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Toddler’s ‘Disrespect’ Was Fatal

(Trench’s note: As noted by the circumstances below I’m very behind on my own assignments so I apologize to the writers who submitted stories a while ago and I’m now just getting around to posting them.)

Thanks to Eccentric Lady for the write up.

Clifton Bernard

Clifton Bernard charged with Jamir Shipe’s murder:

Clifton Edward Bernard charged with child abuse, attempted murder:

Suitland, MD – It would seem this boy toy to Jamir Shipe’s mother fits in the category of being deeply insecure enough to be threatened by a two-year old. Yes, this epitome of manliness couldn’t handle the funny face made to him by a little boy who climbed on the furniture. Clifton Bernard reacted as any manly man would think that his two-inch dick is ten inches long – by grabbing the toddler and shoving him to the floor.

Well, shelled-peanuts-for-balls here didn’t think that was enough there – grabbed the charming little guy by his face and forced his head through a wall. Yup, that sure took care of the child’s playful smarty behavior – and any potential future arrangements of babysitting.

Toddlers are seemingly by nature a bit on the rough and tumble side, but still are far from being indestructible. Being grabbed by the torso, slammed to the floor than picked up by the face and shoved through drywall is too much – even for an adult!

Well, after that pique two brain cells collided in Bernard’s head upstairs and he called 911. If you thought he was going to man up to being an insecure little prick, I wish I was that naive. Nah, he called for help for Jamir was ‘choking on food’.

Really? Broken bones in his face and head, total respiratory failure and other serious injuries caused by choking on food? Bernard must be praying that the doctors got hit with the dumb stick if he thought that would have believed. If anyone got hit with the dumb stick it was Bernard.

He’s been charged with first degree murder and more. Sad sack’s being held without bond too.

R.I.P Jamir Shipe – at least up in Heaven, they know how to laugh.

Jealous Texas Twat Murders Boyfriend’s Baby

***Special thanks to Rochell for the tip and write-up***

Laura Lea Kolb

Laura Lea Kolb

Santa Fe PD: Woman kills boyfriend’s 4-year-old daughter in fit of anger after argument:

Girlfriend ‘kills partner’s four-year-old daughter in a fit of rage following late-night argument at their apartment’:

Texas woman Laura Kolb ‘kills boyfriend’s daughter, 4, following argument’:

Usually we hear of an abusive step-dick that robs a sweet child out of their life, but there are some seriously self-centered tw*t waffles out there that do this too. In this horrid tale we have step-monster of the year 36-year-old Laura Lea Kolb.

See, step-bitch was angry with 4-year-old Taylor Gene Moore’s daddy Kevin Moore and instead of acting like a normal person and going and walking it off she took out her anger on little Taylor, robbing her of her life. Apparently Laura Lea Kolb and Kevin Moore began arguing around 3 am; Kevin went downstairs and tried cooling off a bit before going back up and dealing with the slag. According to reports step-bitch came out, presumably to continue the argument, and was foiled by those deviant bastard stairs. In a huff over her inability to complete such a simple task, such as walking, this dumb whore went back upstairs and allegedly threw the baby girl against a bed then began yelling Kevin’s name. Kevin yelled back to her to wait, however this proved to be a fatal mistake, seeing as by the time he got up there Taylor had went to fly with the angels.

Neighbors said that all of this took course over the span of an hour, between hearing the couple argue to the time that they heard sirens and saw Kevin running outside with the baby girl lifeless in his arms. The police attempted to resuscitate baby Taylor then transferred her to Mainland Center Hospital however she was pronounced deceased at 5 am. The police took step-bitch into custody where she admitted to shoving the girl to the floor and then throwing her on a bed, killing her…fucking stupid c***.

Step-bitch has been charged with first degree felony injury to a child, with a bond of $250,000. I hope to God she rots in hell and gets shanked for robbing such an innocent sweet child of her life.

R.I.P Taylor, you were taken way too soon.

Michigan Breeder throws 8-month-old to the ground

Delniece Williams, does she have a brother named Delnephew?

Mother arrested for death of infant:

Mother charged after infant son dies:

Harper Woods mom charged in baby’s death:

20-year-old Delniece Williams of Harper Woods, Michigan has been charged in the brutal death of her 8-month-old son. Police say that Williams threw her 8-month-old son, George Wilburn Jr., down on the floor causing skull and rib fractures. In police interviews Williams allegedly admitted to throwing the baby down on the floor and letting him roll off the bed. The baby was taken off life support and then passed away from his injuries.

When she informed the baby’s father that his son was in the hospital she allegedly tried blaming the injuries on her 2-year-old from another relationship.

“She told me her 2-year-old son fractured his skull and broke his ribs,” Wilburn said. “I said, ‘No way,’ and jumped in my car and drove down to Children’s Hospital.”

The even sadder part is it seems that the 19-year-old father had a good head on his shoulders and was trying to do what’s best for his son only to have this careless cow murder his son.

The father of the baby thinks that this was Williams’ way of getting back at him for breaking up with her. She couldn’t have been that broken up about it since she seemed to be living with another guy.

Anyway I’m horrified at this story because think of the tremendous amount of force that Williams would have exerted to cause the extensive amount of injuries that the baby suffered.

What they should do is strap her to a wrecking ball and smash it against the side of a building until she’s just a red smear on the wrecking ball and the building.

Thanks to Sun Runner and Dionne for the tips.

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