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Spider eggs in a toddler’s hair

(Special thanks to Catalina for the post)

Secoy Koch-Miller

Wisconsin woman accused of raising kids in squalor:

Burnett woman charged with child neglect:

I admit, I’m still trying to lose some post-pregnancy weight, so losing my appetite after reading about this case isn’t a big loss. However, the details leave me feeling infuriated and wondering how anyone could be so devoid of any sympathy and compassion, especially for their own offspring.

Okay. On to the story.

25-year-old Secoy S. Koch-Miller of Burnett, WI is the “mother” of two boys, ages 2 months and 2 years. The baby daddy of the infant, while in jail, reported to detectives that when he had been at the home of Koch-Miller, the residency seemed uninhabitable. Articles don’t state the reason for his jail sentence, but we do know he had at least enough sense to report the squalor.

Detectives then spoke with human services, and the case worker, familiar with Koch-Miller, stated she had visited the home beforehand but was always denied entrance. Hmm…I wonder why.

Luckily, baby daddy’s statement was enough to get a warrant, and officers and the case worker entered the home last November. What they found was extremely deplorable.

The craptastic home was filled with so much junk, that some rooms were blocked off due to the sheer volume of stuff that had been hoarded.

According to one article, “the kitchen contained several dirty dishes, dead flies and other bugs and cat feces. The inside of the refrigerator and freezer was covered in black mold, maggots and decayed food. There was cold water, but no hot water, and the bathroom had only a toilet. The pipes for the shower and bath appeared to have been cut off. The toilet did not appear to be working.”

Yup, the toilet wasn’t working because the septic tank was too full.

Upon examination of the children, the 2-year-old was found to weigh only 20 pounds. That’s not a huge surprise considering what had been found in the fridge. The poor boy had bug bites all over his body, a bruised eye, and had spiders and spider eggs in his hair. (The thought of the little guy like that makes me want to cry!) To make horrific matters worse, he also had a respiratory and ear infection that required antibiotics.

The infant, on the other hand, was found in better condition, growing at a “more normal rate.”

Fortunately, the children were placed in foster care and the toddler has gained weight.

Koch-Miller was charged with neglecting a child causing bodily harm, a felony, and neglecting a child, a misdemeanor. An initial court appearance is scheduled for March 10th.

And as far as the home is concerned, Burnett town leaders are considering the condemning the building. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Thanks to Brenda for the tip.

Brandy wanted to cause her babydaddy some Payne

Father talks after mom charged with homicide in week-old baby’s death

Milwaukee mom charged with killing her week-old baby

Murderous twunt Brandy Payne

Thanks to crys for the tip on this one. This is just an awful story.

Brandy Payne (22) of Milwaukee, WI has been charged with first degree reckless homicide after she allegedly killed her week-old son Michael A. Johnson III. Fancy that. A week old baby – 7 days old. Fresh out of hospital, with new baby smell. The vernix barely cleaned off his brand new baby skin. Her c*** still stretched out from giving birth to him. And she killed him.

What could a week-old baby boy do to anger someone so much, that they would kill him?

It wasn’t baby Mike who angered the wrathful wench. It was his dad, Michael Johnson, who had had an argument with Brandy on the phone. The topic of the heated discussion was whether baby Mike was Michael’s son or not. Michael had his doubts and did not want to help out with a child that maybe wasn’t his. So what did Brandy do? Did she offer to pay for a DNA test to put Michael’s mind at ease? No. When she hung up the phone, she picked baby Mike up and threw him to the floor, according to police reports. This childish outburst resulted in Mike having a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. When she saw her son bleeding from the head, Brandy panicked and put a cap on his head. Then she delivered him to Michael, who also lived in Milwaukee. When Michael and his parents realised that Mike was severely injured, they rushed him to hospital. Unfortunately, doctors could not save him and baby Mike gained his angel wings.

According to the Milwaukee ME, Brandy is considered to be significantly cognitively/intellectually disabled. Pssht, don’t bring a disability into this. Most people with a disability know the difference between right and wrong, and they know that a baby is small and fragile and must be treated with care. What’s worse, is that the babydaddy is sticking up for the selfish twuntwaffle! He wants to keep his Fleshlight, even if it means his son’s killer goes free. They’re just as bad as one another.

If she is convicted, the twunt will face up to 60 years prison. Plenty of time for Big Bertha to deal with her.

Rest in Peace baby Mike.

Thanks again to crys for the tip.

Wicked step-c*** pleads guilty to abuse

Stepmother pleads guilty to torturing and starving teen

A 43 year old wicked step-c*** has pleaded guilty to 2 felony counts of child abuse, after she was accused of keeping her teenage step-daughter locked in the basement of their Madison, Wisconsin home and starving her. The wicked step-c*** faces up to 25 years in prison, where she will have 3 hots and a cot, more than what this young lass had when she was trapped with the step-c***, her sperm donor and step-brother, “the favourite” (19).

The lassie (then 15) ran away from her “home” in February 2012 and was found wandering through the neighbourhood by a passing motorist. She was thinly clothed and had no shoes on, and she only weighed 68 lbs (30.8 kg). That is absolutely tiny!! And in the the middle of winter, she had barely any fat on her body to keep her warm! Records from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel showed that the girl was being abused for years by her sperm donor, step-c*** and the favourite. Records also say that authorites had known about the abuse for YEARS and had done jack-shit to get her away from her abusers:

  • In January 2011 a woman driving past the house called the police after trying to speak to the girl. The woman noticed that the girl was fragile and that her feet were purple. Two officers showed up to the house, but left because no one answered the door.
  • In 2007, police investigated an allegation that the girl was being molested by the favourite. The girl would not tell police her side of the story (the favourite probably threatened her)

The police had visited the house at least 10 times, mostly because of the favourite. In November 2011, the favourite pleaded no contest to contributing to the delinquency of a child and two counts of sexual assault of a 13 year old girl (not lassie). His probation officers visited the house 3 times, the last time being less than a month before the lassie ran away. So after he was charged with sexual assault, and presumably had to register as a sex offender, he was allowed to remain living with a minor?? That he could sexually assault whenever the sickening urge overcame him? Madison police sound almost as bad as Flori-DUH cops!

According to the lassie’s victim statement, she was beaten, starved, sexually abused (probably by the favourite), and forced to eat her own shit. Shortly after she was saved from these fucktarded familial freaks in 2012, a doctor specialising in child abuse examined the lassie and diagnosed her condition as “serial child torture with prolonged exposure to definite starvation”.

Last month, Dane County Court found the 41 year old sperm donor guilty of felony child neglect but was deadlocked on 4 other charges. A sentencing date has not been set for the sperm spitting scumbag. The freakish fuckface favourite has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of child abuse. He is scheduled to be tried in June.

The wicked step-c*** is going to feel keenly what she put her step-daughter through. The inmates will steal her food so that she slowly starves, smear crap and period blood on her face, steal her shoes and pull all her hair out. As for the sperm donor and the favourite – the favourite is now going to be on the receiving end of sexual assault – fistings, forced oral and having his butt split in two by Bubba’s big dick. Although he may like being molested, since he was willing to do it to someone else. Bubba should just shank him up the arse instead. And the sperm donor can watch while being held back by other inmates, seeing as he obviously liked his stepson better than his real daughter. Since it didn’t hurt him to see his own flesh and blood being abused, I don’t know whether it might hurt him to see a kid that’s not his being abused.

As for the lassie, I hope she has the strength and the courage to pull herself above this. To seek therapy and make something of her life. Success is the best revenge she can get on the freakish fucks who abused her. They cannot deny success.


Playing Airplane With Your Kids – Terrorist Style!


Link 1 Link 2

OK, I know that looks aren’t everything, and some people get all pissy when we comment on their looks. But I just couldn’t pass this one up….

Lurch up there should have stayed with the Addams Family, instead of attempting to get his pilots license. Because he apparently sucks at navigation. It seems that the 21-year old Addams family butler (aka Thomas J. Abitz Jr.) thought it would be a hoot to play airplane with his girlfriend’s 2-year old daughter. Only he didn’t have the appropriate clearance and ended up doing a terrorist aerial display by ‘flying’ the child into a wall. Woo-hoo! I wonder what he’s gonna do for an encore…park a Tonka truck full of fireworks by the child’s bed and then light them? What an idiot. Lurch has been charged with child abuse and bail-jumping, and stands accused of causing ‘significant injuries’ to the child, whose name was not mentioned in either article that I found. The injuries to the baby included bilateral retinal hemorrhages, skull fractures (plural), blood on the brain, a bruised hip, and a handprint-shaped bruise on the baby’s back. All this from accidentally flying the baby into the wall? How many times did he have this accident? 10? 20? He should have had his plane grounded after the first pilot error, I think.

The good news is that the mother, Kayla Schonscheck, is not defending this creep, and says she will be satisfied with nothing less than hard prison time for Abitz. That goes double for me. Since this abuse occurred in March of 2010, this blip appeared on my screen in relation to the trial – in which Lurch is currently a participant. He’s the co-pilot this time, though since he has a lawyer to do all of the heavy flying. I sincerely hope his lawyer got his pilot’s license from the same cracker-jack box as Abitz did – maybe then he’ll get the sentence he so richly deserves.

Two brothers found dead in mom's boyfriend's car.

Brothers bodies found in car

Brothers 3 and 4-years-old found dead car

On Wednesday, July 6th the dead bodies of two brothers (3 and 4-years-old) were found in a parked car.  The brothers, Kevin and Kemaury McArthur had been reported missing the previous Tuesday.  Earlier the Tuesday her boys were reported missing, Denis McGee (22) had been at the police station to report a domestic dispute between her and her live-in boyfriend David Hoem (25).  While Denise filed her report against Hoem, he was at the home of the boy’s biological father picking them up, under the guise of taking them to meet family and go shoe shopping.  That was the last time either one of the boys’ parents would seen them alive.

Police used cell phone pings to locate Hoem, who was on parole, and the grey Volvo he was last seen driving.  An officer would spot the car Wednesday and upon examination saw what he believed was the body of a small child, after gaining entry to the vehicle he would find the bodies of both brothers, but no Hoem.  Surveillance video from a local business showed Hoem parking the car in the lot and walking away.  Hoem had called a friend to take him to his sister’s house where he was hoping to hide out, she would not allow it and his friend was able to convince him to turn himself in.

The criminal complaints states the brothers died of “compressional asphyxiation.”

David Hoem, has been charged with two counts first-degree intentional homicide, with a bond of $2 million.

Thanks to all who sent in the tip.

R.I.P. Kevin and Kemaury 



Holly Razo got stabby at party while kid was home alone

Holly M. Razo

Police: Child left alone as woman drinks, wields knife, bites officer:

Police in Sheboygan, Wisconsin arrested 28-year-old Holly M. Razo after she got thrown out of a party and returned wielding two knives demanding ‘respect’. While in the squad car she told police she needed to contact her mother to get her 18-month-old child. Turns out the child was home alone in the unlocked house while Razo got her drink on and showed up for a knife fight where no one else was invited.

While in holding she managed to get her cuffed hands from behind her back to the front. When police tried to re-cuff her she told the cops ‘good luck’ and assaulted a few police officers and also tried to kick out a squad car window. Eventually she was put in a restraint chair.

Thankfully the child was unharmed.

I really have nothing to add to this. I mean what else can I add to this story? I’ve rarely seen so much parenting failure in one story but hey, feel free to go nuts in the comments.

Thanks to Britt for the tip.




Straight from the bowels of Wisconsin comes a horrific example of shoddy parenting and a death that may have been preventable if the mother had not been so completely unconcerned about the welfare of her baby. If abusive violence was the killer of this baby then apathy was, at the very least, its accomplice. The slag and her slug (shown above) have been arrested and charged in the death of the slag’s daughter, Mattasia Bowie, 3.

The slag (aka Mattaya Bowie), 20 and her labia lube (aka Jeremy P. Johnson) 21, have a lot to answer for, and little chance of coming up with anything even resembling an acceptable explanation. As if there could be one……

Apparently Mattasia Bowie was beaten severely by the live in penis, and the mother refused to get medical help for the child even after being told by several people that the child needed immediate medical intervention. The child suffered severe head trauma at the hands of Jeremy, and the abusive animal also admitted slapping her and throwing her against a wall. The baby was only three years old.

Guess why the slug slapped the child? Go on…I bet you can’t guess….. he slapped her because….wait for it…..she was crying! Yeah, because slapping a crying child will make it stop every time, right? Not so much. Then after abusing the child into an almost comatose state, nimrod up there told dimtwit that the child injured herself falling on some toys. Yeah….only if the child fell off of a 2 story roof onto toys made of concrete.

The good news is that since Jeremy is prettier than Mattaya, I’m sure he won’t lack for company or affection in the gray bar hotel, where he will hopefully remain a guest for an extended period of time.

I can’t type any more about this now, but here are two links for you if you want a little more info.
Link 1
Link 2

My creative muse has been on vacation for a while, but I finally hunted her arse down and now have her chained to my chair. Maybe now I’ll be able to be a little more helpful around here.

Thanks for this tip, and the accompanying title, go to jj – one of my favorite people! I couldn’t resist the chance to use such language (the title and caption), since I knew I could blame it on jj…..thanks for letting me live vicariously through you…..

Actual Breeders busted for filthy home

And by actual I mean unlicensed and amateur but I digress.

Couple Arrested For Child, Animal Neglect:

Newburg couple charged with child neglect; animals removed from home:

Newburg Couple Charged With Child Neglect, Mistreatment of Animals:

34-year-old Carrie L. Rohde-Smith and her 25-year-old husband Jason C. Smith of Newburg, Wisconsin have been arrested on child and animal neglect charges.

Six children lived in the home ages 16, 15, 12, 10, 2 and 1. I’m hoping that some of those are not with her 25-year-old husband. The three youngest were said to be filthy and removed from the home.

The home had dirty clothes in the laundry room piled high to the ceiling with urine and feces covering the kitchen floor. No word on if they were animal or human because they could be both.

The pair also allegedly were breeding dogs though without a license and the dogs were said to be covered in urine. Again not known if the urine was human or animal. No word on the breed of the dogs but they have been removed from the home. Investigators say the dog breeding operation was a puppy mill.

Neighbors, who live in fear of the Smiths, say that both the children and the animals were not treated properly…

“He was a nasty person,” said one neighbor who asked not to be identified of Jason Smith. She maintained that Smith treated both animals and children poorly.

“It was nasty,” she said. “I saw him grab them, throw them in his car. I heard the yelping. I heard the screaming.”

The sad part is that they’ve been only charged with misdemeanors.

You know, from personal experience just about every person I’ve ever met who said that they were going to breed dogs usually bred a certain trashy breed of dog and they usually ended up failing at the business or got in legal trouble. Leave the dog breeding to the trained professionals.

Still no licensing required to breed children.

Thanks to jj for the tip.

No more plastic hangers

Belgium parents in jail after chaining daughter to bed:

In Belgium (Wisconsin not the country) Lynn and Patrick Drollinger allegedly chained their 12-year-old daughter to the bed since September. They allegedly also used zip ties and beat the girl with plastic hangers.

They say they did this because she was stealing from stores and from them. What the hell did she steal from them, the Hope Diamond?

And in an unusual twist the husband says he went along with it because he was scared of his wife. He’s also out of jail for some reason.

Thanks to JJ for the tip.

Wisc. Breeders starve daughter for a year

Parents Accused Of Starving Daughter:

Dodge Co. Parents Charged In Abuse Of Adopted Girl:

Kathryn Krier of Dodge County, Wisconsin has been arrested for allegedly starving her stepdaughter for over a year. At the age of 12 the girl weighed 98 pounds but at the age of 13 she only weighed 70.

Krier allegedly chained the refrigerator shut to keep the girl from getting any food and also broke the girl’s fingers. She also allegedly made the girl sleep outside in the nude. Krier was able to pull the wool over the eyes of doctors and social workers by claiming the girl had an eating disorder. She also pulled the girl out of school because the school had the audacity to give her breakfast.

The father, Kenneth Krier, was also arrested for not doing anything to prevent the abuse.

What I don’t get is why they would starve a girl. Is Krier one of those mothers who think anything over being a stick is morbid obesity? Or is she just a selfish bitch?

Thanks to JJ for the tip.

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