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Alfreda Giedrojc

(Thanks to Ginger Snap for the post)

Alfreda Giedrojc

Grandmother pleads not guilty in baby’s sledgehammer death:

Grandmother used sledgehammer, knife to kill baby, prosecutors allege:

Alfreda Giedrojc, Grandmother, Bludgeoned Baby With Sledgehammer, Slit Throat: Police:

Most parents have no problem with their children’s grandparents babysitting for them, happy even for the break away from the kids with someone they know they can trust. Unfortunately, trust can and will be broken. In this case, it took an infant girl’s life.

Back in October near The Windy City (Oak Lawn to be exact), Joel Summers left his precious 6 month old daughter, Vivian, with his mother-in-law so he could help his father-in-law with some repairs on a nearby neighbor’s home. While they were gone, Alfreda had plans of her own for her granddaughter.

After her father left the home, Alfreda took little Vivian off the couch where she was sleeping peacefully and placed her on the floor. She then went to a closet and retrieved a sledgehammer, yes I said sledgehammer. The sledgehammer was placed there by Alfreda the evening before (premeditated?). She picked up the sledgehammer and allegedly hit little Vivian on the head and on the body repeatedly. When Vivian continued to move about and cry, the evil grandmother (if you even want to call her that), went to the kitchen and retrieved a carving knife. The evil, sadistic witch then proceeded to pick Vivian up, hold her and slit her throat. MY HEART IS BREAKING. Upon the men returning to the house, they made the horrible discovery. They immediately called police. Vivian was pronounced dead at the hospital the same day.

What a brutal, awful way to die. There is nothing more innocent, defenseless, and precious than a baby. My son is 7 months old. I can’t (and don’t want to) even imagine how anyone could do such a horrendous thing to an infant. My son is constantly giving me toothless grins, precious baby giggles, cuddling and “kissing” me. He depends on me for everything. How anyone could take total advantage of someone’s defenselessness and innocence is beyond my comprehension. It makes my stomach just turn inside out to think of the pain that little girl went through. To think of how scared she was. To think of her screams of agony and fear. It is just horrible.

Alfreda was arrested and held without bail. She is being charged with four counts of murder. Her attorney, public defender Michael Wilson, asked and received permission from the judge to have an interpreter present in meetings with Alfreda. She was born in Poland and speaks very little English. In November, Alfreda pleaded not guilty. Hopefully justice will be served and she will die in prison, alone. I pray for peace and comfort for the parents of that sweet girl.

Putaine Francaise cuts and runs

Hunt for mum after French children slain

Three Siblings With Throats Slit: Mother Held


Bonjour from gay Paris! Well not so gay from the sounds of this story 🙁

Three children aged 9, 11 and 17, were found with their throats slit in their home near Paris, France. Police suspected the mother who had fled the scene. The children’s Papa, a doctor, came home from work one morning to find that his children had been murdered and his femme nowhere to be found. The bodies of the 9 year old and the 11 year old had multiple stab wounds. The eldest was still alive when emergency services arrived, but succumbed to his injuries in hospital. Tres triste!

The police have since arrested the murderous putaine and are now holding her in Paris. Poor Papa was understandably in shock. The family lived in Dampmart, a small town 30km (60 miles) from Paris, in the Seine-et-Marne region. Investigators reported that the couple were having marital problems. Absolutely no excuse for murder whatsoever! In the comment section, people are asking for the public not to jump to conclusions about the mother. Well she ran away as soon as her babies were killed, and now she’s been arrested! What conclusions make you there?

Rest in Peace, mes enfants. Un souffle du ciel.

Salem breeder slashes her kids’ throats and set the place on fire

Goodwin: ‘I Did What I Had To Do To Protect My Children’
Kids found slashed in home fire; mom charged
Tanicia Goodwin Charged With Slashing Kids’ Throats, Setting Apartment On Fire

Tanicia Goodwin, alleged baby throat slasher and arsonist.


I don’t usually start my stories telling you the ending, but I feel I must in this case. The two kids in this story are still alive. In critical condition, but alive nonetheless.

Tanicia Goodwin, 25, of Salem, MA, did the unthinkable (don’t they all?).  She has been charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and arson after she slit the throats of her 2 babies, doused them in lighter fluid,  and set her apartment on fire.  She sits in jail without bond while the she waits for her court date next week.  She has plead not guilty.

Not sure how you plead not guilty after you walk into a police station covered in blood and lighter fluid, smash a glass display case in the lobby, then say  “I did what I had to do to protect my children.”   According to police, she smelled of lighter fluid, had red liquid on her clothing and ash on her hands. Police said she had a “superficial” cut on her neck as well.  “I’m sorry, I had to protect my babies,” she told police. Fuck, protect them from what? The boogie man doesn’t have shit on you lady.

Back at her apartment, her kids were being rescued by firefighters. Her 8-year old boy Jamal, was found inside the apartment with his throat slashed so deeply that his trachea was showing. He wasn’t able to speak or move, and hardly able to breath. When firefighters asked him if his mother did this to him, he was able to nod.  Her 3-year old, Erica, was found face down and bleeding from her throat at a neighbor’s empty apartment. Tanicia had gone to this neighbor’s apartment with her and the firefighters actually saw them both before responding to the fire, but didn’t notice the girl’s wounds. Didn’t the fucking neighbors notice? While everyone was evacuating the building, she dumped her little girl on the couch face down, and left her alone to run to the police station. It was only by chance that a firefighter happened upon her while checking apartments to be sure everyone had gotten out safely.

As if it could get worse,  not only did she set the fire but also disabled the apartment’s smoke alarms, removed the interior doorknob and blocked the vents and nearly every sprinkler with duct tape and rags. Guess she really wanted to get the job done.  In her interview with police, she wouldn’t say much at first. She kept asking about the well being of her children, asking if they were alive.  “I’m not supposed to be here. … I’m not supposed to be alive”, she told them.  Guess she was going to off herself too, too bad that didn’t work out.  Police asked her if her husband or boyfriend had hurt her kids and she nodded no. When they asked her if she had hurt them, she shook her head yes.

Police recovered three cans of lighter fluid at the apartment, as well as a large kitchen knife,  which they believe to be what she used to cut her kids.

Both children were flown to Children’s Hospital Boston in critical condition. Nurses  had to wipe lighter fluid off both children before they could be treated. They’ve both undergone surgeries and Jamal is listed as critical condition as of yesterday, Erica in stable condition.

Another tidbit about Tanicia is that she only regained custody of Jamal in 2010 after voluntarily giving him up in 2007 to a cousin so that she could earn her GED and college degree. Um ok. I’ll refrain from commenting on this.  But I will ask, you can’t go to school and be a mom like the fucking rest of us?

Thank GOD Jamal and Erica are alive. If we can find a silver lining, that’s it.  No word on their dad or dads. Or on any family members stepping up to take care of these babies while this c*** serves her time. I hope they don’t end up in the system, but I suppose anywhere is better than with her. I hope she gets more than a slap on the wrist for her brutalities and direct disregard for human life. I smell an insanity pleas though and a “history of mental illness” story as well. Let’s hope the judge gets it right though.

Thanks to all who sent in the tips on this one.

Not Divine Not Mercy: Breeder slits throat of 4-year-old

Being crazy has her in stitches

Mother charged in death of Bloomingdale girl:

In Bloomington, Illinois police arrested 43-year-old Marci M. Webber for allegedly killing her own 4-year-old daughter, Maggie Webber.

Webber killed her daughter by slashing her throat with a 4 inch folding knife. The cut was so deep it severed her daughter’s esophagus and reached the spine. For those of you not up on your anatomy that means she almost cut her daughter’s head off with a small knife with a single cut. Even on a 4-year-old girl that had to require a superhuman effort. The superhuman effort may have come from the fact that Webber is obviously nuttier than squirrel shit.

Webber wrote on the bathroom wall in blood “Divine Mercy” and claims that she brutally killed her daughter so she wouldn’t end up as an internet sex slave even though she was not in danger of becoming that.

She’s obviously also been treated for self inflicted wounds. I’m guessing this is another case of an attempted murder-suicide where the murderer backed out. Webber had been involved in a custody dispute over another daughter.

Thanks to Holly for the tip.

BC Breeder charged with slashing his step-daughter’s throat

Stepfather accused of fatally cutting 5-year-old girl’s throat:

29-year-old Peter James Wilson of is accused of slashing the throat of his 5-year-old step-daughter while on vacation in Hoodsport, Washington.

Allegedly Wilson argued with his wife over how the children should be disciplined and then told his wife “not to worry that he would take care of it.”

The next thing the wife knows is that she hears a scram from her daughter, 5-year-old Clare Louise Shelswell. When she got to where she was she saw her own daughter bleeding from the throat holding her throat trying to stop the bleeding. Wilson was allegedly standing over her with the knife.

The child died from blood loss after being nearly decapitated, according to Mason County Coroner Wes Stockwell.

Being a stepfather myself I am more than horrified over this story and could never imagine hurting my stepkids let alone doing something as abhorrent as this.

Washington does have the death penalty and they offer the choice of hanging. Personally it shouldn’t be a choice. For crimes as heinous as this the hanging should be mandatory. I just hope the government of Canada doesn’t try to sticki their nose into this since they’re so death penalty opposed.

Thanks to Angelica for the tip.

Michelle Kehoe gets life

Iowa mom gets life for murdering son; barred from contacting surviving son:

I originally posted about Michelle Kehoe here. She is the woman who survived an ‘accident’ with her two kids after her van flew into a river.

Apparently that may not have been the proper results she wanted because in November of last year she slit the throats of her two kids ages 2 and 7 left them in the van to die in a parking lot. She told police that a stranger took the kids. The 7-year-old survived but the 2-year-old did not.

This past week she was sentenced to life behind bars for the murder of her 2-year-old son and she’s been ordered not to have any contact with her surviving son.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

A Slashed Throat and a Self-inflicted Stab Wound


Tineka Johnson, 29, was tired of hearing her baby cry – so she cut his throat with a kitchen knife. She then stabbed herself in the leg. Well, at least she couldn’t run when the police came to arrest her. She has been charged with attempted murder, and criminal possession of a weapon.

While Rayshawn Lawrence is in a fight for his life, listed in serious condition, the egg donor is doing substantially better. Too bad she didn’t slice through her femoral artery and save the taxpayers the expense of a trial and an extended stay in the gray bar hotel.

Apparently they are already thinking of a good defense strategy. Can anyone guess? That’s right! She has a mental disorder and may have been off her meds. I don’t care if she WAS off her meds. That makes her even more culpable, in my opinion. She deliberately put her child in danger by refusing to take something that would keep her from nutting up.

Everybody sing with me, to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it…”:

If you’re crazy and you know it, take your meds.
If you’re crazy and you know it, take your meds.
If you’re crazy and you know it, and you love your baby, show it.
If you’re crazy and you know it, take your meds.

Flame me if you want, but I can make fun of people on meds, because I AM one. Being on meds does not make you a bad parent – refusing to take meds you need, does. People who quit taking their necessary prescriptions and then want to blame mental illness for their horrific actions need to be sterilized and caged. Administer their meds with a tranquilizer gun – they are little more than animals, in my book.

Thanks to LadyJade and Trench for the links.

LA woman slashes daughters’ throats

bloody_knifeMom charged with fatally stabbing 2 daughters:

37-year-old Antonia Gomez of Los Angeles has been charged with slashing the throats and killing two of her daughters.

Gomez allegedly killed her daughters, Edith Moreno, 11 and Diana Moreno, 17, because she lost her job and could not make the mortgage payments.

Gomez cut herself too but of course that didn’t take.

Gomez also has a 14-year-old daughter who wasn’t home at the time. So I guess it was ok to kill two of her daughters and try to kill herself while leaving her 14-year-old alive.

There’s more to life than house payments people so stop being selfish pricks and killing your kids.

I guess money truly is the root of all evil.

Psycho man accused of slitting daughters throat

Father accused of killing 6-year-old daughter:

35-year-old Kristopher Griffin of Mansfield, Mass. was arrested for slitting his 6-year-old daughter’s throat killing her.

No motive for the killing was given but the araticle stated that the girl’s mother was planning on leaving the state with the girl and that Griffin has a history of mental illness.

Griffin cited God as the reason he killed his daughter…

Prosecutors allege Griffin confessed to killing her and said that God had told him to do it.

An officer asked Griffin if he had hurt anyone “and the defendant responded, saying ‘yes, she’s gone. I had to save her, I killed my little girl,” prosecutor Cynthia Brackett told the court.

Griffin had left a note in a mobile home where he had been staying after breaking up with the victim’s mother, saying “forgiveness for sending Katy to heaven,” police said.

And he sobbed in court when he entered his not guilty plea.

I’m sorry but you have no right to invoke God for killing your daughter. I guess he skipped the commandment that said ‘Thou shall not kill’. You don’t have the right to sob over your daughter’s death either since you ‘allegedly’ killed her.

And if he had such a history of mental illness maybe he should have been locked up already. That’s another thing wrong with out society is that wee more concerned with the rights of the dangerously mentally ill than we are the safety of those around them.

Texas woman charged with slashing throats of daughters

Officials still unravelling knife attack on two girls near Hillsboro, while their mother waits in jail:

The news is never good when an article starts out like this…

The day after a restraining order against Debra Janelle Jeter ended, the 32-year-old picked up her 12- and 13-year-old daughters at 6 p.m. Friday and told them she had a surprise.

Do restraining orders ever work? Anyway the surprise was that Jeter of Hillsboro, Texas slashed the throats of her daughters, 13-year-old Kiersten and 12-year-old Kelsey. Kiersten survived the attack but unfortunately Kelsey did not.

The reason the restraining order was placed in the first place was because Jeter attempted suicide and the girls’ father was worried about the girls’ safety in their mother’s hands. He was also petitioning the court for sole custody of the girls.

Why a temporary restraining order? Once again the courts have sided with the irresponsible parent and now a girl is dead because of it. It’s a shame she didn’t succeed in killing herself in the first place.

Thanks to Danielle for the tip.

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