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Greedy mum sets the tasty arm of the law on her hungry son

NC mom has son arrested for stealing her Pop-Tarts

Latasha Love, N.C. mom, has son arrested for allegedly stealing her Pop-Tarts, report says

Somehow, I highly doubt that Pop Tarts are "made with real fruit"...

Somehow, I highly doubt that Pop Tarts are “made with real fruit”…

Latasha Renee Love (37), of Charlotte NC, called the po-po on her young son. Was he threatening her with a knife? Did he steal her car and crash it into a tree? NO! She had her son arrested and put through the juvenile court system, for the heinous crime of eating some POP TARTS!

The silly police officers actually turned up and arrested the poor kid, and charged him with misdemeanour larceny. The police estimated the value of the stolen goods to be a grand total of $5 and commonly found as a staple food item in most supermarkets throughout the USA. On Wednesday last week, a reporter waited two hours to speak to Greedy Mum. G.M. parked her car round the back of her house and briefly made an appearance on her front porch, but only to swear at the reporter and slam the door.

Oh come on now, Latasha. Where is the Love? Surely you could have shared the Pop Tarts with your son? Pop Tarts aren’t exactly a fine wine or vintage cheddar. The poor kid probably thought they were for him, seeing as Pop Tarts are marketed towards children. Greedy Mum has had problems with disciplining her son in the past, probably because she couldn’t get out of her mobility scooter or waddle fast enough to keep up with him. So she palmed the responsibility off to someone else.

The misdemeanour case against the poor boy will be heard in a juvenile court. At the expense of Greedy Mum.

Aussie’s Native Natterings: Pop Tarts used to be widespread here in Australia in the 90s, but now they’re only available in specialty shops. They’re really expensive (like $10 for 8 of them). I only like them occasionally, and I bought a 24-pack on the cheap once ($10). I shared them with my sisters, who expressed disbelief at the fact that Pop Tarts are a “breakfast food” in the US. We also laughed at the box because it claimed that Pop Tarts were a “good source of 8 vitamins and minerals”. You can’t get the full range of flavours here, only what the shops import. The last lot I had were Fudge Sundae.

Feeding your kid Pop Tarts for breakfast on a daily basis should be child abuse. Those things are seriously unhealthy.

Thanks to Muggle for the tip!

More Pop Tart deliciousness

More Pop Tart deliciousness

Another child locked away in a room

Is it me or do we post an inordinate amount of stories from Arizona? Well, here’s another one.

Scott and Andrea Bass of Phoenix were arrested for allegedly keeping Scott Bass’ 14-year-old daughter locked in the bathroom, starving her and abusing her.

The girl was able to escape from the house and had a coffee shop call police for her.

The bathroom she was kept in had no working water so once again we have people giving their child a bucket while locking them up.

Scott Bass allegedly made her do exercises until she dropped and beat her with a belt and rod because the girl supposedly cheated on at home test and stole food.

This allows me to address two things. Obviously this girl was home schooled in order to hide the abuse. I have nothing against people who home school their kids however when it’s abused for illegal reasons it ruins it for everybody. Secondly what is up with the whole ‘stealing food’ thing? That seems to be an excuse trotted out constantly by abusers like they all have the same handbook or something.

The part of the article I loved is when police went to the house and Bass had a visibly surprised look on his face when he opened the door to the bathroom and the girl wasn’t there.

I wish they published a picture of that.

Thanks to everyone who submitted this tip.

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