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“Do it. Kill yourself. I don’t really care.”

When I was a teenager I tried to kill myself, twice. I was being bullied at school and my dad was abusing my mom at home. I had no refuge, no escape. I know now that I suffer from depression and I’ve gotten help for it. I would never consider it again. Only because of my brother catching me during both attempts that I’m able to type these words today. I was afraid if I had told my father that I was suicidal that something like the following would happen.

In Osceola County, Florida, a 13-year-old boy is said to have told his father that he was feeling suicidal. Instead of getting his son help 44-year-old Michael Yatsko allegedly gave his son a .45 and urged him to kill himself.

When the teen said he wanted to kill himself, Yatsko allegedly went into the boy’s bedroom, threw the handgun on the bed and told him, “Do it. Kill yourself. I don’t really care.”

Police were initially called to the home on physical abuse allegations. Yatsko also allegedly told police that he did it because his son was ‘acting cowardly’. I would too if I had a violent psychopath for a father. I did , but that’s beside the point.

Luckily the gun was said to have been unloaded.

Michael Yatsko

This is part of what’s wrong in society today. Thoughts of suicide are a mental health issue. Too many troglodytes like this assclown think that it’s a sign of weakness or cowardice. It is none of those things. You didn’t necessarily fail as a parent if one of your children is suicidal but this one obviously did.

If you are a teen or you know a teen who is suicidal there are places you can reach out to help like or you can call their help line at 1-800-448-3000

School principal starved her disabled daughter to death

Former principal Angela Puhle admits starving daughter to death

Mother admits killing starving daughter

Foul nasty witch Angela Puhle

Foul nasty witch Angela Puhle

Occasionally at BB, we find stories of adult children being abused or harmed by their breeders. This opens our eyes to the fact that not all victims are little. Some are fully grown and still at the mercy of their breeders, especially if they have special needs.

Kyla Puhle (27) was just 12 kg (26lbs) when she died at the hands of her birth vessel Angela Puhle (56), who allegedly starved her to death between October 2010 and March 2011 at their North Brighton SA home. Her sperm donor Harry Puhle was a pathetic coward both in life and death. Not only did he fail to act when the nasty hag decided to neglect their disabled daughter, but he then took the coward’s way out and committed suicide shortly after his arrest in 2011.

Kyla was bedridden and suffered from a range of problems including quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, and scoliosis of the spine. She was also intellectually disabled. She depended on her breeders to care for her, feed her, clean her, help her go to the toilet, keep her company. It’s always horrible when a child is abused by their so-called parents, but when that child is even more dependent on their parents for basic care, and the parents decide instead to neglect and abuse them, that’s just even lower. Kyla’s official cause of death was dehydration and a lung infection, brought on by neglect and starvation.

Angela Puhle was a former school principal at a primary school. Harry Puhle was a teacher. These monsters wouldn’t even care for their own child. How were they expected to be in charge of other peoples’ children?? The Puhles’ neighbours didn’t even know that Kyla was living with them because they never saw her being taken out of the house. Ever. What a lonely and horrible existence Kyla must have had. Looking at the same four walls while her breeders took their abled-bodies to work. Wanting to be fed but no food ever came, and she was unable to get herself to the food. Her bitch breeder will pay for Kyla’s slow and torturous death.

Angela Puhle was ordered to stand trial last November. She and Harry were originally being charged with murder because they reportedly made the conscious decision to withdraw care from Kyla. Since Harry offed himself, Angela took a plea bargain. Murder has been dropped and she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. She has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced in July. She left the court amid a flurry of supporters. Who in their right mind would support a she-beast who killed her own child?

Rest in Peace Kyla. Your body and mind are free.

Monumental c*ck-up made by Social Services

NSPCC slam social workers who let four-year-old girl live with child porn pervert despite being warned he was a suspected paedophile Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Bristol foster girl, 4, “sent to live with ‘pervert'”


When a kid is sent into foster care, it’s usually because their DNA donors have abused or neglected them. The breeders are unfit to care for the child, so they’re moved to a new home for a while. On the whole, foster carers dedicate their resources and time into rehabilitating these abused kids so that they have a shot at living a full and happy life. They are an invaluable part of any community.

However, here at BB we often see foster “carers” who are in it for the wrong reasons. Money, having slaves or punching bags around, or they just like to hoard children. This foster freak liked children. A bit too much. Social Services in Bristol, UK, placed a 4 year old girl with the freak for two weeks even though they KNEW he was downloading child porn! This just makes my skin crawl…

The girl was originally taken away from her bio-family because of a violent situation and placed with the unnamed freak. Meanwhile, there were suspicions about the freak downloading and viewing child porn, as well as the other children in his care being violent and acting out sexually. Despite these concerns, the 4 year old girl remained in the freak’s “care” for 3 fucking months! The girl told her bio-dad and her social worker that she’d been strangled by one of the other foster children. Bio-dad called the police, who then called Social Services who didn’t do anything about it until a day later, didn’t get the girl to a doctor, and then sent her BACK to the place where she got the injury in the first place!! That’s bureaucracy at work for you!

It took Social Services another six days to decide what to do with the girl and then another seven to get her out of the foster freak’s home! The foster freak killed himself a day later, just like the coward that all pedophiles are. It was found that the freak had been downloading child porn since 2010, but hadn’t been arrested and charged until 2012. The girl’s social worker, Sherilyn Pritchard, knew that the foster freak had been downloading child porn but didn’t do a damn thing about it. She even had the nerve to say to the magistrate that her actions were justified because it wasn’t enough to warrant immediate removal. She even admitted that she knew the girl would be at risk of sexual, physical and mental harm. He was a fucking SEX OFFENDER you dumb cow! You know, keep away from children, don’t live near schools, register with police every time you move house kind of sex offender. I think this silly bitch should lose her job and be chucked in the slammer for allowing such a dangerous decision to be made. Incompetent tw*t.

The girl and the other children have been removed from the foster freak’s house and are now in new foster homes. I’m wondering who was causing the violence in the little girl’s real home, because her real dad is very concerned for her and is campaigning for her to return to him. If it was indeed the egg-donor causing the violence, it’s not likely he’ll get her back since courts are heavily weighted against the dads. And if Social Services made this major fuck-up, they might not believe a woman could be capable of violence. I hope the girl does well and has the chance to come back to her dad.


Michigan man kills wife and sons, then goes to sleep… PERMANENTLY

 Husband kills wife, 2 sons and himself

 Mother and 2 sons found dead in home, father kills himself

With the economy the way it is and everyone struggling financially to keep their heads above water, we can understand the stress and even the dark thoughts to end it all, what we can’t understand is the father that decides not only to end his life, but the lives of his wife and two sons first.  That is the case in this story coming to us from my home state, Michigan.  Let’s get to it shall we.

On January 13th Police in Novi, MI, received a call from a family friend after Camden Schons (4) and Tynan Schons (6) did not show up for school and their mother Jennifer Schons (38) missed a scheduled appointment.  Officers went to their home around noon for a welfare check; inside they found their bodies.  Jennifer was in her room and had died of multiple stab wounds.  The boys were found in another room both had been choked to death.  The father Mark Schons (39) was not in the house, so an alert was issued for his vehicle.  Two hours later he was found in a Lowe’s (Wal-Mart in some articles) parking lot, he had died of an apparent suicide.  He had lit a charcoal grill in the passenger seat of his SUV and died from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Now I can understand him wanting to end his life and even doing so in the easiest way possible, but this cowardly man stabbed his wife and choked his two sons to death, then he takes his ass out by carbon monoxide, essentially putting himself to sleep permanently.  Where was that mercy when he was taking the lives of his family?  Here’s an even better idea if you really want to end it all, do it, but leave your wife and kids out of it!

The motive is unknown, as suicide note has been found.  According to family the Schons owned a now-defunct party-supply store, were deep in debt, had filed for bankruptcy in December and were considering divorce, although they continued to live in the same residence.

The police are looking into the 19-20 hours prior to the murders/suicide to see what may have triggered Mark to make his fateful decision.  Novi Police Chief Molloy said, “We may never know what triggered this event, but we will know everything about these people and what led to this.” 

The autopsy results:

Jennifer Schons, 38-year-old, female, homicide, multiple sharp force injuries (a knife was found with Mark in the SUV)

Tynan Schons, 6-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Camden Schons, 4-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Mark Schons, 39-year-old, male, suicide, carbon monoxide poisoning

Tynan and Camden Schons

So sad… R.I.P. Jennifer, Tynan and Camden.

UK man who killed his daughter kills himself

Father killed daughter then posted on Bebo to pretend she was alive:

How’s this for a bastard?

47-year-old Tony Couchman of England killed his 19-year-old daughter Victoria. He allegedly blamed her for his son’s vehicular death in 2005 and that is believed to be the reason he killed her. Kids found her skull in the woods in October of 2008.

To try and cover up the crime it is believed that Couchman went on his daughter’s Bebo account and posed as her imitating the way teens speak. However his murderous love for his son may have been his undoing as he sent messages to his son’s friends as Victoria asking them to take the pictures of his son off their profiles and was rather rude about which people say was not Victoria’s nature.

To top it all off Couchman killed himself in his cell the day before his trial was to start. When this happens I usually say he took the coward’s way out which he did. However since there is no death penalty in England I say thanks for saving the British taxpayers some money.

(For more social website related crime please check out MyCrimeSpace)

Florida man gets 20 years for torturing children

Father gets 20 years for torturing his children:

38-year-old Wilbert Haynes McCullough Jr. of Sanford, Florida was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading no contest to charges of torturing his kids. No contest is basically pleading guilty without any real acknowledgment of guilt.

Anyway, McCullough’s list of travesties are numerous. His 13-year-old daughter said that she was bound and gagged while McCullough used a stun gun on her to discipline her. His 14-year-old son broke his leg in a motorcycle accident and McCullough would hit the boy’s cast repeatedly. And just to keep the family bonding he forced both of them to kneel in garbage. McCullough then ratcheted his shotgun and asked them which one of them he should shoot first.

20-years is a joke.

Another joke is their mother, 37-year-old Loreana McCullough. Yep, you guessed it. She stood by and did nothing.

Thanks to LaDonna for the tip.

UPDATE: McCullough took the coward’s way out. Thanks to Soobs for that tip.

Mom throws two sons off freeway overpass, then jumps — all 3 live.

It still hasn’t been reported as to why, but Khandi Busby took her 2 kids and threw them off the overpass onto the freeway. Then she jumped after them.

Khandi, her father and her two sons had pulled over to get fill up their car on the way to a friends house. While her father was paying for the gas, she took her two sons onto the overpass and had tossed them over.

Even though police believe the mother and the eldest son were struck by by cars, miraculously all three have survived.

Busby is now facing potential attempted murder charges. At the very least, I’m sure custody will be taken away.

Tony Camacho Burns Himself, Kids to Spite His Wife

Card to Crystal and NelsonTony Camacho always told his estranged wife that one day, she’d come home and he and their kids would be gone. Well, the son of a bitch was true to his word. Weeks before his ex, Jennie Carter, was slated to take possession of their former marital home in Fort Worth Lake, Florida, Camacho told his kids to come into the house to open early Christmas presents. But there were no presents – just Camacho, a series of dead bolts, and a crapload of kerosene. Camacho died during the fire; his 10-year-old son Nelson and 8-year-old daughter Crystal succumbed to their injuries in the ensuing days. Inside of the house, investigators found empty gas canisters, as well as full containers of gasoline configured like Molotov c*cktails.

What’s galling is that there were numerous signs the train wreck that was Tony Camacho was about to derail. Outside of the threats reported by Carter in her divorce proceedings, a witness came forward after the fire and reported that, days earlier, Camacho threatened to kill Carter. Too little, too late.

Camacho should obviously have never had access to his kids given his history. Mom is no doubt raking herself over the coals for letting Camacho see his children that one last time. Amazingly, though, not everybody agrees. One anonymous father’s rights commentor on a Sun-Sentinel article about the case declares:

Another tragedy caused by faulty “custody” laws. Default custody should be 50-50. Take away the aggravation, game playing and stress and these incidents will diminish in quick fashion.

Um. Yeah. Something tells me that the last thing society needed was for the likes of bastards like Tony Camacho to spend MORE time around kids. If anything, this is evidence that “50/50 by default” is a horrible notion that will take away the discretion of the courts and keep kids trapped in abusive homes. Good parents don’t torch their children, regardless of how “stressed out” they are.

Andrea Johnson Flings Self, Child off of Highway 401 in Toronto

Andrea Johnson on Highway 401The murder-suicide craze continues in full swing with Andrea Johnson, a 30-year-old Toronto, Ontario woman who flung herself and her two-year-old son Sulla Genua onto Highway 401 at 7pm Canadian local time. Traffic was so busy that the oncoming cars ripped Johnson’s body into several pieces before traffic halted. What’s even worse – if it can GET any worse – is that motorists noticed Johnson about to jump, and tried to talk her out of it. The thoughtless, suicidal mom took the plunge anyway, ignoring their pleas.

It’s too early to say why she did this, or what this woman was going through that drove her to take both her life and the life of her innocent child. We know that John Hogan was one fucked-up puppy, and shouldn’t have been within 50 feet of his kids. What about Johnson? Were there signs that she was cracking, that she was a danger to herself and others? Or are we going to be treated to some crap from all her friends and neighbors about how she seemed “fine” and “perfectly happy”?

I’ve mellowed out on cases like this. I still feel outrage, and anger. How could you kill your own child in such a gruesome, despicable manner? But I also feel compassion. As one person at the scene remarked, these tragedies make you wonder: Have I seen this person, and not known the distress they were in? I can’t imagine what kind of war must have been waging in Andrea Johnson’s head that led her to believe this was the only way out.

More as it becomes available.

(Hat tips: Thordora, Sarah, Karen and Tanya)

British Children Dead, Parents in Coma after Poisoning in Greece (UPDATED)

[UPDATED: It looks like police are treating this as an accident. Also, the woman found was not the child’s mother, as a commenter notes, but the “companion” of the father.]

CorfuWhat the FUCK is going on here?! Is Greece suddenly the new hot spot for suicidal parents? First we have John Hogan, the English dad who lept from the window of a Crete hotel – and took his two kids along with him for the ride. Now, it looks like Neil Shephard and Ruth Emy of Wakefield are in the same boat. The two parents were found comatose, and their six-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl dead, in a hotel on the island of Corfu.

It appears there’s a possibility that what’s at play here is one of the world’s worst cases of food poisoning. That doesn’t look likely, however, as the hotel says no other guestshave succumbed. The agent appears to be a “powerful poison”, which the adults are so far surviving due to their stronger immunity. Police are leaning heavily towards suicide, but won’t confirm it until they wrap up their investigation. I’ll have more details as they come available. It’s a tragedy no matter how it turns out. Sadly, it appears to be yet another case of villainy stacked upon tragedy.

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