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Florida Breeder suffocates infant son. Media says Xbox to blame

Dad kills crying toddler son so he could play Xbox:

Cody Wygant

24-year-old Cody Wygant of Homosassa, Florida, is accused of killing his 16-month-old son, Daymeon Wygant. The media would have you believe it was so he could play Xbox uninterrupted. Personally I don’t think that’s why at all but first let’s get some details.

Wygant allegedly killed his son by holding the baby’s nose and mouth shut for 3 to 4 minutes until he became lethargic. Why did he do this? The baby was crying of course. How dare babies cry? After putting his son in a playpen he went and played Xbox and watched TV. He didn’t check on his son for five hours and when he did Dayemon was unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Did he think that cutting off the baby’s breathing would put him gently to sleep? Is that what his parents did because that would explain a lot. Now I’m not excusing anything this assclown did. I think it wouldn’t have mattered if he was watching football, talking on the phone, or listening to music, he probably would have killed his son no matter what he interrupted. He’s a murderer but he’s not James Sargent. Although ‘they’ should restrict Wygant’s airways for 4 minutes at a time and see how long he lasts.

Blame the killer, not the game.

Thanks to Tiffany for the tip.

Newborn Babies Aren’t Meant To Be Shaken or Stirred

Florida dad shakes baby to death

Father accused of shaking, killing infant

Jacob David Hartley killed 3-week-old son, Colton because CRIED interrupting  Xbox marathon

Jacob David Hartley, a double-chinned mouth breather fromLakeland,Florida, apparently loves his game time and is head over heels for his Xbox. In fact, he loves playing games so much he will kill anyone that gets between him and his console, even a 3-week-old baby. That’s right; Hartley is so crazy in love with gaming, that he shook his newborn son to death for daring to be helpless and crying in the middle of his game time. I love gaming as much as the next girl, particularly shooting up some Badass Bruisers or making pimp ass enchanted Daedric armor, but I think I prefer listening to a newborn bawl over making scrambled eggs out of baby brains and ending up behind bars, where there are no Xbox’s. Hartley obviously was not thinking ahead and his selfish gaming addiction robbed little Colton Hartley of his life.

The unfortunate chick that not only let Hartley ball her, but actually bore his child, Amber Newton, told Polk County Sheriff’s deputies that Hartley had been playing game from 10 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon and threw a mini shit fit when his crying son interrupted “Daddy’s” playtime for 30 minutes to be held. And impatient bastard, Hartley “allegedly” shook him and yelled, “Damn you Colton, please go to fucking sleep.”Newtonthen took their child away from him and Game Addict Hartley went back to his beloved game play until he left for work at Sam’s Club.

Hartley came home from work later that night, and not one to be parted long from his SexBox, he was back in front of the TV, turning on the love of his pathetic life and ready to finger hump the buttons of his controller all night long. And he would have too, if it weren’t for those meddling newborns and all their neediness. At around 4 AM, Baby Colton woke up, again interrupting Slack-Jawed Pa’s gaming time. According to what’s been reported, Hartley held the baby for a bit whileColton’s mother went to make up a bottle. Hartley said he fell asleep and woke up toNewtonholding his unresponsive son, whoNewtonsays she found bleeding from the mouth and nose. Baby Coltonwas taken to the hospital where he died at around 7 AM from head injuries that doctor’s say were consistent with having been shaken.

This baby shaken incident wasn’t the first for Hartley. He confessed to also shaking Baby Colton the week before, but who knows how many other times Hartley had taken his frustrations out on his child, using him like a Shake Weight to vent his anger. I would love to see Hartley used in worse ways, maybe as a One Way Street for dick, in prison, for starters. Hopefully, Hartley’s charges of aggravated manslaughter of a child and aggravated child abuse will make that twisted fantasy come true. I’m hoping whoever gets a crack at Hartley’s crack first doesn’t have the spit to lube up and keeping my fingers crossed.

***Special Thanks to Boo Boo Kitty for the write-up.***


Kids slept on floor but they had an Xbox

Children Taken From Filthy Home; Mom Arrested:

Again we go to Sacramento with another story sent in by Bridget.

This time police arrested 25-year-old Trisha Burch and her penis 34-year-old Michael Gonda when they found the house in deplorable conditions. Burch’s 3 girls were placed in protective custody.

Police went to check the home on the concerns of a relative and this is what they found…

Officers said the home was “completely filthy.” They found moldy food scattered on tables, counters and in the refrigerator.

The children’s beds were dirty mattresses on the floor without sheets, police said. However, officers said the family has a new Xbox 360, a computer and many DVDs.

How much do you want to bet that most of that stuff wasn’t for the kids?

Dad Kills Toddler for Disconnecting XBox

XboxThanks again to hot tipper Patty for sending along the sad, sad story of Tyrone Spellman. The Philadelphia, PA dad stands accused of murdering his daughter, Alayiah Turman, because she disconnected his Xbox while he was in the middle of a hot game. Even worse: Spellman reportedly tucked the girl in after the incident and told her mom that she was "sleeping". In other words, Alayiah may have been alive after her beating, and Spellman’s desire to save his own ass may have prevented her from being saved. Nice.

Human Services was reportedly called to Turman house before in response to a neighbor’s complaint. Unfortunately, they didn’t see anything amiss, and Spellman wasn’t around during those visits. No word on whether dad plans to cop to the charges against him, or whether he’ll attempt to prove that he isn’t the awful bastard everybody’s making him out to be. Based on the police report and medical evidence, it sounds like he best steel himself for a long stew in prison.

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