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Unsupervised toddler unconscious after drinking mystery liquid

Liquid in soft drink bottle leaves boy unconscious

As you all know, I don’t have children. I have no interest in having children (I had an Implanon put in last year to prevent that). But I know poor parenting when I see it. And if it’s painfully obvious to the child-free, it should stick out like Uluru in the middle of Sydney to the authorities.

A 3 year old boy is unconscious after drinking from a soft drink bottle he found in the street outside his home. According to authorities, the boy was playing with his brother outside a block of flats in Melbourne’s CBD about 8pm yesterday when he found the discarded bottle. Being three years old, and possibly not knowing any better, he thought it was a yummy drink and took a swig. His parents called 000 after he became seriously ill from drinking the random liquid, and when the ambos arrived minutes later, he was unconscious. The ambos managed to stabilise him at the scene and took him to the Royal Children’s hospital where he was in a serious condition.

Authorities are performing tests on the liquid and the boy to determine what was in the liquid. They suspect it may be GHB – a date rape drug. However, police are not investigating the matter.

This story is like a “Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?” So let’s play… Firstly the boys were unsupervised out on the street. The brother is obviously too young to be adequately supervising a younger sibling, since the little boy managed to drink out of a random bottle. Secondly it was 8pm. Shouldn’t the boys have had dinner, had a shower and be in bed by then? Big Dog comes on at 7:30 to tell the boys and girls to go to bed. Thirdly and most importantly, where the fuck were the parents? They did seek help for the little boy, but why did they let them play out on the street unsupervised just after sunset? All of this could’ve been prevented if the parents had routine and supervision for their children. It’s unbelievable that the cops aren’t investigating, when this was a clear case of child endangerment and neglect.

Hopefully DoCS or DHS or whatever the fuck it’s called now will stop by and help these breeders fly straight. GHB could’ve easily killed the little boy. It could’ve been piss, alcohol or acid and the outcome could’ve been devastating. All because some dopes wouldn’t supervise their kids. Judging by “block of flats” it may well be a public housing lot. Would explain a few things, unsupervised kids, drugs, apathetic parents. Would love for a ‘tard-defender to come here and try to “explain” this gross act of idiocy.

Narky Narkle kills toddler

Man in court over murder of WA toddler

Man in court over Perth toddler murder

Screams at dead boy’s unit: neighbour

Screams at dead boy s unit: neighbour

No-one’s ever going to forget or forgive you for killing an innocent child!

Unfortunately, it’s the same-old, same-old. Mum goes out, leaving child with c***-plug. Child is mysteriously injured or dies while under c***-plug’s “care”. Same-old, same-old.

Wayne Murray Narkle (22) is no exception. His girlfriend Kerry Bodney went out one night, leaving her 2 year old toddler son in her home in Perth WA with the Nark. When she returned, the little boy was unconscious. She ran frantically to a neighbour’s place for help, and an ambulance was called. The toddler was taken to the hospital, but died on arrival :'( It’s not clear how the little boy died, but the doctors, police and the coroner know it wasn’t an accident.

The Nark was arrested at a unit in Bassandean, in Perth’s east. He has been charged with the murder of the little boy and was remanded in custody to appear in court today. He has not entered any pleas and the case has been adjourned till March. You’d better not fucking plead “not guilty”, douchebag. You killed that baby and you don’t get to plead for freedom. You’d better hope that you miraculously die in your sleep before you get to prison. They don’t take kindly to baby-killers in the big house. They’re going to jam that stupid gangsta glove up your arse. With your hand in it.

Kerry is heartbroken over the murder of her son (he can’t be named for cultural reasons and I’ll explain why in a minute). She’s posted on Facebook that “My son’s the only one in my heart, the rest is empty,”.

Tributes are flowing in on her page for her son, “My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Kerry Bodney on the horrible loss of her baby boy . . . I wouldn’t wish her pain on anybody. RIP baby boy,”- Emma

“My heart goes out to Kerry Bodney on the horrible loss of her little boy, words cannot explain how she is feeling. May He Rest In Peace Beautiful Little Soul.”

“So sad at this time that your beautiful lil boy left so soon. Stay strong,” – Shauna

It was clear that everyone loved this little boy. So what fucking right did this shitstain have to take him away from his loving mum and family? He was probably jealous. Jealous that the boy wasn’t his. That he was “taking up his girl’s time”. That he got in the way of his partying. For whatever pathetic and petty reason this shitbag had for killing the toddler, He. Did. Not. Deserve. It.

*Side note: In Aboriginal culture, once a person dies, their name isn’t said anymore. This is because it’s believed that the person’s spirit won’t move on if  the person’s name is mentioned or photos of them are shown..I did find this photo for us to look at and remember the little boy, see how different he was to the shit-stain who took his life because he wasn’t “his”. Seeing that cute, cheeky look on his face makes me even more angry that this piece of shit killed him.

Follow the Moon, Little Boy.






Nancy Dyer Naps as Toddler Takes Stroll on Interstate (UPDATED)

Interstate 465Seeing that the entire world has emailed me this story, I consider it my duty to blog it. Motorists and police were amazed – and frightened – to see little Damon Dyer walking along the high-speed Interstate 465. Miraculously, concerned adults got him off of the road before he was killed. These strangers showed more concern for Damon than his mother, Nancy Dyer, did. When police arrived at Dyer’s apartment, they found feces on the walls, her 2-year-old eating spaghetti from the floor, and Dyer herself asleep.

Mom’s reaction on hearing the news that her son had been scooped up from the freeway? “Oh, he got out again.”

Wow. Parenting that atrocious isn’t accidental, folks. That kind of negligence takes EFFORT.

This is apparently the second time police have had to scoop up Damon after he “got loose”. The first time, he was found wandering around a parking lot. Why no one paid a home inspection then is beyond me. At least justice is being served now: Dyer’s facing two counts of child neglect – one for Damon, and the other for the atrocious living conditions she maintained in her apartment. Methinks this woman will require more than a few parenting classes to get her kids back. Assuming, of course, that she even gives a shit about them.

UPDATED: Michelle in the comments supplied this pointer to a news report, which shows video of the apartment. There’s a heart-breaking shot of her two-year-old in a diaper that’s soaking with shit. The officer on the scene’s impression of mom: “She didn’t care.” Ugh.

UPDATE 2: Fellow crimeblogger peep Lost in Lima, Ohio kindly points us to Dyer’s MySpace page. God, I may never be able to listen to Evanescence ever again. Judging from her command of English, she’s obviously an intelligent woman. But she’s also obviously struggled with substance abuse, as evidenced from this entry about the first 60 days of recovery. If I’m a betting man, I’d say New Years sent her tumbling off the wagon…and her children suffered the consequences.

(Hat tips: Trench, Michelle, Grover, possibly others whose emails I’ve lost)

Keeshaunar Michelle Cantley Beats Daughter to Death after Judge Overrules CPS on Custody

Keeshaunar Michelle CantleyChild Protective Services of Houston, Texas didn’t want A’anya Canley returning to her mother’s home. Keeshaunar Michelle Cantley’s boyfriend was suspected of intentionally scalding the 20-month-old with boiling water, and the child had other, unexplained injuries that no one would admit to inflicting. But A’anya’s court-appointed attorney – you know, the lawyer tasked with advocating the child’s best interest? – advocated for A’anya to return to her mom’s custody, arguing that the mom was fine and that the boyfriend was no longer in the picture. Even though CPS dissented, Judge Jim York sent the little girl and her five-year-old brother back home.

Now A’anya Cantley is dead, and Keeshaunar Michelle Cantley is charged with homicide. The child died after being taken to Northeast Medical Center with a lacerated liver and internal bleeding.

Amazing. Usually, I have cause to rag on CPS. This time around, it’s CPS that tried to do right, and the rest of the justice system that failed this child. You would think that the open questions in this case, coupled with CPS’s evaluation of the mother, would have been enough for the court. In these situations, the courts should always err on the side of the child remaining alive, don’t ya think? Who would advocate for a baby to be sent back to that house?

And no, I’m not losing sight of the real villain here. But the judge and law guardian Myrna Wilson probably have consciences; this case will haunt them for years. Keeshaunar Cantley, by contrast, is a disgraceful excuse of a mother. She had her daughter back for less than two months before going apeshit and savagely killing her. Cantley is a villainous bitch who should never again breathe fresh air.

(Hat tip: Keith Tipton)

“Heroin Baby” Parents Arrested, Charged

Thanks to hot tipper Roz for the heads-up about the parents of the baby whom authorities suspected had swallowed heroin. Roz found out through the BBC that the Edinburgh, Scotland parents have formally been charged. I assume that means that the toxicology tests confirmed heroin ingestion.

More as it becomes available. I’m waiting with bated breath on how the parents respond to this. The father’s story that the little girl was having an asthma attack won’t hold up too well in the face of lab tests. If that’s what has happened, then what other option do they have but to plead guilty? My prediction: you’ll see the parents turn on one another, each blaming their spouse.

Child Killer Now a Dad Himself

James BulgerCan you say “yikes”? 23-year-old Robert Thompson is no normal 23-year-old. When he was 11, he and fellow truant Jon Venables went on a minor crime spree. The day ended in a major tragedy when they inexplicably and senselessly abucted 2-year-old James Bulger and beat him to death. These days, Thompson is a free man, living under an assumed identity in north England. He’s also something else: a dad. Reports have leaked out that Thompson has a child with his ex-girlfriend, and that he sees his offspring on a regular basis. That’s more than Denise Bulger, James’ mother, will ever get to do again.

Reading the story of the murder on Crime Library is heartbreaking. As one section notes, when the boys went back home after they committed the murder, they were both beaten by Venables’ mother for being out late. The two had perpetuated the circle of violence that had already ensnared them; they were victims as much as victimizers. It’s clear from the record that Thompson was the more calculating and cold-hearted of the duo. It’s no surprise, given the kid’s upbringing: an abusive dad who eventually left, a brutal alcoholic mother, and five brothers who tormented their younger siblings in turn. It’s clear that Robert was by nature a calm, non-aggressive – some may even say “girlish” – chil, but that being in that household warped him. His foremost crime was one he couldn’t control: he was born a Thompson. One has to wonder why the Thompson boys weren’t removed from their poisoned environs before it became too late to save them. Society abused the Thompsons as badly as Thompson and Venables abused James Bulger.

Still, as much as I believe people like Robert Thompson can change, I hope for his baby’s sake that the relevant authorities are keeping a very, very close eye on him.

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