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Bad girlfriend makes 3-year-old eat her own feces

Arizona police say Nicole Candelaria forced 3-year-old to eat own feces after bathtub accident:

Nicole Candelaria

What is it with child abusers and feces? There’s either feces on the floor, on the kids or in this case used as a torture device.

27-year-old Nicole Candelaria of Tempe, Arizona, was arrested for allegedly abusing her boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. The girl had an accident in the bathtub. That’s not unheard of for children that age. So Candelaria did what we all would have done and told the girl it was ok, that accidents happen and she cleaned up the mess with a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step. Ok, I made that up. What she’s really accused of doing is making the girl eat her own feces as punishment.

Police became involved when the girl told her mother what happened. When questioned by police Candelaria supposedly said that the girl lies all the time. Nothing like trying to lay the blame on a 3-year-old girl is there? Except the girl’s siblings also said that Candelaria made the girl eat her own waste. A medical exam on the victim also showed bruising over most of the girl’s body and an injury to her vagina of unknown origin. Candelaria would watch the children while their father was at work. The kids were visiting their father for the week.

With those tastefully done tattoos I wonder if she has a night job, one that may or may not involve a pole.

Thanks to Vod for the tip.

Girl left in car after mom shot and killed

Man admits to killing ex, leaves 2-yr-old in car with dead mom:

Sometimes you can be a bad boyfriend without physically harming the child. For example take Victor A. Martinez Jr. of Tempe, Arizona.

He was arrested for shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend 23-year-old Christina Hallman. And it’s not just because he allegedly killed Ms. Hallman leaving the baby without a mother that makes him a bad boyfriend. What makes him a bad boyfriend is that he is said to have shot Ms. Hallman in her car while her 2-year-old daughter was in the back seat leaving the girl there when he left.

Luckily the girl was physically unharmed.

An account has been set up at Chase Bank. Donations can be made to account number 2943315883.

Thanks to Teresa for the tip.

Mom maced daughters for stopping her from driving drunk

PD: Tempe mom arrested for pepper spraying daughters:

That’s 35-year-old Michelle Antone of Tempe, Arizona. She was arrested after she allegedly pepper sprayed her daughters, ages 15 and 10. It seems that she was drunk when she woke up at 4pm on Saturday afternoon. She was so belligerent with her daughters they left the house. When they returned 2 hours later Antone demanded her car keys which were locked away where Antone couldn’t get them. So for saving her life and probably others Antone sprayed her daughters with pepper spray.

No word on if the daughters were placed somewhere else or not.

When dealing with booze moderation is the key people. You may thing you’re so cool when you’re plastered but you’re not.

Thanks to Lady Jade for the tip.

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