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Second Life players didn’t give their child a Second Chance

Second Life obsessed parents starve two-year-old child

Couple ‘living in fantasy world’ accused of starving girl

Parents ‘were so immersed in fantasy video game world where their avatars married and had jobs they let real-life daughter, 2, nearly starve to death’

Mark Knapp and Elizabeth Pester

Mark Knapp and Elizabeth Pester

This is the second story I’ve heard of parents neglecting their children in favour of Second Life. I saw a feature on Dr. Phil (back in my HSC days) on this game, with a 13 year old girl addicted to it. To me, it looks sort of like The Sims, only a bit more sophisticated. I don’t know much about the game, so I typed the term “Second Life” into (where I do all of my serious research) and got this:

“Second Life:

A game where desperate people with no lives or friends get to live out their dreams of social acceptance and sex. The vast majority of Second Life players are unattractive and socially awkward.”

Well, there you have it. Put that definition together with the mugshot and it explains a lot.

Mark Knapp (48) and his blushing bride Elizabeth Pester (33) stand accused of neglecting their 2 year old daughter in favour of looking after their Second Life avatars. The couple were charged with child neglect and abuse after it was found that their daughter only weighed 5.8 kg (13 lbs). She was rushed to hospital in a severe state of malnutrition. On top of being severely underweight, she couldn’t walk or talk, and the back of her head was flat.

When the cops came around to arrest the couple, they found them playing Second Life. Mark asked the officers whether they were here because their daughter had died. NO THEY WERE NOT! They should thank their fucking lucky stars that she wasn’t dead! They were so absorbed in their crappy little game that they didn’t even know their daughter was alive or dead.

The couple were known to authorities, with their daughter being taken away in 2012 for being underweight. She was returned (wtf?) on the condition that she was to be weighed weekly to ensure that she reached a healthy weight. The weigh-ins did not happen! Big fat FAIL.

Elizabeth allegedly rescheduled her daughter’s appointments and requested that the appointments be scheduled for the afternoon, citing that she worked as a DJ and needed her sleep in the mornings. The DJ gig, as it turns out, belongs to her Second Life avatar, DJ Syn. The immersion was that deep, she thought her avatar was actually her. She and Mark also had a virtual wedding and she shared pictures of it on her Facebook, saying


The silliness of this would be so funny, if a kid wasn’t near death due to the idiocy of her breeders. She actually tried to pass off Second Life as her own life?? Her real life must be so boring.

Here’s a picture of their avatars (for a comparison to their actual mugshots). The top one is from their fake wedding:

Alter-egos: In the online virtual world Second Life, Pester's blonde avatar (left) worked as a DJ, and the couple had a wedding

You’re kidding yourselves if you think you actually look like that.


Pester’s fake job as DJ Syn

The ghastly gamers are being held in Tulsa county jail on US$50, 000 each. And no, that’s not in Simoleons. Their little girl is still in a critical condition, trying to regain her real life.

Imagine how good this family could be living if Mark and Elizabeth put in as much effort into their real life as they did building up their Second Life avatars?

PS: If you get the chance, look up Second Life trolling videos on YouTube. These players go to pieces over nothing!

Another Burnout……Another Group of Abandoned Babies


Mother of abused Tulsa children wants custody, files for divorce two days after incident

Oklahoma dad arrested after toddler daughter found locked in dog cage


It seems that most of these stories start the same these days. Take a burnout breeder, add a frequently abused substance and the result is children who get neglected or hurt.

Straight from Tulsa, Oklahoma, we bring you 47-year-old William (Willy Dipshit) Lewallen.  Willy Dipshit was in charge of diaper duty while the children’s mother was working.  He must have failed to take care of the children, seeing as the neighbors called the police because a 4-year-old child was naked, crying and locked outside. I have been to Oklahoma in November for training and it was exceedingly cold.   This poor baby was most likely freezing.

Thankfully the neighbors spotted the child and wrapped him in a blanket until the authorities arrived. Once one the scene, they also found a second child, 18 Months (16 Months according to conflicting reports) old locked in a dog cage and covered in feces.  There was a third child, 3 years old, naked and unattended in another bedroom. The police found Willy Dipshit sleeping in a bedroom in such a drunken/drug induced stupor that he never heard the children nor did he hear the police bust down the door. Willy Dipshit was arrested on a child neglect complaint while the three children were placed into the custody of DHS.  Unfortunately the mother, who was working at the time, returned home as the police were leaving the premises. Kudos to the Mom though.  This is a rare occasion where she is not sticking with her man. According to reports she has filed for divorce from Willy Dipshit and is currently fighting for custody.

***Thanks go to Rochell for the tip and the write up.

Janette Mickelboro; a master in dumbfuckology

Tulsa Police Arrest Mother In Infant Son’s Death

Tulsa Mom Arrested in Her Baby’s Death

That sorry looking sack of horse shit right there – That’s 23-year-old Janette Mickelboro.  Mickelboro is guilty of mudering her 3-month-old son AND complete dumbassery (still not a chargeable offense??).

Little Hunter Warner never had a chance with this failure as a mother.  Mickelboro has admitted to police that she discovered her baby “cold and stiff” after she tied a receiving blanket around Hunter’s face to hold his pacifier in and then put him in his bouncer.  Several hours later, when she checked on Hunter before leaving for work, he was apparently dead.  Instead of notifying the authorities, the stupid whore placed Hunter in his basinet and left his lifeless body there for his father to discover.  Can you imagine his horror?  It obviously didn’t bother her a bit.  She went on to work like nothing was wrong.  Bitch.

Mickelboro was arrested on first degree murder and is being held on $250,000 bond.  I think a hysterectomy is in order.

Thanks go to Deena for posting this one in the Open Thread.

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