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Seizures Led To Broken 10-Day-Old

Mother charged with injuring 10-day-old son  

Mother charged with felony neglect for injuries of 10-day-old son 

Ok so I think this will be my last post for the day, these stories are hard enough to research and write when you feel good, but when your brain feels like it is splitting in two they are all the more difficult to read and/or write.  So let’s get to it.

On Monday, January 30th, the beauty you see above 30-year-old Jennifer Ann Pickar appeared in court facing charges of injuring her 10-day-old son.  Wait she’s only 30??  Shit, I’m going to be 39 in a few weeks and ….never mind, let me get back on topic.

On New Year’s Day Pickar and her baby daddy went to the hospital seeking treatment for Pickar’s tremors.  A very alert nurse, while tending to mommy, noticed that brand new baby was sporting TWO black eyes.   Yes, you read that right, the baby all of 10-effing days-old was sporting not one, but two black eyes.  The nurse suggested the family take the baby to Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota.

The baby was examined at the hospital and found to not only have two effing black eyes, but bruising of the left ear, fractures of the bones around his eyes and bleeding in the front and back of his brain.  Fuck me; he’s only 10-fucking days-old!  He was immediately transported to another hospital where his condition worsened and he underwent surgery.

So I am clear the baby has been in intensive care since New Years day and as of January 30th his condition is still unclear.  He is expected to have “significant deficits.”  According to the treating doctors, he would not have survived without medical care.  His injuries are consistent with “significant” or “multiple” impacts to the face.  He also appeared to have been pinched.  For fuck’s sake…where do these monsters come from?

No worries though Pickar has a plethora of excuses for her baby’s injuries.  First, she woke up to her son crying in her armpit on January 1st.  She said she must have had a seizure during the night and hit herself and the baby on the crib next to the bed.  Creative Jen, but no cigar.  Later her mother would tell police she claimed to have had a seizure while holding the baby and dropped him.  Lastly, she rolled on the baby while having a seizure.

Let’s not forget she was not at the hospital seeking treatment for her son, she was there seeking treatment for her tremors.  What’s worse is her husband found her trembling when he arrived home from a night shift, seen his baby with two black eyes and he too only sought treatment for his wife.  Let’s also not forget this a 10-day-old baby… 10 DAYS and neither of them showed any concern for the two black eyes.

Pickar has a criminal history:

–        2011 – felony assault and two counts of misdemeanor assault

–        2008 – felony theft and drug possession

For the injuries on her son she is charged with felony child neglect and endangerment.  Her bond has been set at $20,000 or $10,000 with conditions…um, excuse me is this some kind of joke.  That’s nothing!  Each of the charges for the baby’s injuries carries a sentence of 5 years.  That is utter bull shit; she’ll be out before he’s old enough for first grade, provided he survives.  Travesty!



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