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Toddler found wandering in Perth

The young boy was found on Belgravia Street in Belmont at midday on Friday 8th February.

Unidentified child found wandering alone


A three year old boy has been found wandering the suburban streets of Perth WA more than a day ago. He hasn’t been able to tell police who his parents are or where he lives. The boy was found around noon on Friday, and no one has come to claim him. How sad for this little kid, his parents or guardian isn’t even worried he’s missing!

He’s currently being cared for by the Department for Child Protection and neither the police nor the DCP have received any reports of a missing child. Authorities raised the alarm after 24 hours of him being missing, since no one else bothered to. Police have now identified his family, but why haven’t they come to claim him yet??? Are they too drug addled to go collect their child? Is that why he was missing in the first place, because his parents were sleeping off the booze/drugs? The boy remains in the care of the DCP while a full investigation is being carried out.

The poor little boy has limited speech and wasn’t able to tell the police his own name or that of his guardians/parents. I don’t know whether he has autism, he’s just shy or that he’s been neglected so he hasn’t developed language skills. Three year olds aren’t really aware that their parents have names other than “Mum” or “Dad” and that all they know is they live in a blue or yellow house with flowers.

It just makes me shudder to think of the things that could’ve happened to this little boy while he was wandering. He could have been hit by a car. A dog could have eaten him. A pedophile could have taken him. He could have fallen and hurt himself. There’s still coverage on the news about the James Bulger case and all those awful things that those little monsters did to him 20 years ago. Poor Denise Bulger-Fergus locked her other kids away from the world because of what happened to James. Why someone would just leave their kid ripe for the picking is beyond me.


Toddlers found wandering in St. Pete’s

St. Pete mom, boyfriend charged after toddlers found wandering:

30-year-old Laquanda R. Dilworth and her penis, 24-year-old Alejandro M. Boyd, were arrested when Dilowrth’s toddlers were found wandering the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida hungry, thirsty and with loaded diapers.

The penis was left in charge of looking after the kids while Dilworth was elsewhere. Of course when police returned the kids to the home they noticed that the home was strewn with garbage including a garbage stuffed refrigerator.

Again being poor doesn’t mean you can’t clean the damn garbage in your house. And how hard is it to keep two toddlers from leaving your house?

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Toddler strapped to toilet

Toddler allegedly strapped to toilet, mother arrested:

Police in Springfield, Ohio arrested 23-year-old Heather A. Flaker on child abuse charges among others.

One of her relatives called police after her 5-year-old son running in the street by himself. When police took the boy home the door was open and they found her two-year-old daughter strapped to the toilet. Both were bleeding and had evidence of prior abuse.

This is one of those Whiskey Tango Foxtrot stories since I can’t wrap my head around this one as to why any one, even demented child abusing scum, would strap a child to a toilet.

Police are also searching for Marcus A. January in this case. No word if he’s the baby daddy or just a penis.

Thanks to Lady LeeLee for the tip.

Wandering toddler leads to meth and snakes

Woman released on bond following drug, child endangerment charges:

Jasper County (TX) Sheriffs were called to Buna, Texas on the news that a toddler was wandering the streets alone. When Sheriffs arrived at the scene they were also met by 28-year-old Tamara Jones who said she didn’t know where her child was. She allowed police into the house to investigate and that’s when police found not only meth but also 16 snakes. One was eight feet long and another one was dead. Police were reluctant to search for any more.

The child was unhurt and has been placed with the grandmother pending the investigation.

Ms. Jones contacted the local media to give her side of the story. She blames the whole sordid affair on anesthesia from a tooth she had pulled and that her two-year-old escaped because apparently he’s a regular Steve McQueen.

She says the meth didn’t belong to her and was left there by someone else. She also said that she hadn’t gotten around to getting rid of it yet. And that she doesn’t know what the fuss is about all the snakes.

“I have a two, 8 foot Colombian red-tailed boas, corn snakes, king snakes. There are padlocks on the cages and the snakes are in a room by themselves. I enjoy collecting snakes. My children are well educated about them. Me and my husband are always around when the snakes are out.”

I guess some people need it spelled out for them. Meth + snakes = trash. Yeah, I said it.

Thanks to CR for the tip.

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