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Hoodrat dragged her baby down the stairs

Neighbors intervene to save children from abusive mother
UPD: Woman dragged child down stairs

Beauty Queen of the 'hood - Victoria Mercer.

Holy hoodrat, Batman! DAY-UM that’s a fine lookin’ woman over there! Now before anyone emails or comments and asks me for her digits, she’s mine. But not because I “want” her, its because I want to drag her fugly, ghetto ass down some stairs. Who’s with me?

Skank Ho in question is one Victoria Mercer of Utica, NY.  She’s been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and harassment after she was caught by police dragging one of her kids down the stairs. Police were notified by concerned neighbors that were encouraging this bitch to stop abusing her kids.  One of the neighbors was trying to take one of her kids away that was still in his’her car seat, and Mercer grabbed the child away.

When the police responded, that’s when they witnessed her dragging said child down the stairs. Then when they tried to arrest her, she allegedly resisted arrest something fierce – shocker.  Luckily, no children were harmed. So that’s a good thing.

Thanks to Amanda for the tip.

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