relative in the care of 39 year old Lori Louisa Pincus.

This little boy’s hell started June 1st and ended June 8th when police arrived and took the piece of shit boyfriend, 33 year old Carmen William Iacullo II, back to jail for a parole violation.  Seems he was caught with paraphernalia.

In that short time span this baby endured torture!  He was beaten with fists, wooden kitchen utensils, burned with cigarettes and a lighter, stabbed with scissors or pliers.  He was picked up by his genitals and dropped to the ground!!  All by an abusive, sadistic, waste of space, fucking convict!!

The little boy’s injuries included a black eye, extensive bruising of the genitals, bruising on his entire body, multiple cigarette burns on his chest, stab and cut wounds to his leg and toes, and a burn to his anus.  WTF?!?  That poor baby boy…

Just once I’d like to write about a man/woman who actually protects the child! Unfortunately, that’s not the case here…  Not only did this trailer trashy, cum-guzzling, poster child for desperation allow the abuse she enabled it!!  She kept the boy home from school so they wouldn’t see the bruises and black eye.  When police showed up to violate bitch-boy’s parole she made the little boy hide under a bed!!

The abuse came to the attention of authorities because the Cunt left the little boy home alone while she went to visit her dildo in jail on June 9th!!  After being left alone for an extended period of time he wandered outside and was walking down the street.  A friend of the gutter-slut happened to be driving by and saw him.  She stopped to help and saw the obvious signs of abuse and called the cops.  Thank you, Friend!!

The desperate twit has been charged with Child Abuse and Accessory After the Fact both felonies.  She faces a maximum of 6 years and 8 months in prison…

The abusive tw*t is charged with Torture, Child Abuse, and Corporal Injury on a Child with a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury.  He also faces sentencing enhancements for prior convictions.  2006 Felony Battery.  2003 Possession of Methamphetamine for sale.  2002 Child AbuseAs I said in the beginning, once a convict always a convict!! He’s facing life in prison if convicted.

Thankfully, this little boy is a survivor!!  Here’s hoping all rights will be severed and he’ll find a loving adoptive home that will teach him to trust again and show him unconditional love and he’ll never have to lay eyes on this bitch again!!



Thanks to DD for the tip.

Boyfriend charged with murder after stabbing 5-year-old

Man indicted on aggravated murder

Man attacks sister, brother and family dog with steak knife

31-year-old Julian Whitaker of Cleveland, OH was indicted on charges of aggravated murder and other offenses in the stabbing death of his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son, Larvelle Smith.

On June 1st, Whitaker was babysitting while his girlfriend Markeia “Kiki” Smith was at work.  Using a steak knife from the house, he stabbed Larvelle to death, attempted to murder Larvelle’s 10-year-old sister Deonche Lewis and fatally stabbed the family dog.  Gawd Damn!

Deonche, being a brave little girl, hauled ass to the nearby nursing home her mother worked at and told her what had happened and a call to 911 was made.  The first officer to arrive was flagged down by Kiki and Deonche, as they ran back towards the house.

As all the officers arrived, Whitaker exited the house with the knife in hand and charged the officers.  After refusing the commands to drop the knife he was shot multiple times.  But… he was only wounded… admitted to hospital in critical condition, but in my opinion unless he was heading to morgue in a body bag he got off easy.

According to police he slashed little Larvelle’s throat.  Bastard!  He was 5-years-old!

Whitaker faces the death penalty if convicted.

Kudos to Deonche for being a brave girl and running for help.

Thanks to tielgurl for the tip.

R.I.P. Larvelle

"Pure Evil"

"Pure Evil"

No plea deal in mother/son killing

Man gets life in deaths of mother and son

“Pure Evil” is how the ex-husband/father, of Carrie, Heavyn and Skylar Seils described he man, Todd Pink (Carrie’s boyfriend), convicted last month for the murder of Carrie and Skylar and attempted murder of Heavyn.


On May 15th, 2010 Todd Pink, Carrie, Heavyn (6) and Skylar (4) spent the day at the Detroit Downtown Hoe Down.  Pink (I have to admit I just LOVE calling a grown man Pink) apparently opted like several others at the Hoe Down to get wasted, but it didn’t end there.  In his drunken state he began to argue with Carrie, the argument would fester throughout the day and carried over to the evening while at Carrie’s condo. where Pink continued to drink.


Carrie’s roommate James Pagano would testify that, Pink left the condo after arguing the better part of the day with Carrie, but returned about a half hour later.  Pagano said when Pink returned, he got up and went for the door, but Pink kicked it in, pulled out a handgun and that’s the last thing he remembers until he regained consciousness.   Pagano was shot in the face… he would wake up to find Carrie shot to death and the lifeless body of Skylar at her feet, the little man had been stabbed to death.  Little Heavyn, was also stabbed with various kitchen utensils, but was still alive; Pagano scooped her up and went to the neighbor and called 911.


Pink would call his sister after he massacred the family, screaming into the phone that he had just shot four people.  He was arrested at his mother’s.


Last month it took jurors less than 30 minutes to convict Pink, an ex-con with a criminal history dating back to 1998, of 14 felonies. On May 19th, almost a year to the day he went on his murderous rampage, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  In court he would thank his family for their love and support, said Carrie, Skylar and Heavyn were in his prayers and that he looked forward to an appeal and “getting a fair and impartial trial unlike the one he got in circuit court.”  What a fuckwad!


Skylar died one month shy of his 5th birthday; the family opted not to have a joint funeral for him with his mother because the date of the funeral would have been his 5th birthday.  Does that not break your heart?   Supporters of Heavyn and Skylar wore t-shirts in court, with Skylar’s picture, name and his favorite superhero, Spider-man and the words “Our little superhero.”  I had to ask myself, being as Skylar was such a fan of superheros…. did he lose his life trying to be his mommy’s hero?


My heart goes out to Chad Seils who sent his sent his children for weekend visit with their mother that ended in a nightmare.


Thanks to Sarah Ohm for the tip.



Carrie and Skylar

R.I.P.  Carrie and Skylar, mommy’s little superhero

Danielle Mailloux – Maybe she doesn’t want any more kids?

Woman arrested on suspicion of stabbing her 6-week-old

Mother arrested for allegedly stabbing infant daughter

On May 15th in Bakersfield, California, deputies were dispatched for a situation in regards to an infant child. Upon arriving, they found a six-week old baby girl suffering numerous stab wounds to her tiny body. She was in stable condition.

The child’s mother, Danielle Mailloux, 24, was arrested and booked for attempted murder.

“We believe that a kitchen knife was used, a kitchen-type knife.”

A neighbor recalls hearing a lot of yelling. “The lady just kept yelling and then two minutes I saw cops all over the place and an ambulance.”

The baby’s father is who called authorities when he got home and found the infant. He didn’t know who long she had been like this once he got there.

This isn’t Danielle’s first round with this type of situation. Back in 2009 she was investigated when she had a baby stillborn. Bakersfield police were  called because of unusual circumstances surrounding the death. Both parents were questioned, and an autopsy was performed, but concluded that that the baby had died of drug exposure.

What kinds of drugs? Methamphetamine of course! She was never charged with the death. 

As for this new baby with stab wounds, “They brought the mother out in cuffs,” the same neighbor described. “She was blank, had no expression on her face, and they put her in the car.”

It was not released as to what caused Danielle to stab her baby numerous times in her upper body.

“None of the wounds are life-threatening, it appears the child is going to recover from her injuries.”

Thank Goodness!

Thanks go to Deena and Kristi for the tips!

Mother who makes you want to sleep with one eye open.

Margarita Obando denied bond after murder charge

Mother stabs 12-year-old son

Margarita Obando, 45 of Florida (honestly, again with this state?) is a confirmed lunatic who was still allowed to care for her son. Really?

I’m holding back from making more comments about Florida since the state does have a couple competent residents. I would hate to include them in what I am beginning to believe is a cesspool.

Margarita has a past mental history that included severe depression along with a host of other (scarier) issues.

On Friday May 6Th Margarita woke up in a batshit crazy mood. Around 7am her 12 year old son woke to find her in his bedroom watching him, frankly just reading that made me feel the heebie jeebies. Somehow he managed to doze off again. He awoke again but this time his mother was on top of him. She started stabbing him (mind you it was 2 days before Mothers Day) in the chest while telling him “I am going to kill you. I don’t want you to hurt anyone.” Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction?

The little boy got away, ran into another bedroom to hide and called 911. Meanwhile he had severe stab wounds to the chest, what a strong solider.

Margarita is clinically insane though and I am almost positive it will also be her excuse defense.

In 2009, she agreed to go to the South County Mental Health Center in Delray Beach after deputies responded to a call of a mentally disturbed person. Her husband said at the time that she was depressed and was talking about death. Last year, Obando attempted to jump from a friend’s car as they were driving to the mental health center. She was taken there for treatment.

She was so determined NOT to receive any help for her illness that she jumped from a moving-fucking-car and tried her best to kill her son, but wasn’t determined enough when it came to taking her own life? Seriously she could have just done us all a favor and saved her poor son the
memory of his mother stabbing him.

Where the fuck was this child’s father and/or her husband at the time? Is she married to Waldo? How the hell was she allowed to have visitation with her son or custody? I find it hard to believe in 2009 she was whacked out her mind for a hot second but did not have another episode of
craziness since.

Another completely disgusting fact, she was found about four hours after stabbing her son, walking her fucking dog.

Are you kidding me?!

Was struggling to kill your son not enough of a work out that morning? Blood is easy to clean up but like hell she would clean up a little dog shit in her house. Maybe she needed some fresh air? Fuck her either way.

The judge denied her bond; she currently has her ass parked in a jail cell charged with first degree attempted murder.

I can’t even congratulate the judge on revoking her bond. It’s slightly obvious that she can not function as a human being in society. I will just say that thankfully he exercised some common sense.

Before leaving court she did remember to ask about her son’s condition. The judge told her that he had read that the boy had survived, which the boy did.

No word about who has custody of the little boy though. Foster care was not noted. I like to think he is with someone who loves him, treats him well…. and lives a few states over.

**Rant on**

As far as Florida goes, I know I am going to catch a little crap for my statements (most of it’s in humor).  Frankly I checked the statistic’s and it’s hard to tell if Florida really has more abuse reports per capita.  Many states fight over who has more abused children.  Everyone wants that title. However again I will say I vacation in Florida, I know allot of good parents and families come from Florida. I would like someone, possibly a senator to read BB and feel the need to focus on child abuse though.

Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.


Mercy killing? Or is Migdalia Vera just another selfish murderer?

A Queens Woman Is Accused of Murdering Her Ailing Son                                       

Most of the victims featured on are children.  I think that’s why we forget that even adults can be victims of child abuse.  38-year-old Rene Vera is a perfect example of an adult child who is was the victim of a selfish parent. 

Rene suffered from cerebral palsy.  His affliction made him dependent on his mother, 57-year-old Migdalia Vera.  The mother and son lived together in a 3rd floor apartment in Queens with an occasional visit from a home health aide.  It was in that apartment that Rene Vera died at the hands of his mother; the woman that should have loved and protected him at all cost.   

Migdalia called officers to her home last week.  She initially claimed that she and her son were involved in a struggle.  When officers arrived at the home, Rene was lying face up in bed, dead, with a stab wound to his chest.  There was a large kitchen knife on his chest and a smaller knife of the floor next to the bed.  When Migdalia was questioned, she claimed that Rene had the kitchen knife and that he asked her to help him end his life.  So she fucking obliged?  I have a hard time wrapping my head around someone giving a life and then taking it away…  

Once her son was dead, Magdalia attempted to take her own life by cutting her wrists and stabbing herself.  Coward. 

Officers weren’t buying Migdalia’s “assisted” suicide bit.  Investigators believe that the pair was having an argument when Migdalia stabbed her son twice before holding a pillow over his face for at least 2 minutes.  They are charging Mommy Dearest with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter.  Let’s hope the charges stick. 

 Rest in peace, Rene.  I hope that you died fast and felt no pain. 

Thanks go to SarahO for the tip.

Michigan man kills wife and sons, then goes to sleep… PERMANENTLY

 Husband kills wife, 2 sons and himself

 Mother and 2 sons found dead in home, father kills himself

With the economy the way it is and everyone struggling financially to keep their heads above water, we can understand the stress and even the dark thoughts to end it all, what we can’t understand is the father that decides not only to end his life, but the lives of his wife and two sons first.  That is the case in this story coming to us from my home state, Michigan.  Let’s get to it shall we.

On January 13th Police in Novi, MI, received a call from a family friend after Camden Schons (4) and Tynan Schons (6) did not show up for school and their mother Jennifer Schons (38) missed a scheduled appointment.  Officers went to their home around noon for a welfare check; inside they found their bodies.  Jennifer was in her room and had died of multiple stab wounds.  The boys were found in another room both had been choked to death.  The father Mark Schons (39) was not in the house, so an alert was issued for his vehicle.  Two hours later he was found in a Lowe’s (Wal-Mart in some articles) parking lot, he had died of an apparent suicide.  He had lit a charcoal grill in the passenger seat of his SUV and died from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Now I can understand him wanting to end his life and even doing so in the easiest way possible, but this cowardly man stabbed his wife and choked his two sons to death, then he takes his ass out by carbon monoxide, essentially putting himself to sleep permanently.  Where was that mercy when he was taking the lives of his family?  Here’s an even better idea if you really want to end it all, do it, but leave your wife and kids out of it!

The motive is unknown, as suicide note has been found.  According to family the Schons owned a now-defunct party-supply store, were deep in debt, had filed for bankruptcy in December and were considering divorce, although they continued to live in the same residence.

The police are looking into the 19-20 hours prior to the murders/suicide to see what may have triggered Mark to make his fateful decision.  Novi Police Chief Molloy said, “We may never know what triggered this event, but we will know everything about these people and what led to this.” 

The autopsy results:

Jennifer Schons, 38-year-old, female, homicide, multiple sharp force injuries (a knife was found with Mark in the SUV)

Tynan Schons, 6-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Camden Schons, 4-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Mark Schons, 39-year-old, male, suicide, carbon monoxide poisoning

Tynan and Camden Schons

So sad… R.I.P. Jennifer, Tynan and Camden.

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