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NZ breeders had been abusing their kids for years

Trial for couple’s long-term child abuse begins

Tokoroa couple found guilty of child abuse

We haven’t heard from NZ for a while. But every so often, something comes up which is just horrific. I really wish I could find mugshots of these dog-turds.

A  craptastic couple of crud-buckets, from Tokoroa NZ, have gone on trial for the systematic abuse of their two kids. Stanley Williard Hamon (46) and his penis-sheath Elizabeth Tanya Matangi (33) appeared in Rotorua District Court facing 13 charges between them. Those charges include four counts of assault with a weapon, three counts of assaulting a child, three counts of threatening to kill or threatening grievous bodily harm, and four charges of wilful ill-treatment (i.e. child abuse). They had been abusing their children for a period of 11 years! And no one noticed until now? The prosecutor explained that this case wasn’t like TV where they have DNA everywhere. But surely there would be bruises? Neighbours who heard yelling and screaming? I guess there are none so blind and deaf as those who will not see nor hear.

The egg donor pleaded guilty to two charges of wilful neglect, which the sperm spitter has also been charged with, but she pleaded not guilty to the rest of the charges. Harmful Hamon pleaded not guilty to all the charges. Of course he did. Scum like him never believe they do anything wrong. They think that they can do whatever they like to whomever they please. The judge discharged hamheaded Hamon from the charges of threatening grievous bodily harm and assault with a weapon. Um excuse me?! He fucking cut his daughter with a knife and threatened to chop her fingers off!! Sounds like this was the same judge who kept sentencing baby bashers to “home detention”. Luckily Hamon might lose a few fingers in prison. Or some toes. Or other bodily parts. Or his life.

The puke-inducing pair hit the kids with various household items, beat them with a leather belt, and the scumbag sperm dispenser had threatened the boy with a rifle and said he would bury him in the forest. The putrid penis also ran a knife over the girl’s fingers and threatened to cut them off. The kids’ heads were also flushed in the toilet and they were also belittled and berated. You all know what’s going to happen to these bad breeders when they go to jail, their treatment of their children is but a mere premonition of the punishment they’ll receive from their cellmates…

The poor daughter was so distressed by the sight of her breeders that she couldn’t give evidence in the same room as them! The jury were also very upset by the testimonies of the children. At least, this will help them put these shit-heads in prison where they belong! The jury took all of three hours to reach a unanimous guilty verdict on the tw*terific two.

The egg-donor admitted before the trial that she’d kidnapped two girls out of DCYF’s care! She probably thought they “stole” her daughters. That her children were her possessions and that no one else can take what’s hers. Selfish bitch. Big Bertha should put a size 12 boot through her jaw. And another one through her c***.

The couple have been remanded in custody and will be sentenced on March 14. I’ll update when I find out what they’ve been sentenced with. Let it be life! There’s no word on the kids, but I presume they’ve been taken far, far away from these mutated morons.


Teorry Henderson Shoots 4-Year-Old Son with BB Gun (Yes, ANOTHER One!)

Teorry HendersonHoly fracking SHIT, people. This very well might signal the End Times.

Shortly after I posted the story this morning about Shawn Michael Mohan, the dad who allegedly shot his 12-day-old son with a BB gun, commenter Mommy made a rather snide remark about how I’d gotten the facts of the case wrong. The boy, she insisted, was six years old, not 12 days.

I was going to issue a well-meaning smackdown and tell Mommy to read the article I had linked to, when tipper Sinthyia emailed me. She had indeed sent me a story about a dad shooting his son with a BB gun…but it wasn’t Shawn Michael Mohan. I looked at the link she sent and, sure enough, another dad was accused this week of the exact same crime. Teorry Henderson of Groveland, Florida told police that he shot his 4-year-old in order to teach him a lesson. Why? Because the 4-year-old had shot his sister with the gun! In a “punishment” worthy of Saddam Hussein, Henderson made the boy take his shirt off and then fired at him. Unfortunately for dad, his kid blabbed about the shooting at preschool, leading Henderson to face felony child abuse charges.

Um…Mr. Henderson? Can you straighten out a few things? Like, what the FUCK was your 4-year-old doing with a BB gun in the first goddamn place?! Isn’t it your responsibility to keep your little guy away from loaded weapons? How is this anyone’s fault but yours?

I see a perfect punishment for Mr. Henderson and Mr. Mohan: a 21-BB-gun salute. Only the shooters won’t be aiming into the air.

What the hell is with the multiple BB gun incidents this week? Outside of these two cases, there are other incidents of BB gun vandalism springing up all over. Is the NRA holding some sort of contest? Sigh. I yearn for that simpler time, when I could see the words “man shoots son with BB gun” multiple times in my inbox, and safely assume that they all referred to the same story.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia. For real this time.)

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