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Sitting on a baby’s head will NOT make them go to sleep!

Police: DeLand man sits on baby’s head because child would not fall asleep

Jonathan Savas, Fla. man, charged with child abuse, allegedly sat on his baby’s head to stop him from crying

They took away my toy and my drugs. Sad now.

This is yet another one of those cases where you take one look at the mugshot and think “This person is bad news”. Then you see that the case happened in a trailer park in Flori-DUH and you’re not surprised.

Jonathon Savas (24) has an unusual way of making his baby go to sleep. According to witnesses, he sat on the head of his 10-month-old son in a strange and potentially dangerous attempt to make him go to sleep. Mr. Savas and his baby were staying at the trailer of Irene Hossain, at the Sha-De-Land trailer park in DeLand, FL, after showing up with the baby, who wasn’t wearing any clothes. Savas is currently homeless.  According to Ms. Hossain, the baby would not go to sleep (probably because the heat and humidity) so our scribbled-on scumbag Savas put the baby on the lounge face-down and sat on his head as some sort of bizarre punishment or soothing motion. Obviously, the baby didn’t like that and screamed his head off. Irene told him to knock it off, and Savas turned around and said “It’s my baby and I can do what I want”. Eventually he got it through his batshit brain that sitting on the baby wouldn’t work, so he stopped.

Irene didn’t call the cops straightaway, because she was afraid that Savas might sit on her too. Police later found Savas and the baby down the road, and Savas told he’d “disciplined” the baby but wouldn’t go into further detail. He was arrested and charged with child abuse, and drug possession after police found a pill container, baggies and needles in his backpack. He currently resides at Volusia County Jail and his bail has been set at $50,000.

Okay. Okay. Okay. How the hell has this drug-addicted bum managed to keep a baby alive for 10 months?! The poor baby had no clothes on, and his dopey daddy has been spending all his money on drugs. Some people have presumed that Irene Hossain is the mother of the unfortunate mite, but no news source actually says this. So where the hell is the incubator of this poor babe and why did she let a drug addict take her baby? Someone had better get that baby away from him before he kills him or sells him for more drugs.

Thanks to WarriorArtemis for the tip!

Kids “home alone” in rotting caravan

Couple charged after children found in chained/padlocked camper in Suffolk

NewsChannel 3 looks inside trailer where police say kids were found in horrible living conditions

A pair of not-so-happy campers

Thanks to Muggle for the tip on this one. Before we begin, the terminology in this story will differ. As an Australian, I use the term “caravan” to describe what the Yanks call a “camper”. But when I hear the term “trailer”, I also think of that as being a “caravan” (but a bigger one). When I was growing up, we had a holiday home in the NSW Southern Highlands. Admittedly it was a caravan/camper that was old and rickety, but it was 7 metres (22 ft) long. That’s what I think of when I see the word “trailer”.

Two children were found alone by police in a chained and padlocked caravan in the backyard of a house in Suffolk VA. According to reports, the 2 year old girl and the 6 month old boy were left alone in conditions that were no less than foul. There were shitty nappies strewn about, the beds were covered in pee and crap, the upholstery was infested with fleas and the floorboards were rotting out from under their feet. A news crew reported that when they opened up the trailer, a wave of garbage stink hit them. There were flies clinging to dirty dishes in the sink. The caravan had all the windows boarded up, no air conditioning, and the only power source was an extension cord plugged into the caravan’s electrical inlet.

While police were sorting out the youngsters, who should come moseying along? None other than Jaronda Wilson (23) and her salami swinger. They had gone to the store for some beer and said that they had left Wilson’s brother in law Laron Huston Neal (22) in charge of the children. This was true, but Neal had better things to do than hang out in a smelly old caravan, so he put an egg in his shoe and beat it.

The poor little tackers were covered in mosquito bites and the baby boy had bronchitis, probably from living in a confined space with piss and shit everywhere.

Jaronda and Laron were arrested and charged with abuse and neglect, reckless disregard and cruelty to children. Along with those two, the police arrested Kimberly Shelton (20) for assault, after she beat up another woman so that she could be initiated into a gang. When the police showed up to arrest Kim, that’s when they found the locked caravan.

The owner of the house and caravan, Marvin Askew, claims to not know anything about the conditions of the caravan or that there were children living there. He reckons that his son lived in there and that occasionally he had friends over. Well, Marvin, it’s time to pull your head out of your arse and look around. How could you not know there was something going on? Kids cry and play and stuff, plus people coming and going regularly. It’s time to get your son to clean up the horrific mess that his whore made, and then boot him the fuck out. It’s time he made it in the real world and stopped leaching off Daddy. Maybe if he stopped buying so much beer, he’d have enough money to move out.

The kids were taken into the custody of CPS, where they received medical treatment and were released to their grandfather. Hopefully the gene that made Jaronda enjoy living in filth is just a throwback, and not a family history thing.

(I think I detect a hint of meth-face in Laron, at right)

I put home alone in quotation marks, because that ain’t no home for kids.

Thanks again to Muggle for the tip.

5 year old boy shoots and kills his sister…after his parents give him his “first rifle”

Coroner: Boy, 5, Shoots 2-Year-Old Sister in Ky.

Kentucky girl, 2, shot dead by brother, 5, who was playing with gun he’d been given as a gift

US boy shoots two-year-old sister dead


They look like fucking toys!!

A 5 year old boy has shot his baby sister dead, after his hick parents not only bought him a rifle, but also failed to unload it and secure it. This happened in Kentucky, by the way.

The little boy, named Kristian, was playing with the rifle while his redneck breeder Stephanie Sparks was cleaning the kitchen. While she was out on the porch, she heard the gun go off. She went inside and found her 2 year old daughter Caroline had been shot in the chest. The little girl was rushed to Cumberland hospital, but died from the wound.

The gun in question was a 0.22 calibre Crickett rifle, marketed by Keystone Sporting Arms as “My First Rifle”. KSA is all about safety and enjoyment of hunting and shooting. They also market little hi-vis vests, helmets and safety goggles. The rifle was being “stored” in the corner of the mobile home that the family lived in. The hick breeders hadn’t realised that there was a shell remaining inside the weapon.

Now I don’t know much about guns. Australia has severe gun laws and the whole American gun culture is just so alien to me. But I do know the basics. That gun was not secured properly, it was left in the fucking corner of their trailer! And the little boy was not properly taught about guns i.e. always assume any weapon is loaded, never point a gun at someone, and that dead is dead. But all of that inbreeding must have bred out commonsense. I don’t know why these hicks haven’t been selected against. One day, she’ll catch up with these sins against nature.

Not only are the breeders stupid rednecks, but the KY coroner must be the king of the hicks! He’s ruled the shooting as an accident and shrugged off the shooting as “just one of those crazy accidents”. Now you see here, you inbred banjo-twanging bumpkin. There are no “accidents” when it comes to guns. Someone has to pull the trigger or in this case, they left the gun accessible to the uneducated child. You’re just as bad as the hick breeders. A police trooper has said that it’s too early to say whether charges will be laid against the parents. Here, let me help you out. Failure to secure a firearm. Negligence resulting in death. Possibly possessing an unregistered firearm.

Rest in peace, little Caroline. Somehow, let your big bro know that your death wasn’t his fault. It was the fault of your inbred hick breeders who don’t know how to act around guns.

Toddler Accidentally Shot.JPEG-0fb23

Cue “Duelling Banjos”…

7 children, 1 trailer, no heat, little food and no moms


Karina and Maria Medina

7 children found in alone in freezing home 

Eight hours… eight freakin hours that’s how long seven children ranging in age from 18-months to 13-years-old were left alone in trailer with no heat and little food, by their mothers, sisters Maria (37) and Karina (27) Medina.

Wanna know what they were doing… go ahead take a guess… at a party drinking.  Betcha didn’t see that comin’ did ya?  Oh, come on you know you did, we all did!

Anyhow, the Santa Fe Sherriff’s deputies got a call from a neighbor of the drunken dimwits at about 2am Saturday, November 5th.  She was worried, pretty sad when the neighbor cares more about the children than the women who gave birth to them.  When police arrived they found all the children alone, wrapped in blankets to keep warm, the thermostat in the trailer read 32 degrees.  Even more alarming was the fact that there was little to no food for the children.  WTF!

Now for the icing on the cake… it’s not like the furnace broke after the assholes left and the kids gobbled up all the food in the house in their absence.  They left them there alone knowing the furnace was broke and there was no food.  I guess when the urge to party hits you, fuck the kids there’s drinking to be done!

No worries though they came right home when called by the deputies… that’s all good except that the freakin idiots topped off their already stupid bullshit behavior by driving drunk.  Classy ladies, really classy!

The Medina sisters were charged with seven counts of abandoning and abusing a child.  Karina was also charged with drunk driving.  Their bonds were set at $25,000.

 P.S.  Am I the only one with the urge to smack that stupid grin off Karina’s ugly mug?



Giving a bad name to trailer trash everywhere


Man and woman accused of assaulting 2-year-old

Grandma of child in assault case – abuse could have beenstopped

I have started to notice a nasty little trend happening in my neck of the woods, water-boarding small children.

Despite having other children Corey and Melissa Bach both 24, of Canandaigua targeted and tortured their 2-year-old son. Frankly I cry bullshit that the 2 year old was the only one to be beat but he did get the worst of it for sure.

Corey and Melissa would pull the little boys hair, slam him into walls and strap him into a car seat in order to pour cold water over him. WTF! What is it about parents using a car seat as some sort of punishment?
That’s not all. CPS has been involved since January yet this is not coming to light until just now??

The monster couple would also hit the soles of the toddlers feet with a wooden spoon as a form of punishment since the bruising would be hidden from direct view and could be easily be mistaken for a typical toddler bruise. Ugh! Imagine that poor little boy had to walk on those bruised little feet everyday. That must have hurt!

A neighbor to the couple claimed that they didn’t have the children at first when they moved into the trailer park. When the children were around she didn’t suspect them of being abused…Isn’t that always the case?

Both Melissa and Corey Bach have been charged with Assault in the second degree, which is a felony offense, and they will at BEST get 7 years in prison.
Currently the Bach’s are being held on $25,000 cash bail at the Ontario County Jail. They have both pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to be back in court April 13.

I wish I could send their cellmates a huge wooden spoon to beat them and make them feel at home.

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up. **

Drugs and Filth in West Virginia – Not a repeat

Scotty Lee Davis and Dollie Marie Cooper

Children found amid drugs, filth in Danville, police say:

Some people think I have some kind of vendetta against West Virginia. I don’t really. I tend to kid that it’s a trailer trash kind of state. It’s turned into sort of a running joke on the site. The following story has so many other running jokes in it you would think I was making it all up. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Scotty Lee Davis, 31, and Dollie Marie Cooper, 26, both of Danville, West Virginia were living in a trailer with their three kids. The police went there to conduct a welfare check. The cop noticed that Davis had a narcotic residue in his nose. Davis allegedly admitted to police that he and his baby mama Cooper were snorting pills earlier in the evening. Police and CPS also supposedly found some weed spread out on the table in reach of the children. The domicile also had not had running water for two weeks.

So let’s go down the list. They live in a dirty trailer in West Virginia with no water while snorting Oxycontin (more than likely) and smoking weed with kids in the ‘house’ and he has the middle name of Lee. If there was a pitbull in the story I probably would have peed myself.

Luckily the kids were relatively unharmed.

Thanks to Shannon (from WV) for the tip.

Couple puts aborted baby under the tree

Aborted Fetus Found in Gift Box Under Christmas Tree:

It seems that Ruby Lee Medina, 31, and Javier Gonzalez, 37, of Mission, Texas decided to wait until she was seven months pregnant before getting an abortion. However instead of getting a medical abortion, which in my opinion would have been bad enough, they decided to have a homemade abortion. Gone are the days of wire hangers and ‘falling’ down the stairs. Now all you have to do is take an ulcer medication in order to induce a miscarriage.

No matter which side of the abortion debate you find yourself on I’m sure you’ll find the next act reprehensible. They tried flushing the body down the toilet but since it wouldn’t fit and she was bleeding profusely. With paramedics and police on the way they took the baby’s body and wrapped it in a gift box and put it under the tree. Did I mention this all took place in a trailer?

The pair has been charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. Personally I think they should be charged with murder too but that’s just me.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Brillo Pads – They’re Not Just for Dishes Anymore


I wasn’t going to do another story today, since I have already given you so much to talk about. You have April to thank for my change of plans. She made me do it. Meet Linda and Robert Williams….

It seems a couple in Carson City Nevada think that locking their 3- and 5-year old boys in a bedroom of their trailer is a good parenting technique. The morally destitute female reproductive vessel also liked to keep them really clean – she scrubbed the 3-year old’s face with a brillo pad, causing his face to turn into one large, infected abrasion. Be sure to check out the second article link for Linda’s version of the cause of the 3-year old’s injuries. The 5-year old had two black eyes. In addition, the house was filthy, there were no toys for the kids, the food was locked up to keep them out of it, the bedroom door was kept shut with a sliding bolt on the outside, and the bedroom windows were boarded from the inside. Did I mention the two urine-filled toddler potties that were on the floor of the bedroom? The children were found huddled together on an upper bunk bed, sharing a blanket. The 5-year old refused to come out from behind the blanket, and the 3-year old could not be awakened. They were both transported to the hospital. It was the first time either of them had been seen by a doctor in three years. There is no word on their condition, but they have been placed in state protective custody.

But Linda and Robert were not completely bad people….they had a dog (breed not specified, but I bet Trench has a suggestion) which was well groomed, and appeared to be well taken care of. Also, the nasty snatch worked as a caregiver. Really?!?! Apparently not at home, she didn’t. According to authorities, she also wrote a ‘letter of apology’ for the boys’ treatment. Oh. OK. That makes it all better then. I’ll be sure to ask the inmates to write a letter of apology after they get hold of you.

Linda and Robert Williams have been charged with child abuse, false imprisonment, and child neglect. They are each being held on $100,000 bail.

The word Regency in front of Trailer Court doesn’t make it a safer place

Read It Here

Natasha Afraid of Bear (I swear that is her name) has been arrested and  charged with 3 felony counts of child abuse.  The investigating officers found two knives and bloody clothes.  Two boys, ages 4 and 5 have now been turned over to Nebraska Health and Human Services.

I could only find two tiny pieces in the media about this incident thus far.

A different rat story

Three ‘let rats chew toes off baby’:

A lot of people sent me this story but I went with the Australian article not only because it had more information but also because the way they put it in their first paragraph.

Three people have been accused of endangering a child after rats bit a six-week-old girl and chewed off her toes at their cluttered US caravan home.

I’m not coming down on the Australian lingo I’m just fascinated with the way other countries phrase things even though we’re technically speaking the same language. They almost make it sound like the home was just slightly dusty.

Luckily I’m fluent in the Queen’s English. While a caravan can mean what we in The States call a camper it can also mean, which it does in this case, my favorite form of domicile, the trailer.

Anyway in American a six-week-old child that lived in a filthy trailer had her toes chewed off one of her feet by rats. Police were called to the trailer in Columbus, Ohio after they received an anonymous tip.

A married couple that lived in the trailer Joseph Gunter, 33, and Tina Gunter, 29 have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child as has the baby’s mother’s boyfriend, 18-year-old Todd Trent. The baby’s mother is said to be a juvenile and it’s unknown if she’s been charged.

The only thing missing from this story is meth.

Thanks to Matt, Becca and Astrobeck (possibly the best screen name ever).

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