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The search for paranormal activity leads to discovery of abnormal sexual activity

Tasmanian Dad accidentally films his partner with his teenage son

Woman filmed with stepson

It’s true that Tasmanians really do keep it in the family!

An evil stepwhore has pleaded guilty to 5 counts of sexual intercourse with a minor after she was caught on tape kissing and cuddling with her stepson. The father had set up a video camera to capture some paranormal activity in the house, but had forgotten to turn it off before he left for work. When he got home and reviewed the footage, he found some abnormal sexual activity going on between his 16 year old son and his 28 year old de facto partner.

When Dad confronted his child molesting whore, she downplayed the incident, but his son admitted that she’d raped had sex with him three times in the last couple of days. Dad called the cops on his kiddy-diddling whore and she fessed up to the cops that she’d raped had sex with the boy twice and knew that he was 16 years old. The prosecutor told the court that the whore had followed the son to another part of the state, where she raped him they had sex several times in a hotel room.

The twit of a defence lawyer tried to defend the whore to no avail, saying that Dad and the whore had been in a relationship for 11 years and that they had a young child together. “But honestly, Your Honour, she thought that the age of consent was 16! She thought it was okay to cheat on her partner and sexually abuse his son!” The dumb bitch should never have gone anywhere near the son. She was the adult and she knew better. The couple have understandably split up, and yet the dumb whore is trying to work on getting her man back (and possibly trying to spend more time with the boy). Dad needs to take his son and the young child far, far away from this tacky tart. If she thought nothing of sexually abusing her stepson, her own child could be next in the firing line. The whore has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced Monday.

Now for a little algebraic equation: The whore is 28 years old. She is not the mother of the 16 year old stepson. She has been in a relationship with Dad for 11 years. How old is Dad? 28 – 11 = 17. The whore was 17 when she started the relationship with Dad. Dad would have to be at least 32 (if he had the son at 16, which I highly doubt because teen fathers rarely stick around for the aftermath of their poor decisions). But maybe the son’s mother died and he stepped up to the plate. The son was 4 when his Dad took up with the whore. She watched him grow up, all that time thinking “I’m gonna bang him when he’s 16”. What a sick bitch. I’m thinking Dad was at a more socially acceptable age when he had his son and that he might be around the 40 mark. Making him around 29 when he took up with a 17 year old. Nasty.

The age of consent in Australia is 16, as long as the older partner is no more than two years older than the younger. Then the age of consent is 18. So the whore fought the law, but the law beat the whore.

Liam Osbourne died after being hit by his babysitter

Cause of Tasmanian toddler’s death unknown The ‘neighbour from hell’ Coroner unable to find cause of sleepover death Carer takes stand at inquest (You could hardly call her a “carer”, she screamed at and abused the poor kid as well as her own son)

Bad egg donor, bad babysitter, junkie and all round crater face Fiona Garth

Bad egg donor, bad babysitter, junkie and all round crater face Fiona Garth

The Tasmanian coroner has not been able to determine how a little boy died after his babysitter assaulted him.

To better understand this story, we’ll need to hop into our DeLorean (shit, Trench, do we have a fleet card for this thing?) back to 2009. 4 year old Liam Osbourne and his twin brother were being babysat by our crater faced crone Fiona Maree Garth (then 36) at her Claremont home. Over the course of the night, Liam ended up dying. Crater Face was charged with murder, with police alleging that Liam drowned in the bath or asphyxiated while under her “care”. These charges were later downgraded to assault in 2010, when the results of the autopsy found that the little boy had suffered from myocarditis and could possibly have died from an asthma attack or an epileptic fit. According to the coroner, there were indications that Crater Face was involved with his death, but not enough evidence to rule her involvement as a cause of death. Because of this, she served only a mere 10 months in prison. But her punishment doesn’t end there. Everyone in Hobart knows her name and knows her crimes.

Fast forward to 2012. An inquest was held into Liam’s death, with Crater Face giving a half arsed statement in court. She allegedly changed her story multiple times and lied to minimise her involvement with the little boy’s death. You were there, Crater Face. You were supposed to be looking after him and his brother and supervising them. Even if you didn’t assault Liam, you would still be responsible for his death, because you were supposed to be looking after him!!! 

The half arsed statement taken from Crater Face alleged that she smacked Liam on the bottom because “he was showing off in the bath”. But because the autopsy found strange marks on Liam’s body (i.e. not hand prints), she eventually fessed up to hitting him with an egg flip, that for some strange reason was in the bathroom, as well as slapping him about the head. She also said that she woke up and found Liam in the bath, and didn’t know whether Liam was already dead or why she didn’t call an ambulance when she found him. Great going there, Crater Face. Go to sleep while the boys are in the bath. Don’t worry, they should know better than to drown, they’re 4! Stupid crater faced c***. Of course she wasn’t this stupid all by herself, no siree. The coroner’s legal counsel alleges that she was pissed as a fart and high as a kite when she was meant to be looking after the boys! She allegedly drank the equivalent of 19 standard drinks, smoked pot, and took a whole sheet of Endone pills (a morphine-based pain killer) to perk herself up before going about the arduous task of looking after twin boys. The legal counsel said that on the night she bashed a puppy to death and hid it’s body in the laundry before starting in on Liam. She was warming up on a helpless animal before getting stuck into a harder target – a helpless 4 year old boy.

Even after the crater-faced c*** realised that Liam was dead because of her drugged up dumbfuckery, she wasn’t remorseful. The coroner’s legal counsel alleged that she kicked a bag of clothing around the flat and screamed “here’s the little c***’s clothes” and waved around his shoes yelling “these are the fucking feral’s”. No Crater Face. They’re not the feral’s, they were way too small for your buniony warty feet, complete with injection marks between your putrid toes. And those clothes’s aren’t the c***’s, they were way too small for your fat fugly arse. They were a reminder that your victim was small and helpless against an obese ogre like yourself.

It doesn’t stop there. The crater-faced c*** allegedly went on to blame Liam’s own parents for the injuries that she inflicted on their son. How low can this fat pig get? She abuses a kid and then blames the parents for her actions. Luckily the judge rejected the slovenly sow’s “evidence” because of all the gaping holes in her barely literate drivel. She’s lucky he didn’t knock the rest of her rotting teeth down her foul throat with his gavel! As she left, the public gallery yelled “baby killer”. As they should.

Now, why is she on Bad Breeders, you ask? Not only did she abuse and possibly kill Liam Osbourne, but she was witnessed on more that one occasion screaming abuse at her own son! A former neighbour who testified against the crater-faced c***, told the court that she saw the crater face’s son stand at the window, looking terrified and forlorn. She also regularly heard Crater Face scream at her son and tell him that she was going to kill him. Well, she killed Liam who wasn’t her kid, wouldn’t be too far of a stretch that she may follow through. The former neighbour also testified that the crater faced c*** also showered her neighbours with abuse, calling this witness “a bloody fucking stickybeak” whenever she dared to look out the window of her own home. One memorable occasion that the witness described, occurred when she looked out the window again. This enraged the crater-faced c***, who dropped her wine bottles onto the front porch. When she started to sweep the glass into the gutter, her son locked her out of the flat. Smart kid. The crater faced c*** began screaming “I’ll kill you, you little fucker, let me in”. The witness called police, but when they showed up, she was back to acting normally. The witness also alleged that on the morning of Liam’s death, the crater faced c*** stumbled out (yes, stumbled like the drunkard she is) and pruned her fucking roses! A child was dead because of her and all she cared about was her roses! Someone should have shoved the rose bush up her cavernous c***, which would no doubt be a crater like her face. Since she loved her roses so much, she probably would have loved to fuck them.

Rest in Peace, Liam. The dumb deranged c*** called Fiona Garth cannot touch you. She will not know a moment of peace, not since the moment she inflicted violence upon your little body. Play with the puppy, who is now your guardian spirit.

I couldn’t find any information as to the whereabouts of the crater faced c***’s son, but I presume they would have taken him away, since his birthing unit is a drugged drunkard, a bully and a baby killer. They can’t put him back with the cratered c*** after she was suspected of killing a child (but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. These agencies, on the whole, are incompetent and are often accomplices to the bad breeders)

Rest in Peace, Liam Osbourne. Your twin brother will feel your presence and know you are safe.

Rest in Peace, Liam Osbourne. Your twin brother will feel your presence and know you are safe.


Bad two-headed boyfriend rapes toddler

Man admits raping 2yo girl

There’s not a lot on this one – Australian media is really good at suppressing names and photos of child abusers and offenders.  Don’t want to get sued and all of that, in case some vigilantes hand the offender’s arse to them on a plate.

A Tasmanian douchebag has pleaded guilty to raping his girlfriend’s 2 year old daughter and producing child porn. Now, now – I know that there’s a lack of fresh genetic material on that island, all closed off to the mainland down there. Your girlfriend was probably your sister and the baby was also your sister too. But children are off-limits, no matter how starved you are for fresh DNA.

The sicko raped the toddler at his girlfriend/sister’s North Hobart home and filmed the depraved act on his phone. It seems even if you have two heads, it doesn’t make you any smarter, because the po-po seized it and now have solid evidence that this bad boyfriend is a freakish fuck. Not only did he rape the toddler at her home, but he also raped her in some public toilets and filmed that too! Disgusting vile pustule! How could the birth vessel let this pin-dick take her baby girl into the toilets with him, let him spend excessive time around her? Did she think he was being a good daddy? Well guess what sunshine? Good daddies don’t rape children. They don’t rape anyone!

The festering boil on society’s arse originally pleaded “not guilty” to the rape. Soooo…what was on the film? Was it consensual? Was she leading him on, teasing him with those nearly see-through Huggies? Bleugh, I don’t even want to try to think of a motive. And why would you film it? So you can show all your mates what a “big man” you are for dominating a two year old girl? The silver lining is that the cops have evidence of the rape, so his arse is going to the slammer, where Brucie and the big boys await. You’re never going to sit down again, rock spider. Sicko has also pleaded guilty to the armed robbery of a video shop in Hobart. What a winner! Choice babysitter, knows how to provide for his family /sarcasm. Ladies, control yourselves!

In a victim impact statement, the girl’s breeder said she was going to have nightmares about it. Excuse me? What about your daughter who was RAPED by your piece of rotten meat that you let hang around her? Your bed warmer, who you thought was a good substitute for her real dad? You’re only thinking about “your” nightmares, what about the damage done to your daughter by your sex toy’s pin-dick? I hope she’s taken far away from her selfish tw*t incubator and her countless c***-plugs.

Man pimps out 12-year-old girl to 100+ men

Man pimps girl, 12, to 100 men shares profits with mum:

That scumbag is Gary John Devine of Hobart, Tasmania in Australia. He was recently found guilty of pimping out a 12-year-old girl to over 100 men. Devine would charge $100 for a half hour and an additional $50 if the john didn’t want to use a condom. The girl eventually developed STDs including chlamydia and genital warts.

However while he is the main scumbag in this story he’s not our main focus. Devine did all this with the permission of the girl’s mother. The mother has not been named to protect the identity of the girl. Devine would split the money with the mother and the girl, not evenly of course. All three of them are said to have used the money for drugs. I’m not surprised the girl did drugs. It’s not surprising that a girl forced into that lifestyle would turn to drugs.

The mother has been charged and is custody. And to make matters worse Devine only received 10 years and is eligible for parole in 8.

Thanks to Nara for the tip.

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