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Jack Booker tortured his baby daughter

Baby’s abuse earns father home term

Child abuser’s sentence slammed as ‘pathetic’

Jack Alexander Booker (22) is an asstard. Plain and simple. He systematically abused and tortured his baby daughter. And the Kiwi courts are too wimpy and yellow-bellied to give him a real sentence.

It all started when the baby girl was just a month old, when Mr. Booker got upset that she had colic and wouldn’t stop crying. I’ve never had to put up with a colicky baby, but I’m pretty sure hurting her wouldn’t have stopped it! He bit her, slapped her, twisted her toe until it broke. He broke her ribs, fractured her femur and gouged the soles of her feet with his fingernails. He made up idiotic stories about how the baby was injured. Disgusting and appalling. After the toe-breaking incident, his partner rushed her to the hospital, where doctors reported the abuse to police. I’m wondering, if the abuse was going on for so long, why she didn’t notice the injuries and then kick Booker so hard in the wedding tackle that he’d be choking on his own balls? Looks like another case of ignorant egg donor to me.

Despite his sadistic and brutal torture of the baby, Booker was only sentenced to 12 months home detention. Is the judge lazy or stupid? What will that teach Booker? That it’s okay to hurt someone who’s smaller than you and can’t fight back? I say we should put him in the stocks and play “This little piggy” with his feet. But instead of tugging them, we should twist his toes off. Then make him run a marathon. If he falls, we kick and slap him.

The judge started off with prison time in mind, but because Booker was crying like a little bitch at being caught and that he pretended to be remorseful, the silly judge gave him a pussy-ass sentence of home detention. Oh puh-leeze. Booker is so full of shit that if you pricked him with a pin, he’d explode! Someone should knock the judge on the head with his gavel!

Family First NZ have rightly condemned Booker’s sentence, saying that the case involved significant and repetitive violence, and that Booker was only remorseful when he was caught. The fact that the judge only gave him home detention is an insult to abused children everywhere. It shows that children don’t matter. Family First will be writing to the Solicitor-General and the Judiciary to get a harsher sentence for Booker. I hope they succeed.

Cold callous carers chill child

Boy recovering after carers’ abuse

Toddler abused by caregivers

Eunice Towns

Eunice Towns is an abusive bitch


 Eunice Towns (42) and Stephen Towns (52) of Eastern Bay of Plenty, NZ, have pleaded guilty to abusing a 2 year old boy that came into their care. Eunice was charged with assault and grievous bodily harm, and Stephen was charged with assault after it was found that they were abusing the boy over a five-week period. Another woman (19) who has been granted interim name suppression (i.e. the cowardly cow couldn’t face the music) has been charged with wounding with reckless disregard, to which she plead not guilty. I found Eunice Town’s Facebook page and I presume this woman is Eunice and Stephen’s daughter, Rebekah Towns.

Soon after the Edgecumbe couple took the boy into their “care”, they began smacking him around and forcing him to take cold showers as some sort of “discipline”. The longest jaunt came after the boy refused to eat breakfast and wanted to play with his toys instead. This didn’t fly with Eunice, so she put him under the shower. The little boy began to suffer from hypothermia after he’d been under for between 10 and 15 minutes!! Fuck!! The disgusting daughter was “supposed” to turn up the temperature so she could wash him, but she forgot because she’s a stupid sadistic slut. He was unconscious when the sadistic sheepfuckers finally decided to take him to Whakatane Hospital, where doctors found his core body temperature was 31.6C (88.88F), putting him at severe risk of fatal cardiac dysrhythmia. In other words, he was so cold his little heart could barely pump blood around his body!

The Towns couple became foster carers in 2006 and have successfully cared for over 24 children over the past six years. They had an exemplary record for caring for children. Last year however, was a stressful time for the Towns couple and the stress affected Eunice’s ability to react  calmly to situations. Yet she decided to take on another foster child which she then abused. Within three weeks of receiving the little boy the abuse began.

Eunice expressed remorse for actions, but couldn’t provide a motive for the abuse. You’re not sorry you abused him, you old cow. You’re sorry that your stupid selfish arse got caught. You’re a disgrace. Not only did you abuse this poor little boy, but you convinced your husband and daughter to do the same. This is obviously a result of damaged DNA that should be eradicated from this planet.

The little boy is recovering and is now living with his wider family. Wouldn’t that be the first option that CYFS thought of? I’m not saying that there would be no chance of abuse if he were placed with his family, but seeing familiar faces would help him settle in and recover from whatever his “parents” subjected him to.

I have found photos of Stephen and Rebekah, but they’re all too big to go in this post. I’m sure we don’t need to look at huge blowups of the prize pig or his damaged daughter. Malevolent April might be able to help me reduce them (pretty please?)

Rebekah Towns

The treacherous little tart Rebekah


School of Hard Knocks. Literally.



Dashawn Harris discovered at his Philadelphia home covered in bruises and cigarette burns



Homeschooling really does get a bad rap sometimes.  For some families, it’s a great way to ensure that their children get a quality education.  My sister lives in the middle of no where NC, and she homeschools her children.  She belongs to several homeschooling clubs, and her children play sports, have homeschool outings with other kids, boy/girl scouts, and music lessons.  Sadly, for some children, like 5 year old Deshawn Harris of Philadelphia, homeschooling means you never get a break from torture, and you never have the chance for someone to pick up on the abuse and try to get you help.


On December 1,2012, Deshawn’s little body was discovered by the police, who described him as being covered with bruises, cigarette burns and belts marks.  His waste of a life mother, 23 year old Lashay Patterson, and her child beating lover, 25 year old Christian Patrick, have been charged with is murder.  It’s being reported that Patrick lost his temper while trying to teach little Deshawn how to read during a “home schooling lesson” and he tried to beat him with a hair dryer and a belt. Really? That’s OK on what planet?  I’d hate to know what this fuck’s idea of “discipline” was for math..


Grace Fitch, the paternal grandmother is quoted as saying “I can’t believe she did that. Shay was just the sweetest person you could meet and when she got with this guy she just started getting distant.”  Fitch also says her son was unaware of how his young sons were beating treated. Patrick has a record with police and is a known drug addict.


Leshay and Deshawn’s father also have another child, 3 year old Daqwon.  Relatives believe that he too was abused, but he is thankfully safe in the custody of his father.  No information on what’s going on with Mommy dearest Patterson and her bed warmer Patrick.  The Philadelphia Department of Human Services refused to comment on the incident or comment if they had an open case involving the family.


Thanks for the tips go to Digchild and Marshlette.


Special thanks for the write up goes to Jackie.

Moronic Mommy Monday…

Happy Monday Folks…we have another group of stellar mommies to read about today. 

Child torture suspect arrested  

Starting us off on the fine Monday morning we have Moron Mommy #1, Amy Marie Imler (27).  Amy is accused of torturing her 8-year-old asthmatic daughter.  By torture I mean, pouring hot sauce in her eyes, smashing a kitten’s head in front of her, force feeding her cat feces, kicking her, “hog tying” her and withholding food.

The abuse inflicted on her daughter was reported in August of 2011 but Amy was only arrested and charged in July.  Her daughter was removed 10 months ago from her home and has been living with her bio-dad.  Since being removed she has been in therapy and has begun to make regular outcries about what her mother did to her

Court documents say the little girl was repeatedly abused by her mother having been “hog tied” enough times to be able to demonstrate to counselors the different ways she had been tied up. Her boyfriend is also named as a potential suspect, as he is accused of helping his woman use a pressure washer to spray down certain injuries to the child.

Imler’s other two daughters (3-years-old and 9-months-old) have both been relocated, although neither were found to have been abused.

Imler has been charged with injury to a child and was released on a $50,000 bond.

Woman who allegedly traded baby for pick-up apprehended 

Mother accused of trading baby for truck says, “Cops have it wrong”  

Mom accused of trading baby for truck

Ladies and gents meet Heather Kaminsky.  Heather was apprehended in Florida and is being sent back to Kentucky to face felony human trafficking charges and meth related charges, after police say she traded her 6-month-old son for a 1999 Dodge Dakota.  Kaminsky later sold the truck for $800.

Baby purchasers, Jaimee and Jeremy Brown are also facing felony human trafficking charges.

According to police Kaminsky was living in Florida, where 2 of her other children were removed so she fled toKentuckyto have her son to avoid him being removed.

Kaminsky claims everything is false and that Jeremy is the baby’s father.

I guess we will see.

Children found dead in car in Smyrna

Smyrna mom charged in heat deaths of children

Thursday August 2nd in Smyrna,TN temperatures reached the mid to high 90’s, not the kind of day you want to be outside, let alone trapped in car with the windows up.  But that is exactly how Daniel Marise (3) and his sister Savannah (2) spent the last minutes of their young lives.  The siblings died of apparent heat stroke after being left alone in their mother’s car.

At approximately 3:45 pm investigators arrived at the family’s home to find the two children lying near the car, unresponsive.  It appears someone found the children in the car and removed them before police were called and arrived.

According to their mother Samantha Harper (25), she put the children in the car and went back into the house and fell asleep.  Hummmm…excuse me…it was 90 effing degrees outside.

Samantha has been charged with two counts of especially aggravated child abuse and remains behind bars on a $200,000 bond.

Following her arrest the family’s home has been condemned after authorities found the living conditions “deplorable.”

Police say additional charges are likely.

R.I.P. Daniel and Savannah   

Mother arrested for leaving baby in locked car while shopping 

Well…we have ourselves another mother who decided it was good idea to leave her infant in a car with the windows up in triple digit heat.  I am not sure how it comes to be that people leave their children alone in the car in the heat, I don’t even leave my kids alone in the car to run in and pay for gas in the heat or cold…EVER.

A maintenance worker at a mall in San Diego, called police to report an infant locked in a car with the windows up and doors locked.  When police arrived the found the 4-month-old unresponsive and “sweating profusely” inside the car and forced entry to get her out.  Her mother Starley Cristal Geart (25) then emerged from a nearby store, telling police she had only intended to leave the baby alone for a brief period.  Well…Starley (love the name by the way…NOT) it’s against the law to do that asshole, not to mention you are in California in the dead of summer.  Dumbass!

Medics we able to revive the baby, she was taken to the hospital, treated, evaluated and released into protective custody.  After rescuing the baby police and firefighters closed up Starley’s car to test how hot the interior might get, the temperature reached a life-threatening level of 140 degrees.  A few more minutes and the baby would have died.

Starley was booked on suspicion of felony child endangerment.  She was released on her own recognizance.

Mom allegedly whips son to death for wetting himself

Our final “Mommy” of the day is Vasti Coleman.  Vasti confessed to whipping her son Kyron Barnes (4) to death for wetting himself.  Why, why, why?

Coleman reportedly confessed to EMS workers when they arrived on the scene, saying “I did it, I beat him, it’s all my fault and I don’t care what happens to me.”   According to reports Coleman began whipping the boy for more than 20 minutes in the bathtub until he stopped breathing.  One of the boy’s sisters told investigators their mother beat him with a cord because “the belt was broken because mom kept whipping the kids so hard it broke into pieces.” That is awful, makes me feel sick.

Both girls were taken into protective custody and then placed with a foster family.

Coleman has a history with CPS that includes investigations in March 2007, 2009, 2010, August 2011 and April 2012.  The investigations included reports of physical abuse, sexual abuse, medical neglect and neglectful supervision.  Most were either ruled out or closed as “unable to determine.”

Coleman’s attorney said that his client needs a mental evaluation and is suicidal.  Well boo-hoo for her.

She has been charged injury to a child and is being held without bond.  The charges could (and should) be upgraded.

R.I.P. Kyron  

Thank you for the tips goes out to Casey, Masshole, Angel M., Cher, Mandi, Susan B., LM and our very own Suzee.


Starved to death at 2 years old…in a house full of food

good worker
Murder trial of Warner Robins father accused of starving child begins

It really must suck when you work all the time to put food on the table….and your kid still dies of starvation. That’s the excuse being offered by William Thomas Davis III, 27, of Warner Robins, GA. His 2-year old son, D’Shawn Davis, was found dead in the home in September of 2010 – D’Shawn weighed only 12 pounds and 6 ounces, and had skin sloughing off of his body from bedsores caused by laying in heavily soiled diapers for days on end. Experts testified that the child would not have been able to walk…or even lift his head.

The Momster in this story has already plead guilty to several charges against her, in exchange for the rest of them being dropped. Luckily, the charges that stuck were felony murder and cruelty to children, for which she has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 30 years. Since she is 24 now, that means she should be a guest of the state well past the time she might be able to have any more babies to starve to death. She admitted her crime, and showed no remorse for the act whatsoever. I guess lack of a conscience will have that effect on some people.

There are several inconsistencies in this story (aren’t there always?), and at one point I almost found myself feeling sorry for the sperm donor. Almost. But not quite. Everybody agrees that William was the sole breadwinner for the family (which also included a healthy 5-year old girl at the time), and worked CONSTANTLY. He reportedly only came home to sleep in between jobs. His wife was supposed to be caring for the two kids, and making sure they were healthy and well taken care of. She failed. Miserably.

The night the child died, William came home and reportedly broke down in tears at seeing his son’s emaciated, lifeless body. He claimed that if he’d known the baby was not being fed, he would have done something. My question is – just how in the HELL do you not realize that your kid looks like a skeleton? He worked. I get that. There were times in my life that I worked, a lot, and only went home to sleep. I still made it a point to look in on my kids before closing my eyes at night. Yet, even during those dark days, when I had only a few minutes a day with my kids, I made sure they were safe and healthy. I just don’t buy the “I didn’t know” line. If he really didn’t know then it was a willful ignorance. He is still at least partially to blame for his son’s death.

I find it almost amusing how often we get parents on here who have names that are appropriate to the crimes they have committed. This is another example. The she-beast’s name, Sade Shamon King, seems indicative of her propensity for wanton cruelty – the term ‘sadism’ is purportedly named for one of its earliest practitioners, the Marquis de Sade. The names need a little rearranging though, to make them REALLY fit this witch. It should read Shamon King Sade. Or just shame on Sade King. Starvation is a horrible way to die, and the fact that she left this poor child to rot in his own filth for extended periods of time only makes it worse.

According to Sade(ist) they didn’t have any money for food, and she had allowed Medicaid to lapse…Not sure what medicaid had to do with it, unless it was her excuse for not taking the boy to a doctor, but the ‘no food’ claim was definitely bogus. At trial prosecutors showed pictures of a well-stocked fridge and pantry taken at the time of the boy’s death, as well as “plenty of food” simply sitting on the counter-tops. And the five year old was healthy, as were the two dogs belonging to the couple. A paramedic who responded to the call that night described the two pit bulls as “fat and healthy”. But she couldn’t feed her baby boy. Worthless hag.

The father’s bottom-feeder…oops….attorney…is attempting to convince the judge that his client was a victim, too. I think that guy must have missed his true calling – he should have been a manure salesman. Go shovel that stank somewhere else, please. Maybe we could bury both the skank and the wank in the pile of stank being created by William’s excuse-producer for hire. In addition to the starvation and rotting flesh, the baby was also kept in a small, dark room, on a bare plastic mattress – and there were food stains and chicken bones beneath the crib. So they wouldn’t feed him, but they wanted him to be able to smell the food. How considerate.

William also claimed that he had not seen his son in 3-4 weeks before D’Shawn died. Why? Was he blind? Was the baby invisible? Or did William simply not care enough to check on his son occasionally? I’m betting on the third choice. William’s attorneys are also trying to convince the judge that his son’s death only took a (relatively) short time – a matter of days. Sorry, no sale on that BS either. Starvation is one of the slowest, most painful ways to die. It can take months for a healthy 2-year old to succumb to starvation. Good Lord, what is wrong with these breeders?!? In a perfect world people as stupid as these would also be sterile, in order to prevent the spread of genetic stupidity.

The mother has already been convicted, and I hope the father gets a nice stiff sentence himself. They are both responsible for the death of this little angel, regardless of whatever excuses they might have come up with. Apathy and stupidity are no excuse for the starvation of a 2-year old. Ever.

Thanks go to Tonya, a friend of mine who actually called me about this story. And to any others who sent in tips about this that I am unaware of.

Flatiron fondling – a new form of sex abuse

baby burner
Teen Mom “Jody Rock” Burns Her Baby’s Testicles With Flat Iron
Teen mom “intentionally” burns her baby’s genitals with straightening iron
Affidavit: Tahlequah Mom Burns Baby’s Testicles With Hair Straightener

The stellar example of parenting material you see above is Jody Rock (not sure if that’s her real name or the stage name she uses for her nude mud wrestling job, but who cares anyway – trash is trash), and she has discovered a new use for her flatiron. For those of you who do not know, that is a superheated iron rod used for straightening hair. Those things get hot enough to cause third degree burns (or worse, if you are stupid enough to hold it to your skin long enough). Although I have no use for a straightening iron myself, I have in the past uses its predecessor, a curling iron – same concept, different results. Both are dangerous, and hurt like nobody’s business if you accidentally touch your scalp or neck with the iron while primping. The stoned-looking individual above used her flatiron on her son’s genitals instead. Yes, you read that correctly. She burned her boys balls (apologies to all the guys who are reading this – even I had a sympathetic cringe reflex when I read that). In what far realm of the known universe is using any hot object on a child’s private parts an acceptable parenting skill? Apparently in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, this nineteen year old one-woman sperm-collection specialist decided to patent her own brand of child-torture. I hope her future cell-mates are equally ingenious when it comes to meeting her ‘needs’ during her vacation to the Graybar Motel. Maybe we could have a brainstorming session here at BB and send the top ten suggestions to other inmates, enclosed in a free pack of smokes.

Jody admitted to investigators that she had opened the flatiron tongs and closed them on her son’s testicles – after she tested the temperature with her own hand. However, like all child abusers, she only admitted the truth after attempting several different lies and being told by the docs that her stories were the biggest load of fertilizer seen in that state in years. She even attempted to blame other family members – and her boyfriend! – for the injuries. What a vicious hosebeast! I cannot imagine even thinking of doing something like that to my son (or any child), much less acting on the impulse. I wonder if she plans to use that as a part of her defense – that she suffers from an impulse-control disorder. It sounds like something a slimy abuse attorney might run with. My definition of “impulse-control disorder”? “Yeah, I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to try it anyway, because I thought I could get away with it.” I don’t give a rat’s left ballsack what her excuse is, she is a nasty skank, and needs to have her crotch hair repeatedly straightened and re-curled until her labia melt together so she can’t get knocked up again. But then, that’s just my opinion. The wife of the reader who sent in this tip suggested using a soldering iron. That would be fine too.

It was not made clear in either article how the injury was discovered, but I’m glad it was. I kind of doubt she took him in for treatment herself, so I am guessing someone reported her sorry arse to the authorities and the burns were discovered in the course of the investigation. Whoever reported her: Thank you! If I had the power to confer a medal of valor on you, I would.

In addition to the burns, the baby presented with a noticeably deformed shoulder. BOTH of his shoulders were fractured and in various stages of healing – the injury to the right shoulder was twelve weeks old,and he had multiple fractures to his left shoulder area. But wait…there’s more… he also had forearm and wrist fractures that happened over a span of several weeks, and were never properly set. It sounds to me like this is one of those skanks who thinks snatching your child by the arm is a good parenting technique. Or maybe she just beat the ever-loving snot out of him. Oh, and the baby was also recently treated for scabies, and is thought to still be infected. So in addition to overt abuse, she is also a neglectful POS. Why does that not surprise me?

Those who participated in the investigation noted that the child was “glassy eyed” and withdrawn, no surprise there. They also said the child seemed to be in agony. Ya think? Gee, I wonder why….it could have something to do with all of the broken bones – I hear that hurts like a big dog. The genital injuries alone are enough to make most grown men run screaming for their mommy.

I would be remiss if I did not point out the fact that one of the articles linked above makes a point of pointing out that the burns were “intentional”. Thank you, Captain Obvious. I cannot imagine a scenario in which flatiron burns to the genitals of a 15-month old baby (or anyone else) could have occurred accidentally. Babies that young are often still in diapers, so even if he accidentally sat on the heated iron, the diaper would have protected his boys. He certainly would not have remained seated on that item long enough to burn through a diaper and his flesh. Nope. No accident there.

Ms. Rock (I wonder if that’s also indicative of her IQ?) is currently being held in the Cherokee County Jail in lieu of $200,000.00. I personally think they should add at least one more zero to that figure, but alas, neither the DA nor the judge consulted with me on this case. And they probably won’t consult with me during the sentencing phase either, the bastards. Sighhhhh….
The baby has been placed in DHS custody, where he will hopefully be better taken care of than he was by his maternal DNA donor.

I’d like to thank The Shadow Knows for sending in the tip.

Mom goes to work, Dad’s a jerk….

baby beater
Dad Accused of Beating Baby in Dearborn County
Eagle Country
Destiny age 7 weeks abused/Dad gets 15 years

There are times when I could gleefully smack the ever-loving snot out of someone I don’t even know. This is one of those times. Smiley Joe up there (aka Joshua Schulkers, 22) apparently thought he was being photographed for the cover of GQ rather than getting a mugshot done for almost killing his 7-week-old daughter. I doubt GQ would take him anyway, since last time I checked they weren’t going for the “grunge in a dirty orange jumpsuit” look. That smirk he’s wearing just makes me want to chew up a hubcap and spit nails at his face. He looks like he’s thinking, “Look, Ma! I’m a big man – I beat up babies!”

The details are as follows: Last October, Joshua was arrested when his daughter, Destiny, was taken to the hospital with six broken ribs, another in early stages of healing, a fractured skull, and a lacerated liver. She was only seven weeks old, and it was her mother’s first day back at work after the birth. What a great dad! He won’t work to support his family, but he is at least trying to save money by getting rid of that extra mouth to feed. Since I’m sure he eats more than the infant, though, I think the better idea would have been for him to go jump in front of a bus or something. That would have been a lot more cost effective, AND the mother wouldn’t have had all those medical bills for the baby’s injuries.

Like all thoughtful child abusers, this one gave authorities several different options to choose from concerning the cause of Destiny’s injuries. I think he got them from pages 6, 42, and 63 of the “Baby Beater’s Handbook”. He alternately blamed a couch, a baby changing table, and …..wait for it….the baby herself. Yup, he said she fractured her own skull because she was wiggling around while he was trying to change her, or some such garbage. Oh, another explanation was that he ‘squeezed her’ until she ‘made a sound’. I bet he liked playing with those little packing bubbles when he was a child too. I think his cell mate should be allowed to squeeze his head until it makes a sound. Preferably a “POP”.

Destiny’s family went to the court proceedings, and both the grandmother and an aunt spoke out against this monster and wished him the best in prison. By the best, I mean a lengthy stay and punishment equal to (or greater than) what he dished out to their precious angel. I agree whole-heartedly.

Although this waste of genetic matter initially denied any wrongdoing (because, as you know, Destiny caused her own injuries), he eventually pleaded guilty to the charges and was rewarded with 15 years in prison. The good news is that his child will be substantially bigger when he gets out and can avoid all the ‘squeezing’ activities – the bad news is that old Josh will still be young enough to create a few more babies that he can squeeze to death or seriously injure. Let’s hope he loses his attraction for women while he is in the grey bar hotel being Bubba’s babe.

I haven’t received any tips on this one from BB, but if April has any, and sends them to me, I will include my thanks to our fine supporters. For now I’ll take all the credit for the research, since I’m greedy that way.

This Cook needs to get forked

Nasty piece of trash
Glens Falls man accused of sexually abusing infant

UPDATED: Glens Falls Police make arrest in assault of 7-week-old

Ex-wife speaks out about suspect in Glens Falls infant assault

33-year old David Cook is a big man. He’s strong, authoritative and a strict disciplinarian. Oops….what I meant was, he’s a baby beating bully who sexually assaults those who are too small to defend themselves. His first wife spoke out to a reporter and listed, in great detail, the horrors he had subjected her (and her child) to before she divorced him. It was absolutely horrific. She said the final straw was when he stabbed her in the stomach with a fork. But this is not about his first marriage, it is about a seven week old baby girl belonging to his current girlfriend.

It seems that the 21-year-old mother, who has not been named, left her infant with her sperm slurpee for two days so she could go visit a friend. Although it hasn’t been explicitly stated, I don’t think the baby belongs to baby-raper above, which means that the mother already had a new man less than two months after the child was born. Cook, wielder of the one-eyed wonder snake that so fascinated the mother, abused the baby repeatedly during those two days. In addition to a broken leg and head injuries, there were undisclosed genital injuries. Genital injuries. Lord, help us all. The repulsive waste of DNA caused extensive injuries to the genitalia of a seven week old baby. But at least he owned up to it, right? That should earn him some brownie points. I’ll bake the brownies – I hear arsenic and belladonna are great seasonings for chocolate treats.

Cook not only admitted to causing the injuries, he also explained in graphic detail how he inflicted them. He said he was angry because he thought his woman was whoring it up with someone else, so he took it out on the baby. He claims that the broken leg was a result of him “yanking” the baby’s leg until he “heard a pop” while changing a diaper, and the genital injuries occurred when he was cleaning her. I have changed thousands of diapers in my life, and not once have I EVER had to ‘yank’ my child’s leg, or injured my child’s genitals while cleaning him/her. No mention was made by Cook concerning the head injuries. The doctors are checking to see if the injuries match the BS version provided by the snatch-stuffer. I’m betting not. Additionally, older injuries were found that were attributed to ‘falls’. Right. Because we’ve never heard that one before. One article even gave some detail about the falls, indicating that Cook claimed the child fell when a dog bumped the bed she was on. What kind of dog?!? A freakin’ Alsatian? A saint Bernard? A GreatfreakingDane?!? MY ARSE!!! No dog bumped the bed – a vile pecker-pustule lost its temper. The baby is still in critical condition. The boyfriend reportedly sent a text to the birth vessel on Saturday expressing a desire to kill himself for hurting the baby. Too bad he didn’t follow through. He also claims that he is sorry for what he did – I doubt that. From the look in his mug shot, he seems kind of proud of himself. The only thing he’s sorry for is the fact that he got caught. Then, to top it all off, the coward tried to run away when the baby was taken to the hospital – on a bicycle, no less.

Authorities are reviewing the older injuries to determine whether to file additional charges. I think that’s a great idea! Are they taking votes? Suggestions? Bribes? I think the incubator should be charged as well, for leaving her child with this monster even after he had previously abused her. And for putting the booze ahead of her baby. And for waiting another day before seeking help. Yup, she did all of that, and more.

I have just as much vitriol for the birth-beast as I do for the abuser, because she was told on Friday that her child was injured, but she was having too much fun getting sloshed to bother checking on the baby. She waited until the next day before going home, and then she waited a few more hours after ‘noticing’ the injuries before she sought medical help for her beaten infant. Did I say a few more hours? What I meant to say was “all night”. Yup, she noticed the injuries Saturday evening, but didn’t take her precious baby to the hospital until sometime Sunday morning. Why? Because the tube steak asked her to wait. He told her that this would “come back on” him, and that he would be accused of “rape abuse” or “rape assault”. Now I’m glad the media DIDN’T print the details. if the perpetrator himself characterized it as “rape” in any form – oh, Lord, I need to throw up now. As of this posting, no charges have been filed against the boozing she-beast, nor have I found a pic of her. She is being labeled a “witness”. Really? Witness? How about Participant? Facilitator? Or pimp, since she left her child to be raped by her snatch-master…..

My sincere hope for Cook is that he is treated with the same respect in jail that he showed to that poor, defenseless baby. A few “falls”, maybe a vigorous “cleaning” of his genital area, and let’s not forget the “wishbone pulling” contest. Choose teams and grab a leg, boys – who ever gets the biggest part wins. Don’t forget to make a wish!

I need to go now, before I burst a blood vessel or something. I think I need to eat a couple hundred Tums to get rid of the bile in my gut, too.

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A new scapegoat…the ROCKS did it!

Baby killer #1Baby killer #2
Two arrested and charged in the abuse and death of 2-year-old girl
Couple arrested in child abuse death
Investigator’s Report on Mom & Step-dad’s Capital Murder Case of Infant

The two pissed-off puppies above have been arrested in Monticello, Arkansas, for the murder of the she-dog’s 2-year-old daughter, Aubriana Coke. Daniel Pedraza, 23, and Victoria Pedraza, 21, apparently decided that it would be fun to punch a two-year old so hard that her small bowel would tear apart. Among other atrocities committed against this defenseless baby were multiple bruises in the abdominal area, plus bruising to the chest, arms, legs and face. Upon further examination during autopsy, bruises were found on little Aubriana’s scalp – some old, some new.

What excuse did the birth vessel and her cooter-shooter attempt to pass off as the cause? No, it wasn’t the bathtub, the bed, the stairs or any other household fixture – it was the ROCKS! They claim that Aubriana fell off of a dock on to some rocks, and that’s what must have caused those deadly injuries. Does anybody here know if the authorities believed that? OK, y’all can put your hands down now. We all know that the doctors and medical examiners are smarter than a couple of brain-dead child killers. They called BS on the dock-rock story, and the police arrested the two abusive oxygen thieves.

Both of these upstanding individuals (and I mean that only in the sense that they are bipedal and don’t drag their knuckles when they walk) are currently being held in jail and have been charged with capital murder, although no bail amount has been listed. They apparently took the time to get their stories straight before calling for an ambulance as well, since their stories were eerily similar in all of the fairy-tale details. They also claim that after the baby fell onto the rocks, she got up and laughed and then played for another four hours or so, and that they saw no injuries. Then they said they tried to heal her with ‘natural’ remedies. Which is it? Did she have no injuries, or did they try to heal the injuries she sustained? You would think if they were going to go to the trouble of synchronizing their stories, they would at least refrain from contradicting their own lies.

The natural remedies they employed included using such items as an egg and a purple onion to heal the bruising. While those items might be the beginnings of a good omelet, they are virtually useless at healing internal injuries. When the ‘natural’ practices failed, they tried prayer and holy water. That’s rich – two demons sprinkling holy water and praying. They were probably praying that they could make the doctors believe their skewed version of events. That didn’t work out very well for them did it?

The two had been previously investigated by CPS for allegations of abuse and neglect. Another shining example of the reason CPS workers do not double as pro-football players – they keep dropping the freakin’ ball!

Both of the accused murderers say that they now wish they had called an ambulance sooner, but they were afraid that the previous allegations of abuse would look bad. I think death looks even worse….

In addition to the injuries found at the time of death, the parents admitted to using various ‘punishments’ including spanking her with a belt and making her do push-ups. PUSH-UPS!?!? She was only two years old, for heaven’s sake! The male animal said there might still be marks from the last ‘spanking’ she got (two days previously) on her lower back. Here’s a bit of info – punishment that leaves marks is not punishment – it is abuse. Inside the home authorities also found a closet that was empty except for a pillow on the floor, and a cord draped over the clothes rod. I don’t even want to contemplate the reason for that arrangement….although I think a similar arrangement should be made for each of the killers in their respective cells….

Baby Aubriana - an angel

Dalina Nicholas “didn’t know what was going on”

Clueless pimp
Police: Mom sold daughter, 6, for sex
3rd man arrested in girl’s sex abuse case
Grandmother speaks in child sex trading case
Florida Mom Pimped 6-Year-Old Daughter, Cops Say

Angels don’t swear. Angels don’t swear. Angels don’t swear. Angels don’t swear!!! Fuck that. I’m gonna channel my inner jj and do this story some justice. Just this once. Swearing isn’t a mortal sin anyway, I don’t think. I’ll go to confession later or something.

See that sorry looking bitch up there? I hate her! She allegedly pimped out her six year old daughter for drugs. So far the slag and three manimals have been arrested in this case. The child and her 1-year old brother have been placed with a relative, and God, I hope it’s not the grandmother, because that tw*t is defending her daughter! I am so upset right now that I am shaking. Literally. I have to backspace every couple of seconds, because I keep hitting the wrong keys.

Dalina Nicholas, 39, from Jacksonville Beach, FL, was arrested in Columbus, GA, on March 1, where she is awaiting extradition to FL. Columbus is only a hundred or so miles from where I live. It would take two or three hours to drive there, I think. The temptation is really great…

This vile creature accepted money and drugs in return for sex with her daughter. According to the man who reported it, the activity has been going on for at least two years. And he’s just now reporting it? Somebody needs to check into that story too. But I digress… The birth organism was apparently supporting herself by selling sexual favors with her child. The situation came to light when a homeless man flagged down the police and reported a child being sexually abused by multiple men. He said that he was present once when pimp-mommy accepted $20.00 from a man and had the child get naked on a mattress so the bastard could perform oral sex on her. WHAT!?!? Again…why did he not report the abuse then? He then told police the child had told him about the abuse and asked him to “help her make it stop.” My heart is breaking for that poor child. She also gave the authorities detailed accounts of the abuse, and said that some of the acts were painful. I’m sure they were – she was only six years old and these were grown men! I hope everyone involved in this is tossed into general population with a tattoo that reads, “I’m a good girlfriend.”

The mother’s excuse? A flat denial of all charges. She says nothing happened. She claims she was sexually abused as a child and she would know if it were happening to her daughter. I’m sure she did know – she was a party to it! The bitch. And the grandmother – Debbie Morgan. She is defending her worthless daughter, saying that her daughter has only been charged with child neglect, and that the sex abuse allegations have not been substantiated. Why was she charged with child neglect? Because at this point all the cops have proof of is that slag-mommy let the men inside her home. The grandmother says that Dalina was being beaten up by the men, and that she would take her children out at night to ‘hide’ from them. The cops are smarter than that, thankfully. They aren’t buying her BS. They say that she intentionally allowed the abuse. I say she was a participant in it, since she freakin’ GOT PAID! It looks like Granny dearest is going to defend her child to the end, though. She was quoted as saying, about the allegations, “They’re not true. They’re totally not true.” Liar! Your daughter is a horrible person, Debbie, and so are you for defending her. I hope Debbie comes here to try and defend her daughter, I REALLY do. I’ll be waiting for her.

Hey, Grandma…if the guys were beating on your daughter, where the bloody hell are her bruises? Black eyes? Broken bones? Full body cast? I’ll tell you what – I’d have to be a dead and rotting corpse before anyone would touch one of my babies! I’m not even sure death would stop me – I’m pretty determined that way. I might just figure out how to come back as a zombie and suck the life out of the bastards who hurt my kids. She wasn’t BEAT UP, she was a MEAN SLUT. Get some speech therapy or practice your pronunciation more, and maybe you won’t make such verbal errors in the future.

How do these people find each other? How does one drug addled woman manage to find three men twisted enough to pay for sex with a six-year-old? And who in the blue depths of HELL can look at a child that age and get excited?!? It makes me absolutely sick! The mother and all three of the men need to be shot. They are wasting the oxygen that could be used by poor misunderstood hyenas somewhere in the African wastelands. Kill them and FEED them to the hyenas. Hyenas are better parents than this slut – they at least protect their young.

The neighbors claim that they had no idea what was going on. I’m not gonna dispute that, but I find it highly suspicious that not a single neighbor noticed the comings and goings at all hours of the day and night.

My recommendations:
Charge the mother with sexual abuse, rape of a child, child pornography, human trafficking, and child slavery to begin with…then add more charges as you find them. Or make up a few. I’ll help with that, I have been told I have a great imagination. And make them all capital offenses. (Yeah, I know that’s not gonna happen, but I can dream…)
Charge the grandmother with negligence, since she knew the child was in danger, and did nothing to help her. Tack on lying to the cops, since she made up a bunch of sh*t to try and exonerate her daughter. And I still think we need to have the opportunity to charge people like this with gross stupidity as well. Unfortunately idiocy is not a crime yet – just a blight on society.
Charge the three men who paid for sex with the child for everything the mother is charged with, plus any public indecency charge they can apply. A couple of them (at least) should be charged with attempted murder, since they are ugly enough to have scared the poor child to death – felony ugliness, I like it.
I’m not sure about the guy who reported the crime. I think that if he knew about it longer than 24 hours without reporting it, he should go to jail as an accessory as well.

I need to go puke now…

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