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Takota Hasty got his angel wings

Bubba's gonna love them ears!

Bubba’s gonna love them ears!

Mom, boyfriend charged in Takota Hasty’s death

Baby dies after accusations of abuse

Father remembers son’s ‘bright smile’

Father warned officials of abuse

Thankyou to Shadyhellyeah for the tip-off on this one. It’s so sad, yet it’s the same old pattern. Egg donor puts her sex toy above the needs of her child, sex toy seriously injures/kills child. Egg donor does sweet F-A about it.

This sad tale comes to us from Dayton, OH. Little Takota Hasty (19 months) was taken to Dayton Children’s Medical Centre with bruising on Sunday morning. He has since gained his angel wings on Monday afternoon :'( The hospital contacted detectives who were with the violent crimes unit, after they discovered that the little boy’s injuries were NOT accidental. According to his Dad, Takota had bruises on his face and back, and cigarette burns all over him, like someone had used him as an ashtray.

Guess who was behind the little boy’s death? His egg donor’s sex toy! The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Dustin Rybak and Crystal (Meth) Laurel, both 25, were taken into custody at the Montgomery County Jail. They have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and tampering with evidence. An extra charge of allowing child abuse has been tacked on for Crystal. No conviction has been recorded as of yet, but the fact that they were charged with tampering with evidence (i.e. cleaning up bloodstains, hiding bloody clothes, hiding weapons) just screams that they’re guilty. I mean, if your child has just been rushed to hospital, you wouldn’t bother cleaning up for the police now would you?

The violent sex toy and the permissive egg donor are still in jail, on a million dollars’ bond each. Go Ohio! Good luck to any enablers trying to afford that much to get them out! They are scheduled to go to court Wednesday morning. This wasn’t their first run in with the law. The egg donor was convicted of theft in 2008 and the sex toy was convicted of domestic violence in 2009 and heroin possession a little less than a year ago. Wow, just goes to show that criminals attract other criminals. Drugs and domestic violence? What a winning combination!

Dad Justin Hasty had warned officials time and time again that the sex toy was abusing Takota and his 4 year old brother Trayton. A spokesperson says that they did get a referral from Dad a week before the little boy went to hospital, but they couldn’t find the egg donor. Just another lame excuse as to why they didn’t do their job. Dad lamented that he should have done more to get Takota out of there, but he couldn’t have done more – apart from taking Takota. But then he’d be up on kidnapping charges and would never see him again. 

A candlelit vigil was held on Monday night outside the Medical Centre. Balloons were released into the sky. Dad’s last words to his son were that he’ll be seeing him someday. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to take your child off life support, knowing that they won’t survive without it. It’s just so terrible and sad. And all because the bitch who birthed him put her sex toy above his safety and wellbeing.

RIP little Takota. You'll see your Daddy again one day. Fly with the balloons!

RIP little Takota. You’ll see your Daddy again one day. Fly with the balloons!

Justin Hasty has set up a Memorial Fund in memory of little Takota. Be warned. There are graphic photos of Takota’s beaten and bruised little body. It’s very sad to look at, but if you can, dig deep.

Thanks again to Shadyhellyeah for the tip!

The Devil Made Another Mom “Do It”?

Mother charged with slashing the throats of her two children
Mothers accused of slashing childrens’ throats

The Prince of Darkness has been super busy lately.  He’s got a lot of shit on his plate, ya know, with the state of mankind and all the bad stuff,  he’s behind.  But, he still had time to get into the head of 39-year old mom of two, Sherry Kay Resser, and you know how this story goes…..

Last Saturday, Sante Fe, NM mom, Sherry Kay Slasher…I mean Resser seemed normal to her friend and those around her, up until she slashed the throats of her two sons ages 6 and 8 with a box cutter. A witness who had dropped the “son slasher” off after they had dinner with the boys said she had spent most the weekend with Sherry.  She didn’t notice or think that the kids were danger. The unidentified woman, who wishes she could have done more (don’t all witnesses say that?), also said that Saturday, Sherry “had this look, where she would just look at me, and it was like an empty gaze”….Hmm, drugs? Whatever the gazey look was, it wasn’t good because without warning Sherry ended up slashing her boys’ throats.”‘Why did you just hurt me like that? Why did you just do that to me?’” the witness said she heard being screamed by one of the boys. Can you imagine having your mom come at you with a box cutter, just slicing away? Holy Shit.

Sherry then put the boys in her car and drove them to Christus St. Vincent Hospital, where one of the boys had to get stitched up.  The Devil didn’t make Sherry do it yet though, first, a family friend was blamed for the slashed throats of her sons….well, and that’s what Sherry told police.  That lie didn’t fly seeing as the boys filled the cops in on mommy being the slicer.  They found the box cutter wrapped in tissue  inside a dumpster at the hospital, so that’s when good ol’ Satan shows up to save the day…uh, oops, I mean bad ol’ Satan to make a defense. He brought along his buddies bipolar disorder and schizophrenia too.  Sherry told investigators that besides her having the mental illnesses, she began having bad thoughts and decided to cut her sons’ throats before anyone else could harm them, or worse, the devil could take them away.  Alright…this is my problem; she was slick enough to lie and hide the weapon, so this whole crazy, “devil made me do it, I’m mentally ill” crap doesn’t jive right with me. But she drove the boys to get medical attention so maybe she is hearing voices and being controlled by her mental disease? Meh…I don’t know, but the why does the Devil get dragged into it? Oh yeah…cause it’s bullshit.

Anyhoo…Sherry faces charges of attempted murder, child abuse and tampering with evidence and she is being held on $200,000 bond. When the judge read the charges to her and asked her about legal counsel, Sherry (who btw has no prior arrests or record) whispered that she could not afford a lawyer but didn’t want to be represented by a public defender….Seriously? Wow.   I think that mental illness defense might trump the devil in this case.

Her two sons couldn’t be placed with the father because he’s a criminal *shocker!*…..but they are safely in the care of the state. What do you all make of this slicin’, dicin’, devil blaming, bitch?  Are you buying the mental illness/devil did it routine? I myself think there is more to this story, and I have some questions that I can’t get answered from the reports I read. Has she been treated for mental illness before? If so, how serious was it? Was she medicated?  Why were the kids in danger from the devil, when they were obviously in danger of their mom? And is it just me or does whole thing scream drugs? Illegal and/or legal drugs?

Thanks April and thank you very kindly for the tip Lisa  

**Special thanks to Shannie for the write-up.** 

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