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Get ready to vomit, then wet yourself.

Man beats little girl for wetting herself

I am so angry about this on some many levels. Flori-duh should be a separate country from the United States. Every other tip comes from Florida with horrifying details of child abuse. Social workers, officers and the local CPS offices must all be collectively allergic to doing paperwork or their jobs for that matter.

Police responded to a report of a child screaming in an apartment. When the police arrived Suresh Antonio Chapman, 29 of Gainsville FL answered the door. They noticed he was sweating and with out prompting he immediately said “Look, I have a right to discipline my child, and nobody can tell me what I can and cannot do to my child.” He was holding a belt in his hand. Something tells me it wouldn’t take much for that fat hog to work up a good sweat. Oh but it gets much worse.

The little girl was seen by officers to have bruising and welts in various places on her body. It turns out she is not even Suresh’s child! She is the daughter of his girlfriend. Suresh was ‘teaching her a lesson’ because she had wet herself and vomited earlier. First of all if my mother brought home that miserable poor excuse of a man, I would vomit and piss myself too. Did I fail to mention that it gets worse? Suresh has been arrested for abuse in the past as well as petty theft and for writing bad checks. The little girl’s mother gave Suresh PERMISSION to beat her daughter with the belt inoder to teach the little girl not to wet herself. It gets even worse! The mother has NOT been charged with abuse!! That should be put in bold, italic and fucking neon flashing print. She was NOT charged! Holy shit!!

I hope the next few hurricanes to hit Florida takes that entire state and it’s unusually large population of freaks, completely out. I can not believe that came out of the mothers mouth and she did not get arrested for anything. I bet she still has custody of her daughter. Hell, I bet CPS gave her tips on how to discreetly beat your child so they do not receive anymore pesky calls.

This deserves a huge what the fuck! I am completely disgusted with that state all together.

I suggest better laws to protect children in Florida, stiffer penalties for lazy CPS workers too. If I beat one of those CPS workers or an officer with a belt it would be considered assault but if it’s a defenseless child it’s okay? What if the CPS worker or officer pissed themselves… then would it be okay? What if they desperately deserved a lesson? Because frankly I think they all do. As a matter of fact I am sure if I get permission to beat their asses by their mom it would be okay……..

That state is a boil on the ass of America.

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write up** 

Someone is obsessed with bodily functions

And seriously, it isn’t me. I know that I posy most of stories here that involve feces or urine. I guess I just can’t understand how people can just leave shit, no matter the source, sitting around on the floor for weeks on end. This isn’t one of those stories though…it’s worse.

In Cleveland police have arrested 37-year-old Talthina Jackson. How do you pronounce that anyway? She’s been arrested for the alleged abuse against her 14 and 15-year-old sons that has been taking place allegedly since January.

Jackson thought the older boy was stealing from her so she hit him with keys, aerosol cans and an iron. Yes, the ironing kind of iron. Luckily, if you can call that lucky, he only needed six stitches however evidence was found that he had received several beatings with a pole.

The younger boy got it much worse in my opinion. If you have a weak constitution you may not want to read the rest of the story.

He was locked in his room for long periods of time and had to urinate out of the bedroom window one day and defecate in his closet another day. When she smelled the feces, she made him eat it and gave him a plastic bag to vomit in.

Another time, she thought he had urinated on plastic she had put on the floor to paint the walls. She made him lick it up. It was cat urine, Miday said.

Another day, she forced him to finish the cat’s uneaten canned food. The boy vomited in the bowl and she made him eat that as well.

Holy crap! (No pun intended) There’s only one bodily function missing and if that was in the story I would have to shut the site down.

Who the hell thinks of this? What kind of twisted sick mind think that appropriate discipline for children is making them eat their own shit and puke?

Did I mention she’s out on bond too?

If there was any justice she’d be forced to live the rest of her life in the tank of a Porta Potty during Burning Man.

Thanks to Jen for the tip.

Passed out in your own vomit and urine is no way to go through life

Harrison Mom Accused Of Child Endangerment:

Harrison Mom Ordered To Stay Away From Children:

Police in Harrison, Ohio went to the home of 21 year old Jessica Reese to perform a welfare check. It’s a good thing they did because they found Reese passed out in her own vomit and urine. Also there were her 1 and 2-year-old children. The conditions in the house were called deplorable. No word if dog feces were found but the house did have exposed wiring allegedly.

Her attorney said that Reese was like this because of some ‘medication’ and that Reese’s dad was home at the time but was asleep. Oh ok, then. That makes it all better. Some lawyers really sicken me.

Did the medication and dad sleeping also cause the conditions of house and the exposed wiring?

Thanks to LeeLee for the tip.

How can a mother stand by and watch her child be killed?


This is Chrystie Marie Hardy – a 27 year-old Colorado women. Chrystie has admitted that she did seek help while her boyfriend (Mark Alton Friend) beat, tortured and killed her 4-year-old daughter Madyson Bogard January 15, 2008.

She watched Madyson vomit, convulse and suffer and did nothing – nothing at all.  It wasn’t until Madyson stopped breathing that Hardy finally called 911.

During the initial investigation Hardy and Friend alleged the girl had fallen on the ice earlier in the day; it was Friend who fessed up to his disgusting behavior.

Hardy faces 30 t0 40 years behind bars – I think she should  be sterilized!

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