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The search for paranormal activity leads to discovery of abnormal sexual activity

Tasmanian Dad accidentally films his partner with his teenage son

Woman filmed with stepson

It’s true that Tasmanians really do keep it in the family!

An evil stepwhore has pleaded guilty to 5 counts of sexual intercourse with a minor after she was caught on tape kissing and cuddling with her stepson. The father had set up a video camera to capture some paranormal activity in the house, but had forgotten to turn it off before he left for work. When he got home and reviewed the footage, he found some abnormal sexual activity going on between his 16 year old son and his 28 year old de facto partner.

When Dad confronted his child molesting whore, she downplayed the incident, but his son admitted that she’d raped had sex with him three times in the last couple of days. Dad called the cops on his kiddy-diddling whore and she fessed up to the cops that she’d raped had sex with the boy twice and knew that he was 16 years old. The prosecutor told the court that the whore had followed the son to another part of the state, where she raped him they had sex several times in a hotel room.

The twit of a defence lawyer tried to defend the whore to no avail, saying that Dad and the whore had been in a relationship for 11 years and that they had a young child together. “But honestly, Your Honour, she thought that the age of consent was 16! She thought it was okay to cheat on her partner and sexually abuse his son!” The dumb bitch should never have gone anywhere near the son. She was the adult and she knew better. The couple have understandably split up, and yet the dumb whore is trying to work on getting her man back (and possibly trying to spend more time with the boy). Dad needs to take his son and the young child far, far away from this tacky tart. If she thought nothing of sexually abusing her stepson, her own child could be next in the firing line. The whore has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced Monday.

Now for a little algebraic equation: The whore is 28 years old. She is not the mother of the 16 year old stepson. She has been in a relationship with Dad for 11 years. How old is Dad? 28 – 11 = 17. The whore was 17 when she started the relationship with Dad. Dad would have to be at least 32 (if he had the son at 16, which I highly doubt because teen fathers rarely stick around for the aftermath of their poor decisions). But maybe the son’s mother died and he stepped up to the plate. The son was 4 when his Dad took up with the whore. She watched him grow up, all that time thinking “I’m gonna bang him when he’s 16”. What a sick bitch. I’m thinking Dad was at a more socially acceptable age when he had his son and that he might be around the 40 mark. Making him around 29 when he took up with a 17 year old. Nasty.

The age of consent in Australia is 16, as long as the older partner is no more than two years older than the younger. Then the age of consent is 18. So the whore fought the law, but the law beat the whore.

Aussie army private accused of dating ex’s 17 year old daughter

Mum devastated as ex dates daughter, 17

The Australian Army are investigating a soldier accused of dating his ex-partner’s teenage daughter. Hollie Burns’ mother (the ex-partner) made a complaint to the Australian Defence Force about her 17 year old daughter’s relationship with 45 year old Private Scott Murphy. The ADF investigated Murphy’s relationship with the girl, along with his nudist lifestyle. A senior army officer said that “the behviour was unbecoming of the 9 army values and for conservative members of the Military this would not be supported”. “The ADF does not support this kind of behaviour and you should question your relationship and living conditions with Hollie” he added. The ADF, however, are not taking disciplinary action because Murphy told them they weren’t having sex. Um, do you think that he may be lying?? Unfortunately, there’s no way to prove it, unless the girl falls pregnant to the creep. Or if they find evidence of sexual activity such as condoms.

The mother said her ex was triple her daughter’s age and had children who were older than Hollie. So why doesn’t Hollie just date this guy’s kids instead of her mother’s sloppy seconds? When A Current Affair rocked up, Murphy denied that he was dating her, but his lies were uncovered when Facebook messages popped up of him referring to Hollie as his girlfriend *yuck*. He also covered his head and ran away like a chickenshit little bitch when confronted by reporters. A member of the nudist colony that Murphy attends also said that they presented as a couple and that it was quite off-putting. So he knows it’s wrong to take advantage of a young girl, hence the lies and the running away.

This is clearly a case of a bad boyfriend taking advantage of his (ex) girlfriend’s child. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d started showing an interest in her while he was dating her mum. Or that he only dated her mum to get to her daughter. Either way, this is incredibly poor form and illegal if it turns out that they are having sex (couldn’t imagine that they’re not). The age of consent in Australia is 16, but only if the older person is no more than 2 years older than the younger. Otherwise it’s 18. Considering that this girl is 17 and this guy is 45, this is a predator preying on a young and vulnerable victim.

Egg-donor tries to protect daughter’s rapist

Mother at 13: Court hears shocking allegations of abuse

I am seeing red right now. I’m disgusted and beyond outraged that this happened in my town. These scumbags are lucky they have name suppression (cowards) because if they ever set foot outside in this town, it’d be the last thing they do!

A Hunter Valley man is facing trial for the rape of a 13 year old girl who was unaware she was pregnant until she gave birth to a baby boy.

The 20 year old piece of shit started raping the girl when she was 10. He also raped her hours before she gave birth. Obviously, because 13 year old girls aren’t designed to give birth, she had to undergo an emergency Caesarean to get the baby out. I suggest we perform an emergency Caesarean on the piece of shit’s ballsack. The emergency being that he has no balls. Quick, there’s no time to sterilise the instruments or to anaethasise him!

The poor girl suffered a near-fatal abruption of the uterus, because she’s 13 and not supposed to give birth, and needed many blood transfusions. I don’t know what a uterine abruption is, but I imagine it’s like the uterus ripping or something.

The rapist scumbag attended the birth (what, so he can rape her after she gives birth? Or during?) and he hatched a plan with the girl’s egg donor. This is where the bad breeder comes in. He cooked up a plan for his older brother to take the rap because the older brother had been in jail before and he didn’t want the rapist to go to jail. Fucking douchebag! If I had a brother who raped someone, I’d smash him so hard in the groin that he’d never be able to think of a female in that way ever again! The girl’s mother agreed to the plan! She suggested it to the girl who agreed with it, but then they backed out and told detectives who really did rape the girl! Then she told the rancid rapist to piss off, instead of beating him to a pulp for raping her daughter!

The rapist refused to co-operated with police, surprise surprise. Never heard of a scumbag who actually was co-operative. He’s been charged with six counts of aggravated sexual assault and raping a minor aged between 10 and 14. The girl and the baby have been placed into the care of DOCS.

Now my rage and vitriol is directed at the birth-vessel. Why would you let some random 20 year old hang around your 10 year old? Was he a gash-plug? Was he a “babysitter”? Why would you let him come to see your daughter when she nearly died because of him? You’re a fucking nasty bitch and he should’ve raped you instead. With a slender-blender. Then he could’ve stuck his foul junk into it. It probably wouldn’t surprise me that the rapist and the egg-donor are related, they sound like they come from the same damaged DNA that would produce that level of stupidity.

Rant about the Newcastle Herald: Your journalism sucks. I applied for a cadetship with you and I could’ve reported that better than the preschoolers you employ to scribble with crayons and call it a news article. First of all, the 10 year old was not “in a relationship” with the 20 year old. She was being RAPED and MOLESTED by this freak. Would you say that if a woman on the street was raped by some pervert, that she was “in a relationship” with them? No? Then why would you write that in a newspaper? Also name names and put photos of the idiots so that people can abuse them and throw things at them as they go about their kid-raping day. No wonder I use the Herald to line my cat’s litter tray. Learn to newspaper.

Thanks to Skye for the tip!

Alien lands in GA, helps impregnate child

Illegal alien charged with allowing  man to have sex with 14-year-old-daughter

Rosa Benavides-Arellano, 42, IS charged with being a party to statutory rape.  She is an illegal alien living in Lawrenceville, GA with her 14 year old daughter. 

Lucio Gomez-Gonzalez who is 20 is the boyfriend of the 14 year old girl. He has been charged with statuary rape.

Rosa knew about the relationship with Lucio and allowed them to see each other.  At some point Rosa decided it would be a good idea to also allow Lucio to move into the house. 

The age of consent in G.A is 16, but two years is a very long time to wait for a horny teenager.

I am not sure what I am more pissed about. This fat hog of a mother thinks it’s alright for her daughter to be with a guy who is either unwilling or unable to support himself? She thinks it’s alright for her daughter to sleep with anyone when she is 14 much less a guy who is 6 years older then her? Or am I pissed more that this girl who is still in school was only caught because she was found to be pregnant with what is assumed to be Lucio’s child. I guess Momma Rosa was willing to provide the bed to hump in and a roof to hump under but didn’t remember to buy the condoms for them. So in this whole mess another child has been selfishly created.  Just wonderful. 

Honestly I expected this story to be much more gruesome then it really was. I am a bit relieved but still disgusted. 

Thanks Jim for the tip!

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**

You can’t deny who you fall in love with

gablopezGirl, 15, Says Mom Knew She Dated Coach, 40:

Police arrest mother of girl, 15, in relationship with soccer coach:

This story is so Springerific.

Anyway, that guy is 40-year-old Gabriel G. Lopez of Las Vegas. He was arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old girl. He got busted when police found him with the girl in a pick up truck (classy) after the two had gone to see the movie “The Stepfather.” Isn’t that movie like 20 years old?

However he’s not even the focus of this story. That would be the girl’s unnamed mother who not only approved of the relationship but encouraged it.

According to the girl she allegedly said things like “you can’t deny who you fall in love with” and “You can’t deny love. You never know who it will be.” Ick.

Not only that but the mother allegedly told Lopez to get the girl a secondary cell phone so the girl’s father wouldn’t find out.

Luckily she’s been arrested and charged with neglect.

There’s nothing like a mother who encourages statutory rape is there?

Thanks to Meggan for the tip.

Woman approved of son’s affair with teacher

Mom Reportedly Approved of Teen Son’s Affair With Teacher:

32-year-old Maria Hernandez of Hialeah, Florida was arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old boy. Hernandez was a teacher at Our Lady of Charity School in Hialeah which only goes up to the 8th grade. The victim met Hernandez while attending the school.

Unfortunately this kind of story is all too common in our society these days. What makes this story different is that the victim’s mother approved of his affair with the teacher even going as far to allegedly allowing a trip that Hernandez and the boy took to Disney World.

No charges have been filed against the mom yet.

Thanks to Pam for the tip.

Parents Behaving Dumbly: Woman Arrested after Suing 13-Year-Old for Child Support

Kimberly A. BakerWelcome to Parents Behaving Dumbly, a new feature devoted to stupid criminals who really ought to know better. The inaugural installment of this column comes courtesy of hot tipper Emari, who provided this story that’s been featured on the excellent site. Kimberly A. Baker of Warrensburg, New York stands accused of having sex with two underage boys, one 13 and the other 14. Now, that in itself is moronic. But here’s the kicker: Baker was busted when she filed suit against the 13-year-old for child support. Baker’s baby is two years old, making the teen dad a whopping 15 years of age.

Wow. I’m speechless. Really, any commentary I insert here about how daft this is would only be redundant. It’s like going to the bank manager to complain about how they didn’t have enough cash when you robbed them the other day. Or like wearing your son’s underwear on your head during a robbery.

I guess in a way that we should thank Ms. Baker, though. She’d already gotten away with her crime for close to three years. She might never have been caught if she hadn’t effectively turned herself in. So…thank you, Kimberly Baker. Thank you for saving the state the expense of uncovering evidence against you. The parents and taxpayers of New York are forever in your debt.

Mom: 22-Year-Old Is Immature Enough to Marry My 14-Year-Old

koso.jpgI’ve already written about the case of Matthew Koso, the 22-year-old who married 14-year-old Crystal Guyer after getting her knocked up. At the time I asked, “what the hell is her own mother doing agreeing to all this?” Well…I’m still trying to figure that out. But I know what Peggy Koso, Matthew’s mother, thinks…and it ain’t pretty. According to her, the marriage is okay not just because Crystal is a very mature young woman, but because her son is so childish.

“But you have to know Crystal,” she said. “Kids are maturing at a very fast pace today, so in her case, I think she knows what she wants and she can make up her mind about it. What people don’t realize, too, is that Matt is not emotionally 22. He’s not mature like other young men his age are, so he is really at the same level of maturity as Crystal even though there are those years between them.”

So the reason they ought to continue their sexual affair and marriage is that they’re both too irresponsible to make sound decisions? Whoah. And you WONDER how these kids found themselves in this fucked-up situation in the first place. Good job, moms. Your Parent of the Year awards are in the mail. Same goes for the dads…if they’re still at a known address, that is.

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