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“You’re going to find him in a casket…”

Infant Found in Landfill, Mother Accused of Murder

Family Offered to Take Baby

Family Says System Failed

Soulless Bitch–Sharriekia Page

In late March, 22 year old Sharriecka Trinette Page reported 7 month old Torrey Brown Jr. missing from her home.  An Amber Alert was never issued in the case because from day one investigators believed this baby was murdered by this twisted, pathetic incubator that tries to pass herself off as human.

In all of these cases we always wonder, “Where was the father/family of this child?” and “How could no one see this coming?”

Well, in this case, the family was trying to save this child but was blocked at every turn!  Her own cousin offered to take the baby and called the police to report she thought this baby was in danger.  The father and paternal grandmother offered to take not only Torrey, but also her other two that didn’t belong to him.  She refused them all.

Social Services was called and the family was told she had more rights because she was the “mother”.  Police were called and she was taken in and the children sent with the grandmother, only to have her released, after which she went and took the kids back.  All of this was before this child was reported missing…

What had this family scared for the life of this child were conversations they had with her.  She told the cousin that she couldn’t handle the baby and it was too much.  Then, that she had given the baby away and he was never coming back.  Told the grandmother and father that it was too hard and not to be surprised or mad if/when he ended up in a casket…

When police confronted her with their suspicions her defense was if she was going to kill her child, she wouldn’t kill just one, she would have killed all three “because they are all bad”.

After a massive 53 day search in which 500 people sorted through 9,900 tons of waste, little Torrey’s body was found in a landfill.  Police believe she smothered him in his crib, placed him in a book bag, and tossed him in a dumpster…

She is being held on charges of 1st Degree Murder and Child Abuse Resulting in Death.

Because of the actions of a demented, soulless bitch and the non-action of a broken system,  a father has lost his child, 4 children have to deal with the loss of their baby brother, and a grandmother, who did everything legally possible to prevent it, has lost her grandson.  This family will never be the same…  My heart breaks for you…

R.I.P Sweet Baby Boy



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