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Burnout Breeders boast buds with blow-ups of baby

‘Crazy Grandma’ Beth Hensley. (Take in the scenery.)

Toddlers photographed with pot:

Mother arrested after baby, child photographed with drugs:

Deputies: Ky. family had photos printed of toddlers with pot:

Let me set the scene for you. In Leslie County, Kentucky police arrested 53-year-old grandmother Beth Hensley and her daughter Tracey Hensley. The younger Hensley is mother to five children ranging in ages from 1 to 7. Allegedly someone in the Hensley ‘household’ thought it would be funny to take pictures of the kids with decent sized buds of weed and some joints. Police were notified when someone at the local drug store noticed the pictures on the film that was developed at their store.

After police went to the domicile they say they confiscated 24 marijuana plants and a baggie of weed. Grandma Hensley was charged with drug trafficking while the younger Hensley was charged with child endangerment. Now before I go on my rant here’s one of the pictures in question.

Grandma Hensley says that the joints in some of the pictures, including one where an ‘adult’ appears to be trying to light it, were really just Prince Albert tobacco. Like that makes it better? She also says that the reason that she took the pictures was “It was just some to show them later on in a picture album how crazy their grandma was.” She must have had one hell of a scrapbook planned. Here’s the picture from when the meth lab blew up and killed your brother.

The only way this story could be any more trailerific if pit bulls were somehow involved. Who still uses film anyway?

So it was Prince Albert huh? I bet she wishes someone was letting her out of the can.

Thanks to Baroness and Jaime for the tips.

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