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Infant who ‘fell off bed’ had injuries consistent with crash

injuries consistent car crash

Ezekiel Hadithy

A gravitational anomaly must have happened in Tulsa recently since a nine-month-old infant is now brain-dead after ‘falling off a bed’. Doctors who examined the child said the injuries the child sustained were consistent with that of being ejected from a car during a high-speed collision or falling from a third story window onto concrete. So obviously the magnetic poles of the Earth must have drastically shifted recently to cause such velocity and impact from such a short height. Or we could have a lying sack of crap boyfriend.

38-year-old Ezekiel Hadithy was living with the baby’s mother at a motel in Tulsa. When the baby ‘fell off the bed’ Hadithy had allegedly woken the mother and said he found the baby like that. After police started investigating, Hadithy is said to have changed his story to where he supposedly ‘dropped’ the baby on the motel laundry room floor. So either the bed was on a third story ledge or the motel laundry room doubled as a crash test facility.

You may think you’re smarter than police and doctors, but you’re not. They have years of training and experience on how to recognize child abuse and you’re a lugnut who lives in a motel room. Maybe instead of trying to fabricate a situation that couldn’t have possibly happened, call 911 immediately and maybe this baby could have had a fighting chance.

4 kids taken from the meth house from hell

mlarsonFour Children Taken From Tulsa Meth House:

Usually I leave the Oklahoma stories to angel even though I don’t think she’s from there or has ever been there but this one just leapt out at me. Something about meth stories just really get my goat.

Anyway, Goatface there is 30-year-old Melody Brooke Larson of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She had her 4 kids, ages 19 months, 2, 3, 7 and 10, taken from her house where meth was being trafficked. But the fact that meth was being dealt there isn’t the end of the story.

Let’s go down the list of other atrocities that were going on in the house. There were exposed needles within reach of the children. There was human waste on the floor. There were prescription drugs in reach of the kids. There was blood sprayed on the wall from someone jabbing themselves with one of the aforementioned needles. And the usual trash, clothes and broken glass strewn about the place.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some high end electronics in the house because usually drug dealers worry about satisfying there own desires and not the wants and needs of their own children.

Thanks to Chantel for the tip.

Woman arrested after meth lab fire

Mother arrested after Tulsa meth lab fire:

And we go back to Oklahoma for another heartwarming story of parenting. Reader Jennifer sent us this tale as well that comes out of the city of Tulsa.

49-year-old Jamie Ruston was arrested after the the apartment her and her 12-year-old son were staying it caught fire due to a meth lab accident.

An unidentified man woke the boy so he could escape the fire. He fled the scene before firefighters arrived.

Check out the face-melty mugshot too. That’s what meth can do to you. You know what they say, not even once.

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