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Bad Boyfriend Sodomizes and Strangles Baby

***Special thanks to Warrior Artemis for the write up***

Jordan Prince

Jordan Prince

Police: St. Charles Man Charged With Murder for Strangling Infant:

Jordan Prince accused of killing crying baby:

Man Indicted for Sodomy, Murder in 4-Month-Old Baby’s Death:

In my opinion there is nothing worse than a pedophile child abusing fucktard. Seriously nothing can make me get more pissed off than someone who gets their rocks off by abusing a child, so with a heavy heart and a lot of rage I bring you a seriously depraved story out of St. Charles, Missouri involving a seriously depraved piece of shit Jordan Lafayette Prince, 24. I will place the disclaimer here before I continue because this WILL have a lot of profanity as pissed and disgusted I am by this fucking tw*twaffle’s actions.

Four month old Ashlynn passed away on December 4, after police responded to a call in regard to an unresponsive child. When they reached the home the child was rushed to Cardinal Glennon Hospital. What happened to this poor angel leading up to her death is fucking horrid. Apparently fuckstick was watching the baby while her mother slept, it is said that he became frustrated when she did what every baby that age does, which is cried. According to the autopsy Ashlynn was murdered by asphyxiation because this fucking mouthbreather got pissed when she wouldn’t stop crying and choked her to death, leaving her to die alone on the loveseat, after an hour the fucker came back and saw she was unresponsive.

If this behemoth’s actions weren’t bad enough it was also discovered in the autopsy that little Ashlynn was “forcibly sodomized and abused the infant, causing blunt trauma to the child’s ear, head, chest, abdomen, back and legs, and caused multiple tears in her rectum, bladder and uterus”, well no fucking wonder she wouldn’t stop crying, she was in immense pain. It is noted that the mother and her c*ckstain were only dating 5 months and he was not the father of Ashlynn. They arrested this piece of shit but I wish they would have fucking killed this bastard.

Fuckstick is being held by St. Charles County Corrections for second-degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child, with prosecutors tacking on charges of forcible sodomy and child abuse. Bail was set at $150,000, cash only, which is a crime in itself this motherfucker should have a much higher bail in my opinion. Here’s to hoping that general population shanks him and anally sodomizes him so he can get a taste of karma.

R.I.P Ashlynn may you fly with the angels

A big thank you to Ginger for the tip.

Philly Breeder kills her twins over alleged affair

Tacony mother charged with murdering her 18-month-old twins:

In my last post I kind of ragged on Philadelphia but there are some decent sections of the city, one of them being the Tacony section. Growing up when my mom would drive us from South Jersey to Philly she would always take the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge because she was afraid to drive on the Atlantic City Expressway. It was easier to get to my relatives’ house in Mayfair by going through Tacony anyway. When I was growing up it was very family oriented and something that happened there recently would have been unheard of.

41-year-old Stacey Smalls of the Tacony section is accused of killing her twin 18-month-old children and truing to kill her 4-year-old daughter and herself. Reports say that Smalls did this because she found out that her husband was allegedly having an affair with one of her relatives. From what I understand the twins were a boy and a girl named Adam and Eve. Reports say that Smalls strangled one and drowned the other.

She also tried to poison her 4-year-old daughter by putting something toxic in the girl’s drink. Luckily, if that phrase can be used in this story, the girl was smart enough to realize that the drink tasted funny.

Smalls is said to have tried killing herself by taking pills and slitting her wrists. I bet it was across the street and not down the road. Unluckily Smalls survived.

Many years ago when I first started crime blogging one of my readers and close friend came up with the mantra that said if you’re going to take yourself out go alone and leave your kids out of it. Does anyone think that if you catch your man cheating on you the proper response is to kill your kids? I asked Mrs. Trench her opinion on this story and she said basically what I thought. What the hell ever happened to divorcing him and taking all his stuff? Mrs. Trench added that if he doesn’t have any stuff make him get a better job then take his stuff.

To men and women like this who think killing their kids is the answer I say to you the fucking universe does not revolve around you. If you want to kill yourself fine, go for it, broadcast it on the fucking internet for all I care but your kids have nothing to do with it.

Come to think of it I would bet that she probably didn’t even have any intentions of actually killing herself. Maybe she planned the whole time to become the Andrea Yates of Tacony.

Thanks to Beth and AJ for the tips.

Piggish parents starve daughter – why am I not surprised?


Madison man and wife arrested for allegedly torturing, starving man’s 15-year-old daughter
Madison Police Investigate ‘Significant’ Child Abuse Case
No charges yet in Madison abuse case

Porky and Petunia Pig (aka Chad G. Chritton, 40, and Melinda J. Drabek-Chritton, 42) up there obviously haven’t missed any meals lately. That could be because they were eating their portions and also the food that should have gone to their 15-year-old daughter. Their daughter was found wandering in pajamas, barefoot, malnourished and injured, only a few scant blocks from the prison she called home. Did I say malnourished? What I meant to say was she was starved almost to the point of death – she weighed only 70 pounds. Let that sink in for a minute….15 years old, and only seventy pounds. I have a ten-year-old who weighs more than that, and she’s kinda on the thin side, although she is average in height for her age. An average sized fifteen-year-old (say, 5′ 2″) should weigh at least ninety pounds. Looking at the pics of the breeder and step-monster, maybe she was just so sick at her stomach from having to look at them over the dinner table that she couldn’t keep her food down. Looking at their fleshy jowls made me urp a bit of my breakfast.

But I digress…no, her painfully thin frame was not a result of anything as harmless as involuntary reaction to hideousness. It was a result of those two selfish, nasty pigs refusing to feed her. Well, to be fair, they did feed her sometimes…she was forced to drink her own urine and eat her own excrement more than once. How she managed to produce any of either on the scraps she was able to find in the garbage or on the floor is another mystery that may never be solved – kind of like the Bermuda triangle, but in reverse: instead of things inexplicably disappearing off the face of the earth, her body managed to produce waste products from thin air.

This child was forced to live in the basement, and an alarm was installed that would sound if she attempted to go upstairs. She was only let out that day because the step-sow wanted her to clean something. The girl said she had been strangled previously, but the reason she left the house that day was because the moo-monster threatened to throw her down the stairs. Her starvation is so extreme that doctors say there is a good chance she could die, because her body is going through “re-feeding syndrome” – a condition where her body rejects the introduction of food after a long period starvation. A doctor who examined her characterized the abuse as “serial torture with prolonged exposure to definite starvation.” Ya think?

There were apparently two other children in the household, both belonging to the she-beast. According to neighbors, they were both healthy and well-cared for. Anyone surprised by that? Yeah, me neither.

Both animals are pleading not guilty to the charges (of course), and have suggested that there are medical reasons for the girl’s condition. Yeah, the medical term is extreme starvation, eejits! I wonder how they are going to provide a medical explanation for the strangulation? Perhaps externally initiated asthma attacks? No, wait…I know! She has a mental disorder and strangled herself to get her sperm donor and step-slut in trouble. Yeah, that must be it.

I wonder where her bio-mother is, and why she has been allowed to live in such deplorable conditions for so long. I really, REALLY hope she simply didn’t know what was happening, and that this child has a safe place to go when – if – she recovers.

There are more details, but I just can’t stomach any more of this right now. And I hope the two bovine breeders have their stomachs removed with rusty spoons by their cell mates. Or something worse. Hopefully something much worse.

Two brothers found dead in mom's boyfriend's car.

Brothers bodies found in car

Brothers 3 and 4-years-old found dead car

On Wednesday, July 6th the dead bodies of two brothers (3 and 4-years-old) were found in a parked car.  The brothers, Kevin and Kemaury McArthur had been reported missing the previous Tuesday.  Earlier the Tuesday her boys were reported missing, Denis McGee (22) had been at the police station to report a domestic dispute between her and her live-in boyfriend David Hoem (25).  While Denise filed her report against Hoem, he was at the home of the boy’s biological father picking them up, under the guise of taking them to meet family and go shoe shopping.  That was the last time either one of the boys’ parents would seen them alive.

Police used cell phone pings to locate Hoem, who was on parole, and the grey Volvo he was last seen driving.  An officer would spot the car Wednesday and upon examination saw what he believed was the body of a small child, after gaining entry to the vehicle he would find the bodies of both brothers, but no Hoem.  Surveillance video from a local business showed Hoem parking the car in the lot and walking away.  Hoem had called a friend to take him to his sister’s house where he was hoping to hide out, she would not allow it and his friend was able to convince him to turn himself in.

The criminal complaints states the brothers died of “compressional asphyxiation.”

David Hoem, has been charged with two counts first-degree intentional homicide, with a bond of $2 million.

Thanks to all who sent in the tip.

R.I.P. Kevin and Kemaury 



Manuelito was sick… Now he’s dead

 $5 million dollar bond for man accused of strangling stepson 

Step-Father Charged With Capital Murder

Family of man accused of killing 5-year-old stepson speaks out

Stepdad arraigned in child’s death

5-year-old Andres Manuel “Manuelito”  Ortiz wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday.  Instead of staying home, lying around on the couch and getting catered to by his mommy, he was made to go to work with his step-father, 28-year-old Juan Jose Ruiz.  Now, I’m not judging anyone for this choice.  I know times are tough and some people can’t afford to miss work.  It’s what happened at the construction site where Ruiz worked that I have a problem with.  Little Manuelito was sick and vomiting on himself which enraged Ruiz.  He beat and strangled his step-son… to death.  According to the source, Manelito tried to fight back against the monster.  Poor baby.  He must have been so terrified. 

Ruiz called Manuelito’s mother (Lizeth Mendoza), claiming that the child looked sick.  Do dying children look sick?  Or do they look like they’re….oh, I don’t know… DYING?  Ruiz and Mmedoza took the little boy to the hospital where he died.  Ruiz was arrested less than 24 hours later and confessed, in writing, to punching and strangling his step-son. 

Now the sorry mother fucker is changing his story.  I guess being charged with capital murder and looking at the possibility of death by lethal injection is enough to spook a baby beating troglodyte.  Ruiz is now claiming that Manuelito had an “accident” and fell.  Never mind that the injuries weren’t consistent with a fall – Unless it was from the roof of a 10 story building.  The autopsy showed that Manuelito had severe trauma to his stomach which ruptured his small intestines and pancreas in half.  He also had markings on his neck that appeared to be from some sort of ligature.  “Fell” my ass.  The caused of death was ruled homicidal violence.  I’m thinking an accidental fall doesn’t qualify as homicidal or violence. 

One of Ruiz’s co-workers, Omar De Aquino, doesn’t agree with the allegations.  He claims that he was at the job site and he never heard any screaming or witnessed any abuse.   Aquino claims that the child didn’t have any visible marks on him until he fell and hit himself on the edge of a water intake.  He believed the child looked fine until later in the day when Ruiz told him that the boy was sick.  He looked fine?  He had been sick for WEEKS!  How could he have looked fine? 

Ruiz was in court on Thursday where he was told that he was being charged with capital murder.  His bond was set at $5 million dollars.    If convicted, he could face life in prison without parole or death by lethal injection.  

Mendoza is in custody of immigration authorities and is being investigated for neglect.  It turns out that she and her 2 boys arrived here from Mexico several weeks ago.  The children have been sick with diarrhea and vomiting since they arrived.  Ugh!  Poor babies.  I know they have doctors in Mexico.  Did she NOT think that those children needed medical attention?  Stupid fucking bitch. 

Of course the family believes Manuelito’s death was an accident.  I am not going to post all of the statements because it will only piss me the fuck off.  You can go to the source and read them.  What a shame this overgrown sack of pig shit is worth more to them than that poor little boy who he murdered. 

Thanks go to Laura for the tip.

Mom's protector and she's only 9-years-old.

Police 9-year-old girl stabs a Fond-du-Lac man who threatened to kill her mom

9-year-old stabs man assaulting her mother

Today for your reading pleasure I have something a little… ok a lot different than what we normally see here on BB.

Take a look at the tattooed face above, that is Jason M. Fields and he likes to beat women, most recently his girlfriend and mother of his child.  But not to worry his girlfriend’s 9-year-old daughter was on hand to take care of business and this is not the first time she has handled this dude and his violent tendencies.

On June 12th at about 6:15 pm police responded to a domestic disturbance, Fields apparently upset about one thing or another jumped on his girlfriend’s car windshield and broke it.  He took care of it while police were there handed over some cash to cover the windshield and the police left.  But Field’s being the woman beating tyrant he is wasn’t quite done with his baby momma.

Shortly after leaving the police received a 911 call from the woman’s 11-year-old son, stating a fight had broke out and Fields was strangling his mother, holding a knife to her throat and threatening to kill her.  I know ladies control yourselves… nothing is more attractive than a man who beats women and in front of their children… but I get first dibs.  On second thought… he’s up for grabs.

Anyhow… the woman’s 9-year-old daughter, was not having any part of this dude and his violence towards her mother and stabbed his sorry ass in the back!  **Insert applause here** According to mom, as Fields was threatening her, she heard him moan and promptly drop the knife.  As he turned around she noticed blood oozing from his back and her little super girl standing there with a bloody kitchen knife.  Could you just kiss her… here this guy is beating up a grown woman and a little girl takes him down, I love it!

While speaking with the police super girl told them she was not upset about what she had done as she had stabbed this loser in the leg 2 years ago protecting her mother.  You’d think one time of her daughter feeling the need to stab some one would be enough to put this relationship to an end.

Well, mom now says that at the time her daughter did not feel bad about what happened but is sorry for what she did and that Fields loves the kids but… she will not be taking him back.  We shall see on that.

Fields has been charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety, strangulation and disorderly conduct.  His bail was set at $5000.

Thanks to Tris Cook for the tip.



Mother strangles daughter to death to protect her from pedophiles.


Mother admits to killing daughter

Mother charged in the death of her daughter

Mother arrested in death of daughter

On June 2nd first responders to the home of Kristina and Cecilia Buckley, found the unresponsive 11-year-old lying on the living room floor.  One of the officers who found Cecilia would try to resuscitate her until the paramedics arrived.  While paramedics loaded Cecilia into the ambulance the police searched the home for her mother.

Cecilia Buckley would be pronounced dead at the hospital.

The officers would find Kristina locked in the bathroom, with what appeared to be self inflicted cuts to her neck and wrists.  Kristina made spontaneous statements to the officers and told them she had killed her daughter.  She too was taken to the hospital for treatment of her injuries.

The police affidavit stated the Buckley admitted to using her hands to strangle Cecilia until she believed she was dead.  Why would she kill her precious daughter you ask?  She wanted to protect her from pedophiles.  Umm… ok!

Kristina was arrested after being released from the hospital and has been charged with murder.

I shiver just thinking what this little girl’s last minutes were like.  She had to have been fighting with her mother as she stared her in they eyes, fighting for every last breath.  I mean think about it for a minute, if you can stomach it, how difficult it would be to hold down and strangle with your hands an 11-year-old, who is fighting to stay alive.  I’m guessing, it was not an easy task.

R.I.P. Cecilia




Another “Clueless” Mother and Her Live In Vag Filler

“I didn’t do it and I ain’t talkin”

Lake Butler man charged with abusing three children


Lake Butler Man Accused Of Abusing 3 Children


There is not a whole lot of info on this one but I will share what I have found:

Tough guy over there is one Paul Martin of Lake Butler, Florida. (What’s in the water in this God forsaken state?) On March 17th the Grandfather of 3 pre-school children, ages 4, 3 and 2, noticed fresh bruises on one of his grandchildren. He had noticed bruises on the children before but it had always been explained away as normal kid stuff and them falling down the stairs. (They really do have a book of excuses for child beaters don’t they? And there are only 3 excuses in it “killer bathtubs, killer beds and killer stairs, and all of them try to use them at least once right? But these people live in a trailer so how many stairs can there possibly be?)  But this time Grandpa thought this ain’t normal for these kids to be getting so many injuries so he called DCF.                                                                                         

Shocking though it may be with their history, Florida DCF responded immediately and upon examining the kids they found bruising on all of the children as well as cigarette burns and evidence of choking/strangulation consistent with long term abuse. The children were removed immediately. The Police were called and Paul Martin was arrested and charged with 3 counts of aggravated child abuse. The injuries are new and old and investigators believe that the abuse has been happening for at least 6 months. Tough guy stated that he didn’t harm any of the children and refused to answer any questions asked by investigators. Unfortunately for him, the children and other witnesses are cooperating fully and are answering every question asked. One of the children even showed investigators how Martin used the cigarettes to burn them.

All 3 children have since been placed in the custody of a relative (no mention of who but I hope it is the loving grandfather) The mother who is not identified in any of the reports is now undergoing training on how to identify child abuse. Really? A mother needs training on how to know that her dirt bag penis is beating and burning her kids? She can’t really be that stupid can she? She should be charged too for allowing this to happen to her kids not trained in anything other than what a mother is and what a mother isn’t. Martin has since bonded out on $12,000.00 bond. I wonder if it was momma who bailed him out. As for the other witnesses, if they saw the abuse happening they should all be ashamed of themselves for not doing anything sooner.

I am going to say this again. Although it has been said so many times I can’t imagine how anyone could not know this yet: Penis is not, never was and never will be more important than your children. Never! Never! Never!

Hurray for DCF actually doing their job for a change and thank God this was caught before any of the children was more seriously injured or killed. 

Thanks go to DodiaFae for this tip in the open thread.


***Special thanks to abusehater for sriting this***

"She pushed my last button"

Mother accused of strangulation death of daughter


Mother confesses to strangling daughter

Mother pleads not guilty in death of daughter

Mother pleads guilty to daughter’s 2010 death

On February 22, 2010, John Pagli returned to his Manhattanville College campus apartment and was greeted with a horrible sight, the lifeless body of his 18-year-old daughter Marissa and his unconscious wife Stacy.  What he would find out about what happened to his daughter and wife would change his life forever.

It appears Marissa had a tendency to be disrespectful when talking to her mother and on that fateful day mom had enough.  When she asked her daughter where she was going and Marissa was disrespectful in her answer, Stacy told her “that is the last time you will talk to me that way” and proceeded to strangle her daughter to death.  She then “attempted” to slit her wrist and hang herself on a doorknob. Of course both were unsuccessful.  Aren’t they always?

In her statements given to police after the killing she said her daughter was “disrespectful all the time” and had “pushed my last button.”  Well… what can we say to that?  I guess it’s good to know for the future when my children hit 18-years-old, that the punishment for disrespect is death.  Who’d have thought it?

Flash forward:

February 1st 2011… Stacy pleads guilty to first-degree manslaughter.  I’m not sure that is the proper charge, since some of the links provided state she strangled her daughter with her bare hands and that Marissa was awake at the time of the attack and fought for her life.  To me that constitutes murder, but hey I’m not the judge.  In exchange for her guilty plea, Stacy will be sentenced to 20 years in prison.  Sentencing is set for April 5th.

R.I.P. Marissa

Thanks to Dodia Fae and April H. for the tip.

I was right and I wish I wasn’t (Saiqa Akhter)

Texas Mom Says She Killed Kids Because They Were Austistic:

Dallas mom, Saiqa Akhter, killed her two children because they were autistic: 911 recording:

I originally posted about Saiqa Akhter here. It turns out that not only has the 2-year-old died but both children were Autistic.

In my previous post I speculated that the reason she killed her children was because of the Autism. She allegedly told police that her children were ‘not normal’. What is normal? As my lovely wife is fond of saying normal is overrated.

She also allegedly tried to get the kids to drink bathroom cleaner but they wouldn’t so she choked them to death instead.

Akhter has been charged with capital murder which makes her eligible for the death penalty but even in Texas women like this are rarely executed.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a tip.

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