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Suffolk, Va Man Arrested For Being an Asshole

Man arrested for throwing baby

Suffolk man wanted in ex-girlfriend attack apprehended

Baby Throwing Asshole.

Seriously, this guy is a dick. Dennis Roosevelt Harden, Jr., 30, was apprehended and arrested in Suffolk , Va last week after assaulting his ex-girlfriend (and mother of their 7-month old baby), and also charged for slamming his baby girl onto the ground after the assault on the mother.

He brought the baby back to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment after the assault on her and then threw the baby on the ground and fled. The child’s grandmother came running outside and scooped up the little girl and called the po-po.  This asshole was on the run for a few days before the cops located him and arrested on charges of assault, child endangerment, obstruction of justice, and eluding the police.

The baby has no visable injuries. Thank God.

See, we can post stories that have happy endings every once in a while. Just don’t get to used to it, there are still way too many heartless fucks out there.

Thanks go to Muggle for the tip.

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