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Officer, can I axe you a question?

Amanda Smith
Police: Ind. Woman Tried To Attack Police With Ax After Son Found Dead

Police: Trafalgar woman drowns son, swings ax at officers

Snarly-haired Amanda Smith, 33, had an axe to grind. I would too if my hair looked like that, but I would take issue with my hairdresser rather than my child. Unfortunately, Smith took issue with her son instead, and now that child is dead. No, she didn’t chop him to death (thank heavens!) – she drowned him instead. And then she called 911 AFTER calling her mother to inform her that she had done something to 3-year old Jacob “that could not be undone.” When the police arrived, they had to break down the door to get into the apartment. The police found Jacob’s lifeless body in a bedroom, propped up on a bed. When they were turning the baby’s body over to paramedics, the wicked witch of Trafalgar jumped out of a closet swinging an axe at the responding officers. She was screaming, “I want to axe you a question!” (OK, I made that part up.)

The whole situation stinks from start to end, because it seems that everyone knew this incubator was a psycho – except, apparently, the judge who recently granted her one night a week unsupervised visitation with little Jacob. The fact that she did not have this privilege already should have been a red flag, but the judge granted her request. Local police have characterized her as “crazy”, because she has made hundreds of calls for police assistance within a span of just a few weeks. There’s the second red flag. That custody of Jacob had been awarded to Amanda’s mother would be another flag, and the fact that she has had a “troubled” relationship with Jacob’s father is another. There are more flags here than you normally see during the course of a Daytona 500 race, and we are just getting started! She was charged with neglect in 2009, and a protective order on behalf of the child was awarded. She plead guilty to the charge, and was required to undergo psychiatric evaluation (No word on whether she actually did that or not). She was later jailed for almost 5 months on a probation violation. In addition, she apparently had a problem cooperating with the prescribed medication and treatment regimen she was supposed to be following. Yet, the judge still thought it would be a good idea to allow her some “alone time” with Jacob. Good call, judge – I hope you’re proud of yourself. If this were in fact a race, I think the very last car still running just crashed and burned – no winners here, folks.

The father, Robert Crim, had filed a petition to regain custody of his son. The hearing date was scheduled for March 14. Sadly, now Robert will never get the chance to raise Jacob. My heart goes out to him. I cannot imagine the grief he must be feeling right now.

Amanda is being held on a murder charge and an attempted murder charge. Without bond, thankfully. I guess a different judge handled this incident. She is reportedly on suicide watch. I’d love to watch. I’ll even provide her with another axe. Or machete. Or guillotine…..or whatever. And provide her with detailed instructions on how to use it to successfully off herself.

Jacob Smith - an angel

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