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Baby suffocates after Breeder gets her Halloween drink on

Corrina Atuatasi

Corrina Atuatasi Accused of Letting Her Baby Suffocate in Clothes Pile After Booze Binge:

Baby suffocated in clothes pile while mom was drunk, police say:

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this with you before but I don’t drink. Not to excess anyway. I can go for months without having a beer and I can’t even remember the last time I got drunk. Not because I got so wasted I don’t remember it’s just been that long. There’s several reasons behind my semi-tea totaling ways. The first is my dad was a mean drunk and I’ve seen what kind of damage excessive drinking can do to a family. The second is in a bout of excessive drinking on my part I gave myself alcohol poisoning in my early 20s and that made me lose my taste for hard liquor. And lastly during my first year of marriage I went to a bar one night to drown my sorrows and when I came back my daughter, who was 10 at the time, told me I reeked of beer. I was so embarrassed thinking back to when I was her age and my dad coming home stumbling in the door drunk reeking of booze right before he hit my mom.

So you can kind of understand when I say I don’t get why some people put alcohol above the welfare and safety of their own children, like 27-year-old Corrina Atuatasi of Garden Grove, California.

Police allege that Atuatasi was watching her two-month-old son, Aiden Galeai, on Halloween night while her husband and daughter were visiting family. While she was outside smoking, and the baby was inside alone mind you, a couple of neighbors invited her to their Halloween party. She left her son to go drink but shortly went back to get Aiden, putting him in a car seat then taking him and going back to the party for a few hours.

Supposedly when she returned home in a drunken stupor at 4am somehow Aiden found himself face down in a pile of laundry where he suffocated to death. Considering he was only 2-months-old I’m going to assume he didn’t end up there under his own power. Atuatasi woke up 2 hours later and called 911. When police arrived they said she had BAC of .23 which as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, is almost three times the legal limit. This was 2+ hours after she had stopped drinking so I can only imagine what it was when she stopped drinking.

When April asked me if I wanted to do this story I said yes because someone with that BAC would normally qualify for the BB BAC Board. Usually I reserve that dishonor for cases where the kids are relatively unharmed so we can point and laugh at the idiot drunks. There’s nothing to laugh about here.

Thanks to amulbunny for the tip.

"He'll never be able to see again."


Doctors say 4-year-old abuse victim is permanently blind 

Police say Boy, 4, has extensive brain damage 

For the third time in a year a 4-year-old Albuquerque boy is starting his life over, but this time he has a life long disability due to abuse suffered at the hands of foster parents.

Sandra Caraveo and her boyfriend Marcos Gomez became the foster parents to the little guy and his 2-year-old sister in the summer, after he was removed in November from his biological parents and another family member for abuse.  They were supposed to be giving him a better life; he has already been abused by mom and dad and then moved to another family member who took their turn abusing him and finally these two wastes of oxygen.  Just fucking heartbreaking, at 4-years-old all he has known is abuse.  I just want to hug him.

The weekend of October 8th Sandra took the lil’ guy to the hospital after he complained that he couldn’t see and was feeling his way around the house.  Gawd…the image of this baby feeling his way around the house is like stabbing me in the heart over and over.  They told doctors that he had just complained Saturday of not being able to see, however doctors believe he had been immobile for more than a week.  More than fucking week…what the fuck!

So, you are probably saying Deena… what caused the lil’ guy to lose his sight and how do they know it was due to abuse.  I’m getting to that, right now!  Well, the doctors can’t pinpoint the exact cause of his blindness but do know that it was due to a lack of oxygen to the brain.  They are saying any of the following could have caused the lack of oxygen: suffocation, being violently shaken or a hit to the head.  I say “they” try all the aforementioned techniques on these fuckwads and see which one results in blindness. But hey, that’s just my humble opinion of what “they” could try, in the name of research of course.

The lil’ guy’s 2-year-old sister showed no signs of abuse but has been placed in a new foster home.

Caraveo and Gomez have been charged with child abuse resulting in great bodily harm.

Another Breeder Kills Baby But Fails to Kill Herself

Mom Charged with Suffocating Baby

Serna Formally Charged with Killing Infant


Selfish, Cowardly Cunt


A man called 911 to report finding his 8 month old nephew, German Hipatl, unresponsive and the “mother”, 27 year old Leticia Serna, could not be found.  Police arrived at the apartment to find the baby boy dead with no obvious signs of trauma.  However, they did find 2 plastic bags lying near the baby’s head.

About 15 minutes later 911 calls came in reporting a woman contemplating suicide on an overpass above a highway near the apartment.  Officers and rescue crews pulled her back as she was climbing over the railing…  According to documents the bio-bitch made several statements about wanting to die because she killed her son…

After being taken to the hospital and cleared medically she was arrested on suspicion of murder.  Since then the autopsy has ruled the cause of death was asphyxiation and she is now facing Murder and Assault on a Child w/ Force—likely to produce great bodily injury resulting in death.

She is being held without bond.

There is no mention of the father…

My heart goes out to any family members that loved this baby boy and to the uncle that will not ever get that image out of his head!!


Rant On:

Why didn’t the bitch just jump?!?  German would have actually gotten justice and it would have saved tax payers an ass load of money!!!  Instead we’ll get to hear about some bullshit mental defect or fucked up childhood or some other random excuse we’ve heard a million times already!!  Tax payers will now pay for her therapy, and her attorney, etc., etc……

I help raise my 8 month old nephew.  I have him more than his parents do!!  I can not fathom a reason a baby could give to deliberately take 2 plastic bags and suffocate the life out of them!! 

This wasn’t a case of a baby raising a baby!  This c*** was 27 fucking years old she was old enough to know better!! 

Here’s hoping the cowardly c*** gets some prison justice!  Sadly, I think that’s the only kind of justice that will come close to what she deserves…

Rant Over


R.I.P. German, you deserved a Mommy that would love and protect you!!


Thanks go to Deena for the tip!

"I wanted to alleviate the responsibilities of being a father."

Police – Father confesses to killing infant

Mother’s assistance helps in arrest of father for baby’s death

On August 29th, Pasadena police announced they had arrested Marquise Jackson (21) in connection with the death of his 1-year-old daughter Mo’Nayjah Jackson, back in May.

In May, Pasadena Police and Fire Departments responded to a 911 call of child not breathing.  Attempts to resuscitate Mo’Nayjah were unsuccessful and she died at the scene.  Police suspected foul play at the time but were unable to prove it, no arrests were made.

Flash forward….to Thursday, August 25th;  Marquis Jackson confessed to suffocating his baby girl to alleviate his responsibilities as a father. WTF!  He has no other children.

Marquis Jackson is being held in lieu of $1 million bail.

Her mother’s cooperation with the police helped to lead to the arrest of Marquis.

Now… this is the shit I really just don’t get.  There are several different options to prevent pregnancy.  In this day and age why wouldn’t opt for one of the birth control options over murdering an innocent baby.  Mo’Nayjah didn’t ask to be born, it was not her fault her father couldn’t keep it in his pants, but she paid for the price for his lack of self-control.  So sad!

R.I.P. Mo’Nayjah


Ame Deal died in white trash Phoenix hell because of a popsicle

The desert has eyes. (John Allen, Samantha Allen, Cynthia Stoltzmann, Judith Deal)

Phoenix PD: 4 family members arrested in girl’s death:

Phoenix police: Dead girl in footlocker tortured; 4 arrested:

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of the death of 10-year-old Ame Deal of Phoenix, Arizona. If you’re not familiar with the story she was padlocked in a foot locker overnight for stealing a popsicle from her ‘family’. Judging by the mugshots I use the term family in the Manson sense. Ame died of suffocation and since the foot locker was kept outside I’m sure the Phoenix heat didn’t help matters.

From there on the story gets very confusing. I joke sometimes here in BB about West Virginia being a state full of inbred hicks but if this group of losers is representative of Arizona then they have West Virginia beat hands down. I’ll try to explain what happened to the best of my ability.

Those who were charged in Ame’s death are 62-year-old Judith Deal who was Ame’s grandmother. Then there is 44-year-old Cynthia Stoltzmann who was Ame’s aunt. Lastly there was 23-year-old Samantha Allen and her 23-year-old husband John Allen who were Ame’s aunt and uncle. At last report the birth organism is not in the picture which is even more confusing but we’ll get to that later. Stoltzmann was allegedly Ame’s legal guardian. Got that so far?

According to reports dozens people lived at the ‘home’ including some members of the family who were living in the backyard in tents. Ame was supposedly ‘home schooled’. I use the sarcasm quotes there because in this instance I’m sure it was to hide the signs of abuse. When Ame lived in Utah her teachers constantly complained about the signs of abuse to CPS but the family left the state shortly afterwards. Ame was forced to sleep on the floor of a shower stall allegedly because of a bed wetting problem. Stoltzmann allegedly forced Ame to eat dog feces because AMe did not pick up all the dog crap in the yard. Samantha Allen is said to have confessed to making Ame eat hot sauce as a form of punishment. A witness also has said that Ame was placed in the foot locker at least 6 times in the months leading up to her death. They even tried to tell police that Ame died while playing hide and seek.

Now getting back to the biological parents a man in Pennsylvania says that he is Ame’s biological father and has been trying to find her since she was 4. According to him the birth organism, Shirley Lecomte Deal, skipped town with her husband David Deal. Here’s where it gets even more disturbing. The 51-year-old David Deal was one of the people living in tents in the backyard at Casa de la Basura Blanca. So why was he not the legal guardian and how come this dipshit didn’t step in to do anything about his step-daughter being abused. Not to mention where in God’s name is Ame’s mother? Is she dead too? I feel so bad for Ame’s father since this is the way he had to find out about his daughter.

I just don’t get it. How could a community of trash like this develop all with the hive mind that this is how children should be disciplined. What they should do is first scorch the earth of the property where this happened and maybe warn the adults to get out since the children have already been placed with CPS. But it would be the most quiet warning ever given. To the accused they should padlock them in the Arizona heat in a box the same size and if they don’t fit start removing limbs with rusty yard tools and pour hot sauce on the wounds.

I wish there was a legal way we could start thinning out the herd of trash and parasites like this that offer no redeeming benefits to society.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.

Toryrianna Smith took her dead baby shopping

Woman carried baby she killed in BabyBjorn for hours, prosecutors claim

Mom allegedly carried murdered infant around for hours 

A mother ‘killed her three month old son before taking his dead body shopping with her’

Oh boy… Where does one start with this whore? 

Last week, 20-year-old ToyriannaWhore”-ianna Smith was having some drinks and spending the night with a friend. She also had her 3-year-old daughter and 3-month-old son with her.   At some point in the night, Smith beat and suffocated her infant son, Ken Blackman Jr.  Why?  Because he wouldn’t stop crying and the bitch wanted to sleep.  Everyone knows that smothering silences babies.  DUH!  Well, I mean smothering them with kisses, but that’s not what this selfish c*** did.  Instead of kissing, comforting and loving her son, she callously murdered him.

The next morning, Smith dressed her little boy and put him in a carrier to take him shopping, making sure to avoid the child’s father when he came to pick her up.  I guess she knew that the daddy discovering his little man dead may cut into her shopping day.  I mean, the ass whooping he should have imposed on her would have eaten about 15 minutes of her time, then the 20 minutes or so for the cops to be called and show up o nthe scene,  the trip to the jail, the questioning, the booking…. She would have lost a ton of day light for sure.

After shopping, Smith went over to a neighbor’s house for a visit.  The neighbor suspected the child wasn’t breathing and saw some blood on his blanket and decided it was a good time to call 911.  The baby was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Smith confessed to suffocating the baby by putting a blanket over his head and hitting him up to four times in the face until he was quiet.  She is being held on $1 million bond.  She is being charge with first-degree murder. 

My guess is she starts screaming that Ken’s father was abusing her or she hears voices.  That’s what these selfish, hood rat skanks do.  Excuses.  Who cares about the dead baby as long as she isn’t getting passed around for smokes, right?

Thanks go to Natalie for the tip.

"Wicked Mum"

Wicked woman suffocated newborn baby with clingfilm hours after his birth
On April 12th 2010, the woman you see above gave birth to a 6lb 9oz baby boy named Paulius, then quickly took him home and murdered him.  On June 10th 2011, Ineta Dzinguviene, mother of 3 living children and 2 dead children,  was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

According to reports the doting mother of 3, attempted or believed she had concealed the pregnancy from family and friends.  She gave birth at Fraserburgh Hospital, took the baby home and within hours she had covered his face in clingfilm (plastic wrap) and wrapped his head in a plastic bag suffocating him to death, she then put his little body in a plastic holdall (container) and tossed him out in the garbage, covering up the bin with a roll of carpet.

A sister-in-law and friend knowing she was pregnant contacted the police fearing the baby had been harmed.  Police searched the dump (behind the family home) and located the baby’s corpse.  Ineta promptly fled and went on with her life none of her friends even knew of the pregnancy or the baby boy.

Ineta offered no explanation for why she killed her son.

But wait… she is also wanted for questioning in Lithuania in the death of a newborn baby girl in 2009.  It appears after the family moved out of their home workmen cleaning out the attic found a dark blue suitcase and disposed of it.  A woman would find the suitcase and open to find the corpse of a newborn baby girl.  Ineta had given birth in 2009 to a baby girl and she too vanished after being taken home.

Now… let me say all the stories here of mothers killing their children are horrifying, but I feel like this one is so much more horrifying, in the fact this woman had 3 older children that she doted on.  How could a woman who carried 3 children, held them, smelled that sweet smell of babies, loved and nurtured them, bring home not one but 2 babies and snuff out their lives.  It makes me sick; she tossed them out like garbage and went on with her life.
Her attorney said she was the most upset that her jail sentence would alienate her from LIVING children.  She never acknowledged one time the 2 children she murdered.

Thanks to Emilie Barlow for the tip.

R.I.P. Paulius and Baby Girl



Post-Natal Depression, made me do it!

Mark Bruton-Young suffocated 6-month-old daughter, blames post-natal depression

The man you see above, being comforted by his wife is Mark Bruton-Young (36) and he is accused of suffocating his 6-month-old daughter Harriet, on June 27th 2009.  He claims he was suffering from Post-Natal Depression.  I know we hear that excuse a lot but it is always the mommy, but when I searched post-natal depression in men I was shocked how many articles I found, however none of those fathers murdered their child.  You see, Mark’s daughter Harriet was unplanned and according to Mark unwanted.  He trolled the internet for months prior to killing her searching out information on ways to kill her and make it look like an accident.  His last search, on cot death (SIDS) was just days before he suffocated his beautiful daughter.


Mark failed to bond with Harriet and blamed her for the marital problems with his wife Clare, who is supporting her husband.  How in the world she can do that is beyond me, but then I’m not Clare.


Just a few months after her birth in December 2008, Bruton-Young looked up getting an unwanted baby adopted.  WTF!  Just leave your wife then asshole, why kill the innocent child who did not ask to be born.  Fuck!  He would Google terms like… coming to terms with fatherhood, I thought I wanted kids but now I don’t know, anti-freeze and/or lead poisoning, the effects of punching a child in the stomach, effects of an infant ingesting feces, how a child might be harmed or die and what physical signs might be detected if a baby was suffocated.  He would zero in on suffocation and the signs it would leave behind.


He would later claim he found Harriet face down in her cot (crib), but prosecutors believe he staged the scene to show his wife she had died of cot death.  He sobbed as he called for help; his wife could be heard screaming in the background.


Two post-mortem exams were inconclusive, a professor from the Bristol Children’s’ Hospital stated evidence of deliberate suffocation is hard to identified, but noted that Harriet was at a “very low risk of SIDS.”


This guy makes me sick; this is a grown ass, professional, happily married man who was inconvenienced by the birth of his child.  If she was not wanted then, the two people hopping in the freakin sack had options to prevent the pregnancy.  To think that she was not only NOT wanted and NOT loved by her father, but that her mother is supporting the fucker that took her life, just disrespects her memory.


Thanks to Emilie Barlow for the tip.

R.I.P Harriet, an angel taken too soon.



Jordan Stewart Died At The Hand of a Parent – But Which One?


Police Say Spanaway Boy’s Death May Never Be Solved

Jordan Stewart, 5 yr Old Spanaway Boy, Murdered With a Plastic Bag – But By Whom?

Grisly Details Emerge of Suicide, Violent Death Following I-5 Chase

High Speed Chase Ends In Tragedy

This is a tough one. I need to start off with, no one knows definitively who killed little 5 yr old Jordan Stewart. Some signs point to his father, 38 yr old Army Sgt. David Stewart but little Jordan’s paternal grandmother seems to think his mother, 38 yr old Kristy Sampels is the guilty party. Either way, Jordan is no longer with us and one of his parents was responsible for his death and so, his story belongs here on our pages.

Now that we’ve established some “allegedly”, let’s back up.

Tuesday, April 4, Washington State Troopers were involved in a high-speed chase along interstate 5 in Tumwater, WA. The chase came to an end when troopers were able to disable the car using spike sticks. As a trooper approached the car to speak to the driver, David Stewart, he shot and killed himself. The trooper then found Kristy Sampels in the car, barely alive, suffering from a gunshot wound to the back of the head; she died just minutes after being removed from the car and placed in an ambulance. Troopers later announced that Stewart had shot his wife during the chase.
The police then went to the couple’s home to do a welfare check on two children, ages 5 and 10. When officers arrived, they found Christmas decorations still up and trash all over the floor. While searching the home, police happened upon a gruesome discovery. They found the body of little Jordan, wrapped in a blanket with a plastic bag over his head. He had been dead for more than a day. He died of asphyxiation during what is described as a “violent death”. During the autopsy, old bruising was found indicating a possible history of abuse. Thankfully, the 10 yr old was found safe with her biological father. Now she will have to face life without her mother, half-brother and stepfather; a hell of a lot for such a young child. Here’s hoping she has a great support system and gets the help she’s going to need to make it through this mess.

Both families have requested DNA and fingerprint testing of the plastic bag to try to determine who little Jordan’s killer was. However, police say it is quite possible the true killer may never be determined because both parents lived in the house and both parents likely had contact with the plastic bag but they’re hoping to get lucky. Stewart’s mother claims Sampels killed Jordan to hurt Stewart after yet another marital argument. Stewart clearly had some issues seeing as he got into a high-speed chase with state troopers, shot his wife and then himself so, there’s some potential there, too. He also reportedly suffered from PTSD. Maybe she was set off by an argument with him; maybe he was set off by an argument with her; maybe they are both a couple of sadistic nut jobs and they did it together then made a run for it and something went wrong. Who knows? The only thing that is clear here is, three people are dead and one of them is a precious little boy who died violently at the hands of one or both of his parents.
Rest in peace little Jordan.

*Writer’s note – Jordan’s age was reported as both 5 and 6, if 5 is not correct I apologize.


**Thanks to MamaEagle for the tip and write-up.**

Dora Tejada – Evil bitch or batshit crazy? You decide.



Nantucket mom Dora Tejada killed daughter, 3, she believed to be possessed by the ‘devil’: police 

Mother accused of murder does not appear for pretrial hearing.

 Monday, March 15th, emergency workers were called to the Nantucket home of Dora Tejada and her 3 year old daughter, Nicole Garcia.  When they arrived, Nicole was lying, unresponsive, on a table.  She was taken to the hospital, where she later died.  What went on in that home to cause the death of a toddler?  Well… I’ll tell ya what happened in that house.

It’s alleged that Tejada was convinced that Nicole was possessed by demons.  She may have forced her fist into the child’s mouth, suffocating her, for believing that her fist was a rose.  Rose petals were found on the floor of the home.  Tejada believed that the “rose” would exorcise the demons from the girl.  Well, Dora – you exorcised more than demons from your baby.  FAIL!!!

Tejada, who needed a translator for her interview, claimed that she had fallen asleep on the couch with her son and daughter and that she gave Nicole a piece of candy before they fell asleep.  That’s a new one.  She gets an A for creativity.  Tejada’s sister in-law, Deonila Tema, tells the story differently.  Tema claims that Tejada asked her to come into the room to pray with her.  Tejada was pleading to God for mercy, causing Tema to become uncomfortable, so she went outside to fetch her husband, Amilear Tejada.  When Tema left the house, Nicole was fine.

Amilear Tejeda arrived home and went into the house, only to come out a short while later in tears.  He told police that Dora was sitting on the couch, holding Nicole.  When he touched the child, he realized that she was dead.  He claimed that Dora was claiming to see dead people and was speaking directly to the Holy Spirit.  Why does the Holy Spirit never speak to me?  He / She only speaks to baby killers… it’s so unfair!

What I would like to know is WHY… Why was this bitch left alone with those children?  Amilear Tejada told police that his sister had told them that she had been seeing dead people; that it was a gift from God.  What the fuck?  So he knew she was talking crazy, yet no one stopped to think that she may need some sort of professional help.  And… wait…. Was her daughter not a gift from God?

Tejada was taken to the station, where she continued to speak to folks that weren’t there in the language of the Holy Spirit (huh?).   So…. It seems like she may be batfuckingshit nuts, but she wasn’t too nuts to lie about Nicole choking on candy.  She is being charged with Nicole’s murder and is believed to be held at a mental health facility.  Yesterday, her attorney motioned for funds for a private investigator, a Spanish speaking interpreter and a mental health expert, which were all granted.  The only thing this c*** should have been granted is a fast pass to Hell.

Thanks go to Marcy for the tip.

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