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Narky Narkle kills toddler

Man in court over murder of WA toddler

Man in court over Perth toddler murder

Screams at dead boy’s unit: neighbour

Screams at dead boy s unit: neighbour

No-one’s ever going to forget or forgive you for killing an innocent child!

Unfortunately, it’s the same-old, same-old. Mum goes out, leaving child with c***-plug. Child is mysteriously injured or dies while under c***-plug’s “care”. Same-old, same-old.

Wayne Murray Narkle (22) is no exception. His girlfriend Kerry Bodney went out one night, leaving her 2 year old toddler son in her home in Perth WA with the Nark. When she returned, the little boy was unconscious. She ran frantically to a neighbour’s place for help, and an ambulance was called. The toddler was taken to the hospital, but died on arrival :'( It’s not clear how the little boy died, but the doctors, police and the coroner know it wasn’t an accident.

The Nark was arrested at a unit in Bassandean, in Perth’s east. He has been charged with the murder of the little boy and was remanded in custody to appear in court today. He has not entered any pleas and the case has been adjourned till March. You’d better not fucking plead “not guilty”, douchebag. You killed that baby and you don’t get to plead for freedom. You’d better hope that you miraculously die in your sleep before you get to prison. They don’t take kindly to baby-killers in the big house. They’re going to jam that stupid gangsta glove up your arse. With your hand in it.

Kerry is heartbroken over the murder of her son (he can’t be named for cultural reasons and I’ll explain why in a minute). She’s posted on Facebook that “My son’s the only one in my heart, the rest is empty,”.

Tributes are flowing in on her page for her son, “My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Kerry Bodney on the horrible loss of her baby boy . . . I wouldn’t wish her pain on anybody. RIP baby boy,”- Emma

“My heart goes out to Kerry Bodney on the horrible loss of her little boy, words cannot explain how she is feeling. May He Rest In Peace Beautiful Little Soul.”

“So sad at this time that your beautiful lil boy left so soon. Stay strong,” – Shauna

It was clear that everyone loved this little boy. So what fucking right did this shitstain have to take him away from his loving mum and family? He was probably jealous. Jealous that the boy wasn’t his. That he was “taking up his girl’s time”. That he got in the way of his partying. For whatever pathetic and petty reason this shitbag had for killing the toddler, He. Did. Not. Deserve. It.

*Side note: In Aboriginal culture, once a person dies, their name isn’t said anymore. This is because it’s believed that the person’s spirit won’t move on if  the person’s name is mentioned or photos of them are shown..I did find this photo for us to look at and remember the little boy, see how different he was to the shit-stain who took his life because he wasn’t “his”. Seeing that cute, cheeky look on his face makes me even more angry that this piece of shit killed him.

Follow the Moon, Little Boy.






Angel Camacho Didn’t Live Up To His Name

“Devil” Camacho

Cleveland man admits beating his girlfriend’s toddler to death

Angel Camacho accused of fatally beating 2-year-old Iris Rivera 

37-year-old Angel Camacho is no fucking angel.  In fact, he might just be the devil in disguise.  Either way, I hope the sorry pile of bat guano suffers the same fate that he delivered to 2-year-old Iris Rivera.

 Camacho was the vagina filler to little Iris’ mother.  I’m not blaming Iris’ mother (whose name I can’t find) for this one.  Apparently Iris’ mommy was hospitalized, on June 16th, due to difficulty breathing and had no choice but to leave her five children with the bastard.  He had two children of his own so I can almost see why she would have trusted him in this situation. 

 The following morning, Camacho dropped the children off to Camacho’s mother’s ex-husband.  He (the Ex) noticed that Iris wasn’t breathing and quickly called 911.  When paramedics arrived at the house, Iris was dead on the living room floor.  Did Camacho think no one would notice that he dropped of a dead baby?  Sheesh. 

 The coroner said that Iris died from blunt impacts that caused injury to he organs and caused internal bleeding.  Her small intestine was separated and there was damage to her liver and burns on the backs of her hands.  In addition, she was covered in bruises and abrasions and had a bite mark on her arm.  I can only imagine that little Iris did a fair bit of suffering before taking her final breath.  Fuck.

 The dickhead was indicted on four counts of endangering children for violating a duty of care, torturing or cruelly abusing the child and administering corporal punishment. The coward offered up guilty plea and admitted that he was responsible for Iris’ death in exchange for the charges being dropped.  He faces 15 years to life in prison.  I hope he gets the maximum.  I also hope that he is the recipient of many hours of unsupervised play time in the prison shower.  We all know how inmates love baby killers. 

Thanks go to me for this one.

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