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Moronic Mommy Monday: methtard mum lets toddlers wander

Police: Toddlers wandered outside while woman slept

April J. Ray, 31, is facing charges of child neglect, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

This bright-eyed and bushy-tailed beauty is April J. Ray (31) of Winter Haven, Flori-duh. She let her three toddlers wander through her yard and the street because she valued her beauty sleep over the safety and wellbeing over her children.

April’s neighbours spotted her three kids wandering around the street alone and not wearing any clothes. They went and knocked on the door and then yelled inside to see if anyone was home. When April didn’t respond, they called 911. Police turned up and found the door wide open, with two of the three toddlers back in the yard, and like her neighbour they tried to get April’s attention too. When they didn’t succeed, they went inside and found April fast asleep in bed. At 5pm!

The cops yelled and shook April awake, and found yep you guessed it, prescription drugs, drug paraphenalia including a meth pipe. The house was a complete dump, with clothes, dirty dishes and faeces all over the floor. I don’t know whether she had any animals to attribute the crap to, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were human poo-poo there too.

Some neighbours are actually defending her! One neighbour, Alamary Johnson, said “it was a mistake that anybody could make and yeah it was a crucial mistake but thank god nothing did happen”. Um excuse me? Have you been smoking what April’s been smoking? In what universe could shit on the floor, drugs and unsupervised toddlers be in any way a “mistake”? Sounds like we’ve just found April’s smoking buddy! Only dipshit druggies would find this an acceptable way to live and raise children! She only thinks this is a “mistake” because her bosom buddy and her other half of the druggy duo got caught by the fuzz!

Thank god none of the toddlers got hurt and they’re now in the care of family. April has been charged with child neglect, possession of meth, and possession of drug paraphenalia. She’s now in Polk County Jail.

Thanks go to Chelsea for the tip, and sorry to Malevolent April that this idiotic piece of shit has the same name as you.

Update: I stand corrected on the location, Polk County is in Flori-DUH not California. You’ll have to excuse me as I’m not from the US so I’m not up there with states and locations. Thanks to Buffettgirl for pointing that out <3 Aussie Sabbath

Christopher Scott Ryon…wanted to take a nap and Riley wouldn’t stop crying, well she has now permanently.

Father who punched infant charged in her death 

Father hits and kills infant 

Christopher Scott Ryon accused of punching daughter, Riley in the head 

See that face above, the one devoid of emotion that is Christopher Scott Ryon (27) of Winter Haven, FL.He is the epitome of selfishness, what he has done to his 3-month-old daughter, Riley, and why is pretty cut and dry, but nothing short of evil.

On March 27th, Kristine Bardell (27) arrived home on her lunch break to see her unemployed boyfriend and their baby girl, Riley. While Kristine set about making lunch, she woke up her boyfriend and asked him to check on their daughter. He returned claiming the baby was fine. Well, Riley wasn’t fine and Kristine, bless her broken heart, was the one who discovered that fact a short time later. Kristine went into the bedroom to check her “sleeping” baby girl and to her horror, found Riley face down on the bed. When she turned her over, her face was blue and she wasn’t breathing. She immediately grabbed her baby girl, ran her to her father, handed her off to him and frantically called 911 as he began administering CPR. Rescue workers arrived, took over CPR and transported Riley to Winter Haven Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

On March 28th, the medical examiner conducted an autopsy and concluded the baby had a skull fracture 6.5 centimeters long, indicative of blunt force trauma. OMG…poor baby.

When Ryon was informed of his daughter’s horrific injuries and cause of death, he immediately said he may have dropped her from a height of three inches on to the bed. Liar! Interestingly enough, throughout his entire police interview, Ryon would refer to Riley as “it”. “It”? That’s your baby girl; your flesh and blood, you fucking asshole. Gawd, I hate you!

He would eventually admit to punching the baby in the head because…wait for it… she would not stop crying and her pesky crying kept his unemployed, lazy ass from NAPPING! Riley’s screams, he said, “go through me like bullets.” Of course he said he didn’t believe he struck Riley very hard, but described it as a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. After he PUNCHED Riley she cried for another five minutes the fell silent. He checked on her and believed her to be fine. Ummm…what? Her mother found her fucking face down on the bed. I am no expert, but I do believe a non-moving, 3-month-old, face down in a bed is pretty fucking indicative of something definitely NOT being fine!

Ryon has been charged Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child.

Thanks to Christina, Dee and Mrs. Kelley for the tips.

R.I.P. Riley, fly with the angels sweet baby.


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