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Mandy Stevenson is a danger to society

Woman on drugs c*cktail killed son: police

Mandy Stevenson was on a c*cktail of prescription drugs when crashing car that killed her son, court hears

Mandy Stevenson

Filthy bogan, you seriously wore THAT to court?


Drugged driving doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem here in Australia as it is in the US. We have breathalysers and roadside testing. The news makes public examples of drunk and drugged drivers. As someone who is still learning to drive and is about to sit for her provisional drivers’ licence, I wouldn’t dream of driving drunk or drugged. I know how hard it is to get a licence here and how easy it is to lose it. It’s wrong, it’s stupid and most people know that.

Mandy Stevenson (39) of Box Hill VIC, doesn’t. She killed her 17 year old son Joshua Stevenson, fractured  her 10 year old son’s skull and severely injured two other kids when she crashed into a tree while high on a c*cktail of drugs.

Mandy had an assortment of different prescription drugs in her bloodstream and was falling asleep behind the wheel when she lost control of her car on the Colac-Murroon Road at Murroon. The car smashed into a tree, crumpling the right side of the passenger compartment, where Joshua was sitting. Sadly, he died before he could be freed from the wreckage.

A 14 year old boy who was with Mandy and co. described her behaviour as “smashed” when she arrived at the other kid’s house. He described her driving as “shit” and that she was falling asleep at the wheel, with her head dropping a couple of times. Well, excuse me, but why would you get into a car with a driver who was “smashed” and falling asleep at the wheel? You couldn’t have saved Joshua and his brother, but surely you could’ve saved yourself injury by refusing to get into the car with her? Did your parents ever teach you not to get into a car with someone who’s intoxicated?

Tests conducted at Geelong Hospital showed that Mandy had our old mates Xanax, Methadone and Oxycodone in her system.  A doctor said that the effects of a combination of these drugs would impair judgement and render a person incapable of proper control. Well no shit Sherlock, you don’t need a degree in medicine to work that out!! This woman was known around the Colac area as a “doctor-shopper” – she went around getting different prescriptions from different doctors so that she could keep her constant supply of pills without raising suspicions. She was also a former heroin addict, hence the methadone. It was also reported that she passed around Xanax pills to her sons and their friends before the crash. Mother of the Year material right here, people! Not only “taking care” of her own kids but “providing for” other people’s kids too! How generous and caring!

Her husband, Clay Stevenson, who is the boys’ father, couldn’t even attend his own son’s funeral. You wanna know why? He’s in jail for a year for beating up Mandy. Yeah, I’d knock her lights out too if I found out she’d killed my son because she was driving while as high as a kite!!

Mandy was charged with culpable driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death, dangerous driving causing serious injury, driving under the influence of drugs and driving an unregistered and unroadworthy vehicle. Yet, she managed to successfully applied for bail. Oh great, so now she’ll just go out and do the same thing again and probably kill her other son. But wait, she has strict conditions! That’ll stop her! Banning her from driving, only attending approved medical practitioners and reporting to police daily, that’ll definitely stop her from wrecking someone else’s car that she stole and kill someone else. She should be in jail for murder!

We have “white trash” in Australia, we call them bogans. They’re filthy and drink in public. Every second word they say is “fucken”. The females often have several children to different fathers so that they can continue to get parenting payments, which they then spend on wide-screen tellies, smokes, booze, drugs and anything but the poor kids they popped out. They’re unkempt and often don’t work, preferring to bludge off Centrelink. Their children are poorly behaved in public and are just as foul-mouthed and dirty as their parents. They’re disgusting and Mandy Stevenson is one of them.

This “mother” gave her kids drugs, killed Joshua, nearly killed her other son and their friends, and is now allowed out into society. Disgusting. I hope she does the state of Victoria a favour and overdoses in a pitiful laneway somewhere. Grind her bloated arse up for shark chum.



Josh Stevenson.

Rest In Peace, Josh


Hospital of Horrors

Wilkes County man sentenced to 26 to 33 years for abuse of child at Baptist Hospital

Man pleads guilty in assault of 2-year-old girl

On March 27, 2011 2 year old Maddison was sent to Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC after suffering from seizures. It was discovered that Maddison had a skull fracture and bleeding on the brain. The cause of those injuries has never been discovered because what happened next to that sweet little girl is unthinkable and completely avoidable.

While sleeping in her hospital bed, little Maddison was poked in the arms and belly, she was backhanded, hit and punched, she had her leg repeatedly twisted and her nose was squeezed over and over in multiple attempts to suffocate her.

While she slept IN HER HOSPITAL BED.

You always here about children being hurt in their homes, but this little girl was in a hospital bed. She was supposed to be safe. Security videos taken of her hospital room show Jacob Andrew Minton, 28 beating little Maddison over a 5 hour period while her mother sleeps nearby.

My first question after reading this was where were the doctors? The nurses? Wasn’t anyone watching this little girl? The nurses were only alerted that something was going on after the little girl’s monitors kept going off. For 5 hours though?

When authorities talked to Minton he claimed that he was impaired from drugs he got from the girls mother, Melissa Holland. His attorney, Cara Smith stated that her client “…didn’t know what he was doing.”At the time of the hospital attack, Holland, who was pregnant at the time with Minton’s child did not wake up because she had taken Xanax, an anti anxiety medication.

Minton, who has coached youth athletic teams in the past, did not try to excuse his actions. He was apparently horrified to see what he had done to Maddison via the security tapes. He plead guilty to 11 counts of attempted first degree murder and 4 counts of assault on a handicapped person. (Maddison was considered handicapped because she was sleeping at the time of the attack) in Forsyth Superior Court and was sentenced by Judge Todd Burke to 26-33 years in prison. Holland was not charged as there was no evidence that she hurt Maddison.

Holland has since lost custody of Maddison and her older sister (unnamed) who is about 6 years old. Maddison, who had to learn to walk and talk after the incidents on that day is said to be doing well.


I was a single parent with two little boys for 10 years and I know how lonely it can sometimes be, but no man is worth risking the life of your child, ever. Women need to be more careful who they let into the lives of their children. Minton is said to have been sexually assaulted as a child, a trauma that he never received care for. You have to wonder if Holland would have allowed him near her kids if she had been aware of that. These are things we need to know about our partners and other people we are letting near our children.


In April 2011 Brenner Children’s Hospital was placed on probation when the adequacy of their security measures was called into question. The hospital is said to have increased security measures and all employees took a mandatory course on how to handle abuse that happens at the hospital.


Thanks to Mary for the tip


******Special thanks to Amanda for the write up.

A 22-month-old, panhandling and a busy road… what is wrong in this equation?

Drivers see toddler panhandling through traffic, mom arrested 

Panhandling Mother accused of letting toddler wander into traffic 

The week of December 17th an 18-year-old mother stood along side a busy road in St. Petersburg,FL and held up a sign saying.

 “Laid off cant find a job anything helps, god bless please help, happy holidays”

That mother was Bridgette Patricia Baldyga and in her possession she had 75 cents, 1 ½ pills of Xanax and her 22-month-old daughter.   22-month-old and busy road are not to things I like to hear in the same sentence.

Bridgette’s baby wasn’t beaten, raped or abandoned, what she was, was assisting her mother with her panhandling and toddling out into the above mentioned busy road to collect the money that passers by were tossing into her white Styrofoam cup.   A witness, who seen the baby toddle 15 feet away from her mother out into the busy street to collect money, called the police and reported Baldyga.

Baldyga was arrested charged with child abuse and possession of a controlled substance.

Her daughter is in the care of her mother.

All in all we have a happy ending here, no beaten, raped or murdered children.

Thanks to Brittany W. for the tip.

We're going to Chuck E. Cheese, where are the Roxies and Xanies?


Two arrested for child neglect at Chuck E. Cheese

My kids love going to Chuck E. Cheese, me not so much the chaos and lack of parental supervision for the most part kind of drives me batshit crazy, but I go for them and just deal with it.  What I don’t do in order to deal with a few hours at Chuck E. Cheese is get myself so inebriated that I am nearly sleeping at my table, that is not the case for our next guest to BB.

Meet Mr. and Mrs., I’m a pill head, aka Brian Fredrick (40) and Sandy Diehl (26), from our favorite state Flori-duh, Fort Myers actually.  It seems this pill popping duo decided to take a trip to Chuck E. Cheese on Sunday, August 21, but either before they went or while there they opted to get so FUBARed other patrons complained to management and they called police out of concern for the safety of the small child with them.

Witnesses said the duo were nodding off at the table and neglecting the little girl.  Two officers responded and found Fredrick alone with the little and struggling to keep his head up.  Where was Diehl, you ask… she was found walking around the parking lot disoriented.  According to the officers her eyes were blood shot and she appeared to be under the influence.  A search of Diehl’s purse revealed, thirteen Roxicodone pills, four Xanax and blue straw with white residue.

One witness, was able to get video on her cell phone of Fredrick in a booth with the little girl, he can be seen nodding off, attempting to stand up and nearly falling over before leaving the little girl alone at the table.  Honestly what in fucking shit is wrong with people anymore?  Who thinks that is acceptable behavior with or around children.  It really makes me sick!

Diehl and Fredrick were both transported to Lee County Jail and charged with child neglect. Diehl had an additional charge for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and drug paraphernalia

Now, I must say, I have said before and will say again I have experience with pill heads, my beautiful niece has a father and uncle who are now heroin addicts that started as pill heads, first just taking them, then snorting them, then shooting them and finally on to heroin.  I hate it!  My niece had seen and experienced things at 11-years-old no child or adult should ever have to.  It has caused her and my sister so much heartache I can not even describe to you.  It infuriates me.  If you want to pop pills and kill yourfuckingself… fucking do it leave the babies.  Take them to a responsible adult and do them a favor and walk the fuck away.  I generally don’t preach too much on here but when I see a little girl alone, or might as well be with these two, at a pedophile’s play ground, it pisses me off!  Anything, I repeat anything could have happened to her and these idiots would have no idea because it was just too much to ask that they stay fucking sober for 2 hours to take her to Chuck E. Cheese.  Ok I am done thanks!

The little girl has been taken into the custody of Department of Children and Families.


**Thank you to the witnesses who did not turn a blind eye and got this little girl out of this bad situation.  You are heroes.*


Lori Puentes Needs to Go Back to Kindergarten

Lori Michelle Puentes Pill Whore Du Jour


Mother arrested on child neglect after son swallows pills

911 calls shows mom in Hernando child neglect case couldn’t direct rescuers

If I recall correctly, I learned my parents full names, phone number and address when I was in kindergarten, maybe even a little before and I have some how managed to hang on to that information ever since.  However when Lori Puentes (40, yes 40) of Ridge Manor, FL needed to call the Hernando County sheriff’s office to summon help for her unconscious 12-year-old son darn it all she just couldn’t remember where she lived.

It seems Anna Nicole Smith for less up there had just refilled her “prescriptions” and was missing 158 pills so she was a little, shall we say, out of it when her son’s teenage friend woke her to tell her that her son was unconscious and coughing up an orange substance.  While the 911 operator tried desperately to get her to tell him where she lived and she just kept saying “Umm, I, uh, I don’t know” and “I’m sorry, I don’t… I don’t know what, what’s wrong.”  I’ll tell you what’s wrong you worthless cow, you’re a fucking lazy drug addict who can’t take care of her kid!  A second operator came on the line and heard someone else talking in the background and asked Puentes four times to put the other person on the phone but she never responded to the requests.  She finally muttered that she lived on Cornerstone Drive which is close but she actually lives on Hardstone drive.  Let’s give credit where credit is due – she got it half right.  Good job honey – you keep at it!

The teenage friend finally called 911 himself since Puentes was not giving him the phone and got help for his friend.  They were able to find him and get him to the hospital where he was treated for an overdose.  Turns out the boy had found his mom’s stash in a pile of clothes and took three Xanax, two Somas and one pill he didn’t recognize. Is anyone else disturbed that a 12-year-old not only knew what Xanax and Soma look like and had no qualms about taking them but also just went on ahead a popped another pill even though he had no idea what it was?  He also told police he smokes pot pretty much every other day and mostly at home.  Did I mention the house was in “deplorable” condition?  They found a dozen prescription bottles among nearly 100 empty soda cans, piles of dirty dishes, an uncovered ham decaying in the fridge, pinkish-green mold thick enough to scrape off working it’s way about 2-feet up the wall near the boy’s room and of course, the requisite dog crap on the furniture and floor.

Puentes has been arrested on charges of child neglect and her son is staying with a relative.  I hope this was a cry for help and his cries will be answered by a responsible adult who will help him to see he’s headed down the same dangerous path as his mother.

Thanks go to Ro1199 for the tip!

Mark Endicot Jackson Jr. was High on Pills

5-year-old Girl grabs the wheel after Dad passes out

Jacksonville girl, 5, takes wheel in DUI case 

40-year-old Mark Endicot Jackson Jr. of Jacksonville, Flori-duh was found unresponsive staring at the ceiling of his 2010 Camaro. His car had jumped a curb, ran over landscaping and had crashed into a parking sign before it came to a stop.

Jackson had passed out while driving with his 5-year-old daughter. He says he had taken Xanax and oxycodone earlier in the day. When he passed out, the young girl grabbed the wheel and steered the car to safety before careening across the highway.

A family member came to take custody of the girl. Her nose and upper lip were bleeding when police arrived.

Jackson was charged with DUI, DUI causing damage, careless driving and driving without he or his daughter wearing a seatbelt.

He was being held in lieu of $3,000 bail. 

Thanks go to KC Shaw for the tip!

La. woman beats daughter for not selling enough drugs

JPSO: Arrested Marrero woman beat 15-year-old daughter after teen failed to sell prescription drugs:

46-year-old Brenda Arabie of Marrero, Louisiana was arrested on charges of distributing narcotics to a minor, cruelty to a juvenile and alprazolam distribution. It seems that Arabie made her 15-year-old daughter sell all of Arabie’s Xanax pills for $5 a pop. The girl did sell some but police picked her up on a curfew violation and returned her to Arabie after seizing the remainder of the pills. When the girl told Arabie that she didn’t sell all of the pills Arabie beat her with a belt and some form of metal object.

The girl told authorities about the abuse while she was being treated at the hospital for her injuries.

Maybe if mom actually took the Xanax she wouldn’t be such a violent witch.

Thanks to Melissa for the tip.

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