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What do you do after fracturing a baby’s skull while on cocaine? Get more cocaine of course.

Ashley Ann-Marie Walton

Police: Baby’s skull fractured after being thrown against wall:

Police in Fort Wayne, Indiana say that Ashley Ann-Marie Walton admitted to throwing her infant daughter against the wall because the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Walton allegedly said that she hadn’t slept in two or three days and couldn’t get the baby to stop crying. Loss of sleep like that can happen when you test positive for cocaine.

Not only do police say that Walton was on cocaine at the time of the assault but she attempted to get more cocaine rather than calling for help.

The phone showed that five calls had been placed right at 12:05 pm, but none of those calls were to EMS. Walton had also apparently texted a person at 12:26 pm to try and buy prescription pills and powder cocaine. Phone records indicate it wasn’t until 12:40 pm that Walton called EMS for medical help.

Police believe Walton continued to text message the same person to arrange a price for the drugs and a pick up time. At 3:38 p.m., while at the hospital where her baby girl was being treated, a text from Walton to the same person read, “ok cuz I’m at the hospital with the baby and I’m not trying to be gone long.”

She’ll be gone long all right. As in years.

She also bathed the baby before calling EMS.

If the cocaine thing wasn’t enough she also tried the age-old ‘someone dropped the baby’ excuse. The someone she was trying to blame? Her three-year-old daughter.

Thankfully from what I understand the baby survived and has been released from the hospital into foster care.

But man, if you’re texting somebody about scoring some blow while you’re at the hospital where your child has a fractured skull at your hands you may just have a slight drug problem.

Bad Boyfriend Scott the scumbag gets life for smashing baby’s head against the wall

***Post by our UK correspondent Cobalt Rose***

Ashley Johnson

Babysitter, 33, killed girlfriend’s baby by dropping him on the floor and smashing his head against a wall because he wouldn’t stop crying:

Wow, it seems like only a couple of days ago I was writing a story about an innocent child murdered by their ‘mothers’ boyfriend in the UK. Oh wait, it WAS only a couple of days ago. Well, here’s yet another similar story.

This time, the victim was an adorable 18 month old boy named Ashley Johnson. Ashley was being ‘looked after’ by his mothers’ boyfriend, 33-year-old Scott Hepburn while his mother Samantha Knox was out. Now, Scott the scumbag and Samantha had only been dating for FOUR measly months, yet she seemed to think it was perfectly fine to leave her son alone with Hepburn. Well, that stupidity would cost Ashley his tragically short life.

On January 27th this year, Ashley was doing what every baby does. Crying. Old Scotty couldn’t handle it (even though he’d only been looking after the baby for an hour) and decided that the best way to quiet Ashley would be to drop him from a height of three feet and then smash his tiny head against a wall. Twice. Well, it worked, and Ashley shut up. Permanently.

Scott Hepburn, the face of a baby killer.

After the attack, Scott then calmly put Ashley in his cot and went downstairs to watch television. Evil bastard. It was only after Ashley’s mother arrived home later that day to find her son unconscious that he finally received medical attention, but by that point it was too late, and Ashley died in hospital. He had suffered multiple skull fractures, a fractured leg and a ‘catastrophic’ brain injury. When questioned, Hepburn apparently had ‘no idea’ how Ashley got injured. Sure, because he had NO IDEA that dropping a baby from three feet and smashing their head against a wall would seriously hurt them. *rolls eyes* That’s clearly bullshit, because Scott later admitted that he ‘flipped out’ and attacked Ashley because he couldn’t handle his crying.

On the 2nd of November this year, Scott was jailed for life. He must serve at least 15 years, not nearly enough in my opinion, but then again, no sentence would be tough enough for a baby-killing scumbag like him.

As it turns out, Scott has a history of violence. (I know, try to muffle your gasps of surprise). In 2002 he was sentenced to 30 months behind bars for an arson attack. Well, he’s got plenty of time to get reacquainted with prison life now. I’m sure he’ll be Mr Popular in no time.

R.I.P Ashley. It’s a tragedy that your life was cut short in such a brutal way.

Step-Breeder slams infant's head against the wall

Stepfather of critically injured infant arrested:

Police Say Frustrated Stepfather Hurt Baby:

29-year-old Ryan Joe Clarke of Orlando, Florida is accused of bashing his stepson’s head against the wall four times.

Clarke was baby sitting 7-month-old Mark Ward when the atrocity occurred. Clark was watching the baby for Brigit Ward who is Mark’s grandmother and legal guardian. Mark’s mother, Rian Basarich, relinquished temporary custody to Mark’s Grandmother until she could get her life straightened out. You would think that an act like that would go towards bettering a child’s life unfortunately that was not be.

When Ms. Ward returned from work she noticed that Mark was cold to the touch. Ward and Clarke took Mark to the hospital where of course they determined that Mark had a fractured skull.

Clarke allegedly gave a handful of stories including that Mark fell, Mark fell while he was giving him a bath, then that he dropped Mark in the kitchen. It wasn’t until police recorded a phone call between Ms. Basarich and Clarke that the story became more clear.

According to police Clarke admitted to striking the baby’s head against the wall four times in frustration out of the baby crying. Again another idiot who thinks that severely injuring a baby will get them to stop crying. Most of the time it does permanently.

He said that he was also upset over the status of his and Basarich’s relationship. Suck it up loser. Not only are you less of man because you can’t handle a relationship but you’re subhuman because you took it out on an infant.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Bad chicken looking boyfriend threw boy against wall

Police: Man Threw Toddler Against Wall:

Police: Boy Thrown For Not Going To Bed:

Man accused of throwing child against a wall:

Angry Chicken Man over there is 34-year-old Benjamin Edward Ahr of Daytona Beach, Florida. Before we get to his transgressions let’s ponder about his mugshot for a second. He’s 34. Fauxhawk, bleached blonde, funky sideburns, not only a neck tattoo but a neck tattoo of a woman’s name. He’s 34. Grow up already.

Anyway he’s accused of lifting his girlfriend’s 2 1/2-year-old son over his head and throwing him against a wall because he wouldn’t go to bed. The girlfriend was at work at the time. The boy went into seizures and at the time of the articles is on a breathing machine in the hospital and has a fractured skull and bleeding of the brain.

Ahr tried blaming the injuries on ‘rough housing’ by the boy’s older brother.

Except when the police interviewed the older brother he said that not only did Ahr throw the boy against the wall he abused the older brother as well.

Why would anyone think that this piece of crap is more important than their kids. Ladies please choose your boyfriends wisely.

Thanks to Melissa and Jill for the tip.

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