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Coronial inquest into death of boy who died in a washing machine

Mum a suspect in son’s washing machine death

Police target parents over washing machine death

A little boy died, along with his pet cat, in a front loader washing machine while his mother took a nap. An inquest has been launched into how the little boy and the cat ended up there.

Rewind to 2010. Kerry Murphy allegedly awoke from a nap on the afternoon of September 20, 2010 at her Perth home and found her 3 year old son Sean Murphy unconscious in the drum of the front loader, along with the body of his pet cat named Snowy. Sean suffered horrendous injuries and went to join Snowy on the Rainbow Bridge. An autopsy was carried out on Sean’s small body, but an exact cause of death could not be confirmed. Sean’s body showed injuries consistent with entrapment, and the coroner ruled that this would most likely have contributed to his death.

When officers turned up to question Kerry and to survey the scene, they found the house to be full of animal shit and smelling of smoke. Not only is it disgusting and unhealthy to smoke inside a house, but Kerry and Sean, along with Kerry’s boy toy Craig Sheppard, were living in a Department of Housing property, where smoking is not allowed inside. Kerry was screaming “I’ve killed my baby, I know it”. Later she explained that what she meant by that was that she felt responsible for Sean’s death because she was sleeping instead of watching him.

Boy Toy and Kerry are still suspects in Sean and Snowy’s deaths, even though Boy Toy was at work that day. Boy Toy is not the father of Sean. The medical examiner was looking for signs of drowning, suffocation and beating but could not determine either way because of the extensive injuries that Sean suffered from being tumbled around in the washing machine.

The inquest has heard that, after mechanical tests performed on the washing machine, that it would have been very difficult to close the door from the inside because the door locked from the outside. Kerry suggested that the dog may have knocked it shut. The police considered that, with enough force, it was possible to push the door hard enough so that it would bounce back and close. However the WA coroner said that it would have been very difficult for Sean to do that, because of the angle of the door in relation to his body. The police agreed with the coroner that it would be a tight fit, even for a 3 year old, and observed that Sean had markings on his body that matched the drum of the washing machine.

More witnesses are expected to testify, along with Kerry and her Boy Toy. The inquest is expected to hear some interesting gems such as how Kerry was trying to get Sean diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and how Kerry was not dealing with motherhood very well.

Kerry and Boy Toy were going to get married, but have since split up.

It’s not unusual to hear of stories of cats accidentally being locked in the washing machine. That’s why you always keep the lid/door closed and double check before setting the machine away. The same goes for when you have children. You teach them not to play in the washing machine. Children are teachable, cats – not so much. I haven’t heard of any autopsy being done on Snowy, but I really hope that this was an accident and that it did not play out like I think it played out. (Kerry killed Snowy to “punish” Sean, Sean screams and cries as any child who has lost a pet would, so Kerry stuffs Sean in the washing machine along with Snowy and sets it away. Or Kerry stuffs both of them in the machine and sets it away because they interrupted her nap) I really hope it’s just Snowy got stuck in the washing machine, Sean tried to save him and they both got stuck. Otherwise, there’s a special prison treatment for people who harm animals and children, and big Sheila is more than willing to dole it out.

The inquest continues.

RIP Sean and Snowy. Cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Carl Savoy and Angelique Townsend are Methtard-Extraordinaires

Meth lab in washing machine leads to burns and arrests


In Livingston Parish, Louisiana, a man and woman have been arrested and charged with cooking meth in the presence of three young children. 

This meth-cooking operation was first brought to light when a man in a different city called for help after suffering chemical burns to his face and arms. He was burned when he opened the lid of a discarded washing machine given to him just a couple days prior. 

It appears the remnant of a meth lab was inside the washing machine.

This burn victim guided authorities to the place where he picked up the used appliance. Once there, deputies reported smelling the odor of a “meth cook” coming from the mobile home. 

Who lived in this trailer? Carl H Savoy, Angelique Joy Townsend and a 2-year-old child. Once inside this lovely home they found a meth lab smoldering in the shower of a bathroom, burning a hole completely through the shower floor! 

After they were both arrested, DCFS took custody of the child and two of his siblings that were at a nearby school and took the to the hospital to be checked out The evidence in the home confirmed that the children were in the immediate area of the meth lab. The kids are ages two, six and 11-years-old.

Townsend is confirmed to be the mother of all three. 

Both Savoy and Townsend face multiple drug and child-endangerment charges.

Thanks go to Trista Cook for the tip.

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